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20141030 08:47 Bright Pebbles New Research Focuses TIGHAR’s Underwater Search for Earhart Plane
20141030 00:03 Pappy From the 20Committee:

That’s right, a “senior administration official” said that. Which, if you understand DC journalist-speak, leaves a short list of suspects. In diplomatic terms, this is the equivalent of giving a wedgie to a close ally, and is conduct beneath banana republics, much less a great power. But this is exactly the sort of petulant, faux-macho acting out I’ve come to expect from Obama’s profoundly dysfunctional National Security Council.

I’m anything but an uncritical supporter of Israel, and I’ve been sharply critical of Netanyahu, whose policies seem to be leading Israel down a dangerous road in the long run. But, instead of dealing with that in a constructive fashion — tough diplomacy, back-channel wrangling — we get “chickenshit.” There’s no small irony there since Bibi, whatever his many shortcomings — I would include short-term thinking, cynicism, and sometimes outright mendacity — is anything but a chickenshit, having served as a decorated officer with Sayeret Mat’kal, Israel’s top special operations unit, equivalent to Delta Force or Seal Team Six. Bizarrely, White House officials signaled to Goldberg that they think Bibi is basically a wimp, all talk and no action, who’s afraid to actually bomb Iran. Why on earth the White House wants that message out there, in the middle of negotiations with Tehran, I simply cannot fathom.

Predictably, this juvenile West Wing outburst has had exactly the opposite effect the administration wanted, as it has bolstered Bibi at home as someone who stands up to Obama, who is frankly hated by a majority of Israelis. Now Bibi can wait out the Obama administration on settlements and look like a national hero, rather than an obstructionist, by doing so.

The worst aspect of ChickenshitGate is how it confirms the belief, held by many on the Right, that Obama likes to kiss our enemies while kicking our friends. It is surely notable that we have not heard similar derogatory language said to reporters about our actual enemies. Moreover, dropping this needless error shortly before midterm elections that Democrats are already facing with trepidation is nothing short of inexplicable. But I find an increasing number of decisions made by the Obama White House fall short of basic political sense and logic.

Obama’s is far from the first U.S. administration to find dealings with the Israelis exasperating, but it is the first to tell the media that Israel’s leader is a “chickenshit.” This is one for the history books. The Obama administration at a high level lacks the restraint to keep their anger at allies to themselves; neither do I expect Netanyahu to show the magnanimous spirit that Trudeau did with Nixon. Given the extent of the crisis unfolding across the Middle East, between Syria, Iraq, and turmoil of many kinds, to say nothing of the open intelligence alliance just inked between Moscow and Tehran, it would be good for America and Israel to patch up their differences as soon as possible. ChickenshitGate will make that more difficult, needlessly.

For a White House that claims its foreign policy doctrine amounts to “don’t do stupid shit,” this is worse than a disappointment.
20141029 22:24 Pappy Ship, I was thinking of Nixon. But there was a lot of external schtuff going on as well.
20141029 21:00 Pappy For the record, the Clinton administration was of the same level of "class". The difference was that they didn't let on to the press, or if it was found out, the press either squelched it or laughed it off.
20141029 19:33 49 Pan TW, I am so embarrassed by what our president's staff let out about the leader of Israel. I'm not surprised, it seems the president does not try to reason with any nation or organization. If you disagree they immediately start the slander and name calling. You would think they were all prepubescent spoiled brats, they sure act like it.
20141029 12:11 Thing From Snowy Mountain When analyzing 2012 you have to look at the states Mitt won and the states Mitt lost before you make any conclusions about who went to the polls and who stayed home.
20141029 11:07 trailing wife A lot of woulda-been Republican voters stayed home in 2012 because Mitt Romney was not the perfect Conservative of their dreams, Skidmark, while non-citizens, criminals, the homeless, and the imaginary drove up the number of Democratic voters. It's not that there are more of them than there are of us, it's that by hook or by crook more of their votes were registered and counted.
20141029 10:37 Skidmark What's 'worse' mean, Ship?
We had this kind of Red runup before 2012 and were found to be lacking in the end because there were more of them than of us. I hope that doesn't happen again but the vote count is what determines the result.
Ah'm thinking there are some good deals on beachfront property in Liberia Ah might look into.
20141029 10:02 Shipman Thought experiment, throw away it's first term, blame BusHitler, the economy stupid, evil gun owners, whatever call it a fluke (cough).

Now the 2nd. Has ther been a worst one in U.S. History? Wilson's was a long-term catastrophe, Lincoln's 2nd term was horrific mainly due to him being of the dead persuasion at that point. Grant's was bad, but mostly in a fun way. I dunno?

Is Baker Hotel worse?
20141029 00:33 badanov Change of attitude or not, the Euros can't do sh*t about anything, not with their militaries.
20141029 00:24 Pappy As second term meltdowns go, this is administration is setting new records.

Walter Russel Mead:

If this is in fact the conclusion U.S. senior officials have reached, their Middle East policy becomes clearer: The Israelis and the Sunnis are whiners who complain about U.S. policy toward Iran but are unable to do anything about it or come up with an alternative.

If the threat of Israeli military action is really off the table (and we should remember that this wouldn’t be the first time a U.S. administration misjudged Israeli intentions), then it’s very unlikely that a strong international coalition in favor of tough sanctions against Iran can long survive. Many of the European countries that have supported sanctions on Iran have been trying to deter Israeli military action as much as to influence Iran’s behavior. If Israel has missed its chance for military action, or is perceived to lack the will to take it, then as that perception spreads we will have to expect significant changes in the politics of the region and in the attitudes of the Europeans.

Israel may be at a critical turning point not only in its relations with the United States but in the way its power is perceived in Europe and in its home region.

Almost like the administration wants to topple the current Israeli leadership.
20141028 23:38 badanov Bibi could break open Barky like a cheap shotgun.
20141028 22:35 3dc BP - turbopump
20141028 22:34 3dc http://lpre.de/sntk/NK-33/index.htm

Engines in oops above
20141028 21:34 trailing wife Impressive: Rantburg's own ryuge made Twitchy!

‘Who’s ‘chickensh*t’ again?’ After Bibi smear, WH spanked with cold truth [photos]
20141028 19:24 Bright Pebbles It looks like a leak in the fualtank on launch.
20141028 19:21 Bright Pebbles oops
20141027 22:08 Pappy Bruce. Back when he was young, skinny and the only two things that mattered were "Joisey" and music:

20141027 13:14 Shipman As the Great America Philsopher Coach Bill Peterson said, "No matter where you go, that's where you'll always be." "Now get get out there and get after Auburn and that F#cker Tedrickerson boy".
20141027 12:34 Thing From Snowy Mountain As Buckaroo Banzai said, wherever you go, there you are.
20141027 10:37 trailing wife I'm always here, Skidmark. Where here is has been known to vary considerably, however.
20141027 09:59 Skidmark Look about.
That's where U R.
20141027 00:23 trailing wife Good article, OldSpook. As you can see, it made it safely to today.
20141026 20:22 OldSpook Im posting an article about the Kurdish woman whose picture was all over the place - apparently beheaded now.

Can Mods catty it over to tomorrow? Its worth the attention tonight despite the thin amount of time left, but it should also be seen tomorrow. IMHO
20141026 18:24 Thing From Snowy Mountain I just saw this history bit:

Where Is Abraham's Ur?. Since we were talking about this earlier.
20141026 18:00 Shipman Lt. Tragg and Petula Clark, together again, naturlich.
20141026 17:50 3dc Tried to post a story with this link and it didn't take:

Pappy and Dr S. should like.
20141026 16:27 Pappy You can talk to him when we get downtown. We'll go, as soon as I call Petula Clark for directions.
20141026 13:57 Shipman I was asleep at 10:17 Paul Drake will vouch for tha... Hey wait a minute, I want me mouth piece.
20141026 13:55 Shipman Good heavens, could I yawl check the addy of the fire ant statement? I have good stuff, but srsly I don't remember that. Which is kinda scary.
20141026 13:06 Pappy Ah.
20141026 12:21 badanov He means Atlanta
20141026 11:20 Pappy Okay, I'll bite.

What about them Fire Ants?
20141026 10:17 Shipman So how about them Fire Ants!

20141025 03:44 3dc Deacon - heh. .. Btw it works instead of hops in beer too.. or so I am told.
20141025 03:08 3dc Elon at MIT: http://youtu.be/y13jbl7ASxY