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20170920 21:58 Skidmark Ms. Wife, how was the Blues weekend?
20170920 11:20 3dc good idea
20170920 10:44 Skidmark Start him writing his memoirs.
20170920 10:21 3dc I could tell more if I could get the husband of one of the wife's cousins to really open up. He used to be the general running Kinmen (until he retired).

A fun guy - really.
20170920 00:01 Skidmark Brrruuup...4 3 years.
20170919 23:59 Skidmark Poor bastard, dry for two years.
20170919 21:59 badanov In honor of me buying the first 18 pack of beer since 2014, some Tuesday evening Psychostick:

20170919 20:31 Pappy As an aside, back in 1991 and the collapse of the USSR, I predicted that China would become the next world naval power. My esteemed naval warfare officer superiors laughed. No history buffs.
20170919 20:13 Pappy China is in a multi-millenial, Han-based cycle. Empires rise, empires fall. They're in a rise, albeit this one is mercantilism oriented. Due to fail? Likely, in time.

3dc who has much knowledge and practical experience, can tell you about China's long-standing 'antics', mainly involving Pakistan regarding Africa.

Africa is still in its own mess, however. Perhaps worse in some ways, better in others. Still a mess. Blame foreign aid for most of that one, foreign interference in others.
20170919 19:52 Skidmark No innovation, copiers copy.
20170919 19:51 Skidmark Oh, I began babbling about threshold politics, 3D asked for clarification, I mentioned China's multiple fronts, Pappy reinforces.

The world is weird. More and more determined to revisit failed strategies of the past.
20170919 18:54 Thing From Snowy Mountain I'm back.

Stuff still doesn't make sense.

Oh well.

20170919 18:24 Thing From Snowy Mountain Skid and Pappy: I get the feeling I'm seeing half of a conversation, and the other half was accidentally deleted by a spam filter or something. Maybe I should go back and read the front page, see if things start making sense.
20170918 22:25 Pappy A 38North commentary on that topic, by the way.

However, I would take issue on your previous comment. It is not trade; it is global corruption associated with trade.
20170918 22:13 Skidmark Too many competing expansion strategies, Pacific reefs, South America, Mexico, Africa,..., all driven by US imports not their own GDP. At some near point they will reach a force projection threshold which they will attempt to exceed in order to save 'face'. Perhaps NKor. They are too busy externally to support necessary internal infrastructure support and build.
20170918 21:59 Pappy I have many long-considered opinions about you. Being a "slut shamer" is not one of them.
20170918 21:56 Skidmark I...I don't think I'm a slut shamer?
20170918 21:54 Pappy wretchard, at his apex of incoherence:

UC Berkeley faculty called for a Campus-Wide Boycott of Class to protest the visits of conservative speakers to the campus. The faculty and staff who wrote the letter acknowledged UC Berkeley is "bound by the Constitution to allow all viewpoints on campus," but also said there are "forms of speech that are not protected under the First Amendment." If they think they can determine the limits of free speech, they are more trapped than empowered.

Often when the Left talks about having a "national conversation", they mean thoughts that occur to them and no one else. Then having adjudicated their own internal reflections, they regard all as binding opinion on themselves and all the rest. Imprisoned by their own imperatives, they arrive at policy positions -- such as limits on free speech -- which they regard as "settled", even though millions may not even know what they are talking about. The inevitable outcome is conflict declared upon a population that may never have heard of the casus belli before.

The suddenness with which progressives have become captives of their own extreme narratives may be due to backroom politics. In retrospect, the worst tragedy to befall the Left in 2016 wasn't the triumph of Donald Trump but the defeat of Hillary Clinton. She represented the ethical line beyond which it was too dangerous. Hillary for all her faults represented a load which kept the traditional Democratic engine from overspeeding.

Historically, every socialist regime was irredeemably corrupt and perhaps needed. In Russia today, corruption is the new communism. In America,it is the SJWs that drive the agenda. Nothing is free, not even socialism. Too bad you can't talk about this at Berkeley.
20170918 18:29 Shipman Halloween, what can I say?

20170918 12:32 Bright Pebbles also interesting

Think we missed it
20170918 12:12 Bright Pebbles https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/sep/18/how-would-trump-handle-a-terror-attack#comments

didn't go down well with the commentators.

20170917 23:08 badanov How do you solve a problem like Maria:

20170917 21:16 badanov Some late Sunday night Steve Earle:

20170917 09:08 badanov Sneaky f*ckin Russians:

20170917 08:50 badanov From an article in Russkaya Vesna about the five most successful KGB operations. This was number 3:

Operation "Toucan"

In addition to the actions of retaliation and the organization of suppression of the uprisings of the KGB, the Soviet Union also devoted a great deal of effort to supporting the regimes that are acceptable to the Soviet Union abroad and to combating the disagreeable. In 1976, the KGB, together with the Cuban special service of the DGI, organized Operation Tukan.

It consisted in forming the necessary public opinion in relation to the Augusto Pinochet regime, which has repeatedly stated that its main enemy and enemy of Chile is the Communist Party. According to the former KGB officer Vasily Mitrokhin, the idea of ​​the operation belonged personally to Yuri Andropov.

"Toucan" pursued two goals: to give Pinochet's negative image in the media and to stimulate human rights organizations to start active action on external pressure on the leader of Chile.

The information war was declared. In the third most popular American newspaper, the New York Times, there were 66 articles devoted to human rights in Chile, 4 articles on the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, and 3 articles on the observance of human rights in Cuba.

During Operation Tukan, the KGB also fabricated a letter where US intelligence was accused of political harassment by the Chilean intelligence service DINA.

In the future, many journalists, including Jack Anderson of the New York Times, even used this trumped-up letter as evidence of CIA involvement in the hard-hitting moments of Operation Condor, aimed at eliminating political opposition in several countries of South America.

20170916 23:57 3dc Skidmark. Threshold politics for the party inside of China (internal threshold) or external with the world?
20170916 15:07 swksvolFF TWIB in, play day at work.