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20160728 07:52 3dc
20160728 04:57 Skidmark Red Dragon $300M
20160728 04:55 Skidmark And they're gonna blow the mosques!
I don't suppose the demo guys could be called 'mosquetoes'?
20160728 01:58 3dc The latest released hack from wikileaks is all the DNC's voicemail. Has voicemail ever been the target of an attack before?
20160728 00:07 SteveS Angola becomes the first country to ban Islam.
Press TV clip 2min
20160727 23:23 swksvolFF I feel like I'm listening to the last part of Billy Madison.

Also, is His hair gradually turning grey?
20160727 21:24 Thing From Snowy Mountain Also: The guys who let the Chinese OPERATE the database for US security clearances are suddenly concerned about treason?
20160727 21:24 Thing From Snowy Mountain Also... the server is now airgapped. It couldn't be hacked by Houdini. The only way the Russians might have the emails is if they've already hacked it.
20160727 20:06 Pappy wretchard:

The trending meme of the last 48 hours as Cher charmingly put it is whether "Trump a ‘f---ing traitor’" The reasons for the accusation sound plausible enough. Serious stuff, yet the absurdity of the situation is patent. One contradiction was pithily summarized by Jim Geraghty on Twitter. "1) There was nothing secret in HRC's 30K deleted e-mails. 2) It's a "national security issue" if Russia gets them. Pick one, Hillary camp."

If everything the press is saying is true, how come Putin owns Trump, emails, voting systems, the whole shebang? How can a second-rate, economically declining power pull the strings of mighty America?

America has been under subversive attack for some time, from the Saudis, the Chinese, the Russians. If foreign powers can get away with 9/11 they can get away with anything. That's what the Hillary server symbolizes; the sellout of both sides to the highest bidder. When the subject came up a few months ago, what did the press do, but bury it.

The emergence of a globalized economy meant that the constituency of politicians broadened to include interests in China, the Middle East, Europe and the former USSR, plus Africa, the Carribean and LatAm. It was only a matter of time before Western politicians started working for whoever paid most. That problem has now reached a critical mass and so there is plenty of ammunition and mud to sling around on both sides.

The 2016 political campaign has highlighted the seriousness of the principal-agent problem. This occurs when the agent (a lawyer, or public official) begins to act in his own interests and not those of the principal he represents. The harder question is how the principal regains control of the agents. How do they realign the incentives of their agents to match those of their "nations"? The answer involves some kind of segmentation, in other words the return of the nations, the resurrection of the offense of treason, etc among other things. Trump, whatever his relations to Putin might be, symbolizes the revival of the nation, perhaps falsely, I don't know. One thing's for sure: Brexit and the revival of nationalism isn't accidental nor driven purely by bigotry. It is driven by the need to fix the sellout problem.
20160727 12:52 3dc SpaceX spending 300 Million of their own dollars for the RedDragon Mars mission. http://spacenews.com/spacex-spending-about-300-million-on-red-dragon-mission/
20160727 06:07 Shipman Nice OS heh.
20160727 00:34 Skidmark Dale's change.org AC petition

OSes friend's reasons
20160726 23:04 Dale https://www.change.org/p/remove-air-conditioning-from-all-us-state-department-property
20160726 20:28 OldSpook Friend of mine sent me this link, at first glance, I thought she had lost her mind.


And be sure to click on the link there at the bottom of the page - that's where the substance is.


20160726 14:57 swksvolFF Thank you TW;
Then, at the earliest, I would think.
20160726 14:50 Visitor ***SPAM?*** Vilifying the Russians for a possible DNC hack, AND the 'theft' of hilarity's emails induces a transference of guilt to 'the bogey man' of our childhood.

The actual matter of the email contents and its reflection on the character of those messaging is diluted or completely occluded, "because the Russians did it".

The import of the release has little bearing on the message and its senders.
20160726 12:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain Wretchard:

"On the eve of Hillary's coronation her courtiers are suddenly waking up to the fact that she cannot protect them. The shock may be intentional. If Putin was indeed behind the hacking he is only doing what underdogs through history have done to even the odds. Unable to match the foe in weight, he went for the king, or in this case the queen. Recall how in ancient Gaugamela, the outnumbered Alexander staked everything on a thrust at Darius.

"Darius fled in fear. When the mass of the Persian army saw this, they scattered in dismay. By demonstrating the impotence of Darius, Alexander broke the Persian monarch's aura and with it his majesty. Alexander knew that for a king to rule he must be regarded as more than mortal by the masses. Once the king is humiliated and put to flight he becomes psychologically no better than his subjects and the greater part of his power vanishes.

"By striking at Hillary's aura the Russian may be attempting the same thing. Democratic voters looked up to her to protect and defend the nation because that's what presidents do. By hacking Hillary and humiliating her Putin has sent the message that she cannot even defend herself -- and what's the use of a president who can't defend herself? This is why the Taliban target the chiefs of police and the district headmen to show the populace that their leaders are vulnerable and that no protection can be expected from them. The same threat logic is being applied by Putin.

"Amazingly the DNC has compounded the blow by turning it into a talking point, acting as if Hillary were a child needing sympathy because her lollipop has been stolen by a bully, rather than as a competent person in firmly command. In so doing they're actually admitting that Hillary cannot hold her own with the hard men of Putin's caliber.
20160726 08:48 Thing From Snowy Mountain Don't forget, there's a petition to ban air conditioning from state department properties.
20160726 00:29 Skidmark Great texture in the Mars video. Apparently there is no surface dust.

I am a fan of getting the expended stages to Mars as well. The big fuel has already been consumed to get the payload on it's way. I imagine smaller, slower engines could be used to set them in a Earth-Moon or Sun-Mars Lagrange points for later harvest.
20160726 00:03 trailing wife Future TWIBs noted. If you could wait until after August 14th I would be truly grateful, swksvolFF.

The Japanese knifer wanted to rid the world of handicapped people, OldSpook, so the story is on page 3. And yes, prayers for the Kurds.

As long as you don't start flaming those you disagree with, we'll be ok. But everyone is nerve ends, as happens every presidential election, and I'd rather people not be driven away over this, as has happened every presidential election. Most everybody is choosing the lesser of the evils on offer, so please keep that in mind.

Glad you had so much fun with the other guy's fish, Shipman. You do have a wonderful capacity for enjoyment that's a pleasure to see.
20160725 23:55 Thing From Snowy Mountain OS: I could say something about belief systems that believe that if you're getting fucked over by other people or even by nature itself you must have done something to deserve it... BUT...
20160725 21:45 badanov I play Arma 3 for the realism:

20160725 20:16 badanov In the queue for tomorrow, OS.
20160725 19:22 OldSpook London Calling... This just came over the Beeb

Japan Sagamihara knife attack: At least 19 dead, reports say


At least 19 people have been killed in a knife attack at a residential care centre for the disabled in the Japanese city of Sagamihara.
The attack happened in the early hours of Tuesday. Another 45 people were reportedly injured, 18 seriously.
Local police have arrested a male suspect after he turned himself in.
The man is said to be aged 26, and is a former employee at the the Tsukui Yamayuri Garden facility, 40km (25 miles) south-west of Tokyo.
He reportedly went into a police station and said "I did it". No motive has been established yet.

The world has gone mad.

Someone who has time and a better connect pleas post to front page if nobody has beat me to it.

20160725 16:09 Alaska Paul You are right, badanov. Wrechard is on fire. There is so much material out there. The dems and everyone else are going batsh*t crazy.
20160725 15:04 Alaska Paul So, in the spirit of the times, 3dc sent me this video. One hell of a fusion between video and the song, enjoy? Well, at least marvel.......
20160725 12:08 badanov Wretchard is on fire on Facebook!
20160725 10:35 Shipman all too soon it is time to relocate from Cedar Key to TLH. It was glorious, watched a guy almost land a Tarpon from the shore. In spite of all my helpful body English the alpha fish threw the hook. Fisher d00d didn't care much, he was cranked! You see that SOB jump? I allowed as I did and thought it remarkable, he replayed it in his mind about 5 times and each time it grew more epic. :) Odd how people meet. :)
20160725 10:34 swksvolFF Just passing through saying I have not forgot TWIB; creek is still knee deep but seems to be receding.
20160725 09:15 Thing From Snowy Mountain And we all know how important money is, just ask nominee Jeb
20160724 23:09 Dale My German contact posted this tonight. The festival seems to have had an explosion. http://www.rosenheim24.de/deutschland/explosion-ansbacher-gaststaette-mindestens-toter-6605971.html Sorry no time to translate.
20160724 14:45 Frank G at least he'll have Bill Kristol, heh
20160724 09:00 badanov From the Conservative Treehouse: Billionaire Robert Mercer just crushed any future hope for Ted Cruz’s career (though we did think that might possibly happen). The use of “regrettable and revealing“, is a very key component of the statement.

Such a loud and visible atomic sledgehammer approach also means the similarly minded financial backers, like the Wilks Brothers, will find difficulty not follow suit and turn their backs on Cruz.

Left-wing political billionaires and right-wing political billionaires all travel in the same circles. Remember the exclusive Sea Island, Georgia billionaire meeting to “stop Trump”?

The potential ripple effect of this Mercer move becomes exponential.

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Mercer taking such an aggressive position also thwacks the financial teams behind all the pro-Cruz, anti-Trump web sites.

If that ripple builds, and there’s no reason to think it won’t, Erick Erickson (Resurgent), Ben Shapiro (Daily Wire), NRO, the entire Salem Media Network (Human Event, Hot Air, Twitchy, Red State), and all the affiliated punditry (Hugh Hewitt, Jonah Goldberg) could be left high-and-dry.

The entire media Cruz Crew watching their career$ flu$hed down the toilet.

Financially dry.

End Quote

And as I have commented elsewhere, for them, there's always Malaysia:
20160724 07:15 Shipman To steal a bit from the FarSide

Hells Library
Non Fiction: 100,000 volumes of Math Word Problems
Fiction: 100,000 Hillary autobiographies
20160724 02:50 trailing wife Goodness. We've never had Hillary spam before.
20160724 00:33 badanov The Hamina class appears to be, sans the SSMs, a sub chaser.
20160724 00:31 badanov Well, while everyone is licking their wounds, sharpening their swords or loading their magazines, I am pleased to announce the Chernarusian Navy has added a new frigate class and an operations ship.

Coming very soon will be a brand spanking new fast patrol craft based on the Finnish Hamina class, due out in just a few months.

No, I did not make any of these, and yes I am supporting in Patreon one modder, a Colombian active duty military personnel, who is working on the missile boat.
20160723 23:30 Pappy Its a very ugly form of populism and nationalism driven by fear and spite

There's a few other 'drives' as well. Aryanism, for one.

Because they are not looking at the damage they are causing, who they are hurting on their way, and are not thinking about what comes after.

I think they're quite aware of the damage they're causing, and they have a clear view of what they want to come afterwards. It just doesn't involve anyone else outside of them.

The alt-right; because the Russians eschewed Hugo Boss.
20160723 23:27 OldSpook See y'all stateside next week. Actually hotter in Nashville (34) than here (32), go figure.

And say a prayer for the Kurds, they need it far worse than we do.

20160723 23:24 OldSpook So I'm a target to these people.

That's where I am now. A target. And you know what? After thinking about it, I will just have to bear up and stand my ground. I've done it before as a soldier, and as a citizen, and as a contractor. But this is new.

For the first time I will be standing against many people I thought were on the same side as me.

So be it. Here I stand. I know this is Fred's house, but I will call you out on things if you are egregiously wrong.

As for my political support, I will support those who support my principles. Slim pickings these days at a national level.

As for my vote, I will be voting my conscience, as should everyone.

20160723 23:10 OldSpook Some of them (Dale, talking to you) are hearing the conspiracy mongering from Trump with stuff like "theres something going on", just like from Alex Jones, Inforwars, Birchers and others - its all "them", a conspiracy. This lets them cast the blame for crappy outcomes on someone else, on whom they can then vent rage, vengeance and payback for all the ills and slights they have suffered whether justified or not. The left and the GOP in the beltway had done enough to cause this backlash by favoring one group over another. And this is the result - even more division.

Take a look: What happens when you call them out on it, call out the irrationality they are showing, call out the authoritarianism to which they are bowing and unquestioningly backing? Call attention to this "force of will" bullcrap that they cite instead of actual plans and policies?

What happens when you point out the lack of any real substance? And heaven help you if you point out how this facades is masked by fingerpointing, fear mongering, flat-out-lies, blustery speeches, and other psychological manipulations and propaganda techniques being used by Trump?

It results in denial that manifests as rage and vengeance directed anyone that dares question their belief or introduce them to anything that might cause them to actually realize how harmfully irrational and emotional they are being.

So if you speak up, *YOU* become part of that "other" and immediately they start in with stupid things like "You back Obama because you don't enthusiastically back Trump" "You must love Hillary because you criticize Trump", and are called "Traitor" (yes me), and other things ("Jew" is the most amusing one I've seen on Twitter because I tweeted and forgot to hide my location once).

Its a very ugly form of populism and nationalism driven by fear and spite, both of which Trump continues to whip up regularly because his election depends on the mob remaining in a blind frenzy.

Never mind things like facts. Or principles, morals and reasoning. If you are blocking spite, their path to expressing and obtaining their vengeance, you will become part of their target. Its an angry mob and like most mobs its relatively mindless, driven by raw emotion, not thinking.

Thing I think matter a lot more than any politician or payback?

Life. Liberty. Faith and Freedom. Individualism not collectivism. Responsibility not blame shifting. Constitutionalism not progressivism. Small government. Competitive Capitalism not Cronyism and State-run banks and mercantilism. Opposing moral and cultural relativism.

My values and principles seem not to matter to these folks. Not as much as getting having a Strong Man who will promise payback on the nebulous "them", those whom they perceive as having done them wrong whether correct or incorrect. Facts be damned, they're mad and someone is going to pay this time.

Spite word I was looking for all this time. Because they are not looking at the damage they are causing, who they are hurting on their way, and are not thinking about what comes after.

Its sad that it has come to this.

20160723 23:07 Pappy Some Saturday Night Lit. It seems... appropriate.

20160723 22:45 OldSpook Thing, I thing you are picking a fight with me and don't realize I'm one of the ones that was angry about this months ago. Take a pill. Or a drink. This would-be new emperor has no more clothes than the current one.

As for the Turmp supporters, I think I figured it out about some of them. The Beltway Boys Brokers and Bankers have decided they will bow down to anything that will reward them with continued access to control and power of an even larger government. That's pretty much as expected. What's unexpected is the rage with which loudest Trumpers respond. I think I placed it: they are angry, they want payback and are so spiteful they don't care what they break or who they hurt.

20160723 13:19 Thing From Snowy Mountain Vote for the fucking shitty bastard, it's important. (SPIT)
20160723 10:17 Thing From Snowy Mountain It's only in 1946, after the Soviet Union's future became assured thanks to an unending stream of industrial gear that came out of Detroit, that America's problems became an insurmountable barrier to fighting the big surviving plantation.
20160723 10:13 Thing From Snowy Mountain I wish people had made the argument about America's lack of moral authority and the ills of democracy back in 1941 and 1942.
20160723 04:18 newc Thing, nothing goes anywhere unless 2/3 States agree. It's a simple list.

Look at it, seriously. This is no free for all at all.
20160723 04:15 newc That was Lenin and Stalins' problem. Idiot Marx and Engles never gave them the plan of when government would go away and was not everything under the sun. Freaking Pagans.
20160723 01:25 Alaska Paul From Wretchard:

In the end people just go and shoot without the niceties for the convenience. By and by we will miss civilization, which is what holds barbarism and our worse natures in check. The entire apparatus of civilization is geared towards moderating raw passions it must control. The purpose of churches, custom, culture, manners and law is to restrain the Beast, because the Beast needs restraining. Unfortunately we are at a juncture where restraint may have just left town. Not only have we, in our misguided wisdom, dismantled morality, civility and even law, but on both sides of the aisle the watchword is: power by any means necessary.

The walls are down and the leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Parties have led the way in smashing them. They want the walls down and neither side will stop until they've had what Sherman called a bellyful. What could go wrong? It's easy to dismantle the Constitution, but what do we do for an encore?