8 spam hits today.

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20160214 02:53 Stefszjd ***SPAM?*** 自分の政治活動に役立てようという気持ちはなく、失礼に当たるかもしれないという思いもあったが、伝えたい気持ちが先立った」  と持論を述べた。 」生徒「センセー!amalgamってなんですか?」先生「amalgamとはアマルガムの事です。 office2010 価格
温暖化が進めば陸地への風を遮る高気圧の尾根が太平洋上で発生しやすくなることは確かだが、同時にカリフォルニア州沖合の大気中の湿度も高くなるため、陸地に降り注ぐ雨の量は増加するはずだというのが両氏の見解だ。 自分たちの信念を肯定する「欧米メディア」だけ切り取って。
office 購入 Office365ソロ、だのプロだのというのがそれだ。 この教育用途のパソコンのシェアについてなぜこだわるかというと、それがそのまま子供が大きくなった時にパソコンを選択する一つの基準になるということである。
難航しているMicrosoft Office 2013のインストール、その前のダウンロードの段階で時間がかかり、2回目の挑戦も失敗。 This move by the LDP is clearly running counter to the spirit of the additional Diet resolution.この趣旨に反するのは明らかである。 windows ome
(休みは完全的だらけた生活が理想です)~今日のお弁当~もちろんあまりものを詰め込む作戦です。 余談ですが、1週間前にパソコンを買い替えました、windows10なので全然使い方がわからず苦戦していますががんばりますよさて、今更メフィスト降臨です。
Office pro  ※ これが通ってしまうこと自体が問題ですが。 車窓の動画撮影、~海(海岸)とか、山(川沿い)とか~ を撮影しています。
オフィス 価格
20160214 00:45 Skidmark Happy Valentines to all of the Rantburg ladies(we can still say that,right?), especially to TW for her careful editing and thoughtful feedback.
20160214 00:04 trailing wife Looks good, swksvolFF, even the unnecessary, but sweet, hat tip. Feel free to skip a week if real life gets in the way -- this should be pleasure, not duty.
20160213 22:59 swksvolFF TWIB in, it isn't much, full day..
20160213 20:19 trailing wife Here's hoping Hillary Clinton doesn't win, then follow up that win by nominating Barack Hussein Obama.
20160213 18:18 Deacon Blues I hope the Republicans have enough balls left to block any Obama SC nomination until after the election.
20160213 18:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oh well, I guess us original Americans are fucked, the commiemerica's get themselves another fucking justice.

I hate that fucking country.
20160213 16:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ah, that's it. Update doesn't work like it used to. Sorry about that.
20160213 16:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain The headline I'm expecting...

WTI Down 1.50/bbl...
20160213 16:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain The headline I'm expecting...

WTI Down 1.50/bbl...
20160213 13:55 badanov Turkish troops may already be in northern Syria. Russian journalists are saying Turkish artillery pounded the Aleppo airfield.

20160212 10:40 Skidmark I remember Happy Feet
20160212 06:04 Shipman Surf the Gravitational Waves into the future.

BRB off to find my Hang Ten shirts.

Anyone remember those?
20160211 20:22 badanov Some Thursday evening Flyleaf:

20160211 15:16 Thing From Snowy Mountain "Here comes the gravitational wave!" "Choot it! Choot it!"
20160210 06:27 3dc not bad Skid
20160210 06:25 3dc
20160210 02:55 Skidmark The grocery over charges but gives me discount membership 'points' I can use for fuel. Today was a good day. 1400 points from the grocery applied to gas @$1.48 a gallon runs the price down to $.01/gal, their minimum cap.
I brought the diesel with the field tank in the bed and filled up for a penny!
20160209 22:05 Pappy Apparently the alligator has friends in high places:

the incident occurred in October, but James had only been arrested recently by U.S. Marshals

And the moron gets his face plastered across the intertubes. Waytago.
20160209 19:00 3dc $1.29 gas in chi burbs tonight.. May Opec loose their whole treasure and die belly up... heh.
20160209 11:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain Seen @aos

269 So which one of you morons went to Wendy's in (of course) Florida?

A Jupiter, Florida, man was arrested for throwing a live alligator into a Wendy's restaurant drive-through east of Loxahatchee
20160209 08:23 Deacon Blues I'll try to get something planned for late Spring. Everyone is welcome.
20160209 08:21 Deacon Blues The banana provides the sweetness. I use just a little vinegar.