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20180118 19:13 swksvolFF TFSM, absolutely, especially spring time if the humidity from the gulf wicks up over the TX panhandle we can get some toad floaters; I watch the Lubbock and Amarillo weather during storm seasons. If stuff starts blowing up in Amarillo moving north/northeast but the front is moving east across west Kansas things get interesting fast.

Inch a minute is believable, though frog drowners usually localized events. Was storm spotting many moons ago and partner and I watched a toddler supercell just collapse. This microburst was illuminated by the setting sun, and was black and epic, partner remarked "Glad we're not under that."

Then there was one night I was driving home and came across a front of cells like this. Nighttime, yet so much lightning I had my sunglasses on. Black columns of water were falling in some sort of sci-fy Bishop flying Ripley to the elevator to rescue Newt pattern. To my horror I saw one coming down just off starboard, brushed me, about knocked me off the road. Just pure water.
20180118 03:05 Skidmark Well founded rumors 3D.
Leaky fuel tanks on the cold SR71 sealed in flight due to heat of friction.
20180118 00:11 3dc For those wondering about the Falcon Heavy testing - if any. I've heard scuttle-butt that with three liquid rockets strapped together when the super cooled lox is poured in the width of the bundle shrinks 6". It might not sound like much but stress, and hold down clamping strategies are getting interesting issues.
20180117 23:54 badanov Seen on Facebook

If I were a rapper, my rap name would be Gershwin. I would distribute my songs on CDs with blue cover art.


Because then they'd be Gershwin's rap CDs in blue.
20180117 21:40 TFSM who had a B-Wing and named it Brad ***SPAM?*** The daughter in Oregon, Glenmore?
20180117 19:54 badanov Some Wednesday evening Imagine Dragons:

20180117 16:29 Glenmore #2 daughter just informed us she has a serious moisture & mold problem in her house - doubt she has enough equity in rising interest rate environment to refinance for the remediation money (WAG $50k), so I suspect old Dad's retirement account may take a hit.
20180117 00:09 badanov Some late Tuesday night Mountain:

20180116 23:20 Thing From Snowy Mountain (who had a B-wing and named it Brad) ***SPAM?*** I spent a large part of today fooling around with a recalcitrant bandsaw. I gave up when the clamp for the workpiece stopped working, I think because of the cold.

SWksvolff: there was a bit about a week and a half ago where one of the fronts that came through caused about five inches of rain to fall in about five minutes. I think the big difference between here and the Great Plains is that somehow, via a not normally known physical process, humidity manages to sneak in from the Gulf in between cold fronts.
20180116 19:17 swksvolFF Sunday evening - 60
Monday morning - 15 and windy
Knew it was coming, used to such things, and still woke everyone up about 4am. Sounded like a subway train going by the window; even felt like it as the wind defeated the weatherproofing. Gotta love the high plains.
20180116 16:39 Skidmark Prob too cold for the range monkeys with this front moving in. Anything happen with the ten nozzle test last week?
20180116 14:36 3dc NASA informed local National Seashore Park Svc that today's planned #FalconHeavy test fire has been cancelled, they were not advised of a reschedule for tomorrow. No further details at this time.
20180116 12:58 Deacon Blues Russian near-pron.
20180116 05:47 3dc Skidmark - it warmed up from 4F here. Now 7F at 4:45AM. If you want to be warm today go to Cape Kennedy's LC-39A where Falcon Heavy might have it's first static fire with all 27 motors burning away.
20180116 01:24 Skidmark Where's the global warming? At least the UV index is 0/10 this time of night.
20180116 01:23 Skidmark Weather Report: 24 dropping to 18. North winds 20 gusting to 30, with snow and rain.
20180115 22:23 SCFI Now I know why the Air Force is trying hard to "retire" the A-10. It's one of the few airplane that can down a F-35 without breaking a sweat!

Nice video Skid!

20180115 17:40 Skidmark Fun A10 video
20180115 12:13 Skidmark Let me know if I pass the screening.
20180115 06:44 trailing wife You are very welcome, Skidmark.

Righteous rant, dear 49 Pan. I didn’t see it until after the rollover, so couldn’t say so in the ‘Burg, but please don’t say you can’t write. Mr. Wife is quite unreasonable about President Trump, too. Annoying, when he was willing to overlook his dislike for George W. Bush, seeing him as the lesser evil despite sounding to my husband like the kind of frat boy he despises.
20180114 23:53 Skidmark That's a good one TW. Thanks.
20180114 23:52 Skidmark when did I become a misogynous bigoted, racist, gay hating bigot???

...and when did that become a bad thing?
20180114 21:43 badanov Skid: Available forces and limited warfare.

It's a civil war.
20180114 20:33 49 Pan This whole thing about the word shithole, really? Everyone there denies he said it, with the exception of one, but its a good reason to derail DACA. Neither side wants DACA fixed, the divisiveness feeds votes and cash. So lets pick an irrelevant, possibly made up, statement and use it to stop this. The only thing Trump has done here is to put congress on the spot to come up with and answer. But they wont. If you ask most republicans, they want resolution as much as anyone, so do the dems. But they don't want to lose a decisive issue that drive voters. If the dems wanted it fixed they could under Obama, but it never was really taken serious. The republican could have driven it as well. Trump is trying to tell both sides to sit down, act like adults and get something done.
And now on to the bigger issue: since when did I become a misogynous bigoted, racist, gay hating bigot??? I have not. Since when has many of my friends that are dems become haters, one step short of fascists? They also have not. This nation is completely divided, and will fall, unless we the people act. There is a fight for this nations soul. It not the right vs the left, as they would like us to believe. It not our corrupt political elites, they have always been corrupt, its human nature. The fight for our soul really took place with the internet and the 24 hour news cycle. The press has sewn this nation into a divisive hate filled shithole that has turned families inside out. Our judicial, executive and representative branches have been undermined by the corporate press.

I have a friend that recently stated she hated Trump, wished he was dead. This woman is a Christian, from the hills of West Virginia. I cant find another person that lives her Christian values more than her. Yet she is now blasting hate, how did this happen? Its not because Trump is the devil, he's not. He is human, and will make some good and bad decisions, like every president. But how did the information driven to her drive her away from her Christian values? I see it on the right as well. This is not a left right thing, she is just an incredible example of how this constant bombarding of lies and hate can normalize the hate.

Obama say it early, he made nice with the press, supported their narratives. And for that the press put halo's around him in photos like he is the second coming. I believe this issue really took root when the Clintons made strategic decisions based on surveys, and the press controls the methods, Trump win proves the polls are manipulated to try and drive results.

We the people have a real problem. The corporate press is fighting for the very soul of our nation. The politicians blow in the winds, prostituting themselves for votes. The press run 24 hour propaganda shows calling themselves news. But they are not. They drive to audience segments, dividing and spewing hate. They hide behind the 1st amendment, spouting free speech. But we the people drink it up like its true, we are fools listening to pied pipers on both sides leading us off a cliff.

If we are to have a constitution, if we are to have a 1st amendment we e have to figure out how to hold the press accountable for their lies. We have to find a way to stop the propaganda machines cloaked as news. We have to understand that I am no more a bigot now than I was 8 years ago and that my friends are the same as they were. We have to get past this and shut down the corporate news machines that are taking our souls, one person at a time...
20180114 19:53 49 Pan Adios Ship. RIP.
20180114 18:40 SteveS Sorry to hear about Shipman. He was an entertaining guy. RIP
Glad to see Pappy is back. Don't tell him about all the bad punnery we have saved up.
Hope all y'all are enjoying the new year, which is Year 2 of the Trumpening according to my calcs.
20180114 16:05 trailing wife “saftek”, Skidmore? If yes, then yes. I’ve forwarded your name to the senior powers, with my thanks.
20180114 13:38 Skidmark it makes the AI lose its nerve and run from the battlefield

Bad, what happens when you massively overreact with no concern for collateral damage? Like using ICBMs on kill missions or B52 fleet carpet bombing instead of defoliant?
20180114 12:44 badanov 4-1 on Arma 3 for the weekend. Recovered friendly POWs twice, and recovered a trapped intelligence operative along with her naval infantry escort. Temporarily captured Grishino to stop a pogrom. The last was a kill mission in Oreokastro in Altis using Chernarus intelligence operators, Team Loud. Ran into a rebel operated Russian Dushka. Did manage to free six civilian hostages, though.

I changed some of the AI parameters last week lowering AI accuracy by about 25 percent. They say it's s'posed to prolong gun fights, but what it does, it makes the AI lose its nerve and run from the battlefield. This happened in the last run through at Grishino.

On the withdrawal part of the Grishino scenario, the AI came roaring back and created problems in retreating from the area, so I had that going for me. All but the Oreokastro scenario were in deep winter with blinding show flurries.
20180114 12:08 Skidmark crazy images in this tweet of a plane accident today in FranceTurkey
20180114 12:05 Skidmark Seems like more votes for than against.
Please send me the poop TW. I think you have my address.
20180114 11:44 3dc crazy images in this tweet of a plane accident today in Turkey
20180114 10:47 trailing wife In case anyone is interested, Amazon is selling their Kindle version of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity by Nabeel Qureshi for $1.99 today.

From the blurb:

In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, now expanded with bonus content, Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity, complete with friendships, investigations, and supernatural dreams along the way.

Providing an intimate window into a loving Muslim home, Qureshi shares how he developed a passion for Islam before discovering, almost against his will, evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and claimed to be God. Unable to deny the arguments but not wanting to deny his family, Qureshi struggled with an inner turmoil that will challenge Christians, Muslims, and all those who are interested in the world’s greatest religions.
20180114 10:41 badanov Some Sunday morning Mountain:

20180114 01:01 Glenmore Sent.
20180114 00:52 trailing wife Glenmore, please send me your preferred email address to jssawicki at gmail dot com. Many thanks.
20180113 23:41 badanov I'm just like you, Skid, sans the training.
20180113 23:08 trailing wife That sounds like me, Skidmark, except for the aptitude and training.
20180113 22:34 Skidmark I have the aptitude and training BAD, but I’m unreliable, unstable, sometimes editorially pedantic and often lose focus due to intolerance and personal rages.
20180113 22:24 Skidmark Wait! Who isn’t aging?
20180113 19:55 Frank G Bad week to quit sniffing glue....
20180113 19:45 Frank G Ooooooooooo. Nevermind
20180113 19:45 Frank G ? No Diff, Chris
20180113 17:11 swksvolFF No TWIB this week.