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20160530 10:27 Shipman Still, BadMan to pick a nit or two, 48 knots is seriously rolling along, especially in a landing craft configuration. Also you have fewer sailors than weapons. I can see this (same specs) carrying 36 heavy Infantry with a cruising speed of 15 kts, with a crew of 8.
20160530 09:44 badanov The reason I am trying to make a boat for Arma 3 is that the troops transport boat the game does have, a fine looking one and armed to the teeth, doesn't do the job.

The armed assault boat has zero protection from small arms fire for both the crew and the cargo.

The most the boat can transport is eight light infantry. The boat's armament consists of a remote controlled grenade launcher fore and a minigun aft. A simple RPG/grenade hit will wipe them out in one shot. I've seen the AI do it.

Other ships/boats available were fully tested for multiplayer, but not single player. The AI in all these boats, and I meant almost all boats, drives like a 2 year old before her afternoon nap. No one has complained about it, which I find incomprehensible.

The only boat model that the AI can drive in straight lines is a fishing boat (ported by volunteers from Arma 2) w/ a top speed of 22 KPH, which carries five light infantry and has no armament.
20160530 09:32 badanov The Rooshuns have acquired eight total for their Black Sea and Baltic Sea fleets

The boat has Level V armor that protects the crew and the cargo from small arms fire up to (I think) 12.7mm machine guns.
20160530 08:44 badanov Here are the vitals:

17 meters long
4 meters wide
.9 meter draft

Displacement: 23 tons, fully loaded

Top speed: 48 knots, propelled by two pump jets

Combat radius: 100 nautical miles
Complement: 2

Armament: 1 EA. 14.5mm KORD machinegun, remote fire control;

2 EA. 7.62mm machine guns mounted on eithers side near the fantail

Sensors: 1 EA navigational radar.

S'posed to carry 22 light infantry
20160530 02:02 Skidmark
20160530 01:53 Shipman Can you give any idea of his/her size yet? Actually BadMan, we need the complete Janes on this puppy.
20160529 13:09 Pappy Looks good already.
20160529 11:15 badanov
20160529 11:09 badanov If I did this right, and there's no reason to think I did, Project 03160Ch will look beautiful, like a gray death star on the water in miniature.
20160529 09:36 Thing From Snowy Mountain Mao, the KR, the Hmong, the other various Mountain people... damn lot of hate and killings gone on from the government gangs the Zeitgeist said was and still are the good guys.
20160529 08:45 Shipman There are worse things than a pair of nukes. The 313th Bombardment Wing was well on its way to killing several million Japanese citizens via starvation. The bomb was Dawgs mercy for both sides.
20160529 01:34 Skidmark SpaceX spikes another one!
20160529 00:00 Pappy Come to think of it, Mao did a pretty good job of killing Chinese as well.
20160528 23:44 Pappy Well, yes. But the Rape of Nanking is "history." You'll never see a Ken Burns documentary on it. It's not like it involved certain shades of skin, or indeterminate s3xual or gender preferences...

20160528 22:10 Thing From Snowy Mountain Killed damnit
20160528 22:08 Thing From Snowy Mountain Off the top of my head, the Japanese milled 15 million chinese...
20160528 17:24 Pappy wretchard:

President Obama's speech at Hiroshima, widely criticized as an indirect apology for the A-bomb, is shown in the text of his speech to be something else. It is an interpretation of recent human history not as a contest between good versus evil, as the World War 2 generation saw it, but an indictment of poor global human governance. The tragedy of Hiroshima, Obama argues, lay in technology escaping regulation to an intolerable level. It's an interesting formulation, for at a stroke the great moral issues of World War 2 are reduced to a narrative in which everyone were alike victims of age old human passions enabled by revolutionary weaponry. No one is guilty. Obama argued that since a "moral revolution" cannot be effected by the great religions which falsely promise a pathway to love while offering only a license to kill, then man is irredeemable without government. The moral drama of WWII vanishes, leaving the Hiroshima speech as an unvarnished plea for an arms-control bureaucracy; the demand for a global safe space; a call for gun control on a planet-wide scale.

Obama's supporting narrative for more government and closer control of things is at odds with the contemporaneous recollection of those who actually fought World War II. The historical World War II generation did not fight for more government, but to end a fanaticism which had run amuck. But the modern idea is that fanaticism is overrated. It is things we must beware of. We are safe in our multicultural world against good and evil, which are only social constructs after all. Only let us control the human institutions and all will be well.

It is ironic to consider that today's generation perhaps has more blind faith than the men who 70 years ago defeated Hitler and Tojo. Moderns know what's going to happen much more than people in the past. We forget sometimes that by contrast the World War II generation had no certitude of triumph. They did not even know the Atomic Bomb was going to work or that they would perfect it before Hitler did. They could not have seen it as evil with the same retrospective certainty that Obama can. At each step of the way these young men won victory -- can the word still be used without embarrassment? -- with none of the certainty which today's generation possess in such abundance. To them the future was blank but for the dim light of trust and faith. There was the beach and the earth and there was hope. That was all. Yet of them we can now say, "they built the world." Would that our posterity, if we ever decide to have any, could say the same of us.
20160528 00:22 trailing wife No TWIB

20160527 17:11 swksvolFF No TWIB
20160527 14:44 badanov From a Joe Biden satire page:

Our childr3n are our most valuable resource. That's why it's only fair that Planned Parenthood charges so much for their parts.
20160527 12:17 3dc Fred should to tokenize into delimited objects (words) before applying filters.
20160527 11:41 49 Pan "The voters want their country and jobs back. They understand the elites, left to themselves, are never going to give it back. Therefore they are turning to Trump not in the function of a leader but as a wrecking ball."

Great observation. After Hillary destroys Sanders at the convention and his supporters cry foul, they will cross over.

If Trump loses the nomination, now that the people have spoken, things in America will turn third world. We expect corruption and rules to eliminate any opposition to the elite ruling class in the Democrats party. We/I expect better than that from the Republican party.

We have one last chance to peacefully fix our leadership failures in DC.
20160527 09:38 Glenmore test
20160527 09:25 trailing wife Unfortunately, the alternative nowadays to tight filtering by vocabulary is massive numbers of spam posts. As it is, I had to delete bunches of them several times yesterday. There is no sweet spot that Fred has been able to find.
20160527 02:04 Alaska Paul I went through all kinds of alternates with a comment I really wanted to post to Dale and Pappy. No luck. Hell with it.
20160526 23:10 Pappy Thank you.
20160526 18:19 Dale I'll stop now.
20160526 18:19 Dale implicit explicit WEEEE.
20160526 18:10 Skidmark I wonder if the filter couldn't simply block out the 'offending' word or phrases.
20160526 18:02 Dale AP you sound like Old Spook. Sometimes I can go along like I just did with no issues. Then other times I have given up. I figure it must not have been that important. :) It does increase the blood pressure however. Lets see this time WEEEEE
20160526 14:02 Alaska Paul I cannot write a damned sentence without being locked out of the thread. You have the ultimate security here.
20160526 06:23 Dale Trump is no wrecking ball. No leap into the unknown. Trump is a leader and builder. Not a Lawyer thank heaven. Media heads wrong so many times. The fence sitters like Ryan and Limbaugh play it safe. Their numbers are fewer and fewer every day. The majority will rule this day. Review Trumps early years. He has a solid foundation for the impending future storms.I say the man of our times for our times.
20160525 23:33 Pappy wretchard:

Polls have shown that 6 out of 10 voters dislike both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Their paradoxical position as standard bearers of their respective party tickets is not because they represent a clear choice of political alternatives, but because of the perceived absence of them. Neither is a candidate in the traditional political sense. Anis Shivani at Salon puts it this way: "Hillary Clinton can’t defeat what Trump represents" which is a rebellion against "neoliberal globalization" that is looking for a leader. The voters want their country and jobs back. They understand the elites, left to themselves, are never going to give it back. Therefore they are turning to Trump not in the function of a leader but as a wrecking ball.

The election of 2016 makes no sense unless it is judged from outside the system, because the system itself is on trial. From that external vantage this negation is not nearly as pointless as its critics make out. While it's true that nothing Trump (or Hillary) has proposed will likely solve the major contemporary problems or repair the chaos Obama unleashed upon the world, that is beside the point. There is about as much chance undoing these blunders as unscrambling an egg. Nor is there much chance of "bringing back the jobs" fled to foreign shores in the short term. Thus to elect someone to fix things under those circumstances makes little sense.

If the post-World War 2 era has been smothered in its dotage by an Obama administration which underestimated the difficulty of replacing it with something better, the more rational thing to do is redo the system rather than apply some patch; a refusal to refuse to pour good effort after bad, and is not nearly so negative as it seems. Things have reached the point where people are willing to ask for the deck to be re-cut and a new hand dealt. People may not know what they want, but they know what they don't want. A genuine leap into the unknown is now within the realm of possibility.
20160525 20:27 Pappy Funny, Harpoon was quite popular among the junior officer shipdrivers back in the 90s.
20160525 14:50 Shipman Ah Panzer Bush, remember it fondly.
20160525 13:36 badanov Just a lot of damn, unnecessary silliness.
20160525 13:36 badanov I suspect our professional military's attitude and view of wargaming and wargamers outside of the military hasn't changed much since.
20160525 13:34 badanov At around the time the army was shifting its armored cavalry regiments from heavy to light. James Dunnigan started a group he called Team Trackless, which was intended to use commercial wargame software wargaming as a means of testing doctrines before they go out into the field.

Dunnigan, you may recall was the designer of Panzer Blitz, one of the iconic tactical wargames of WWII on the Eastern Front. I was a part of Team Trackless, but it went nowhere. I suspect because the Pentagon prolly saw wargamers as unnecessary to doctrine development, and a lot of damn silliness to boot.
20160525 13:12 badanov BI sells their product to real militaries.
20160525 12:43 Skidmark Bad, Thing (badthing, hahaha snort!)

Any thoughts on the use of Chernarus to develop crowd-sourced battle strategies as a social media experiment in developing a regional defense?
20160525 12:37 Skidmark If Bill Cosby goes down from past misdeeds, will Bill Clinton?