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20160825 16:36 badanov A General was conducting an All Service member pilot briefing in Afghanistan one day, and he posed the question: "What would you do if you found a scorpion in your tent?"

A Navy pilot said, "I'd step on it."

An Army pilot said, "I'd hit it with my boot."

A Marine pilot said, "I'd catch it, break the stinger off, and eat it."

An Air Force Pilot said, “I’d call room service and ask why there was a tent in my room.”
20160825 16:11 Pappy wretchard:

All the contradictions between pacifist politics and military reality are being highlighted by the feckless North Koreans. Imagine a scenario where the Japanese are told one of North Korea's Sinpo submarines has put to sea with a 1 MT warheaded missile and intelligence indicates it is on a suicide mission to attack Honshu.

What do they do to make sure the missile is never fired? Take the chance that North Korea won't? Authorize a conventional attack on the sub? Or hit it with an atomic depth charge? This is the problem which North Korea is slowly posing and which the Obama doctrine has constrained itself from answering.

Perhaps in his heart of hearts president Obama believes there is no answer; that we are trapped between our godlike technology and our infernal human impulses. So he just spends the time reassuring everyone, both hawk and dove, that there is nothing to worry about. In the meantime he prays to the God that liberals don't believe in and hopes for the best.
20160825 12:52 Marvin the paranoid android ***SPAM?*** Don't talk to me about life.
20160824 12:20 Skidmark When you recognize these biobags as organic machines Dale, I think you have pretty much described life.
20160823 22:18 Dale I am beginning to think a matrix life will be upon us in the near future. The consciousness will simply be downloaded in a system to create a VR. No need for the body. No illness. A world of machines to maintain systems. A point will be reached where we can choose our fate. I believe that choice may not be an option. Living space will be whatever you wish it to be. A pleasant caretaker will be your guide to the life you wish to live, oops!! exist. Space exploration with no concern for time, or services. With Hilly in charge I suspect a large number of deletions will occur.
20160823 10:23 Skidmark Speaking of 'tiny habitats'.
20160823 10:21 Skidmark Somebody at NASA reads Rantburg!
20160823 08:47 Shipman Well a tiny house would work for us, provided we built a 2500 sq.ft. , climate controlled barn next to it, for stuff.
20160823 08:43 Pappy Don't get me wrong - I ain't opposed to living in a small house. My current abode, the "Closet Near the Wadi From Hell," is about 640 square feet.But it's about costs and planning for down the road. I like Airstreams; it'd be cheaper living in the RV park on base. But tiny houses are a fetish (in the mystical sense.)

It's like 'minimalism' where everything you do own is top-brand. Walden Pond as a designer label. And anyway, Henry Thoreau was a fraud.
20160823 02:12 3dc Shipman - not good: Extracts from the bark of yohimbe are used in West Africa as a general tonic and as an aphrodisiac.[2][3][4] Yohimbe bark and extract are widely used in manufactured dietary supplements. The levels of yohimbine present in yohimbe bark and manufactured supplements are highly variable.[2][3]

Although proposed as a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction in humans, there are cautions about its safety or effectiveness.[2][3]

Side effects of using yohimbe, particularly in high doses, may include high blood pressure, increased heart rate, headache, nausea, tremors and sleeplessness.[2]

Animal use[edit]
Yohimbine is used in veterinary medicine to reverse sedation in dogs, elk or deer.[3][6]
20160823 00:35 Thing From Snowy Mountain "...Not to mention a symbol of decline."

I'm not a fan of tiny houses, unless they have "AIRSTREAM" on them, but my personal life choices are down to "accept decline" or "make a viable business out of robbing banks" and I doubt the latter is possible these days.

I don't know what to do any more.
20160823 00:23 badanov Some late Monday night Haley Reinhart (Post Modern Jukebox):

20160823 00:00 trailing wife I strongly suspect the number of tiny houses being build is in the same order of magnitude as the total number of episodes about them. How many parents with 3.5 children under the age of four are going to create a home inside a schoolbus and hit the road looking for adventure in this great land of ours, secure in the knowledge that Daddy's job can be done remotely?
20160822 23:21 Pappy I just find it interesting that folks get all up in arms about chickens kept in tiny coops, yet want to live in something smaller than a shipping container.

Still, I guess a peasant hovel is better with designer furniture, a multi-media system, and A/C
20160822 22:47 Shipman Now Pappy, TW, there's no reason a tiny house can't be yuuuuge. It's like two can live as cheaply as one, it just costs twice as much.
20160822 19:39 Pappy Tiny houses are a fad. Not to mention a symbol of decline.
20160822 19:19 trailing wife Tiny houses are interesting as an exercise in craftsmanship and clever organization, but Mr. Wife and I would descend to madness, mayhem, and murder could we not get far enough apart under the same roof during an extended spell of bad weather. And unless homemade out of scraps and second hand odds and ends, they are awfully expensive per square foot. I suspect most of those who buy one as a primary home will move on to a starter ranch or bungalow within a year.
20160822 16:15 Shipman It's the leaves from a tree, looks like a potent diuretic. Johimbe, is a better value. Raul Duke recommended it's tea in the early am.
20160822 15:53 Dale Fidel's secret is out. Well he seems to be promoting this; Cuba: What the hey is Moringa?

I was visiting Babalú Blog and came across this post by Carlos Eire: Evo Morales enthusiastic about Moringa pills given to him by Fidel Castro.
20160822 14:23 Shipman Corrine Browns third set of legal begals lasted but two days. :)

The minions are busy as hell with yard signs this.

20160822 14:09 Shipman Maybe I am not the only one intrigued by tiny houses.
20160822 13:07 Deacon Blues We got really lucky and found one for about half the blue book value. It's a 2005 but literally looks brand new. Smells new, too. We could live in it.
20160822 12:44 Dale Wow, Deaconman- living life!!.
20160822 11:17 Mullah Richard Poche's Market and Restaurant off 'Highway 'A' (or 31) just north of Breaux Bridge for sausages, catfish and boudin is another stop we make in the area too, Snowy.

REALLY low-key, but lots of other nummy things there, too.
20160822 10:36 trailing wife traling wife was me, still only half awake.
20160822 10:35 traling wife ***SPAM?*** Frank G, next time be sure you paste the article URL in the source box. When you don't, it's automatically labelled as a duplicate in the hopper.

Separately, glad you had a good trip and made it home safely.

...a new horse trailer. One with living quarters.

Your version of a tiny house, Deacon Blues? ;-)
20160822 08:41 Deacon Blues Dale, she decided we needed a new horse trailer. One with living quarters. We now have one. It's gonna be great for going to Big South Fork and trail riding. I figure at my age I better enjoy all the fun things I can still do while I can still do them.
20160822 07:57 Pappy Glad ya made it back in one piece, Frank.
20160822 07:44 Skidmark
20160822 07:05 badanov Test of the Chinese version of the AK176, the PJ26 76mm dual purpose naval gun:

20160821 23:14 Thing From Snowy Mountain I didn't mention Prejean's yesterday because I wanted to concentrate on slightly-less "touristy" places.

I'd like to mention, for the moment: Leboeuf's, on Pinhook near Southpark, as a good lunch counter, and Edie's, on Pinhook but further north, for breakfast.
20160821 17:13 Shipman Doubt there are 20,000 in the stands. NASCAR Has managed to kill the golden goose. Raise Smokey Yunick from purgatory, bring back cheating! Bring back stock-cars!
20160821 17:09 Shipman Watching the re-re-start at Bristol. One of the cars is running in Virginia Tech Colors and logo. :)
20160821 12:52 Frank G Pappy the road trip was OK - repeated check engine light issues (Truck ran fine) and I had to recharge the A/C, but we made it down the 15/Cajon Pass Monday, thank God, before the fire
20160821 12:46 Pappy Heh.
20160821 12:45 Frank G sorry about that
20160821 11:52 Shipman See Drudge quickly for a major laff.
20160821 11:32 Shipman F-35C Hate Switch On!

Choctaw Airstrip outside PNAS
From Real Clear Defense

The landings went well — maybe a little too well.

“They were landing in the same spot on the runway every time, tearing up where the hook touches down,” Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, head of Naval Air Forces, told an audience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. “So we quickly realized, we needed to either fix the runway or adjust, put some variants in the system. So that’s how precise this new system is.”

20160821 10:02 badanov FrankG: Your article was a duplicate.
20160821 00:02 trailing wife no reason to think that the forces which have taken jobs from workers in Detroit will not also take power from bureaucrats in Washington.

From Wretchard's keyboard to God's ear.

Llama/lama? Cute, gentlemen.
20160820 21:36 Pappy wretchard:

In the 20th century political victories and conquest actually resulted in real power, at least in perception. Today they are curiously decoupled. Charles Krauthammer has a long list of Obama administration failures. Never has the White House had such a free hand in foreign affairs. The more power Obama is given, the less he seems to be able to do with it. This is true of domestic policy as well. Great bureaucratic empires no longer translate to great power. The acquisition of permanent majorities, media dominance and even police power only makes one a bigger fish in a shrinking pond. It's a depressing time to be a political activist.

The question isn't whether the state is irrelevant but whether it is less important than formerly or whether it is significant in a different way. The idea of the state as the "locomotive of history" is relatively recent. George Orwell's 1984 saw state resting on the pillars of police power, a command economy and the ability to rewrite the Narrative. But just to illustrate how things have changed for the State we now know that Orwell was wrong. The mathematically dominant method for recording transactions, whether they involve the transfer of financial assets, intellectual property, health records or any type of information is probably going to be blockchain, a continuously-growing list of data records secured from tampering and revision. The possibility of a immutable record is revolutionary in itself. The elites are of course working to get on top of it as they did with the Internet and every other disruptive technology. Central bankers from 90 countries, including Janet Yellen, have met to discuss its impact on the financial industry and they are considerable.

Blockchain is offered only as an example of the disruptive technologies affecting the world. There are other innovations that are shaking things up and no reason to think that the forces which have taken jobs from workers in Detroit will not also take power from bureaucrats in Washington. The moving center of gravity may be one reason why government is growing without getting any stronger and why catastrophes do not have always have the expected effects. A Pew poll states that "millennial support for the Libertarian Party nominee is damn near astonishing." The Pew result probably means that the millenials sense that something is changing in our political system, though they don't exactly understand the particulars. It explains why the election of 2016 is so weird without providing definite guidance about which candidate to choose. About the only sure thing is there is no safe harbor. Those who imagine that Hillary or Donald represent some return to safety will be cruelly disappointed. Each should be evaluated on their ability to understand change, not to stop it.
20160820 21:33 Shipman LOL Walter, at first glance I thought it was a 1st gen Cell phone. :)
20160820 18:32 3dc Getting the raw beans from https://www.sweetmarias.com/
20160820 18:30 3dc New toy I am playing with .

20160820 12:51 Shipman I looked Mullah, yes I did. :)