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20150902 15:17 OldSpook The problem is there is an entire generation and then some that have no idea that this is what a President is supposed to be like:

20150901 23:42 newc Thanks. I always wonder if it is some scumbag proggie site trying to shut US down, but the lack of commenting seems to show otherwise. Lots of foreign hits I noticed.
I really hope they are cool cats, and thank you Dear.

My love for all of you.
20150901 23:32 trailing wife newc, I sent a note to Fred with view counts at that time, crediting you with noticing it. It's not an Instalanche -- Instapundit didn't mention Rantburg today. If Fred has an explanation, I'll report back. Thank you for noticing and commenting.
20150901 23:25 newc TW I was hoping to find out myself whom it is driving traffic.
20150901 15:57 trailing wife Oops! Sorry, newc, I deleted your comment by accident, in the middle of all the spam comments. Yes, we are getting an awful lot more views today than usual. I wonder why?
20150831 21:36 badanov Website about the Royal Italian Navy
20150831 20:15 badanov To see a map of Chernarus, click here

This is one of my templated scenarios for Arma 2. Admiral Gorkov is Chernarus' top theater commander for eastern Chernarus seaboard, controls about a battalion of ground forces and several ships in the region. I do not yet have a photo play for this scenario, but the mission description follows:

Rebel commanders in northeastern Chernarus have adopted a strategy in recent weeks whereby their forces will be ordered to move to and to occupy several key crossroads near Dubrovka and Gorka. Their aim is not so much to gain yardage or to control villages as to disrupt normal civilian and commercial traffic in the region. The enemy attacking main force consists of a mobile rifle company which includes both light and motorized infantry. In addition, the rebels like to move several infiltration squads further south to impede our forces and delay our reaction times. Those forces can include light as well as motorized infantry units.

Chernarus Naval Forces have several reconnaissance options to monitor any enemy buildup prior to any advance towards the south which includes SU-25 and drone overflights. The advance notice advantage could be anywhere from zero to six hours.

Admiral Gorkov has committed a naval infantry light rifle company as his quick reaction force (QRF), but they are kept near Miroslavl, which is a five hour boat ride from there to Berezino. Not all of these forces are immediately available, nor will arrive at the same time due to differences in readiness and location, as well an availability of transport watercraft. Other more mobile forces, such as heliborne light infantry, have been committed elsewhere. The main body of the QRF, your platoon, will arrive intact, but the delay between then and the arrival of the last platoon could be as long as two hours. And since the agreement with the governor of the Berezino municipality, that standing forces other than a token force are not to be kept within five kilometers of Berezino, we are left with a seaborne option only. In the instance in which enemy movement south is detected, the Chernarus Army will commit a BRDM scout car platoon and a supply platoon to be kept near the factory north of Solnichni. Naval air forces based at Balota will have an SU-25 flight available as close air support. The admiral is pondering making a SEAD flight available in case the rebels decide to deploy AA guns.

Your mission upon landing will be to move your forces to a position where you can direct airstrikes against enemy technicals and armor vehicles. Enemy forces at the crossroads are expected to be very heavy. In most instances, your forces will be outnumbered, sometimes heavily outnumbered. Direct airstrikes as long as you can without seriously exposing your forces to destruction, then withdraw into Berezino, to resupply and hold for further orders. The mission is a success if you can stay at the crossroads for at least a hour, and then withdraw into Berezino, losing no more than 20 percent of your forces.
20150831 00:06 Pappy Blanco didn't freeze; she and her people played politics for all it was worth.
20150830 23:18 SteveS Thanks, Deacon. Interesting peek behind the scenes.

Instapundit had more today. Especially the KATRINA FLASHBACK: When Kathleen Blanco Froze link

Knowing what we know now, it is both appalling and impressive how well the media was able to completely misrepresent the situation AND deflect blame away from the people who failed. Bush lied, babies cried, eh?
20150830 18:40 Thing From Snowy Mountain Some random stuff I found on the net, apparently by Moe Lane:

“…But I saw some sh*t this weekend made me think twice. See, now I’m thinking, maybe it means you’re the unmitigable rage, and I’m the servant, and my sane science, it’s mine art protecting me from the torment that gets laid upon the damn’d. Or it could mean you’re the spirit too delicate and I’m the wizard and it’s Anasigma that’s the damn’d witch Sycorax. I’d like that. But that sh*t ain’t the truth. The truth is, you’re the delicate spirit, and I’m the freckled whelp hag-born. But I’m trying, Nick. I’m trying REAL HARD to be the wizard.”
20150830 15:23 OldSpook I've come to the conclusion that Prrogressivism is akin to mental illness, based on sociapathic desires to dominate others due to self loathing.

Certainly explains a lot. And also alters my approach - no need to reason with the mentally ill. Just restrain them from hurting themselves and others, as gently as possible but still be forceful and dont back down.
20150830 15:21 OldSpook Just looking around at the news, police officers being assassinated, grievance monger killing a news crew, so-called "liuberals" choking off free speech, the press becoming as one-sided and blind to its own lies as Pravda and Tass, the hatrerd and lashing out at anyone who challenges "the dominant progressive narrative" (c.f. the abortion videos and the vitriol directed at them, NRA, Ted Cruz, etc)

The more Progressivism dominates individual's thoughts and permeates society, the more collectivist, coarse and violent the person and nation becomes.
20150830 14:23 Pappy I told them it will be easier later on down the road to explain to Americans why they didn't invite and cultivate a relationship with Taylor et al, than to explain why they did.

Kinda brings to mind the underlying reek that clings to the "third way" movement.
20150830 00:20 Pappy 20 Committee article published.