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20180318 04:19 ZF I've just solved the bridge collapse.


Insufficient lift from misplaced ceiling fans!
20180318 00:31 Skidmark I'm here, I'm here!
But I'll be offline all week.
20180317 21:52 Skidmark Thank you Frank G for the welcome into this esteemed community.
20180317 21:50 Skidmark The origin was revitalized in this community thru a motorcycle accident early in my readership which of course left quite a mark of steel, oil, rubber and skin on the highway.
20180317 21:44 Skidmark Brief but funny(?) origins of the nom.
Long, long ago and far, far away I was a telemetry analyst on Delta rockets. all new hires were really as it was a long and tedious task hand transcribing hex numbers into time-coded bit sensor data streams. I had an affinity for thinking in hex at the time so I was pretty prolific in turning over reams of the 132 column greenbar paper with edit marks on bad data.
The edits of a sensor losing it's timing became known as 'skids' so of course I immediately became known for leaving 'skidmarks'.
20180317 19:24 Sherry Haven't posted because of problems posting
20180317 17:51 Frank G and I'm guilty of doing the same
20180317 17:50 Frank G Welll... shit my day is ruined! :-)
No prob TW. I was just welcoming Skid and Al-Aska Paul to Mod status. Congats on the TH retiring
20180317 12:12 SCFI "Skidmore". dang it. I knew he left a mark, but more...
20180317 12:11 SCFI McMaster gone? Last I looked, he's still very much in charge of NSA.
20180317 10:54 trailing wife Whoops! Abject apologies, Frank G, for deleting your comment in my enthusiasm for erasing spam.

It was something about congratulating Skidmore and Alaska Paul on becoming moderators.
20180317 03:29 trailing wife I’m glad he’s out, Frank, but he won’t go gently, I suspect.
20180316 22:47 Frank G McCabe fired before he could retire. GOOD
20180316 01:53 Skidmark Miami-based Munilla Construction Management, which reportedly took on the bridge contract, was accused in a lawsuit from earlier this month of hiring "incompetent, inexperienced, unskilled or careless employees."

Oh, a union job.
20180315 22:11 Visitor ***SPAM?*** McMaster is done.
20180315 21:23 Frank G thanks Newc - your expertise is precious
20180315 20:52 newc The failure was in the concrete itself and has nothing to do with the supports at each end. concrete crack / failure - possible at a 'seam' where the concrete was poured in segments - not sure what was happening within the concrete - but it was a transverse fracture - the key was looking at the support that is standing - by itself. it happened at the other end 
20180315 19:17 Frank G No ideas yet on the Fla. ped bridge collapse, so don't ask. Pictures are too far away and without pertinent details. The responsibility weighs on everyone involved, I'm sure, and should. Prayers for the innocent victims and their families first
20180315 10:47 3dc A hat tip to a Facebook Rantburger who posted thus today: "Such a nice Ides. Honey call and cancel the bodyguards and the limo. I'm gonna walk to the Senate today"
20180315 10:33 trailing wife Only if there are actual hawks involved, Skidmark. ;-)
20180315 02:39 Skidmark Think P.Trump will make a national Hawking day?
20180315 02:36 Skidmark Pan, where’s our pictures?
20180314 22:23 badanov I have drunk more beer in the past 3 weeks than in the previous three quarters:

20180314 20:13 Frank G 3.1416 if we're rounding, dammit
20180314 14:15 Deacon Blues What do you call a snake that's 3.1415 feet long? A PI-thon
20180314 14:05 3dc
20180314 13:32 Skidmark While Tillerson spoke my stock dipped

Just enough time for the bastards to get their Puts and Calls in place.
20180314 13:23 3dc That's a great list Deacon!
20180314 09:33 Deacon Blues A list of what a group of almost anything is called. A group of turtles is called a bale.
20180314 08:09 Deacon Blues There were two crows sitting on my fence yesterday. It was an attempted murder.
20180313 19:08 3dc

20180313 14:38 3dc While Tillerson spoke my stock dipped about $1000 then rose back up when he was done. I wonder if we could pay Trump to fire somebody at a particular time then make option trades based on it?
20180313 12:18 3dc Skidmark - a very good question! Just like I never understood why a war was more moral than killing the leadership cadre.
20180313 11:36 Skidmark I wonder why poisoning is more newsworthy than droning?
20180313 00:52 3dc I never realized this:

“The appearance of crows is an omen of death, That’s why a group of crows is called a murder, not a flock.”