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20190616 22:38 trailing wife Besoeker, the Hoover link worked for me. Reset your cookie in the Burg and try again.
20190616 20:25 Besoeker TW: Can you please send me the URL to the Hoover. :-)
20190616 14:06 trailing wife Oh — a time stamp. That I can understand! Thank you for explaining, Skidmark.
20190616 09:01 Skidmark DTG: timestamp
6/15/2019 0050Z
20190615 22:32 trailing wife A taste from Strategy Page: Counter-Terrorism: Justified

European governments are becoming more aggressive in identifying Islamic clerics who preach radical Islam to local Moslems and actively encourage young Moslems to participate in Islamic terrorist activities. Switzerland recently deported one such radical cleric to Somalia, after years of legal efforts and a growing body of evidence that this cleric was responsible for persuading dozens of Swiss Moslems to join Islamic terrorist organizations, mainly in the Middle East. What concerns local police is those radicalized Swiss Moslems are often returning to Switzerland and continuing their violent lifestyle. That is the pattern in other European nations and the result is more terrorist violence in Europe.

Currently, six percent of the 8.6 million Swiss are Moslem and most are recent migrants. That’s about half a million Moslems. Europe, excluding Russia, has about 27 million Moslems while North America has about five million.

Opinion surveys of Moslems in the West consistently shows a small segment (under five percent but never less than one percent) openly support terrorism to “defend Islam.” Switzerland found that as their Moslem population grew so did the number of mosques. Some of these new mosques were financed by Moslem charities and it wasn’t long before the Swiss discovered that some of these charities were seeking to establish mosques where Islamic radicalism and violence against non-Moslems was accepted and encouraged. The clerics operating these Mosques were sometimes quite open about their radical beliefs. This sort of thing is now illegal in many European countries because since the 1990s there is ample evidence that this sort of thing leads to the creation of local Islamic terrorists.

The radical clerics often prove difficult to deport because they lie about their nationality and much else. This sort of deception is openly encouraged in Moslem scripture and these radical clerics become more popular with their followers (and potential followers) the longer they get away with it.

20190614 20:37 3dc
20190613 09:22 Skidmark As the string of Democrats since Kennedy.
20190613 00:35 trailing wife That’s certainly how someone taking the long view would do it, Alaska Paul.
20190612 12:48 Alaska Paul I think that the Chicom govt will wait out Hong Kong folks, then after the protests die down they will pass the extradition laws. The Chicoms will sh*t in their mess kit rather than release their controls over people. In the long run this and other similar actions will bring out their demise. Though it will take years.

The smart Hong Kong residents will move their money out and R-U-N-N-O-F-T.
20190611 10:47 trailing wife A sweet little essay from NewsMax: Ruddy: My London Driver Knows Donald Trump
20190610 08:53 Glenmore Down to what - half a dozen big military contractors now?
20190608 20:59 Glenmore 49Pan - not much news of it indeed - I totally missed it. Who, where, details?
20190608 16:59 49 Pan We have had two retired congressional leaders shot and killed within two days. Not much news of it. But both were shot in the face. Both big gun supporters, figure the odds...
20190607 10:43 3dc SpaceX pouring a second launch pad in Boca Chica today...
20190607 00:58 trailing wife Who are you asking about Utah, Skidmark?
20190606 18:22 Skidmark You're in Utah?
20190605 23:12 Skidmark OW, DAMN!
Don't shuffle around in the dark, barefoot!

20190605 01:43 trailing wife I have no idea who Dron66046 is, Glenmore, except that he says he is Indian.

Skidmark: hopefully never, but I’ve been concerned about the risk, as well.
20190604 15:30 Skidmark When do the milkshakes and quarts of soda become water balloons of acid?
20190604 09:38 Glenmore Who is dron66046? I don't recognize the nym but the style is familiar.
20190602 11:01 trailing wife Gentlemen, finally had a moment to look more deeply at the non-spam comments. Post-storm clean-up supplies lists copied and saved for future reference and discussion with Mr. Wife. Already covered that he has good work boots — I had no idea. And some of those things, like visibility vests (and armband reflectors), flashlights, and chainsaw protection items, we already have. So I’ll need to organize before commencing shopping. You have my heartfelt thanks.
20190601 21:12 trailing wife Herb, that’s too cute for words!

Skidmark, Frank G, thank you from all of us for taking care of the spam here. The spammers have been a tad over-enthusiastic lately.
20190601 11:46 Skidmark Several of us are pruning, TW.
20190601 10:46 Herb McCoy ***SPAM? 1***
20190601 00:08 trailing wife Ugh. So much spam! This is my third pass since noon-ish.
20190530 15:57 Skidmark Stock Cane
20190530 11:38 swksvolFF Rope. Good knife. Butane lighter, for a lack of better term before lunch, to cauterize the paracord/synthetic fiber end after cutting.

Hi-vis tape is a good one, light and small volume. Cane, interesting, handy would make a good lever or baton of authority.

I keep a locking carabiner on that top loop on a backpack to tie into my belt loop or tie onto something when placing my backpack or taking a nap because hyenas.

I would leave the marking houses/structure to the next level S&R; they have a certain way of marking and to further mark is confusing; lessons of New Orleans.
20190530 10:15 Mullah Richard Can't really add anything to swksvolFF's or Skidmark's list other than to emphasize that you always seem to need rope. I carry a 50-ft and 100-ft of para-cord. pretty light and hangs on the backpack (with Hi-Vis tape).

And wear the Hi-Vis vest.

And spare batteries. A couple packages at least. The city folk don't seem to know that their flashlights need them.
20190530 10:01 Skidmark A long handled, small blade shovel serves well for balance, probing and also for prying.

Intellect sags first, then energy. Searchers may keep looking but begin not seeing. Salted trail mix, peanuts and chocolate in a small package is a favorite nibbler or handout.

Heavy but handy, vice grips.
20190530 09:47 Skidmark Good gloves, like what fencers use to put up barbed wire.
Hog hide is a personal choice.

Spray paint and/or chem lights for markers of 'already searched' or 'special interest, return' markers.

Red duct tape to mark potential danger, like debris covered propane tanks or gas lines.

A wooden cane or hiking stick for balance and probing.

Mini airhorn for audible signaling.
Or dual purpose handgun for signaling and looter defense.

Agreed upon strategies(ROE), timelines and meeting points.
20190530 02:38 trailing wife Whew! De-spamming a bit overdue.

swksvolFF, I noticed you hiding in the underbrush. ;-) I’ll print out and share with Mr. Wife — I think we have a few purchases to make for future calls on the emergency cache, our factory floor days requiring steel toed boots being far behind us.
20190529 16:39 swksvolFF Krikey, that's an outhouse full of spam.

TW, I saw your post from yesterday about Dayton-area people wanting to help with cleanup. Fantastic.

Safety briefing: dang good pair of work boots, preferable with a steel or otherwise reinforced sole. Stepping on a nail ruins the day. Glass, sheared metal, pokey and pointy things.

Good gloves, like what fencers use to put up barbed wire. There are a number of specialty gloves out now which are slice and puncture resistant.

Backpack. Dull backpacks don't attract attention; bright flashy backpacks let the user be seen in low light - user's choice. Pack their own drinking water and snacks, no guarantee food/water is easily available. Solar charger/portable battery for PED. Bandages like Kerlix. Small powerful flashlight. Whistle.

Tornado impact zones are tough and without power it gets dark real fast, and without visual references it is really easy to get lost; seems city people are especially vulnerable to this disorientation. A map and locator on a PED or garmin might be handy.

Like hiking or cross country skiing, have a plan and let someone know when they are leaving, when they expect to get back, when is too late and what to do. Seems silly. It isn't.

Personally I'd throw a reflective vest in my pack as well.

This should get a person started - others please add ideas considering pack size, weight, weather, shift time.

After working an area for a little bit, the pack out can be modified. Say, get a job delivering water to various oasis the glove and boots will not be as necessary as a good map app. Reversing that, if cutting trees a cart for transporting a chainsaw and gasoline might be handy. Perhaps add some rope for guiding falls or making carry handles. Know what's kinda handy is a come-along.

Every power line is live, even when it isn't. Work in groups; use the buddy system. Not sure whether these are good, bad, what class neighborhoods these are but that must be considered as well. Besides, even otherwise good people can lose it after a whollop like that.
20190528 13:16 Skidmark
20190525 21:53 Skidmark YOU do the work, we're not doing it.
Quintessential Erb.
20190524 22:49 trailing wife Posted here while I check with Fred about adding it to Rantburg, from Strategy Page:

Afghanistan: Forever War And Eternal Truths
20190523 19:47 trailing wife Citizens would need to sue their state government in federal court for depriving them of their vote. Or Trump would have to win the popular vote — that reality would reverse the current effort toot sweet.
20190523 14:01 Glenmore The States choose their electors, or at least the process for choosing them. The voters choose their state government. Though I suppose this proposal would be overturned if it meant the Electors from a high minority state (like CA) ended up having to vote against their state's popular vote.
20190523 12:58 Deacon Blues ***SPAM? 1*** It seems to me that would nullify the rights of the citizens to choose their electors. Talk about voter suppression.
20190523 10:05 Skidmark IANAL
I Am Not A Linguist
20190523 08:38 Glenmore IANAL but though this obviously violates the intent of the Constitution it is probably Constitutional, because Constitution does not define how the States have to select their Electors and they never dreamed the States would voluntarily surrender their sovereignty.
20190523 02:43 Skidmark Nevada becomes 15th state to green-light plan awarding Electoral College votes to the nationwide popular vote winner
20190522 18:03 Alaska Paul 49 Pan: I for one, and you I am sure are not joining a national suicide pact for stupid political short term gain.
20190522 16:36 49 Pan So Nevada has voted to give their electoral vote to the popular vote. Not the popular vote in their state, but the national popular vote. This places 186 electors across the nation go to the popular vote, adding all the other states that have voted for this. So these states, or the citizens of these states, need not vote. California and New York's popular vote will determine the outcome at every turn. If this issue proves to be constitutional, This will signal the end of our Republic. America will fall to a single party, eventually an Oligarchy, and we are done. The sky is not falling, this is just how it will go when people hand their vote away. The electorate was designed to protect against major cities ruling the nation, these states have given it back, and they not only hurt their state but have caused irreparable harm to the rest of the union. If this stands we will a true democracy and suffer the fate of every true democracy. Plato had the model, we are going to live it...
20190522 02:56 Skidmark For the longest time I used my 48" hi-lift jack to push logs against a splitting maul.
20190522 01:42 Alaska Paul I bought the hydraulic splitter from a local industrial hardware. The frame and ram were heavy duty but the engine was the cheaper Honda, the pump was not that big, and the valve was a bit cheezy. So I got an industrial Honda engine, a two stage hydraulic pump, and a new spool valve with auto stop on ram return. This new arrangement works great. When the splitter hits a knot, it "shifts" to low gear and goes through the knot. I welded on a horizontal cutter so I can get more production out of one ram pass. 4 pieces of split wood instead of two.

I am presently going through the liftable pieces. Next I will put the beam and ram vertical so I can roll the big pieces to the splitter without lifting them. I have a few 20" diameter rounds of wet birch that are really heavy.
20190521 21:38 Glenmore Never had a splitter. My logs stay whole until I need them - then they heat my twice, once splitting and once burning. Plus splitting is harder when the ground is soft than when it is frozen.
20190521 21:22 Deacon Blues My splitter died. Had to go back to the old splittin" ax.
20190521 12:22 Alaska Paul In the middle of splitting 4 cords of birch firewood with my hydraulic splitter. Going well, getting arms like Popeye with lifting green logs into the splitter.
20190521 10:32 Glenmore I could save $650 if I dug an 8' long by 3-4' deep trench with my trusty shovel - through tree roots & clay...
20190521 10:30 Glenmore Thanks, Skid. Not applicable for me - problem is the joint where I tie into the city system, the rest of the line looked fine when they ran the camera through it. That price is for just the one excavation point, which would be needed even for the trenchless repair.
20190520 23:10 Skidmark Glenmore:
'Trenchless' sewer repair
20190520 16:46 Glenmore Finally have estimate to dig up and repair a section of bad sewer line. $1575, of which 21% is permit fees.
20190519 13:25 Deacon Blues But it certainly is fun, AP.
20190518 13:37 Alaska Paul Deacon, you're incorrigible.