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20190523 23:54 Bennyfam ***SPAM? 1*** buy stromectol
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20190523 19:47 trailing wife Citizens would need to sue their state government in federal court for depriving them of their vote. Or Trump would have to win the popular vote — that reality would reverse the current effort toot sweet.
20190523 14:01 Glenmore The States choose their electors, or at least the process for choosing them. The voters choose their state government. Though I suppose this proposal would be overturned if it meant the Electors from a high minority state (like CA) ended up having to vote against their state's popular vote.
20190523 12:58 Deacon Blues ***SPAM? 1*** It seems to me that would nullify the rights of the citizens to choose their electors. Talk about voter suppression.
20190523 10:05 Skidmark IANAL
I Am Not A Linguist
20190523 08:38 Glenmore IANAL but though this obviously violates the intent of the Constitution it is probably Constitutional, because Constitution does not define how the States have to select their Electors and they never dreamed the States would voluntarily surrender their sovereignty.
20190523 02:43 Skidmark Nevada becomes 15th state to green-light plan awarding Electoral College votes to the nationwide popular vote winner
20190522 18:03 Alaska Paul 49 Pan: I for one, and you I am sure are not joining a national suicide pact for stupid political short term gain.
20190522 16:36 49 Pan So Nevada has voted to give their electoral vote to the popular vote. Not the popular vote in their state, but the national popular vote. This places 186 electors across the nation go to the popular vote, adding all the other states that have voted for this. So these states, or the citizens of these states, need not vote. California and New York's popular vote will determine the outcome at every turn. If this issue proves to be constitutional, This will signal the end of our Republic. America will fall to a single party, eventually an Oligarchy, and we are done. The sky is not falling, this is just how it will go when people hand their vote away. The electorate was designed to protect against major cities ruling the nation, these states have given it back, and they not only hurt their state but have caused irreparable harm to the rest of the union. If this stands we will a true democracy and suffer the fate of every true democracy. Plato had the model, we are going to live it...
20190522 02:56 Skidmark For the longest time I used my 48" hi-lift jack to push logs against a splitting maul.
20190522 01:42 Alaska Paul I bought the hydraulic splitter from a local industrial hardware. The frame and ram were heavy duty but the engine was the cheaper Honda, the pump was not that big, and the valve was a bit cheezy. So I got an industrial Honda engine, a two stage hydraulic pump, and a new spool valve with auto stop on ram return. This new arrangement works great. When the splitter hits a knot, it "shifts" to low gear and goes through the knot. I welded on a horizontal cutter so I can get more production out of one ram pass. 4 pieces of split wood instead of two.

I am presently going through the liftable pieces. Next I will put the beam and ram vertical so I can roll the big pieces to the splitter without lifting them. I have a few 20" diameter rounds of wet birch that are really heavy.
20190521 21:38 Glenmore Never had a splitter. My logs stay whole until I need them - then they heat my twice, once splitting and once burning. Plus splitting is harder when the ground is soft than when it is frozen.
20190521 21:22 Deacon Blues My splitter died. Had to go back to the old splittin" ax.
20190521 12:22 Alaska Paul In the middle of splitting 4 cords of birch firewood with my hydraulic splitter. Going well, getting arms like Popeye with lifting green logs into the splitter.
20190521 10:32 Glenmore I could save $650 if I dug an 8' long by 3-4' deep trench with my trusty shovel - through tree roots & clay...
20190521 10:30 Glenmore Thanks, Skid. Not applicable for me - problem is the joint where I tie into the city system, the rest of the line looked fine when they ran the camera through it. That price is for just the one excavation point, which would be needed even for the trenchless repair.
20190520 23:10 Skidmark Glenmore:
'Trenchless' sewer repair
20190520 16:46 Glenmore Finally have estimate to dig up and repair a section of bad sewer line. $1575, of which 21% is permit fees.
20190519 13:25 Deacon Blues But it certainly is fun, AP.
20190518 13:37 Alaska Paul Deacon, you're incorrigible.
20190517 07:36 Deacon Blues When I was very young I stayed up all night trying to figure out where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.
20190515 08:14 Deacon Blues I got Tom's book, too. About a quarter of the way through. I can hardly put it down.
20190515 04:47 Skidmark Glad you're still afloat, AP.
20190514 19:29 Alaska Paul I got a copy of Tom's book on kindle.
20190514 19:28 Alaska Paul Iranian regime needs a decapitation.
20190514 19:26 Skidmark Ah'm going back to drinking beer out of cans.
20190514 17:21 49 Pan And then buy some beer glasses instead of water glasses...
20190514 17:18 Skidmark AH'M SUPPORTING THE SPACE PROGRAM!
I bought the book from Amazon using Paypal.
20190514 14:53 49 Pan Tom's book is excellent! It reads more of a history book than the usual "No S&*t, there I was" type book. He nuances some things as not to poke agencies in the eye, but the facts are all pretty good and a good study in what went on in this war we are fighting. BTW, if anyone knows where that KOA sign is, I still want it! During the worst of times, it kept my sense of humor up...
20190514 14:16 Thing From Snowy Mountain Skid, when you're a Mother of Dragons, someone else's army _is_ an edible arrangement.
20190513 11:44 Skidmark
20190511 19:32 trailing wife Fixed it, swksvolFF and removed an excess comma. Thank you. I’ve also appended Joe of the Jungle’s reco at the bottom, so it will get wider exposure than is available here in the O Club.
20190511 15:25 swksvolFF TWIB in, but I may have not hit the publish tomorrow (Sunday) button.
20190511 10:59 Skidmark
20190511 09:20 Deacon Blues Howdy, Joe!
20190511 02:01 trailing wife Thank you for the reco, Joe. Kindle sample downloaded so I don’t forget.

Rantburg has added so many books to my collection over the years!
20190510 23:54 Skidmark The Iran hostage crisis was a diplomatic standoff between the United States and Iran.

When Jimmy Carter surrendered the Imperial Majesty of the United States to the third world.
20190510 23:44 Skidmark Done.
Thanks Joe.
20190510 21:29 Joe of the Jungle The photo of Tom with KAO Zamboanga sign is to die for.....
20190510 21:25 Joe of the Jungle Please read Tom Pecora’s book, Guardian, 49 Pan and I worked with him for 20+ years. He did a good job without discussing anyone or anything. An impressive job with a defined tribute to Col. Nick Rowe..
20190509 16:58 Thing From Snowy Mountain People called the Romanes They go to the house!
20190509 09:03 Frank G In Flagstaff AZ. Rainy and cold
20190508 21:53 Skidmark "On July 16, 2015, James Holmes was found guilty on all 165 counts against him in connection with the [Aurora CO movie theatre] massacre: 24 first-degree murder, 140 attempted murder and one count of possession or control of an explosive or incendiary device. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole."

His 24 murdered victims were sentenced to 'no-life'.
20190508 21:29 trailing wife You're welcome, dear Skidmark.

Bright Pebbles, expanding on your Boston police captain:

Capt. Haseeb Hosein, who has commanded the Area B-3 police district in Dorchester and Mattapan since 2014, was placed on paid leave on Monday amid a BPD anti-corruption investigation.
20190508 20:16 Skidmark Continued appreciation for your editing work, TW.
20190508 12:36 Bright Pebbles

20190508 12:10 Bright Pebbles Boston police suspend captain who is first Muslim to hold top commander rank

one to watch
20190507 22:39 trailing wife Snowy Thing — this was in today’s Times of Israel on the subject:

Israel slams Putin adviser for claim Ukraine to move Jews into ‘cleansed’ area

Foreign Ministry describes comments by Sergey Glazyev regarding Ukraine’s new Jewish president as ‘conspiratorial and anti-Semitic’

20190507 20:38 trailing wife Putin has been positioning himself as protector of Christians... and Jews. And of course, the unsubmissive Ukrainian government is by definition is all things evil.
20190507 15:44 Thing From Snowy Mountain @ Free Republic, Moscow Times:Putin Aide Says New Ukraine Leader Could Populate War-Torn Region With Jews.
20190506 22:07 trailing wife We got that one, Bright Pebbles. But I would dearly love to know how many Gazan rockets fell short like that. 690 is such an odd number to have stopped on, you see.
20190506 20:11 Bright Pebbles

Liz Wheeler
FALSE: Palestinian baby killed by Israeli airstrike in Gaza Truth: Baby was killed by Palestinian rocket that fell short Who originated this lie: Hamas officials Who echoed the lie: CNN
20190506 17:02 trailing wife Too late? I think it is, yes, Bright Pebbles.
20190506 15:47 Bright Pebbles Too late for this news??

20190506 14:13 Bright Pebbles

Clinton errand boy, Alexander Downer, is having a meltdown on Twitter about POTUS. He is terrified that the world will now see that he was a wannabe spy who I caught right away and reported to the FBI/congress/Mueller. Unfortunately for him, POTUS is declassifying everything!

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) May 6, 2019
20190506 12:45 Alaska Paul Terje Isungset Arctic Ice music with instruments made from Greenland glacier ice
20190505 13:37 trailing wife If she's a writer, leave her happy when you break it off, though she is kind enough not to mention him by name.

20190502 17:20 Bright Pebbles Apparently at least two candidates for President on the Democratic side have determined that buying the votes of certain, not in public office superdelegates is not a crime. The thing is though, if they hide the payment, then it is a crime. It will be interesting to see who suddenly becomes a "consultant."
20190502 09:43 Skidmark Big boomers last night.
20190502 08:36 trailing wife Scalpel sharp, Bright Pebbles
20190502 05:42 Bright Pebbles
20190501 17:28 Bright Pebbles
20190430 13:57 3dc
Dictator Style
20190430 01:01 trailing wife Seen on Instapundit: FISA Court Says FBI Lied to Them, Illegally Spied
20190429 20:45 Skidmark Oh man, BP.
That's a great twist on the data if it is just a story, with a lot of names and referential background.
I like it.

Tinfoil has many uses. Don't belittle it.
You can wear it as a hat, or a raincoat.
20190429 18:35 Bright Pebbles

20190429 17:04 Skidmark Russia will free nearly 100 captive whales from "prison" after public outrage
20190429 16:37 3dc Belt property of Saint Petersburg
20190429 16:34 3dc
20190429 13:06 trailing wife As posted by Bright Pebbles at 10:35 a.m.:

20190429 09:57 Deacon Blues Did you know that Moses rode a motorcycle? It's in the Old Testament. "The roar of Moses' Triumph was heard throughout Israel."
20190428 14:10 trailing wife Of course they say that, Bright Pebbles. But what they think is that no one will stop them if they reach out their hand to take, no matter how it (female, male, child) might be dressed. The clothes issue is mere gaslighting. The real risk is being out on the street at all... and sometimes staying at home, as well.

And it isn’t just the Muslim colonists, either. Some of the Eastern Europeans are just as bad. It seems to me it’s time to institute physical castration for rapists.
20190428 13:52 Bright Pebbles

Germany: Muslim Migrants Say It’s “100 Per Cent” a Woman’s Fault if She is Raped While Wearing a Short Skirt
20190428 04:25 Skidmark Good for you Deacon!
20190427 18:32 Frank G Belated Pappy's Ghost on Deacon - to your room!
20190427 16:31 Frank G swksvolff - "posted that TWIB is loaded. Off to the movies". My delete. Apologies
20190426 09:20 Deacon Blues I finally bought a toilet brush. Some people may like them but I'm going back to toilet paper.
20190426 03:34 Skidmark Frank, some folks here from the Vietnam era have probably encountered $2 tail.
20190425 20:29 Frank G I would bicker with Tails vs Tales. For $2, I'd burn the place down...wait, no, I'd threaten it...wait, no, I wouldn't
20190425 15:50 Skidmark That's kinda like a cocktail Deacon.
20190425 13:15 Deacon Blues I was driving down the highway when I saw a roadside stand with a sign that read, "Lobster Tails $2.00". I paid my 2 bucks and the proprietor said, "Once upon a time there was this lobster".
20190425 13:01 Mullah Richard No problem. Now to go check out the 'lasix water pill'...
20190425 10:24 trailing wife Whoops! Sorry for deleting your comment as I cleared spam, Mullah Richard. I caught your answer that PG means post-graduate even as it was disappearing from existence. Thanks for the explanation — it’s not a usage I’ve seen before, despite growing up in the ivy-covered ivory towers of academia.
20190425 01:00 trailing wife What is a PG degree?
20190424 12:15 3dc All suicide bombers involved in SriLanka on Sunday were Sri Lankan nationals, well-educated, from upper middle class families, two of them were millionaires. One of them had an undergraduate degree from the UK, and a PG degree from Australia. Typical IS recruits!