Spam killer run.
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20191019 17:44 Frank G Thanks SCFI, I figured it was an Adblock or FF update issue. Been searching since it started happening
20191019 17:06 swksvolFF No TWIB this week; good busy.

Good to hear badanov is doing well.
20191019 15:58 Dron [effs off at a goodly pace]
20191019 15:40 Dron Spam ? I'm a friggin' nigerian 419 ?

I'll try without the number.

Hello world.
20191019 15:37 Dron66046 ***SPAM? 1*** Ohh Hullo... what's this ?
20191019 14:31 SCFI Frank, I had the same problem and at first I thought it was a mod being cute.

As it turns out, wasn't frank, but twitter that was doing it, apparently cut and past from twitter preserve certain codes that causes the font to be almost unreadable.

However I discovered if I hit the comment button, the font turns a nice dark blue and becomes much more readable.

Since most article that refer to twitter does so via a twitter link rather than cut and paste twitter, it's not yet a problem to just 'comment' on the rare twitter posts and then read it.

Hope this help.

20191019 11:17 SR-71 That was me. Thanks.
20191019 11:16 Visitor Thank you Skidmark, and all!
20191019 04:29 Frank G Firefox
20191019 01:06 trailing wife FF browser? What is FF, Frank G?
20191018 19:09 Frank G Latest FF Browser: anybody else have trouble seeing Tweet links? Just started
20191017 20:34 Frank G "Copy link location"
20191017 20:34 Frank G right click the pic
20191017 12:36 Deacon Blues Where do I find the url?
20191017 10:18 Skidmark Step 3 should read:

hit the Foto button, get <img src= valign=top align=right />
20191017 06:56 trailing wife Whoops! Somehow I deleted Skidmark’s directions. Here they are:

20191017 06:13 Skidmark
1. copy URL of picture to be posted
2. punch the comment
3. hit the Foto button, get
4. put a pair of double quotes ("") after img src=
5. paste the picture URL between the double quote pair
6. append width=400 before the ending >strong>/> to set the picture size
7. all done, have a beer.
20191017 06:54 trailing wife 3. hit the Foto button, get img src= valign=top align=right /

6. append width=400 before the ending /> to set the picture size

NB: I rendered the invisible visible by taking out the pre-existing angle brackets. :-) Thank you, Skidmark. I’ll save your comment in my notes for future reference.
20191017 06:16 Skidmark take care dabbling with HTML on Rantburg.
as below, the broken beast is unforgiving.
20191016 20:23 SR-71 Thank you, TW! How might I ask him? I don't know the syntax for the button script.
20191016 16:18 Glenmore Seems pretty 'consistent' to me, it's what businesses do. I don't agree with it, or like it, but it is no surprise. It is also pretty much what the Federal government has done my entire life - take from me today and promise me all sorts of wonderful things for tomorrow.
20191016 11:50 49 Pan
20191016 11:46 49 Pan Some investigative journalist from Propublic just released all of trumps tax returns.

Let the games begin.
20191016 09:22 trailing wife This is the place, SR-71. I have no idea how to post outside images, I’m afraid — Besoeker is definitely your man for that, or one of our many computer mavens.
20191016 08:55 SR-71 Excuse me if this is not the place. How does the photo button work when posting comments. I had a good photo for Gretta.
20191015 00:39 trailing wife I’m always happy to give advice that turns out to be unneeded, though of course I prefer to be useful.

I’m glad you found a useful answer, my dear — and now I know, too.
20191014 19:08 SCFI I don't use a tablet just Windows and Linux computers.

There are settings as you suggested, but they have this annoying tendency to change a lot of display feature, to an undesirable degrees.

I've discovered, if i select the "comment" button, all those unreadable fonts becomes clear and black. since this twitter thing doesn't appear too often, i can do this with no problem.


20191012 15:46 trailing wife Seeking cure, my iPad has a Bold Text setting under Display&Brightness in Utility Settings. Probably your device has something similar in a similar file. Possibly you even have a black & white setting as an option to colours... I’m not a computer maven, so those are my end-user grandma suggestions. ;-)
20191012 02:30 SCFI Thanks Fred to explaining the weird font issue.

Is it possible to auto change the font color to black or some other high contrast color?


20191009 11:09 Deacon Blues I rode my bicycle to the liquor store to get a bottle of scotch. I put it in the basket but then thought of what would happen if I fell off. The scotch would break and spill out so I drank it. It turned out to be a wise decision because I fell of 7 times before I got home.
20191007 02:01 trailing wife OregonGuy, it was too long between mod clean-ups. Thank goodness Alaska Paul stepped up while no one else was paying attention.
20191006 22:25 OregonGuy Dear Mods,

How does a guy like "Michael*" get to post so many messages?

Just curious, and thanks for all the clean-up.
20191005 22:39 Skidmark Don't know about carpal but mah trigger finger is ackin.
20191003 18:06 Deacon Blues I run like the winded.
20191002 21:18 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore: I understand, I currently have two cats, numbers seven and eight. The old one is 16 or so and stays with my mom. The young one is a kitten someone dropped off at the plant at the beginning of august. Shes tripled in size since then.

Typing one handed while she purrs. Things are very tough for me, I dont know why God sent a cat now of all times.
20191002 21:14 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc:
20190928 17:23 Skidmark Need to get a life
20190928 17:12 Skidmark I have too much time on my hands.
I read every article today and remarked on many.
20190928 15:58 Skidmark Yep, guess so.
20190922 18:39 Glenmore Back from Germany. But to my 10 GB per month Texas location . So about all I can do is read and comment.