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20140424 18:06 OldSpook F16s escorting TU95 bears? US flailing around', economy in the crapper! establishment GOP ignoring conservatives and goin in for big gov, Dems going further lefty, disassembling our armed forces, and an arrogant idiot in the White House... I lived thru this before. Did someone rewind things to 1977, except worse?
20140424 17:12 Shipman I despair when common English is misunderknown. Zorch for instance is a verb. Him kitty got zorched. Now the question is why him kitty was in the way of persistent X-band radiation. Maybe kitty was deh stupid or maybe kittuah was put in microwave, same results.

Most Ship kittuahs can smell X-band and avoids like the plaugue. Unless can treats are involved. Then it's kinda iffy.
20140424 11:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain Another day, the usual: Human Shields in Sloviansk?.
20140424 09:58 trailing wife I don't see anything odd on my iPad, OldSpook, but I ran the article through the editor anyway. Take a look and see if that did the trick.
20140424 08:31 OldSpook Mods can you please remove the weird added things that show up in a Mac browser in the article I just posted to the Burg? They show up just prior to some punctuation, like quotation marks and double-dash. They're in the title and the text. Its in non-WoT, about Russian Facebook. I also posted a comment in the article with this same request, kindly remove that specific comment as well once the typography is rendered properly.
20140424 00:23 badanov Long legs. The C-1A I mean.
20140424 00:11 Pappy And from the start of his long slide in to selling out and going Hollywood:

20140424 00:11 Pappy I remember those!
20140424 00:04 badanov I guess I can trade in that Iranian marked C-47 for a Grumman C-1A prop plane for airborne para insertions.
20140423 17:06 OldSpook BreRabbit - I thought so too. Im totally stealing that tire idea, as are just about anyone else who watched that video.
20140423 13:50 Bright Pebbles Do they have a website?

20140423 11:00 Bright Pebbles Happy St George's Day.
20140422 22:58 badanov Some Tuesday night Shenandoah:

20140422 20:51 BrerRabbit Thanks for the pointer to the ax OS. Very interesting. But the genius in the video is using a tire to control the chunk of wood. After all the wood I've chopped I never thought of such a simple idea.
20140422 20:48 3dc %85 converted. Just need manuals and a phone that can be called in to. (so far in only calls out - att->comcast)
20140422 18:36 OldSpook BP, at the risk of invoking the Afrikaaners and so on, I wonder if they aren't getting at least somewhat misty eyed about the prosperity and peace that were there in colonial days...
20140422 18:06 Bright Pebbles WARNING! Graphic aftermath of Boko Haram attacks on Innocent Citizens at Nyanya Park
20140422 15:55 OldSpook I gotta get one of these split axes.

20140422 11:04 Deacon Blues This has always affected me.
20140422 08:16 OldSpook TFSM, I think they were talking in their sales blurb about using those metals as being deposited for a wear surface which could then be machined to fine tolerances, and then built up around it as needed.

Anyway, it looks like it could make some of those "impossible" parts that every mech-E comes up with as a student. Pretty fascinating what applications someone will eventually find for this.
20140422 01:26 Skidmark After he dies from the shooting...
Campbell declared a mistrial, noting the shooting happened in front of jury members, who were "visibly shaken and upset."

"The court finds that this occurrence in the courtroom would so prejudice Mr. Angilau as to deprive him of a fair trial," Campbell wrote.

20140422 01:08 Skidmark funny how 'a-dr3ss-es' is a bad word
20140422 01:06 Skidmark and their contact info
20140422 01:05 Skidmark B, I think your favorite demo*tic representatives, hopefuls and funders should be in that registry.
20140422 00:04 Thing From Snowy Mountain including steel, nickel and cobalt alloys, brass or titanium.

I'm at the Undisclosed Location in Clear Lake atm, but... the I'm unsure about all those materials being compatible with each other; it could be problematic using them in the same machine. I'll check stuff when I get home tomorrow.

Something that could do alternating layers of aluminum and titanium could be interesting for some applications.

20140421 23:53 badanov Be interesting to see how machine tool engineers deal with features such as o-ring grooves. I can see how the machine can form things like investment castings and machinable blanks every quickly.
20140421 23:47 OldSpook What ya think about this: a five axis milling and laser metal deposition machine. All common metal powders can be processed, including steel, nickel and cobalt alloys, brass or titanium.

The great thing about these machines is that they can switch to milling before metal deposition is even complete, so you can literally mill the INSIDE of enclosed metal parts, which makes a lot of parts practical that used to be totally impossible to fabricate
20140421 23:38 OldSpook Bad, re: Coachella, thats because you're old (that's my reason). Or have good taste. Or both.
20140421 23:36 badanov Guerrilla America is hosting a lecture on OPSEC Wednesday at 2100 hrs. I would register, but I don't want to take someone else's spot who may find the information more useful. I'll wait for the podcast.
20140421 22:03 badanov Of the 30 or so music acts in 2014 at Coachella Music Festival, I only heard of two of them.
20140421 16:35 Thing From Snowy Mountain I'm at a rest stop on I-10 right now, although somewhere near the middle instead of the end.

I almost got in an accident in my apt. parking lot and the day hasn't gotten much better. Traffic's slow, dense, etc.
20140421 15:48 Shipman petain.org is available for those who care
20140421 14:10 Pappy Morning from Next to The Park.

Made the mistake of driving through Palm Springs - forgot the Coachella Music Festival was this weekend.

Imagine hundreds of sleep-deprived stoners all trying to get on I-10 for the drive back to LA or worse, to spend the rest of the week at The Park.

20140420 23:21 Pappy That would work too.
20140420 23:15 Thing From Snowy Mountain The Integratron Chapter.
20140420 22:49 Pappy Maybe everything in your life up to now has been to prepare you for founding it

Maybe. The golf course is supposed to re-open in June, so that might be an opportunity. Except that I'll have to call it the the Way-Way-Upper Palms Springs chapter.

Or the Chapter at the Center of the Universe, to riff on a what the radio station in Joshua Tree says...
20140420 21:53 Thing From Snowy Mountain Obama isn't the Coyote. We're the Coyote. Putin's the Roadrunner. Obama's Acme, and he's out to "help" us.
20140420 21:46 OldSpook I don't know what Obama is thinking, except that the Roadrunner will never fall for it.
20140420 20:00 Thing From Snowy Mountain I swear, sometimes, I really shoulda taken that job with Starfleet Janitorial Services.
20140420 12:27 Thing From Snowy Mountain It would put you way ahead of me; I still don't know what I'm doing here...
20140420 12:17 Thing From Snowy Mountain Heh - I did. Too bad there isn't a Palm Springs chapter...

Maybe everything in your life up to now has been to prepare you for founding it.
20140420 11:28 Shipman For some reason MGA reminds me of this.

It's a lot of fun to watch too, and cheeeep.
20140420 10:39 Pappy Heh - I did. Too bad there isn't a Palm Springs chapter...
20140420 00:29 badanov Pappy: You may get a kick out of this.
20140420 00:14 OldSpook This pretty much speaks to where I come from on Putin and Russia. Maybe I am a relic of the cold war, but people should damned well remember one thing: we were right - and we won it

(even though the government is doing its best to reverse that win this century)

These problems are not new. They predate Putin, though they have intensified under his rule.

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20140419 20:51 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thank you Grunter
20140419 20:51 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thank you Grunter
20140419 18:49 Grunter Snowy, theage.com.au/ is covering the ferry story.
20140419 17:18 TFSM also excuse the abbrev., I'm trying out diff. web browsers.

One thing that's really irritating me, I don't know where to go to get Korean Ferry news. Any news out there on the root cause of the accident?
20140419 16:58 TFSM Pappy: my arth. is bad and it's distracting me from thinking of a proper clever response.
20140419 15:26 OldSpook Interesting news from Poland

Oh. I see you already hear.
20140419 14:49 Pappy "You sound like g(r)omgoru," he said half-facetiously.
20140419 14:13 TFSM it's a tripwire force to keep those damn poles from getting uppity.
20140419 10:36 Pappy Morning.

One from wretchard:

The Washington Post reports that the US has decided to deploy ground forces to Poland, ostensibly to act as a tripwire to deter further Russian threats, raises some interesting issues. The first is why the story was leaked from a Polish source. It is almost as if Warsaw wanted to pre-empt Obama before he could have second thoughts. The second issue is that Poland will be taking the lead “under US patronage”. Obama, as usual, will be leading from behind. Tripwire strategies have a long history in Democratic administrations. Tripwire strategies are not seriously intended to prevent the enemy from advancing. The purpose of a tripwire deployment is to make it impossible for Washington to retreat; to nail Obama to the ground, to keep him from running away.

The Washington Post story quotes the Poles as confessing that “US patronage” will be a hollow one unless America re-arms. Poland is saying if the US revives its strategic posture, then Europe can be defended. The converse of that — the “else” — is of course obvious to all, though perhaps I should not say “all”. Obama’s not going to get much help from the Western Europeans. Europe can offer treaties, bureaucrats, human rights lawyers, quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations. But they are less than useful in this situation. The net effect will be to force Obama to do either do what Poland hopes — pivot to Europe — or clearly abandon it. Pivoting to Europe must leave the Pacific exposed. To cover all bases Obama will have to postpone his plan to fundamentally transform America into a welfare-state and rebuild the military. If there’s one thing Obama won’t do, it is stop the flow of goodies to his domestic constituencies. That is his power base and Obama may love domestic political power more than he loves Poland.

In the short term however, and before Obama decides — if he ever does — on rebuilding forces, Putin has many options for mischief. If there was one non-kinetic way of showing resolve against Putin it would be ramping US energy production. If Obama wanted to beggar Putin, he would turn on the faucet. But he won’t. You might well ask: how serious is Obama about stopping Putin when he can’t even stand up to the Sierra Club? Twitter, always a source amusement these days, had a Tweet going: “Headlines. Putin invades Ukraine. Obama responds by invading Nevada.” How would you like to be on the tripwire force?
20140419 10:02 Bright Pebbles http://theaviationist.com/2014/04/17/new-image-triangular-mystery/
20140419 00:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain