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20150707 01:18 badanov Talk around the Donbas water cooler is that Donetsk president Aleksandr Zakharchenko has ordered the disbanding of eight rebel volunteer battalions, presumably in anticipation if the next round of Minsk peace talks.

I wonder if the Russians are going to end up hanging all those locals who helped them out to dry in exchange for favorable terms in the peace talks.
20150706 21:50 badanov Some Monday evening Hank Williams:

20150706 20:11 badanov Not much of a range at 450 miles, but it can stay out for five days.
20150706 18:58 Shipman Sweet boat BadMan. Optimally-manned that's for sure. Might want a couple more watch-standers if more than day cruising.
20150706 18:10 badanov Perhaps I am biased, but it looks like a fine boat for patrol, counter piracy and counter smugling.
20150706 18:05 badanov The latest in Ukrainian riverine patrol boats, the Gurza class, with a 30mm autocannon, a 7.62x54mm machine gun and two ATGM launchers, inside of two remote controlled turrets, one fore and one aft.

The construction, they say, was funded by the US.
20150705 01:20 Skidmark And THAt tells 'the tale of the tape', DC!
20150704 19:13 3dc There are two types of countries. Those who use the metric system, and those who have been to the moon.
20150704 18:14 badanov Wow.

English speaking commenters have come to Boris Rozhin's blog.

I was hoping to find the Russian phrase for "motherfucker", so imagine my surprise...
20150704 12:59 Shipman i copy that BadMan, the Flowers are just a favorite of mine since Inread "Black May".
20150704 10:46 badanov Ship: The way I have the campaign set up, the corvettes are only s'posed to be available for naval fire support in the instance of an opposed landing. They are supposed to be on sea patrol counter piracy patrol otherwise and available only on a limited basis.
20150704 08:19 junkiron What's that? You'd like see a beautiful July 4 music video of Amazing Grace...
starring Condoleezza Rice and Jenny Oaks Baker... to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project ?

Well, here you go then !

20150704 06:29 Shipman I am rooting for whoever is operating the Flowers., Hollyhock, Buttercup, Tulip and Zennia. :) This is something on the order of "a ship named Sue" Only the RN would think of naming fierce little ships after Flowers. It's just their way I guess.
20150703 12:29 badanov The Chernarusian ministry of defense has announced a new deployment of naval and ground forces near the horn of Africa.

The main focus of operations will be Tropica Island, currently in the hands of several groups, including Chedaki insurgent and criminal groups as well as the usual Islamic groups.

The northern half of the island is occupied by troops loyal to the Molatian government, and while the government maintains bases in the south, that area is administered by national liberation fronts and by transnational criminal organizations, including Takistani Army regulars, Takistani militia, Chedaki and African rebel troops.

The area has been used by Chedaki criminal elements as a source for drugs and slaves, and as a base for customers for arms, munitions and cash they ship in exchange for drugs.

The deployment is also meant to bolster the presence of NATO forces in the area and will work closely with those forces. Chernarusian forces are expected to conduct counter pirate operations, as well as disrupt, degrade and destroy rebel operations in the region.

The ground forces will be based at an undisclosed location, while the naval task force will rotate in and out of their Green Sea naval bases.

Naval Forces deployment:

4 Flower Class corvettes
2 Patrol Boat Tenders

Naval forces will be split into two task groups, with one at Green Sea naval bases, with the other in current operations.

Chernarus Naval Forces Deployment

30 Naval Infantry
30 Naval special forces
4 Assault Ships
2 Ship borne command centers
2 MI-17 helicopters
2 Drones
20 Command/Intel/Support personnel
10 Naval personnel

Probable Enemy Forces

300 Molation Army regulars w/ 30 BRDMs and 30 technicals (100 deployed in the southeast)
150 African Rebels w/15 technicals
100 Takistan Army regulars w/ 30 technicals
100 Chedaki rebels w/ 30 technicals

Chernarus naval forces can expect limited help from the US Navy in the form of air strikes, and some help from US Army Delta, SEAL, British SAS and CIA Tier 1 operators.
20150703 02:36 OldSpook An autopilot module, named for the first pilot you get in the the game: Jebediah Kerman. Something of a meme with the Kerbal Space Programme online community about living thru some very very bad spacecraft design and piloting issues. C.F. "unplanned rapid disassembly", especially at impact or altitude.
20150703 00:40 Thing From Snowy Mountain MechJeb?