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20150304 16:07 Shipman Also:
Damn, ther goes another open relay. :(
20150304 15:39 Shipman But boilerplate bends and shapes so nicely :(
20150304 12:37 OldSpook Ukrainians should have been a lot stronger, but have turned themselves (militarily) into a clown show.
20150304 12:36 OldSpook Mods and Fred/Bad...

Here is an image which may come in handy for our upcoming political season (Operation Foot-Bullet):

20150304 12:31 Glenmore Hope everyone is enjoying the lower gas prices. My employer has begun responding to them - staff reductions, among other things. Retirement may beckon.
20150304 11:19 badanov A T-64's side armor was penetrated in the Debaltsevo battle by fragments from a 120mm mortar. The side armor should have stopped the fragments, but it didn't.


Apparently, the Kharkov, Ukrainian tank factory has been manufacturing T-64s using boiler plate steel instead of armor plate. Also, tanks at that facility have been modified to mounted ERA armor in existing T-64 armor, by tapping into the armor. The only way you can do that is to heat and weaken the armor.

Amazing bit of negligence by the Ukrainians.
20150304 09:13 trailing wife Next he will stop the Earths rotation so he will have more time to complete his efforts.

He did stop the Earth heating up, Dale -- for almost two decades thus far.
20150304 08:22 Dale News Max is reporting O is going after current money systems. Executive order again. Major makeover. Government grab.
Next he will stop the Earths rotation so he will have more time to complete his efforts.
20150303 22:45 3dc OS: http://spaceref.com/earth/nasa-releases-first-global-rainfall-and-snowfall-map-from-gpm.html
20150303 22:20 3dc
20150303 10:15 Skidmark Why, you old code breaker you!
20150303 00:38 OldSpook Read into the numbers - like this

60% chance of sunny staying sunny
20% chance of sunny going to partyly cloudy
10% overcats
10% rain

Next line is..
partly cloudy day
40% change sunny next day
20% chance partly cloudy again
30% overcast next day
10% rain next day

And so on
20150303 00:33 OldSpook Second one is a nice markov graphical sim

4 states - think of them as A sunny, B partly cloudy, C overcast and D rain -

think of the output like Sunny Sunny Overcast Rain Sunny....

20150303 00:33 OldSpook Fun page - markov chains explained graphically


20150303 00:14 trailing wife I've read similar good things about coffee, Dale. If only it didn't taste so vile that I can't get used to the flavour! Ah well, more for Mr. Wife and the rest of you. I'll just have to continue finding my health benefits elsewhere. ;-)
20150302 18:48 Dale Actually coffee as it turns out is a marvelous health addition to any persons daily consumption practices. My Endocrinologist Who was from Germany said there Cardiologists recommend coffee to their patients(with caffeine). It is also a mid form of epinephrine. Start with hives apply coffee liquid and it stops. Really good for any!!! inflammations. New green coffee will be out shortly with new benefits to enjoy provided you don't add cream and sugar of course. AP good music to listen to while typing this.
20150302 10:45 49 Pan Israel's PM just spoke at AIPAC. What a great inspiring speech by a great leader. Our politicians need to watch this and bow in shame. We need leaders in congress not squabbling, infighting, spoiled narcissists. One selfless leader, just one!
20150302 08:53 Skidmark If you did, TW you might become as callus, jaded, cynical, surly and downright hostile as many of the rest of us.
As it is, your intervention is always a treat.
20150302 07:01 trailing wife Perhaps if I took up drinking coffee in the morning...

5 Things You Should Know About Voter Fraud
20150302 06:59 trailing wife I wish I'd noticed this during voting season last November, though it is a promoted story. Bonus free voter fraud reporting app:

5 Things You Should Know About Voter Fraud
20150302 06:16 trailing wife Apologies: Cato study: Immigrants are politically similar to native-born Americans
20150302 06:14 trailing wife Cato study: Immigrants are politically similar to native-born Americans

A new study released by the libertarian Cato Institute shows that immigrants are remarkably politically similar to native-born Americans. The study throws water on the often-used argument that immigrants are mostly liberals who will shift the electorate to support big-government policies.

“The political differences between immigrants and native-born Americans are small and, in most cases, so small that they are statistically insignificant,” the study said. “The descendants of immigrants rapidly assimilate into America’s political culture by adopting mainstream ideologies, political party identifications, and policy positions held by longer-settled Americans. … Immigrants, they and their descendants are unlikely to alter America’s aggregate political attitudes.”

Immigrants are slightly different from native-born Americans in party identification. Compared to fourth-generation Americans, new immigrants are equally likely to identify as Democrats, less likely to be Republicans, and much more likely to be independents. But by the second and third generation, the differences with the fourth-generation are "so small that they are statistically insignificant." As the authors note, "The first-generation’s differences in party identifications are statistically significant compared to the fourth generation because immigrants are much more likely to identify as 'independent,' not because they are more likely to be Democratic."

This difference only exists among those who were born outside the U.S. and then moved here. Children who are born in the U.S. to immigrant parents are almost completely assimilated into the U.S. political system.

On whether respondents consider themselves conservative or liberal, the differences between each generation-group of immigrants were statistically insignificant.

Opinion differences between generation-groups were also statistically insignificant on questions over the levels of federal income taxes, government welfare spending, Social Security benefits, and government assistance to the poor.

The study gives more ammunition to those hoping to persuade conservatives to support immigration reform that makes it easier for immigrants to work in the U.S.

The study utilized data from the General Social Survey, which is conducted every other year and records its respondents’ demographic characteristics, party identification, and public policy opinions on various questions, among other things.

Useful to know, and no doubt it does give ammunition to Republicans who support immigration "reform". But it will have no impact on conservatives who oppose rewarding those who chose the illegal route, and none on those who object to the competition with low-skill Americans for the bottom rung of the employment ladder.
20150302 00:35 Alaska Paul This is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums. "Bonny Jean O'Aberdeen," played by Bonnie Rideout. It tears at me heartstrings but warms me soul at the same time.

20150302 00:21 Jan Remembering Andrew Breitbart, taken too soon. I wasn't able to post earlier for some reason.
20150301 22:18 Thing From Snowy Mountain From the comments at According to Hoyt:

It’s particularly schizoid when it comes to the US Civil War. On the one hand we have the Cult of Lincoln, who is possibly the most over-rated president in US history when it was arguably Grant who saved the Union, On the other, the Confederacy had slavery, and were Southerners, and the latter is an allowable prejudice among SJWs. The end result is they sort of mealy-mouth their way through that period, to the detriment of teaching much of what actually went on in that time.
20150301 21:59 Thing From Snowy Mountain I thought I posted something else, but maybe I forgot to.
20150301 21:49 OldSpook ... and its looking like that someone will end up being the US - problem being the longer we wait the worse it gets.
20150301 20:52 OldSpook Problem is, Pappy, that means someone else has to step in to stabilize things. Left as they are, Russia will continue to destabilize the region for political gain.
20150301 15:08 Pappy Ukraine needs a lot more than training, but it would be a political minefield and perhaps more an investment in time than the situation has.
20150301 14:51 Dale Yes, Adele being so young is outstanding but has a salty tongue which may be a common thing among women in England these days. I have found talking to women here from 19 to early forties that they claim they are bitches(with pride). The more you try to please them the worse they become. Then ultimately living alone they are miserable and have turned to drugs in a big way. BBC article indicated a dramatic increase in women developing dementia currently. Shorting out so to speak in my opinion. Perhaps the Muslims have the right idea(sarcasm).
20150301 14:19 OldSpook Ukraine needs training worse than the Iraqi Army does according to some - the Iraqis its a cultural thing, but the Ukrainians its sheer incompetence from the company commanders on up to the top brass, and the politicians as well. They have sufficient weapons to be effective in the low intensity stuff seen so far, but they don't seem to have the leadership nor the tactical, operational and strategic ability.
20150301 11:57 badanov Ukraine's problem isn't degraded intelligence. It's incompetence top to bottom.
20150301 11:48 Thing From Snowy Mountain Linked to from Freep Republic:

U.S. Intelligence-Sharing Leaves Ukraine in the Dark

Just enough to pretend to be doing something while making sure the enemy wins.
20150301 10:56 Pappy Morning from Hell With Saguaros.
20150301 01:54 OldSpook Bit of a discussion - best Bond theme song or not?

I think so.

For me, Daniel Craig's Bond has slowly replaced Connery as the best Bond - he's more like the Bond in Fleming's books. Much more of a hardass.
20150228 18:19 badanov Fred: I see what you mean re: "Lone Survivor"
20150228 15:07 49 Pan Thanks TW
20150228 12:33 Bright Pebbles http://metro.co.uk/2015/02/26/amputee-army-veteran-beats-the-odds-to-become-competition-winning-body-builder-5080913/
20150228 09:55 trailing wife Besoeker posted an article on that here, 49 Pan.