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20180720 07:01 Skidmark
20180720 01:19 Besoeker Traveling to Cedar Grove, WI next week for a few days. Not sure how many articles I'll be able to post.
20180719 12:47 Skidmark Switched my power over to the generator.
Expecting rolling brownouts.
20180719 07:29 3dc my area now back. Down for most of the night.
20180719 07:28 3dc color france - cooked
20180719 03:02 3dc How much of the USA is Comcast down in. None of its availability sites are working for me. Twitter kind of suggests national. Nothing on most news sites
20180718 13:43 Thing From Snowy Mountain I swear to fucking G-d I didn't think my Dad was a giant but I have no fucking idea where all these shittly little midgets came from.
20180718 09:57 Skidmark Well, I think C# is slower.
20180717 15:18 Bright Pebbles Skidmark
We can't go slower than C either.
20180716 19:42 Skidmark Carrot Nose explains "C"
20180716 00:24 newc Is it Rosenstein or rosensteen? Nogo Nogonnammatter soon either way. "It's Frankensteen": Dr. Frederick Frankenstein meets Igor for the first time.
20180715 14:39 trailing wife Sometimes the spam delete buttons are there...

Skidmark, do you mean in the O Club or in Rantburg?
20180715 12:05 Thing From Snowy Mountain Nice song, 3dc.

20180714 22:23 Skidmark Sometimes the spam delete buttons are there, sometimes not.
20180714 12:03 3dc
20180714 01:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain Actually this one is more impressive: it suggests that they're doing the song with a single track.

20180714 01:00 Thing From Snowy Mountain Hello hello hello...

20180713 15:32 3dc
20180712 00:03 3dc
20180711 21:30 3dc
20180710 18:05 3dc Brexit bumble?
20180710 18:00 3dc First US reboost since the shuttle:
20180710 09:33 Thing From Snowy Mountain The news says all 12 boys and their coach are rescued and taken to a hospital for evalutation or whatever.
20180709 22:10 Frank G I am, however, fully capable of stoopid fumblefinger moves. Apologies in advance
20180709 22:09 Frank G Not me. This time
20180708 15:59 badanov Prolly someone with fumble fingers eliminating spam.

It wudn't me.
20180708 11:37 Skidmark Wow, I got unposted again?
20180706 21:32 badanov This Week in Guns is five years old today.
20180706 20:06 Frank G I spamcoppped it
20180706 14:23 Whiskey Mike Troll post in wot ops.
20180706 14:21 Whiskey Mike Any mods available?
20180705 13:17 Deacon Blues Hope you enjoyed your stay, Grunter. Hope you have a wonderful retirement.
20180705 09:54 Skidmark Sounds like fun, Grunter.
Nymboida River
20180705 08:59 Frank G thx Grunter
20180704 21:33 Grunter Happy July 4 to all you burgers out there.
After 15 years in nyc and traveling in the USA, we have moved back to Australia to retire.
We have bought 25 acres on the nymboida river, from where you may expect further tales of adventure/ woe shortly.
20180704 11:33 Skidmark Chimpanzees as crash test dummies
20180703 20:09 3dc Skidmark - I could give the snarky comment about a monkey ... but I won't. No they are doing a capsule abort test.
20180703 15:23 Skidmark sorry Pappy, I'll turn down the volume
20180703 15:23 Skidmark BTW - India is getting ready for manned space flight

They're sending up a monkey?
20180703 12:28 3dc BTW - India is getting ready for manned space flight:
20180703 10:56 Alaska Paul On the road with M’Lady in our Airstream heading back to Alaska. Near Prince George heading toward Dawson Creek today. Thanks all for your kind words. We have a good plan for dealing with my health issue.
20180702 21:22 Frank G Jack Chaiter has been a Spamcop project of mine. I'll leave a comment if lucid and semi-onpoint
20180702 17:30 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oh dear, that wasn't a good idea, even without commas and quotes. Poor Brad.
20180702 17:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Who Had A B Wing And Named It Brad ***SPAM? 1*** Skid: It was a round piece of steel 12" long and 1.5" in diameter. I can't afford a case of Jack Daniels.
20180702 12:29 Skidmark I gotta go get some bar stock

Can you pick up a case of Jack Daniels?
20180702 10:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: I think Mr. Mollusk is probably screwing with the numbers. I've been wary of him ever since I crunched the numbers for myself on the whole Alito Canyon battery thing and things were off by a factor of about 8,000.

The Tesla bears I've been keeping track of have been Montana Skeptic on twitter and Seeking Alpha, and Gator Investor on Twitter.

As for SpaceX... at the prices they're charging, they're beating the corrected-for-inflation Delta II prices from 1989 by a factor of something like 2 or 3. I'll do the math when I get back if you want, but I gotta go get some bar stock. That's what I think you'd expect for throwing 2018 model CNC's at a 1989 product.

A Lot More than that SHOULD be possible.
20180702 07:17 3dc
alternate EU flag seen on EU discussion
20180701 21:20 trailing wife "Jack Chaiter" is making comments which add nothing of value and are rude: should I zap him? Is he a 'known offender?"

Sorry for the delayed response, Glenmore dear. Good eye — he is “drunken voice to text guy”. Please zap at will, with my thanks.
20180701 17:58 3dc I guess he did it:
Steve Jurvetson liked

Elon Musk

Verified account

2h2 hours ago
7000 cars, 7 days
 Tesla Team 
20180701 15:12 newc The Burg has grown greatly. Rightly so.
20180701 14:36 SteveS Just did a DDG search for Mexican election results. This pops up:
Mexico Elections - Buy Mexico Elections at Amazon (AD)
Buy Mexico Elections at Amazon! Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.

Lordamercy, what's Bezos up to now? I do like the free shipping tho.
20180630 18:02 Glenmore AP, that diagnosis hits close to home - took my Dad back in 1978. Hope you do better.
20180630 17:58 Glenmore in Mt Vernon "Jack Chaiter" is making comments which add nothing of value and are rude: should I zap him? Is he a 'known offender?"
20180629 15:54 3dc Boat loads of migrants attract this?
20180629 12:23 3dc
20180629 02:34 SCFI Thanks TW and Skidmark,

Now I understand "sensayuma" mean "sense of humor" in some language or another (not clear which one, but based on Skidmark article link, I'll hazard to say Hindi.)

I think the best example is India take on the classic British humor very funny!

20180628 15:52 Skidmark No need for BOMBS!
Drop a water comet.
20180628 00:56 Skidmark sensayuma:a sense of humor
20180627 23:10 trailing wife SCFI: try pronouncing “sensayuma” with a Brooklyn accent. Or possibly Boston.
20180627 23:06 badanov In the beginning there were plumbers and pizza delivery drivers. Now, we have Washington Post reporters.
20180627 22:39 SCFI I keep seeing the word"senzayuma" bandied about. An internet search does not turn up its meaning.

Can someone please clearly explain what "senzayuma" is or mean please?

I know I'm mot the only one who's confused by this.

20180626 00:47 Visitor hello
20180625 23:13 badanov
20180624 22:44 badanov ryuge: Well played with the cat and the commentary on Twitter. Still laughing about it.
20180624 22:25 badanov The Blondie video has scene from the Richard Gere film "American Gigalo" is prolly why.
20180624 15:33 trailing wife Nice find, newc, though Cold Fury took two tries to load, for some reason. Robin wrote a book as well, available on Kindle or on paper here.

Badanov, that triggered a recollection of Blondie’s “Call me”. Why they filmed her rolling on the bed like that, I don’t know. She looks like she is trying to avoid the pea under the mattress.
20180624 14:25 badanov Some Sunday afternoon Muse, AKA today's ear bug:

20180624 01:36 newc You kicked ass Robin. Thank you for all that hard work.
The cat is out of the bag now I think. Maybe. GOD Bless You
20180621 16:50 3dc So Permian Basin pipeline capacity has reached it limit and wells will soon need to shutdown without bigger or new pipelines.
20180621 14:56 Skidmark Here's an single quote parsing exploit waiting to happen:

ERROR: syntax error at or near "med" LINE 2: values (516770,'2018-06-21','al-aSha'med','Not surprised.... ^
20180621 11:41 49 Pan Seems an ex secret service agent is filing RICO charges against Hillary. Bring popcorn....
20180620 17:17 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: After all the mountain of shit I've gone through for the past thirty-five or so years, I find the "ZOMG We Found The Wrecker!1!!eleventy!" shit amusing.