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20150503 08:45 badanov Some Sunday morning Los Lobos:

20150503 02:10 3dc Skidmark - I asked. A $10k small sat could prove or disprove if it works. Instead lots of money being spent on argument and expensive test environments.
20150502 18:38 Deacon Blues Apache is still very healthy, Ship. He's now 21. I was a Confederate today at the Netherland Inn in Kingsport. No fighting, just talking. Needs a purdy girl in hot pants riding on the barrel, Badman.
20150502 16:56 badanov I get the fins part, but the purdy girl?
20150502 16:46 Shipman Fin de sickle tank


Cato, fetch my Triumph, that I might ride in it.
20150502 16:34 Shipman Needs fins and purdy girl
20150502 13:49 badanov T-14. To be unveiled May 9th, AKA Victory Day, or as we call it in the USA, next Saturday.
20150502 13:06 Skidmark Pretty new Russian tank.
20150502 06:05 Shipman I'll get a Yeller tabby for that event snowy
20150501 20:43 Thing From Snowy Mountain Well, you have a gray tabby for when you're a confederate, but you'll need a blue one for the half of the weekend you're union.
20150501 18:52 Shipman Also, I have recovered a missing gray tabby, so I got that too.
20150501 18:51 Shipman Semi-retired? I guess it's time to steal Apache, him drivable with legs and one arm? I has broken my damn righ wrist, horses and the great highland pipes are drifting away, away. I retain my good looks thankfully.
20150501 18:36 BrerRabbit Rodger that DB, catch you on the flip flop.
20150501 09:49 Deacon Blues Brer I'm not doing anything in knoxville, I'm semi retired from reenacting.
20150501 00:53 Skidmark As investing in ColdFusion turned me into a Gadzillionaire, I suppose I should check into the WarpDrive.

natural thermal convection currents
Isn't that hot air?
20150430 19:54 BrerRabbit Yo DB, you being in K-town for any of the Civil War Sesquicentennial festivities? We need to hook up.
20150430 19:51 Pappy They'll toss it in the memory hole soon enough, DB.
20150430 16:22 Deacon Blues Npr says gMO foods are safe to eat. I can already hear the heads exploding.
20150429 18:24 3dc Not yet a warpdrive but getting very interesting - uses virtual particles for propellant. NASA just had a successful series of tests in a vacuum! Says 4 hrs from earth to moon would be reasonable.

20150428 12:02 Pappy Seriously, Peter Angelos wouldn't move the Orioles, even if the mob burned down Camden Yard.
20150428 01:46 Alaska Paul Here is a full rendition of Richland Woman Blues, played by Mississippi John Hurt.

Come along young man
Everything sittin right
My husband's gone away till
Next Saturday night
Hurry down sweet daddy
Come blowin your horn
If you come too late
Your mama will be gone