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20190719 19:47 trailing wife Today’s report is American drones, but there is also speculation it might be ISIS.
20190719 15:52 Alaska Paul I heard about a strike on Iranian missiles in Iraq. Maybe this is it.......
20190719 15:04 Thing From Snowy Mountain Hey, I am listening to Brian Suits' podcast, and he's reporting an Israeli airstrike in Iraq. Did that happen?
20190717 05:55 3dc Why you test2
20190715 20:03 Skidmark I think my point was, they're doing the same thing 10,000 years later, forced breeding.
20190715 20:01 Skidmark
20190715 01:26 SCFI Oh I don't particularly care, just that my British sense of humor keep kicking in. It's mostly Monty Python's fault! (I'm American)

Since both sexes have t*ts, I thought it apply just as well regardless of who the deader is.

I'll use "toes-up" and variations of toes being in the vertical modes just as readily, just have to work a bit harder to get the humor on this.


20190714 18:37 Skidmark Why is that? I liked the latter term better.

Perhaps you aren't the lady she is.
20190714 13:47 trailing wife To repeat — more or less — the comment that was accidentally deleted along with myriads of spam:

Seeking cure, I don’t use “tits up” in conversation, so I also don’t use it in headlines for the articles I do. But that is a personal choice, not an editorial decision for Rantburg. Others submitting articles can and do choose differently.
20190714 12:52 Skidmark I understand ICE may lease Boeing's idle 737s for the deport effort.
20190714 00:21 SCFI I noticed recently that the Rant' articles is now using the term "toe up" in place of the once common "tits up". Why is that? I liked the latter term better.

20190713 20:24 trailing wife I’m very glad to hear that, Snowy Thing. Drudge, et al, have been salivating at the idea of serious weather.
20190713 09:43 Thing From Snowy Mountain Hey, thus far Barry is kinda meh. The temperature's dropped and it's overcast, but there's no heavy wind or anything.

The storm doesn't seem to have any structure.
20190712 16:09 Skidmark Pan, how would you like it to work?

Unlike RANTBURG the few I know are subscription encrypted for members only generally because of their content..
20190712 11:53 49 Pan So why does the conservative side not have their own version of Twitter or facebook?
20190711 09:43 Skidmark Glad y'all got a retreat, Bub.
20190711 08:54 Glenmore I'm in Texas at the moment, and think our New Orleans area place did ok with the rainstorm there yesterday. If we get two feet of rain from possible Barry we will definitely have water in the house. Had two feet back in 1995 and that put about 8" in the house.
20190711 08:49 Skidmark FEMA camps gonna be full:

ICE deportation raids set to begin Sunday after Trump delay, report says

Gulf Coast Prepares for Barry: Evacuations Ordered in Louisiana
20190711 00:28 Skidmark And I thought 2008-2016 Barry was a tempest!
20190708 01:42 Alaska Paul I wonder, skidmark, if they were so mission oriented they ignored environmental factors in the sub. With everything sweating in the severely cold depths you could have electrical shorting, especially on buses. Plus qa/qc issues that the Russians have struggled with over the many decades.
20190707 20:49 Skidmark I wonder if at depth, and/or cold, condensation may have been the enemy rather than lead acid batteries. Too many bodies breathing in a confined space.
20190707 18:53 Alaska Paul I do not know what batteries that sub was using, but there are hydro-catalytic caps for regular lead acid batteries that recombine hydrogen and oxygen to make water that drips back down into the battery. Been available for years. I wonder if they are using Lithium bateries yet. Got to have battery backup for vital functions, even with reactor power.
20190706 23:21 trailing wife The U.S. Attorney who made a deal with Mr, Epstein back in 2008 is now President Trump’s labour secretary, and the president himself was his neighbour in Florida. This sure looks like a play to get — or at least weaken — Trump, else why do it now instead of any time in the last decade?
20190706 22:21 49 Pan Jeff Epstein was arrested today. Child trafficker will do well in prison. He had the sex plane that flew the Clintons... Tick tock...
20190706 18:42 Skidmark Really now, a fire in the battery compartment? From unvented hydrogen?
20190706 18:38 Skidmark Prop: The 8000m sub was resupplying a deepwater naval station on the seafloor. The 'crew members' that died were returning station operations crew. The boat mission was a shift change. The surviving crew, actual sailors, were under STRICT orders to not let the station operators be taken, under any circumstances.
20190706 16:12 trailing wife Richard Fernandez is wondering as well, Glenmore:

BELMONT CLUB: What Is Russia Up to in the Icy Waters of the Arctic?
20190706 10:00 Glenmore Odd happenings in the world lately:
Russian secret sub fire in Arctic, with all sorts of extra officers on board, doing something important and unexplained. US China Lake base has a pair of strangely shallow strong earthquakes. Do we have some sort of dangerous secret arms race going on?
20190706 09:57 Alaska Paul Yes it is. 90 F down in ANC. 80 F up here in mountains. 59 F at evening. Just twilight. No night yet.
20190706 07:32 Skidmark Gettin' warm up there AP?
20190706 00:00 Alaska Paul They have some grades on the RR in Tehachapi. Steady 2 percent. My guess is 6000 tons of tanks and 4000 tons flatcars.
20190705 23:49 Skidmark Cool tank parade AP.
20190705 19:35 Alaska Paul In tribute to the Nation's celebration of the 4th of July, with tanks, I humbly present a military M1A1 Abrams tank train over the Tehachapi mountains. Four locomotives at the head end and two cut in the middle as helpers. Serious tonnage.
20190704 08:11 trailing wife Good morning. Have a good Fourth, guys!
20190702 21:14 trailing wife :-)
20190702 10:25 Skidmark Nice rework on the AOC titles, TW.
20190702 05:27 Skidmark But then they'd be too hard to get to...

You only need to get to one.
20190701 21:20 Frank G Deacon, that was a stiletto
20190701 10:28 Glenmore Of course if I moved the boxes of formed base metal objects off of the top and put them in the bottom it would become almost impossible to knock over - sort of like those punching bag clowns we used to have as kids. But then they'd be too hard to get to...
20190701 10:25 Glenmore Skidmark, yes, but to a mobile home wall, which doesn't mean much.
20190701 08:58 Deacon Blues I like this exchange between Jim Acosta and Trump. Acosta asking the questions. “[W]hat is it with your coziness with some of these dictators and autocrats at these summits?” Acosta asked. “With Mohammad Bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, when you were asked about the case of Jamal Khashoggi, you did not respond to that question in front of the Saudi Crown Prince.”

“I don’t know that anybody asked me,” Trump responded.

“Were you afraid of offending him on that subject?” Acosta asked.

“No, not at all,” Trump responded. “I don’t really care about offending people. I sort of thought you’d know that.”
20190701 03:49 Skidmark Got that document storage anchored, Glenmore?

Man is crushed to death by a 600-pound SAFE that tipped over and pinned him against a wall in a New York office
20190629 14:50 Thing From Snowy Mountain G, who's your cell provider?

I have a boost mobile phone I got from Wal-Mart, 6 Gb worth of bandwidth, usable for hotspot, per month for 35.00/month.

But I don't know if they have any signal at your Texas compound. They don't work at my Mom's place, and her tracphone no longer works there either, so I'm going to have to get her something.
20190629 13:03 Glenmore The saga of the wandering safe has ended successfully.
20190629 00:29 Glenmore The safe is safely unloaded and in my living room awaiting relocation to permanent quarters.
20190628 18:18 Alaska Paul Here's a song for you, trailing wife. Yukon Women. A friend of mine used to sing this song in Juneau.

20190627 22:29 Glenmore My cell plan doesn't allow hot spotting and I don't know how to work around it.
20190627 22:28 Glenmore No to the sewer repair, but river dropped a foot today so permit should be imminent.
20190627 22:28 Glenmore Snowy, transitioning. Slowly. If I get enough stuff moved out of Louisiana house I can do some needed repairs & renovations, and maybe sell it. But so far all our doctors are in La, and close to the house, while it's a long way to any from our Tx place, and that's likely to get worse as time goes by, so...
20190627 22:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain And did you ever get permission to repair your drainage problems?
20190627 21:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, I use my cell phone's hotspot all the time with my current computer (which isn't much better than a cellphone, it's an old netbook with an 11 inch screen).

Are you more or less moving to Texas now? Do you have plans for the house here?
20190627 21:01 Glenmore $35 come-along and an eye bolt substituted adequately for the truck bed crane.
20190627 21:00 Glenmore Hand truck & 'walk' it. Offload onto the porch, which is at ! floor height.
20190627 20:51 Skidmark How are you going to get the FEL to the closet?
20190627 20:49 Skidmark Ah think I got spaminated.

Truck bed cranes
20190627 20:45 Glenmore Got a front loader at the other end...
And chains.
20190627 20:44 Glenmore It's in the truck, and I'm here to type about it.
20190627 18:42 Skidmark Picture should be sized with (width=400)
Easiest to work with and anything bigger than 500 'crashes'.
20190627 18:38 Skidmark And 55 gal barrels of fuel.
20190627 18:36 Skidmark Good for 'pallets of shingles'
20190627 18:29 Skidmark Hope you don't pulldown the roof.

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20190627 17:53 Glenmore (Got it down the steps and sitting under the eye bolt, waiting on Mrs. Glenmore to help slide the webbing in place.)
20190627 17:52 Glenmore How do I put an 'after' pic in here?
20190627 17:06 Glenmore 'Gunsafe?' What am I saying? Guns were all lost in a tragic boating accident. Now just a document safe...
20190627 17:04 Glenmore I will be trying an interesting task in a couple of hours - moving a gun safe out of the house and into the truck. By myself. I got it
in by myself but I was a lot younger then. We'll see if I'm smarter now... (if not, look for a squashed bloodstain in my carport.) I have a stout eyebolt mounted on carport beam, a bunch of webbing to make a sling, and a come-along to do the lifting. I got it out of the closet, onto the hand truck, strapped down, and to the front step. Once I recover I'll move to the next part of the procedure.
20190626 07:23 Glenmore Taking down the satellite dish to do some work on the trailer house then getting it reset. And it's not really a huge swing - both cell and satellite are quite small volumes for the modern inteernet - it's the limited screen and keyboard size.
20190626 01:26 trailing wife Why the huge swing in your internet access, Glenmore?
20190625 19:07 Glenmore In a few days I'll by going from 10 GB per month data to cell phone only access. Hopefully back to the 10 GB by July 7?
20190625 03:27 Skidmark Success in launch and deployment!
20190624 23:44 Alaska Paul Stay away from crowds. I learned it from my Berkeley daze.
20190624 21:05 Skidmark Oh, and don't forget WorldPride 2019 this week fellows.

A lot of soft targets in NYC.
20190624 16:59 trailing wife Homo sap = Homo sapiens. Sorry, Skidmark — old biology class shorthand.
20190624 15:15 Skidmark a Homo sap

20190624 12:33 trailing wife So much engineering creativity, Skidmark! It makes one proud to be a Homo sap.
20190624 08:12 Skidmark
20190623 23:30 Thing From Snowy Mountain Hi Glenmore. Looks like you got here just in time for the heat wave. :-(

20190623 13:47 Alaska Paul Glad you got back, Glenmore. It is frustrating to go through all the hassles.
20190623 10:09 Skidmark Whatever it took, glad you're back.
20190623 01:33 Glenmore Back to Louisiana. Started from Portland, Oregon yesterday at 1 pm and after various delays, cancellations, and re-routings got here at 11 pm - 32 hours later. I could drive it in 44 (with a co-driver)
20190622 09:16 Skidmark -The Four Boxes of Liberty-

Classically, there are considered to be four boxes of Liberty. The four in ascending order of aggression are:

the soapbox,
the ballot box,
the jury box, and
the bullet box.
20190621 05:20 Skidmark Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES), known as ‘Chamki Bukhar’ in India, is a brain inflammation disease. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, and unconsciousness.

A lot like drinking moonshine.
20190620 21:34 Glenmore Drom’s comments now seem to add value - glad he didn’t leave.
20190620 21:32 Glenmore Excellent, AP; and my toes do that without the drugs.