22 spam hits today.

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20160207 09:51 Dale
20160207 09:32 Dale Deaconman how is married life?. Hope all is well. Who is the cook? New recipe perhaps.
My e book writer let it slip that she has taken in 50 some thousand dollars. Patrick who has had his writing proofread is going to have me read his work. The e book writer will give us the names of two contacts to whom he is to send his work. Then if it looks good he is off to the races.
Patrick spoke of his dad pulling an instant vertical climb. To escape a W something German plane. Kicked in the turbos (I believe) and pulled away. The German plane stalled and started down fast. Patrick's dad turned around and dived down and past him at a velocity said to possibly break up his plane. Then pulled up out of his dive while the German crashed into the ocean. Said to have been a German ace. German did have a few pops at him but he could not return fire as they only had handguns. Why not armed was not offered. Good story. OH!, OCD women are a trip. Hard workers but terrible to work with. Doing 10 different things and finishing none. Do this, do that and if you don't jump they do it themselves. They leave a trail of in-completed tasks.
20160207 02:49 badanov Would Oppenheimer share his secrets to the atom bomb?
20160207 01:20 Shipman Deacon, Ima going to try and raise up some hot peppers this year, can you share your recipe for TDTJ again?
20160206 23:16 trailing wife TWiB looks good, swksvolFF.
20160206 18:35 Deacon Blues I'd be a Buddhist if people didn't piss me off so much.
20160206 12:31 swksvolFF TWIB in.

Indeed. The girls have the fishing fever.
20160205 23:17 Shipman Tired of winter, got the seed catalog out.
20160205 19:17 badanov Some Friday evening Third Eye Blind:

20160202 22:13 badanov A real blast from the past. some Tuesday night Humble Pie:

20160202 14:00 trailing wife Whew! Lots of Chinese spam today.
20160202 13:01 Deacon Blues Thete is a report that the Democrats have already lost the data from 90 Iowa precincts. Lost stuff seems to just happen when the Clintons are involved.