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20150131 20:01 Shipman Good. Now do a backup and have some bran flakes.
20150131 18:13 Deacon Blues Thanks, it worked.
20150131 06:35 Shipman That's right TW a good, safe and free product.

Due to my insane workload my natural laziness and vindictive nature I usually reimage the ID 10 Ts box and tell them later when they wonder what happened to all their desktop saves.

20150131 04:46 trailing wife This, Shipman?

20150131 04:29 Shipman Malwarebytes free will remove it Deacon. We're having a rash of this at work. Another reason not to give teachers machine admin rights. :(

20150130 22:57 Grunter Isn't it? This summer the plan is to go into the Bob Marshall Wilderness on horseback, and meet up with a bunch of friends we met last year at Kintla Lake. And back to the only campsite on Marshall Lake, if we can snag it. For the rest, just wing it.
20150130 19:10 3dc Grunter - God's country up there.
20150130 10:03 Deacon Blues Somehow I now have something call appbusy on my computer. Can't get rid of it.
20150130 00:36 Dale http://www.cnbc.com/id/102380840#comment-1824880794

Concerning Greece and Russia getting cozy.
20150129 17:55 swksvolFF Thought Sons of Liberty turned out about how I expected, other than more beer commercials. Wife asked if that was good or bad, said "Depends on what you are looking for - if you like a fast paced story in a historical setting and don't sweat the details, its ok. Don't use it to study for exam."

Then again, I was appalled by the number of people who thought 300 was a fact jack play by play of how it really happened.
20150128 15:17 swksvolFF Abu, The Lost Batallion is one of my favorite movies.

We had a bumber of sandhill plums recently. There was a run on canning supplies.

If The Patriots had properly inflated their footballs, Tom Brady would have saved 8 gallons of gas vs. The Colts.
20150128 14:54 Grunter Where we were camping last summer in Montana (Marshall Lake)there was an incredible huckleberry crop, locals were saying the best ever. So we were making huckleberry pancakes and drinking huckleberry cocktails. Very nice.
20150128 10:29 OldSpook A reminder about Putin...

20150127 22:52 Alaska Paul Greece gave Winston Churchill nothing but major headaches during WW2 and after. The only thing worse for him must have been the Balkans.
20150127 22:50 Alaska Paul I have been making oat pancakes with a few blueberries in them. They're great. Like having oatmeal but in a different way.
20150127 22:07 badanov Make enough fettuccine Alfredo for three days, Just some comfort food until Saturday, right?

Man, I made enough fettuccine Alfredo to last a week.

What am I gonna do with all that skettis?
20150127 20:56 Pappy The sharp earthquakes are relatively better.
20150127 19:21 Skidmark Ah, a personal light show...
20150127 18:28 Bright Pebbles http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-31009707

Fancy a Pint at the Cover and Duck?
20150127 12:49 Deacon Blues It looks like Greece has figured out a way to fund the country for a while longer. Get the EU to force Germany to pay for Nazi war crimes.
20150127 06:07 Shipman To answer why fly a drone at 3 am, an innocent reason.

Many drones, especially cheap ones (like mine) come equipped with flashing, multi colored LEDs. At night it's pure UFO goodness, especially when flipping or if a light wind rotates the body. Highly recommended fun for under $90. The Chinglish instructions are just a bonus.
20150127 05:40 Shipman Moonbeam? Srsly? That would stir the pot a bit.
20150127 00:38 Pappy Way I see it now, the potential Dems are:



The Lesser Cuomo (tho I think the prog wing is doing its damnedest to knock him off.)

Wacky Webb

Guv'nor Moonbeam

Slow Joe (though he may be tainted by the regime.)

Other possibles

Maggie Hassan (NH guv)

Terry McAuliffe (if Hillary doesn't run)