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20190824 03:32 magpie It's ... ALIVE! Glad to see the 'burg up
20190824 01:03 badanov And we're back
20190823 16:56 Glenmore Dogs and coyotes taught the blacks how to sing the blues.
20190822 17:46 Deacon Blues No, Skid, he's called Melvin when he sings with the coyotes.
20190822 03:27 Skidmark So the dog that howls and keeps you up all night is called "ExtenZe"?
20190821 15:00 Deacon Blues I named my dog 5 Miles, now I can tell people I walk 5 Miles in the morning.
20190819 16:37 newc Thanks for Welcoming him.
20190817 10:04 Glenmore Yes, Skid, I do, even though it's Chrome (Google) -based.
20190817 07:41 Skidmark We like people who know things, and also friends of our friends.

And sometimes, both.
Hello, Kirby.
20190817 07:39 Skidmark GM, do you use the Viasat browser?
It is supposedly unsupported by ads.
Some AD-blocker utilities take the downloaded page, push it upstream for a scrub then bring it back down in a 3way.
20190817 00:23 trailing wife A hearty welcome to Kirby. We like people who know things, and also friends of our friends.

Thank you for bringing him here, newc.
20190816 12:59 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, I'd suggest using 3dc's blackhole nameserver list as a start, I am afraid I misplaced my copy during my recent convalescence and reduction in rank. Then I'd suggest a good adblocker.
20190816 09:19 Glenmore Something seems to be going on with my satellite internet (Viacom) - my daily mail, FB, RB & a few other site visits used to use .1 - .3 Gb per day so my 10 Gb plan would last all month. Two of the last three days the same activity (or less) chewed through 1.6 & 2.3 Gb. All they can tell me is I need to buy more data - at $5 per Gb - the little I do just is not worth $10 per day.
20190816 09:12 Deacon Blues Welcome Kirby!
20190816 01:22 newc Hey Kids - Please welcome Kirby. He keeps us briefed on Algeria and stuff. Great guy !
20190814 18:46 Deacon Blues NBC Philadelphia is reporting that at least one police officer is trapped in the home with the shooter. The situation remains tense and extremely dangerous.

In case you are wondering, CNN has already begun suggesting that President Trump is to blame for the shooting because of his inaction on gun control. And you, dear rural voters, are also to blame. Despicable.
20190812 20:44 Deacon Blues Could be, AP.
20190811 10:34 Skidmark Single girls want sex in your city:
I understand Miley may be available.
20190809 20:33 Alaska Paul Deacon-
You think that the spelling the word Muslim set off FB or would it be different if you spelled it Mv$l1m would have gotten you by?
20190809 13:34 Skidmark Who has the research study on spam triggering SJW violence?
20190808 21:02 Frank G I hate those fuckers
20190808 21:02 Frank G It's amazing, while I deleted two spams above Deacon's post, two more showed. In seconds
20190808 20:44 Deacon Blues According to Greek mythology Chiron was a half horse, half human Doctor. This made him the Centaur of Disease Control.
20190807 19:57 Skidmark He's certainly a pundit.
20190807 14:43 Glenmore Deacon, are you sure it's not for the puns?
20190807 08:49 Deacon Blues I'm in Facebook jail. I responded to a high school classmate's post that he believed 911 was done by the Democrats. I responded that the muslims that did it were solely responsible. Facebook found that offensive.
20190806 11:58 Skidmark Soviet rail-based train ballistic missile
20190806 11:57 Skidmark Achinsk
20190806 11:54 Skidmark Trans-Siberian railroad.
20190805 15:52 Deacon Blues Good one, Skid!
20190805 12:42 Skidmark we still haven’t gotten a gig
3 nines, too much downtime.
20190805 12:33 Skidmark MH6 'Little Birds', 160 SOAR exercise on the streets of LA, Feb 2019.
20190805 10:11 Deacon Blues I started a band called 999 megabytes… we still haven’t gotten a gig

20190804 11:58 Frank G To your room
20190804 08:07 Deacon Blues tw, Frank, I thought it was humerus.
20190804 00:45 trailing wife Rolling, rolling, rolling...

It might be the appropriate response, Deacon Blues. ;-)
20190803 21:17 Frank G *groan*
20190803 19:38 Deacon Blues I was making some bone stock yesterday and wondered if I used funny bones would I make laughing stock?
20190803 12:23 trailing wife You’re on a roll, Deacon Blues.
20190802 09:47 Deacon Blues When I die I want to be buried with my record collection. It will be my vinyl resting place.
20190731 16:55 Alaska Paul Deacon and Skidmark--
Here is all the information you need to know about what it takes to move a train:

Locomotive Tractive Effort and Power Calculations

The tractive effort required to move a train consists of numerous factors, but for most applications only four need to be considered. First, a force of 2 to 5 pounds per ton of train weight is required to move on straight level track. At very slow yard speeds only 2 to 3 pounds is needed while increasing to about 5 pounds at higher speeds. This force is required to overcome bearing friction, rail deflection, minor flange contact, etc. Years ago, the initial starting requirements were much higher when cars had friction bearings. Today, with all roller bearing journals, this is not much of a consideration. At speeds above 30 to 40 miles per hour, air resistance becomes significant but since this depends on the aerodynamics of specific trains, it is not addressed here.

The second factor to consider is track curvature. Cars in a curve require a good deal of tractive effort because the wheels are mounted on solid axles. Thus the wheels must slip and slide through the curve because of the difference in radius of the inside and outside rails. Wheel flange contact adds additional friction.

For the cars in the curve, the tractive effort required is 0.8 pounds per ton per degree of curvature, where curvature is defined as the number of degrees the track curves per 100 feet. Degree of curvature can be calculated if the curve radius is known by dividing 5730 feet by the radius. For instance, track with a 573 foot radius would have 10° of curvature. Curvature can also be directly measured by the following method: Stretch a cord or tape tight across two points on the rail which are 62 feet apart. Measure the distance from the midpoint of the cord to the rail. This distance in inches is equal to the degrees of curvature.

Good engineering practice limits maximum curvature to about 12°. However, curvature may exceed 20° in an industrial yard with limited real estate, but excessive wheel and rail wear will likely result.

The percent of grade is perhaps the most important factor governing tractive effort. For every ton of train weight in a grade, 20 pounds of tractive effort is needed for each 1% of slope. (One percent of a ton or 2000 pounds equals 20 pounds.) A 1% grade is defined as a vertical increase of one foot for each 100 feet of horizontal distance. A 1% grade is considered steep; a 2% grade is unusually steep.

The final factor and one frequently overlooked is the tractive effort required for acceleration of the train. It takes about 10 pounds per ton to accelerate to a speed of 6 miles per hour in one minute or 12 miles per hour in two minutes, a reasonable rate for a heavy train. Increasing this tractive effort increases the acceleration rate proportionately.

The total tractive effort required for a train is the sum of these four components. The individual components will vary for any point on a rail system depending on the load in a curve or on a grade and whether acceleration is required at that point.

A train may be able to get a “running start” at a hill. The kinetic energy in the train can be converted to elevation using the formula:

S²/30= H

Where S is speed in miles per hour and H is elevation in feet.

Power Calculations

The Power required to move a train is defined by a simple formula:


Where P is power in horsepower at the rails, T is tractive effort in pounds and S is speed in miles per hour. The engine horsepower at the flywheel is reduced by the auxiliaries such as air compressor, cooling fan, charging alternator, traction generator and motor losses, drive losses, and gearing losses. The net effect of these losses is to reduce power to the rail by 20% to 30%. About 80% of the rated engine power is available at the rail for a modern AC traction locomotive versus about 70% for the older DC units.

Most yard switching applications seldom exceed about 30,000 pounds of tractive effort and speeds of 5 to 7 miles per hour. Therefore the industrial locomotive will perform well with 500 to 600 horsepower. A short line railroad or branch line with the same tractive effort requirements might require up to 2000 horsepower to move the train because of the higher speeds involved. Main line locomotives may need over 4000 horsepower each with multiple units because of both high tractive effort and speeds.
20190731 09:19 Deacon Blues The pushers are controlled by radio.
20190730 16:02 Alaska Paul Deacon the word play artist.
20190730 16:01 Alaska Paul There are wheel anti slip controls and a host of other variables involved.
20190730 15:58 Alaska Paul On multiple engine units at the head end of a train, they connect the units with MU (multiple unit) cables. The system works to govern the engines and can join mixed power units so they can contribute the horsepower they each can produce.
20190729 20:11 Deacon Blues I'm essentally a taxi driver. My Russian name is Peekup Andropov.
20190729 20:10 Deacon Blues Skid, they do it with computers via radio. I now work for a company contracted to ferry railroad crews form bas to trains and from trains to base. I have a lot of time to talk and have learned a lot about the railroad.
20190729 12:33 trailing wife I’m loading just fine on mine, 3dc.
20190729 11:40 3dc Anybody else having trouble with rantburg on an iPad this am
20190729 10:29 Skidmark How do they synchronize the engine power?
Or does the track act as a slip-plate clutch?
20190728 19:45 Frank G Sorry, Glen ..buffering
20190728 17:20 Alaska Paul Here is a video of a BNSF sand train of 12,000 tons starting from a standstill on a 2% grade. Locomotives total 22,000 horsepower. In the initial movement, you can hear the high pitch whine as the engine turbochargers are spooled up.

Read the comments, esp. John Raccasi, who will tell you about heavy starts from standstill. Also AC motor units vs the old DC motor units. Good education.

20190727 14:48 Alaska Paul I have Viasat, Glenmore at my cabin near Talkeetna that we flew over. With wifi, my cell phone takes calls well. I use firefox on my browser with no problems.
20190725 05:16 Deacon Blues Glenmore Alabama did the same thing many years ago to counter the KKK.