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20170721 19:50 trailing wife Noted on TWIB, swksvolFF. Life comes first.
20170721 19:17 badanov Seen on Facebook:

An informed evaluation of drones for military use. The source is a retired Navy Commander, a fighter pilot who flew combat missions in 3 wars.

"Drones will not: be late to briefings, start fights at happy hour, destroy clubs, attempt to seduce others' dates, purchase huge watches, insult other services, sing "O'Leary's Balls," dance on tables, yell "Show us yerr tits!!!", or do all of the other things that we know win wars!

I see no future in them."
20170721 18:24 swksvolFF Funny thing returning to work after lunch. Fellow working on my house, dang hot outside. On my way out, stopped and thanked him. It was the time difference between a vehicle running an intersection in front of me and me getting absolutely T-boned.

TW, if I was going to get a TWIB out this week, it would have been today. Didn't happen, and not the following week either.
20170721 16:00 badanov Some Friday afternoon Johnny Cash:

20170720 18:38 badanov Some Thursday evening Saliva:

20170720 04:44 SCFI Sorry, the below is mine, forgot to change the signature.
20170720 04:43 Visitor ***SPAM?*** why is China giving military aid to The Bahamas?

More like China gave them a few cheap AK-47s and the rest went into a couple (or more) corrupt officials pockets.

1.2 Millions doesn't go very far these days.

OTOH China did build a 3.5 billion dollars resort, my guess is that maybe the 1.2 million dollars military aid is to provide some security to the resort?

20170720 00:12 3dc Pappy - looks like you just about nailed the McCain diagnosis.
20170720 00:07 3dc From the chart I have to ask - why the hell is china giving military aid to The Bahamas?
20170720 00:05 3dc
20170719 13:46 trailing wife It seems Milo Y. was interviewed by NPR, which subsequently declined to air the thing. For those interested, Breitbart filmed it and posted it here.
20170719 01:33 Skidmark Why there are no technical aliens.

You mean they are all MBAs?
20170718 21:39 3dc Why there are no technical aliens.
20170718 14:03 3dc Skidmark. Today the healthcare bill was declared dead. It is just a repeal.
20170718 14:01 3dc giant pandas seen from space are China's big solar power arrays.
20170718 08:44 Deacon Blues “By the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take place,” [Hillary Clinton] said. Another reason she lost.
20170718 03:32 SCFI Nobody does. I suppose it's a first come, first owned situation considering that most icebergs disappear within 6 months with the largest ones gone in 10 years. All one can really do is maybe harvests fresh water.

A couple PDFs that address the ownership issues: Harvesting of Antarctic icebergs: Melted dreams?

Who Owns the Icebergs?

20170718 00:32 Skidmark Now that we finally have a breakup I can ask the question.
Who owns icebergs?
20170717 22:45 Pappy I'm thinking that it may be some kind of salami made with horse head?

Probably more like horsemeat, though I suspect the ingredients have been changed for the effete American 'palate'.
20170717 22:05 SCFI For Besoeker and TW.

Liveuamap is at github

Info about the company.
20170717 21:24 trailing wife Cute names for that shop, not general categories of sandwich that would be known to anyone with a little food sophistication -- I'd never heard of any of them, and we lived abroad for half a decade.
20170717 19:44 SCFI Padrino = "a deal you cannot refuse" godfather.

On recollection, I'm thinking that it may be some kind of salami made with horse head?

20170717 13:33 SCFI An example of really bad reporting, this one from foxnews.

Explaining something, then quoting tweets that says the exact same thing!

20170717 12:59 Pappy wretchard:

Mark Zuckerberg, on a visit to Williston, North Dakota described an encounter with a primitive force:

The invention of new techniques to fracture rock (fracking) to extract oil led to a boom where tens of thousands of workers moved from all around the country to pursue new jobs in this industry. They come here because these are good jobs where people with a high school diploma can make $100,000 a year. When the Dakota Access Pipeline was approved, that removed $6-7 per barrel of cost from producing oil in the region, which brought more investment and jobs here. A number of people told me they had felt their livelihood was blocked by the government, but when Trump approved the pipeline they felt a sense of hope again.

It was the portrait of two world views in conflict. The work camps that sprung up, the unemployed men who found jobs were the silver lining. But Zuckerberg's post was also a glimpse into the flip side of Washington. Mark Leibovitch, chief national correspondent for NYT Magazine, recorded his impressions of DC, the town that melted down. He paints a portrait of Sean Spicer trying to survive "in the shadow of a capricious force". John McCain, in a permanent funk "traveling the globe to the point of weariness, seemingly on a personal mission to reassure allies unnerved by Trump." Institutional Republicans walking around looking "as if they were bracing for a chandelier to drop on their heads". Most compelling of all are cameos of the bit players: the staff members, lobbyists, newspeople, policy wonks in permanent agitation, seeking almost religious consolation in the "old-normal rituals" of a world gone by.

This smug city has turned into a haunted "Tokyo-on-the-Potomac" cowering in the presence of a brooding Godzilla. Naturally things happened when the country was momentarily free to slip its leash. For good or ill, Trump was a wrecking ball clearing away the "old-normal". The significance of Washington's meltdown will hang on how adaptable American politics proves to be. For good or ill, Washington must learn to deal with a whole new global landscape thronged with kaiju: a challenging China, a thrusting Russia, trillions in debt and a restive domestic middle class. They have not yet arrived inside the Beltway but their deep footsteps can be dimly heard. Trump isn't Godzilla, just the advance man.
20170717 08:04 Skidmark A procedure to remove blood clots the size of a golf ball from stroke patients
20170716 22:53 trailing wife Don't think I will get to a TWIB this day.

I saw that afterward, swksvolFF, and was glad because I'd been out most of the day and so wouldn't have had time to take a look before it was published.
20170716 17:33 Pappy Official line is "bloodclot above the left eye".

Given past surgeries, ima thinkern melanoma in the lymphatic system.

McCain wasn't going to vote for the plan in any case.
20170716 09:55 Skidmark Healthcare vote held up by McCain's healthcare?

Was it a stroke induced bloodclot from a blown aneurysm, or just a tumor making him insane?