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20190122 02:51 Tileaste ***SPAM? 1***
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20190121 19:59 3dc SteveS - I am thinking the latest is contracted from CA or CO as it has so many references to a certain weed.
20190121 19:57 3dc Nice average photo of the earth for 2018
20190121 09:43 SteveS > American war dogs get titanium teeth.

Titanium teeth? Hah! Just wait until they get frickin' laser beams on their heads.

All this spam... I'm starting to wonder if it is some sort of Denial of Service attack.
20190121 01:36 trailing wife Paragraph five of this. American war dogs get titanium teeth.
20190120 12:38 Frank G *groan*
20190120 10:54 Deacon Blues A geologist named Professor Moss was out with his class gathering specimens when he tripped and fell, rolling down a hill. One of his students called out, "A rolling Moss gathers no stones".
20190120 10:45 Glenmore Hogs have been deflected by creek flooding this winter, though I would not be surprised if those 4-legged roto-tillers have been busy by the time we get back.
20190120 10:43 Glenmore Back from Miami, Key West, & Nassau (cruise.) Going back to Texas next week. Rolling stone gathers no moss.
20190119 22:25 Thing From Snowy Mountain Back from Texas? How's the little missus doing with the hog hunting these days?
20190119 18:50 Glenmore I'm back.
20190119 17:51 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oh and BTW: I remember in 2009 on Macebook arguing with liberruls about how Obama had basically more or less fired half the state during the shutdown, and I got no sympathy then. I'm out of it now, for that and a lot of other reasons.
20190119 17:25 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thank you 3dc for the Mongols. I will retransmit to Vladimir Uncle Palpatine.
20190119 11:11 Deacon Blues The company I worked for as a contract worker is sending 30% of their engineering work to India. So far it ain't workin' out too well.
20190118 19:37 3dc Okay, I rethought my position on the 800,000 government workers facing no work and layoffs.

Not one of them raised their voices in support, let alone gave support, when 10 tends of thousands at a time were laid off from companies like Motorola and Lucent.

Not one of them cared when over 3 million skilled American workers were replaced with H1B visa holders.

Not one of them lifted a finger when millions of blue collar jobs were outsourced.

All they did was keep pushing useless paper.
Fck-em I don't care what happens to them and bad karma infected families.

20190118 16:36 3dc And the Chinese spammers forget that these folks are just north of them and restless:
20190118 16:33 3dc And the spammers are breathless.
20190118 16:30 3dc Since they are still posting spam they didn't make their quota and are not looking forward to crawling on hands and knees down that Shanghai street.
20190118 16:28 3dc And a toast to bricks in a wall...
20190118 16:20 3dc So did the O'Club's Chinese spammers make their quota or do they need to crawl down the street in shame?
20190118 16:19 3dc

20190118 16:06 3dc Warheads to exterminate Spammers
20190118 16:02 3dc
A made in CA spacer for commie spam
20190118 16:01 3dc Imagine how big a swarm of nuke warheads could go on that baby..
20190118 16:00 3dc

A marker for the spam
20190118 01:58 trailing wife Whew! Lots of spam today.

It was a good article, Jan, and generated a goodly lot of comments. We got the location squared away, so no worries my dear.
20190117 15:44 Jan sorry article posted in wrong place, please fix thx
20190117 15:38 Jan Loving Trump postponing Pelosi's trip. Watching the bus online driving around avoiding the reporters.
20190117 00:22 trailing wife California will end up with exactly the population they want: rich, leftwing idiots and illegal welfare queens with their gangbanger beaux.
20190116 19:35 3dc Musk just got pissed at LA and Cal and announced moving his Starship factory and R&D to South Texas. Cal is really trying to be the next Venezuela.
20190114 13:58 SteveS Saw this over on AoSHQ. Made me laugh
It's not exactly This Week in Guns, but it will do.
20190114 13:10 Thing From Snowy Mountain Another good-ish thread, although only summarizing:

20190114 08:15 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: I no longer think that the Big Fucking Jackoff Rocket is a bad choice for Mars that Elon Thinks is a Good Idea. I think it's a bad idea that he knows is a bad idea but he doesn't care because he thinks the fanboys will think it's serious and it's useful to him that way.

I don't think he's really serious about space beyond whatever LEO his comsats are supposed to use. SpaceX is a moat.
20190113 13:02 Frank G The Mossad on Twitter:
"Further to Nasrallah's heart attack, we're now finished taking care of all of his attack tunnels. We filled the last one with concrete, this time we're thinking about bees."

Yes, Herb - It's Satire
20190113 08:57 3dc I can appreciate and enjoy what he is accomplishing but work for a monster like that? No damn way.

Consider also the likely death rates on the first Martian expeditions.. Radiation on the way there will be awful, then after being cooped up for months trying to be physically active to accomplish something on the surface approaches doubtful. Look at the poor smucks they pull out of the Soyuz after months on the spacestation. They cant walk for months...
Bone loss, muscle loss, screwed up body chem... zero g is not nice to mammals
20190113 08:52 3dc Remember even though it's mainly in the LA area the finance money and top folks are Silicon Valley... and Si is vicious to it's workers.
20190113 08:50 3dc His recent switch from composites to stainless is a good example. I think there is more to it than just the technical details. Note that composites were a to fabricate taking even more than Elon time but a stainless shell went up in the rain in two weeks. Then a few days contemplation and a massive %10 workforce layoff. Odds on a large portion of that %10 being composite folks?
He can do that with Shotwell remaining the "good guy". The workers can still worship and trust her while Musk is the "holy terror".
Good Cop - Bad Cop?
20190113 08:44 3dc Thing. I saw the one still there.
Essentially true but Musk fulfills a mission similar to Trumps.
That includes twitter in chief.
And runner with the hot sleazy babes.
He's gone from wife and family type with a bunch of ex's and kids to a weekend with the pr0n star. kind of guy.
But his accomplishments seem to increase as he abuses his body and mind...
One reason is the change of course in mid-stream being acceptable if logic dictates.
20190112 21:25 Thing From Snowy Mountain Frank, I don't remember whatever it was you deleted. Hopefully enough is left for Condor Guy to get started.
20190112 21:14 Fred Gday, %NAME%. We're all just happy like clams in chowder that you stopped by to spam us. Please become deathly ill and move on to some other %BLOGURL%.
20190112 17:51 Frank G Sorry Thing. Overly ambitious in spam deletion. My bad
20190112 16:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain Here's one:

Which comes close to what I was originally thining.
20190112 16:45 Thing From Snowy Mountain (Works up fake May-hican accent)

Condorman! HEY, CONDORMAN!

Are you on Twitter? I have some tasty Elon Musk-type tweets for you to see.
20190112 01:34 trailing wife Gotcha, Glenmore. Have fun out in the real world!
20190112 00:48 Glenmore tw - I was still able to copy WaPo links and paste them into other stuff, e.g. FB. Others were saying they couldn't do it here, or that's what I thought they were saying. I have never been able to make the link tool work in 'Post Article' (would have to type in rather than paste) though maybe I can now that I have switched from IE - haven't tried yet. Will be off the web for the next week.
20190111 21:42 trailing wife All news to me, 3dc.

Glenmore, to what were you referring when you wrote

I seem to be able to do it, at least in general - have not tried it into Rantburg (but then I can't seem to get the 'link' tool to work for me in any case...)

and how can I help?

lotp, good to see you here. I know how busy you’ve been.
20190111 12:19 3dc Any ideas on WTF is going on with this?
Zero Hedge story
20190110 11:57 Skidmark An amazing effort by Google to catch and tag world events.
20190110 11:08 Glenmore I seem to be able to do it, at least in general - have not tried it into Rantburg (but then I can't seem to get the 'link' tool to work for me in any case...)
20190109 17:13 Alaska Paul 49Pan—-clarinets and tin whistles packed.
20190109 17:10 Alaska Paul LOTP—-there are so many appropriate nouns to choose from.
20190109 16:09 lotp Alaska Paul: "DC is not a swamp---it is a political superfund site."

Toxic as .... fill in your preferred noun.
20190109 15:14 49 Pan Paul, I do expect some music therapy tomorrow!!!
20190109 15:14 49 Pan Jan, thanks for the words, I'm in the fight to the end. I do not want to see this get kinetic, I have seen it in a number of countries and while it ends, it never ends well. As yo know, no one hates the violence more that someone who experienced it. Thanks again.
Joe, I cant agree more with you, kinda why I called you today, I needed an azimuth correction. We have been in the combat zone together for too many years before this, some of it really fun times!! And you know I never back down, to a fault. But I never thought we would be here with this in my own country so close to the hate that fuels the fights.
20190109 15:09 Alaska Paul See you tomorrow Pan. We will have a group therapy session with my psychologist wife. We need one.
20190109 14:57 Joe of the Jungle 49 Pan, I feel your pain and can relate. Please keep your eyes on the bigger picture and don’t get sucked up in their Information Operation (IO) Campaign. If you recall in the eighties and nineties with HIV and the fear of blood born pathogen contamination of first responders and healthcare providers, the Gay community was ostracized, and they needed to work their way into normalized society. In order to dispel the fear, Hollywood glamorized and desensitized the population by promoting bloody sensational Vampire and Walking Dead movies, and the kids loved them, and no fear of blood followed. Hence the stigma of HIV is decreased and then the acceptance of gays was the next step. Upon my return to the States I noticed the total emasculation of the American Male which was promoted not only in movies but in commercials as well. This IO Campaign was well thought out and executed brilliantly with the population unaware they were being played.
By sheer determination DJT won the Oval Office and the cleanup task is underway. The MSM is losing it’s cock hold on the American Public and they are publishing hysterical accounts of this “divide”. The weaponization of the Justice Department and the IRS by the previous Administration kept us Patriots broke and fearful of Federal Prosecution (I know firsthand) from speaking out and raising the alarm, and now these bad worms are being extinguished. This has been slow process, but the corruption was deeply entrenched in every facet of life and countering this IO Campaign is painful to watch. Please extradite your emotions out of what you are witnessing and grab a Beer and enjoy the show.
20190109 12:16 Jan 49 Pan, Waking up to your comment this morning was a stark reminder of our downward spiral that has been taking over America. We have been complacent in allowing this hatred to go on virtually unchallenged, and we need to do more at pushing back against these idiots. The left in baby steps over the years via professors and the MSM have hijacked our basic values and run rampant with wanting to change America into something unrecognizable. Pushing outrageous narratives such as masculinity being bad, essentially those that stand strong for our nation. We wouldn't have a country at all if it weren't for the likes of you defending it. Thank God for you. While I understand how you wonder if our nation is truly repairable, please don't lose hope, I pray you hang on a little longer. Everyone needs to contact Congress, as Trump encouraged us to do now to build that wall. Call 202.225.3121
20190109 10:19 49 Pan The Dems really have me going. When I got back to the US I felt, like most vets do, a bit isolated and like a complete outsider to this country. Understanding "our" culture took a while. Sometimes I still struggle with it. Then came Obama and his directed hate at those of us that have traditional values, God, family, guns, etc... Now this directed hate at the class of people has reached an entirely new level. Half my country has changed, I am less desired or accepted in our country, and certainly not accepted or represented by our representatives than an MS13 gang member sneaking into our country to sell drugs. I'm sliding back to looking at my nation and wondering why I wasted my youth defending a nation that called me uneducated, toothless, bitter clinger, and deplorable. Trump has a lot of unfavorable traits, but I voted for him because he is good to his word. When he promises something he delivers. When he says he loves this country I believe him. When Schumer or Pelosi and McCain say they love this country they are omitting the part about how they love fleecing this country. I don't know if this divide in our nation is repairable without a kinetic component, or if its even worth it....
20190109 02:43 Fred I'm gonna knock off, hopefully to resume tomorrow.
20190109 00:29 Fred It was me. I'm trying to put a captcha page on here, and nothing works quite right. I'm tired, had the same cold since New Years, and I'm sober, which probably accounts for it.
20190109 00:24 trailing wife Were you the Monongahela River comments, Fred? Other than that I think you only got my comment about the commenter who wrote something like, “Monongahela you.”
20190108 23:52 Fred I apologize for any real comments I blow away. I've been confusing myself dramatically.
20190108 23:43 3dc
20190108 18:35 3dc
20190108 16:48 Alaska Paul THAT is one Buck Rogers BFR, all right!!
20190108 15:14 3dc 2nd stage test model for BFR
20190108 15:13 3dc
20190108 00:05 trailing wife Thank goodness you have the energy to do what I wish I could, Jan dear. Next election will go better, I’m sure, when it’s Trump vs. a nearly random Democrat, though it is much too early for me to be willing to think seriously about the subject. Still, other Rantburgers are already pondering everything under the sun, and a few things above it, so someone will have thoughts for you eventually.
20190107 22:32 Jan Thanks for the reassurances TW, it's appreciated especially coming from you. Yes I'm glad Flake and Corker are gone, but now Romney, there's always someone. I do realize the 2/3rd rule, however with those weak knee'ed Senators easily turned out there it worries me.

Thank you Rantburg, time to hit the tip jar.

Seeing how Republican Senators have been defecting to join in with Democrats to pass bills to open the government leaving Border Security out there dangling on it's own, w/o the power of the shutdown we'll never get our wall. There'd be no urgency to get Border Security passed. I do like many of the comments here to have our military fill in if need be.

I can't do much about Collins or Tillis but I've already contacted Cory Gardner & made my voice heard since I live in CO for what that's worth and have encouraged many of my friends to do the same. Republicans lost in every race in CO and it was a devastating defeat especially with Polis winning. I'm truly afraid for CO, Jared Polis will be inaugurated tomorrow, so the news here will be saturated with his 'coronation' and his frightful agenda.

CO has turned Blue, many coming into CO seem to be Democrats. Similar maybe to California Democrats moving into Texas. We're reorganizing here in Colorado seeing what other new tactics we can try getting ready for 2020. Always hopeful. I worked hard on Stapleton and State Senator Neville's ( a really good man) campaigns and had to swallow that horrible losing pill. If you or anyone have any suggestions that would be worth working on or links helpful for 2020 let me know. Thanks in advance. sorry this is so long
20190107 00:27 trailing wife I think we have more pro-Trump senators now than we did in the last term, Jan. And to convict, as I recall, they need to win 2/3rds of the votes in the Senate, or 67.

Net, they may howl all they like in the House, but the Demcrats will not win an impeachment vote in the Senate before the next election.
20190105 20:43 Jan If Republicans that want to get rid of Trump join Dem's to impeach him, after Trump they will go after Pence with all they've got so we'd end up with a President Pelosi.
Such a frightful thought.
20190105 00:19 trailing wife As president Mike Pence would not be as flamboyant as Mr. Trump, but it sounds like he would as strongmindedly continue his policies.
20190104 19:35 Alaska Paul DC is not a swamp---it is a political superfund site.
20190103 20:50 Glenmore I can see a dozen Rep Senators wanting to replace Trump with Pence, and in reality that's all the whole impeachment thing is about - Deep State defending itself.
20190103 19:54 Alaska Paul 49Pan---I think that the Dems in the House do not care. All they care about is how they will stick it to the "man" meaning the president. When they work to negate the election of the President, they do not realize that there are serious consequences of taking away fundamental constitutional rights of citizens.

It is going to get ugly and there is basically no reasoning with the Left, as they are ideologically driven. I guess we will have to descend into the maelstrom for a while before we come out of it, for better or for worse.
20190103 10:19 49 Pan When Lincoln said "A nation divided shall not stand" he was not talking about us. He was talking about congress. They should be very careful with their actions this year or there will be a Gettysburg in their future...
20190101 00:43 trailing wife Happy New Year! May this be the year we all enjoy health, happiness and success in full measure. And also peace on earth, however we might need to enforce it.
20181231 16:33 trailing wife Just downloaded from Amazon — the Kindle version is $2.99 today:

LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media

Two defense experts explore the collision of war, politics, and social media, where the most important battles are now only a click away.

Through the weaponization of social media, the internet is changing war and politics, just as war and politics are changing the internet. Terrorists livestream their attacks, “Twitter wars” produce real‑world casualties, and viral misinformation alters not just the result of battles, but the very fate of nations. The result is that war, tech, and politics have blurred into a new kind of battlespace that plays out on our smartphones.

P. W. Singer and Emerson Brooking tackle the mind‑bending questions that arise when war goes online and the online world goes to war. They explore how ISIS copies the Instagram tactics of Taylor Swift, a former World of Warcraft addict foils war crimes thousands of miles away, internet trolls shape elections, and China uses a smartphone app to police the thoughts of 1.4 billion citizens. What can be kept secret in a world of networks? Does social media expose the truth or bury it? And what role do ordinary people now play in international conflicts?

Delving into the web’s darkest corners, we meet the unexpected warriors of social media, such as the rapper turned jihadist PR czar and the Russian hipsters who wage unceasing infowars against the West. Finally, looking to the crucial years ahead, LikeWar outlines a radical new paradigm for understanding and defending against the unprecedented threats of our networked world.
20181229 22:43 trailing wife We’re only moving to bases in Iraq 30 km from the border. But if Jordan can keep it together as you say, OldSpook, that would be a good thing.

Bobby, thank you for writing a book review for us. It’s ready to go for tomorrow.
20181226 21:47 OldSpook The Jordanian government is going to continue to make some noises, mainly to keep the Paleos from rioting. But don't give much credence to their public statements and diplomats posturing. Watch what they do, militarily and economically. The Hashemites dont want the Persians making trouble in their back yard. Notice the lack of Hezbollah and Hamas in any meaningful way in Jordanian controlled areas. King Abdullah II expelled and exiled a lot of the MB/Hamas leadership (they ended up mainly in Qatar), starting the year he first took the throne (1999).

Also it pays to remember your history, say, the original Arab Revolt? The Hashemites have no love lost for the Turks either. They have a history of fighting the Ottoman Empire. And Abdullah II is a warrior at heart.

Keep an eye out for French news. They know Syria well. And they have been operating with US forces and the Kurds in the region since the days the "no fly zone" ops were supported from Syria over the border into Iraq.

The remarkable thing is, while we (the Americans) are leaving, the French are standing fast. At least so far.
20181225 12:57 Glenmore 4 spams in the time it took to type that message.
20181225 12:56 Glenmore Mrs. Glenmore is under the weather this Christmas - babysat three little grandkids for three days last weekend and they were very much into the sharing, generous Christmas spirit and passed out zillions of virus particles. Same thing happened last year....
20181225 11:43 Frank G *Death to SPAM!*
20181225 09:51 SteveS Merry Christmas to all, no matter your race, color, creed or planet of origin.

P.S. Death to spam!
20181225 07:34 Dave D. Too bad it's illegal to delete spammers and not just their spam.
20181225 00:43 trailing wife I think someone is determined to earn a big Christmas bonus, newc. Also, none of the moderators had time over the last twenty-four hours to clear out the underbrush.
20181224 16:26 newc WTF?
20181223 13:29 trailing wife Whew! The spammers are working overtime — one hopes there is a Christmas bonus involved for effort, because none of us are in the market for college papers.

I’m glad 3dc fixed you up, Deacon Blues.