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20140819 23:03 trailing wife In case he pokes his head in,

Hi, Mike N.! Good to see you out in the 'burg. :-)
20140819 21:10 trailing wife Apparently ISIS isn't enjoying American attention, Bright Pebbles. No doubt they'll enjoy the addition of British attention in a few days even less.

They think themselves mighty lions of Islam because they prevailed over disorganized, unarmed civilians, ignoring as hard as they can the fact that even with a shortage of bullets and no allies the Kurds fought them to a standstill. They've never dealt with a modern, professional armed force before.
20140819 19:44 Bright Pebbles Looks like some ROPer from an iSlamic colony of Britain just cut off an Amercian's head in Iraq.
20140819 18:11 trailing wife Sorry if I got a bit pedantic about the National Guard with Doc Steve. Common misconceptions about the Guard, needed correcting. Rantburg U.

No offense taken, OldSpook. We want to get these things right, and goodness knows most professional journalists can't be trusted to do so.

Update: Just read the thread. All in all a good discussion, though I don't know if it was necessary to call Skidmark a dumbass.
20140819 18:08 trailing wife Good to know, badanov. It's nice to have a pro on the team. :-)
20140819 16:47 badanov TW: I am looking for the first time at reports from the Ukrainian side to see what is common between the two and what conflicts. Makes for a better story. Until today this was all pro Russian militia reports. They have been professional in giving information, but now I have an added dimension to stories about the war.
20140819 12:34 Bright Pebbles
20140819 12:00 OldSpook Sorry if I got a bit pedantic about the National Guard with Doc Steve. Common misconceptions about the Guard, needed correcting. Rantburg U.
20140819 11:09 3dc www.nasaspaceflight.com/2014/08/chinese-long-march-4b-gaofen-2-brite-pl-2/

hi-res sat launch by the chicoms
20140819 08:44 Dale http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2719796/British-scientists-stranded-freezing-Antarctic-research-station-power-failed-temperatures-hit-record-low-minus-55C.html
20140819 08:33 Dale NO show on USGS. Those I contact there don't seem concerned. "Bardarbunga, the country’s largest volcanic system, is located under the ice cap of the Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland. According to Wikipedia, it covers more than 8 percent of the country".
20140819 06:23 trailing wife Burg is eating my comments (on main articles, not here) without putting them in, and no clue as to what the "bad words" are, no patience at the moment to repeatedly retype the comment after it disappears, then copy-paste-replace-retry until its accepted.

OldSpook, if you can go back (left arrow at the top of the page on my iPad), the screen with your comment ought to reappear, saving you the typing, at least.
20140819 06:19 trailing wife Why more balance, badanov?
20140819 00:31 badanov Looks like there will be a little more balance in the Ukrainian war news.
20140818 21:02 OldSpook Okra must be deslimed to be edible. Except maybe in gumbo, where the slime helps set up the gumbo thickness. My wife uses the vinegar method, but my grandma used to just fry it in bacon grease.

Dunno if this belongs on the burg proper - but feel free to add it for tomorrow. Love that volcano name - Bardarbunga (Cowabunga dude!)

CODE ORANGE: The Risk Of An 'Explosive Subglacial Eruption' In Iceland Just Went Up

20140818 18:04 3dc I note that dashes and possessive quotes do not make it through his test either.
20140818 18:03 3dc I take too much bp stuff to approach the H1B topic. Its one of the reasons I have no love for that D.C. and it's chief industry.
20140818 18:03 3dc
As to the deleting problem Freds alg. seems to just look for matches. Instead he should tokenize and look for an exact match of the complete token. White space and non alpha characters defining the edges of the tokens.

20140818 17:58 swksvolFF Decided to make Gumbo - well, SWKS gumbo. That is, okra banana size is out of my skill set - we don't know about such things out here. Local guy's recipe: butter or oil the okra, wrap it in bacon, lightly grill, remove from grill and toss the green part.
20140818 12:53 49 Pan OS, it happens to me a lot as well. I copy all but one word then delete all but that word. After my one word posts I paste the rest back in. I dont have time to sift through to find the one word.

As far as H1B goes it has been a corrupted process for a long time. The entire Visa and immigration process to America need to be overhauled.
20140818 12:30 OldSpook For those of you arguing with the vacuum heads about H1B, here you go:


As I thought and had heard, the process is rigged. I've seen good friends and now my son's friends unable to get a job because of H1B. I always suspected the companies were gaming the system, but I never imagined it would be this deliberate.

And the GOP is just as bad as the Dems on this - both are corporate owned.
20140818 11:22 OldSpook Burg is eating my comments (on main articles, not here) without putting them in, and no clue as to what the "bad words" are, no patience at the moment to repeatedly retype the comment after it disappears, then copy-paste-replace-retry until its accepted. Argh.

20140818 09:56 Bright Pebbles
20140818 09:37 Bright Pebbles http://english.alarabiya.net/en/media/digital/2014/08/17/-To-Kill-a-Mocking-Kurd-ISISmovies-Twitter-hashtag-trends.html
20140817 18:35 Pappy Somebody should come up with a drink called the Drunken D.A.

Definitely has to have Ciroc vodka and bitters in it.
20140817 18:31 Pappy Kinda reminds of of the one where an air controller, perturbed at a BOAC pilot's numerous requests for directions to his gate, asked if the pilot had ever been to Frankfurt before.

The pilot admitted that he had, but it'd been night and he'd been too concerned about flak to pay much attention.
20140817 17:54 badanov All we have is Ciroc vodka, FrankG, gained on fire sale when the Travers, Texas County DA was released from jail on her DWI arrest.

Ciroc was the vodka of choice for the arrest DA
20140817 17:10 badanov Kewt anecdote, Beso.
20140817 16:50 Besoeker Old Airline Captain Wins Again!!!

The setting was the O'Club at Kadena AFB... circa late 60's or early 70's.

The participants were an SR-71 crew, a Captain and Co-pilot from Continental... and two young school teachers for the US Government schools in Okinawa (actually, the last two should be called targets of opportunity).

Ain't no way to say it nicely; but 'Round Eyes' were a hot commodity in those days... especially unmarried ones. Our two young ladies were enjoying the unabashed and total focus of the four gentlemen sitting at the two tables on either side of them... 'Fight on'!

Since it was a 'Dirty Shirt' bar... our two young studs were in flight suits, hepped up a little from their latest 'overflight' mission... fearless and bullet proof... they surveyed the opposition and knew they were already in the saddle... or soon would be... no real threat on the scope.

The Captain, while still handsome... was a bit long in tooth, a former Spad driver he was... his co-pilot was of the jet age, having flown 'Scooters' on little boats, until opting for the 'Good Life' that the airlines promised.

Our two young damsels, were almost immediatly overwhelmed by the two young 'flat bellies'... in their formfit flight suits... covered with patches... they represented all that was good... about virle, young, American manhood. They were in awe.

Even though the good Captain had bought their drinks... it was obvious, our two SR types had the upper hand. One of the young ladies, looking at a patch on the shoulder of one of the two studs, asked what it meant... the patch was red (compliments green, Air Force guys know about such things). In the middle was the word 'Habu'... and just above it was a sinister looking snake. Above it was written... Lockheed Super Bird SR-71... just below that was... MACH 3 +... and just below that was written... 80,000 +.

'Studley do right'; knew it was time for the kill... he told the young ladies that 'Habu' was the nickname of the airplane he flew... since they were new on the island, they weren't familiar with the notorius venomus snake that lived in the jungles surrounding them.

At this point the prettier of the two sweet young things asked, 'What does match three mean'? Our steely eyed young buck knew it was all over but the shouting... loud enough for most of the club to hear... he firmly, but politely corrected her mis-pronunciation and explained that Mach was a technical word that stood for the speed of sound... 'Mach 3+ means I've flown over 3 times the speed of sound'... and in a moment of sheer brilliance, he looks at the two airline types and says to the Captain, 'Hey old man, you ever been above Mach 3'? In a humble mumble... the good Captain acknowledged he had not.

Studley knew her next question... and before she could even ask... he went on to explain that the 80,000+ stood for flying above 80,000 feet. And then Studley went too far... in a final move intended to seal the deal... Studley, erect and steely eyed, looked at our humble Captain and said what he should not have said; 'Ever been above 80,000 old man'?

Our humble Captain looked at Studley; then ignoring his protagonist... he cracked a half smile, stared at the two young sweet things, looking for signs of understanding for what he was about to say... He then very calmly and eloquently said, 'Only on my W-2 form, Hotshot, only on my W-2'!

Studley had no idea he'd just been smoked! He had no idea; that the other gender, no matter what degree of blondness, or air filling of head... wouldn't know Mach from match... but they all knew what a W-2 was... it was a 'woman thing'... it was innate... it was in their bones... and shortly it was over... our good Captain then said, 'Why don't you ladies join us for dinner'? An agreement was quick in coming and as they left for parts unknown... Studley sat there stunned... having no idea what went wrong.

As Corkey was fond of saying, 'The genies of fate had just urinated on the best intentions of a young man'. A simple government form, had just trumped the fastest and highest flyer in the world... ain't life a bitch?
20140817 14:55 Frank G I'll have two arclight specials?
20140817 12:40 Pappy I remember these guys from LA.
20140817 12:23 Deacon Blues swksvolFF I like to leave the okra whole, toss it in some olive oil and salt, and grill it. I have a lot of okra this year.
20140817 12:04 badanov Easily one of my favorite country songs:

20140816 23:54 badanov I watched a video of a Ukrainian Airborne desant (BMD) unit. What I saw was a true rabble, with young men wearing shorts, sandals and running sho3s with their military camo, and men my age, appearing tired, unhapppy and frustrated.

I thought Russian and Ukrainian airborne troops had their sh*t wired tight, but not these men. I saw men with paunches, no shirts on, and no, an in zero rifles among them. It looks like they were placed in those units and run up to the front to fight.
20140816 20:16 Thing From Snowy Mountain Y'know, if people are going to declare war on the police for trying to enforce law and order, and shooting a guy who was grabbing for a service weapon...

shouldn't they be ready for it with automatic weapons and APC's?
20140816 17:50 3dc OS have to agree with you.
20140816 16:23 trailing wife ISIS are the kitten lovers, swksvolFF. Hamas dress their little ones up as suicide bombers, and send their schoolboys diving through flaming hoops at terror-training summer camp.

Question: does this video work for you? It ought to work (from Ynet), but the visual freezes about 20 seconds in for me, while the sound continues. I'd like to post it but won't if it isn't fully functional.
20140816 14:28 swksvolFF I thought Hamas is freedom fighter good boy kitten adopters? So confused.

Apparently Okra and this summer's weather were good friends, any recipe ideas?
20140816 13:47 badanov If the people in this video had any decency, they'd join Robin Williams in hell.

20140816 13:08 OldSpook 3dc, thats end-stage collectivism (leftism/progressivism). They all seem to somehow end up there, wanting to punish/imprison/kill/exterminate any who oppose them. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Kims, et al.

Scratch a progressive, find a would-be camp commandant or commissar.
20140816 12:48 3dc Deacon, looked that up. Is he senile or just wants to become an ISIS exterminator?
20140816 10:50 Deacon Blues Bad news from Rob Reiner: Like Hamas, the tea party must be eliminated.
The Fascist speaks.
20140816 08:30 Deacon Blues A good friend, Iraq vet, started smoking "spice" and shooting "bath salts". He said, "Hey, it's legal". Went to visit him at the VA a few days later. He went nuts and started shooting up his house with an AR-15. Was found butt naked out in a pasture. Damn near died. The synthetic marijuana takes over and he didn't care about anything except smoking more. The bath salts made him halucinate. He's been clean for two years now, thank heaven.
20140815 23:21 Alaska Paul From a commenter at the Belmont Club:

You can distort and propagandize the news all the way up to the moment that reality capsizes your boatload of bull$hit
20140815 20:54 OldSpook first time I ever heard of "bath salts" i thought kids were smoking the stuff I bought for my wife. I said something along the lines of "they'll smoke anything for a buzz, whats next, Ivory Soap?"
20140815 20:29 Pappy Another one - "bath salts"

Took 6 cops and enough tranquilizer to knock out a bull elephant to take one patient down yesterday.

Dat was fun...
20140815 19:53 trailing wife And another score of spams vanquished. Somebody must have dealines to meet.
20140815 18:29 swksvolFF Thanks for the word 49Pan. With all the new stuff coming out it is difficult to keep track.

I have a story right along the OD line. Hands down, worse thing rattling around in my head.
20140815 15:14 49 Pan And that was your non political, non GWOT PSA for the week!
20140815 15:13 49 Pan I talked to my kids last night, individually, about this synthetic pot called spice. It is making a presence here in the Phoenix area. Both boys first response was, "Dad, you know I dont do drugs". I', proud of my boys and I know they dont. I told them so, but I also told them I know some of their friends smoke pot, and I named them off. I told them my concern was not that they would smoke it but they would have to watch as one of their friend commit suicide smoking it. Standing over and watching a drug overdose is ugly. Both knew of the drug and one of my kids relayed he saw a kid in the hospital that OD'd on it. They were both well aware of the risks. Even if your kids dont smoke, they will have friends that do. Talk to them, this stuff is ugly.
20140815 12:21 trailing wife Whew! This morning the spammers were in overdrive -- nearly two dozen cluttering up the place, and all for medications.
20140815 00:32 3dc