30 spam hits today.

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20160523 14:27 3dc https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2016/05/india-launch-reusable-launch-vehicle-demonstrator-mission/
20160523 13:19 badanov I never served in a forward zone, neither delivered nor received gun fire in anger.
20160523 13:16 badanov Dunno how to respond that the Arlington thing, Skid.
20160523 12:50 Skidmark You prob won't get your spot in Arlington, Bad.
20160523 11:53 badanov "This guy's got notes about the Chernarus Navy all over the place, on graph paper, on note paper."
20160523 11:49 badanov Sometimes I wonder what investigators are gonna do if one day, Gawd forbid, I am found dead in my apartment:

"Hey, Bob! Where's Chernarus?"
20160523 10:11 trailing wife Snowy Thing, I just came across this article about Saudi Arabia's current financial situation in Al Ahram, which needed to reassure it's readers that the money well is yet not drying up.
20160523 09:54 TFSM I was beginning to wonder if owning refineries or controlling them would give them any leverage re controlling the oil price. Like... "Go away! We dont do any of that expensive Canadian crap oil here..."
20160523 09:41 Dale It's all global warming.
20160523 08:28 trailing wife Whew! The Chnese spammers were busy in the night.

If one has to ergo, Skidmark, an allegorical caricature is definitely the way to go. :-)
20160523 06:16 3dc http://www.publicmedievalist.com/curious-case-weapon-didnt-exist/
20160523 01:37 Skidmark Ergo, TW, the vilified allegorical caricature.
20160523 00:36 trailing wife Snowy Thing: The Saudis still have both funds and investments. It's just that the government will be broke in a few years if oil prices stay low; this is separate from the humungous private holdings of princes and commoners alike.

20160522 22:42 badanov Expand when you're in trouble, contract when you're not.
20160522 22:29 Tfsm ***SPAM?*** Another thought: if the Saudis are so broke.how.is.it they can buy refineries here?
20160522 14:58 Pappy Not to worry - President Trump will fix everything. Camelot is coming again, Baby!

(Julio - go forth and borrow the Shipman Triumph. I fancy a long and moody ride 'round Castle Rantburg.)
20160522 14:07 Dale Interesting stuff. I wanted to pass on the current state of things in Federal Prison systems. Nightmare. Separate provisions for transgender needs. -Only- female officers can do cavity searches of transgenders.

Major increase in drug overdoses in and out of prison. Three died last Friday night in Cumberland Maryland in the city. Break ins, armed robberies day and night much more common. Presses market broke into last night just over the line in West Virginia. This was the second time in two months. Rehab is like this; 1/3 want help to change, 1/3 will fail rehab 50/50 chance going one way or another, 1/3 will go right back to drugs(they just don't care).
20160522 01:37 Skidmark Behind that is a nonfunctional part of the boat for storage the flux capacitors.
20160522 01:04 Glenmore ***SPAM?*** That makes sense, Snowy; easier to make money gaming the market than actually producing.
20160522 00:46 Thingey ***SPAM?*** G: do you think it could be someone trying to talk down the industry? "There's a super.secret technique for.doubling the production of.a.well.on top.of.everything else. It's under enn dee ayh
20160521 22:51 badanov Thanks.
20160521 22:29 Pappy Getting there, bad.
20160521 11:15 badanov May 21st: Project 03160Ch Completed base model, ready for texturing. The structure immediately behind the helm/CIC is where the machine gun will be mounted. Behind that is the mast. The surface search radar has been removed temporarily. Behind that is a nonfunctional part of the boat for storage. Additional PKM machine guns can be mounted on either side of the rear gunnels.

20160521 01:08 Glenmore Unemployed Snow Thing - I'm not sure what to make of that article. I don't know of the technique they are discussing, but I do know our (industry) results from fracked wells have been improving, fairly steadily, for years. A 'doubling' from a single technique would be surprising, but not impossible. And realize we've already more-than-doubled from the collection of improvements over the last ten years.
That said, they do not discuss one big elephant in the room - capital: the new, improved wells are still going to cost a lot, so you and I and all our friends could pool all our assets and still not afford one. And right now oil field capital is drying up faster than an alcohol wipe in Death Valley. Big Oil is cutting back on spending - my job is supposed to end in 5 weeks (I don't mind though, I'm effectively retiring with benefits) - but still has lots of cash flow, and can access capital by cutting dividends, if nothing else. It won't die easily. The little guys - in the business - can't do that. I suppose Google or somebody could decide to buy in, but why - they make money in what they know how to do, and would likely lose money in something they don't know how to do.
20160520 19:50 Pappy I duuno - I still remember the late 70s/early 80s when the hue and cry was how the the Euro militaries (especially the Dutch) were soooo much better than us 'cause they'd wipe the floor with the US during these competitions.

Not mentioned was that, for the Euro crews involved, training for competition was all they did.
20160520 16:40 Shipman Also Skid: Awesome!
Back when I was young and lawsuits were fewer, I tried to get a patent for a human powered, tube launched pneumatic SABOT. That's a Blowgun for you Biden wannabes. I approached Whamoo Corp. with the concept. Sounds good! Get a patent! We can talk! Did you have any idea how many patents there are surround SABOT rounds?

I am still poor, but don't come to the door after 1 am, less the last thing you hear is a breath.
20160520 16:26 Shipman Skid, I hate crocs, but an M-48 would suffice.
20160520 11:54 Skidmark
20160520 11:49 Shipman Aw shit, mandatory kill on sight, plus bonus for civic duty.

I hatez these fuckers
20160520 10:50 Skidmark Anyone using a 'cloud' has already volunteered to surrender their privacy to both domestic and foreign interests.
20160520 10:46 Skidmark Pretty.
20160520 10:40 3dc OS et al - look at the Rand Paul post I just made. Gov is attempting to force malware-spyware onto our computers... Rand is trying to stop it.
(a ruling by Obama's team)
20160519 22:33 Pappy Ah, got it now.
20160519 20:56 badanov Some browsers have a utility that allows you to click on the foto to embiggen.
20160519 19:52 Pappy Can't see it (and not because of the camo.)
20160519 13:53 badanov I don't like the camo scheme, so I plan to make my model dark gray.
20160519 13:48 badanov You can see th hull construction on Russian Project 01360 "Raptor"

Here for a closeup