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20150506 23:10 OldSpook Oh man jsut tuned in the weather channel. If you're in N Texas on up into Oklahoma, be careful!
20150506 23:10 OldSpook Kinda fun calculating the burn times and delta-V for a Hohmann transfer orbit. As well as figuring the approach angle, etc, so that I end up withing 100 or so meters of the Agena. All on an HP15 that's older than most people on the internet.

Now if I can just get the close-in maneuvering down - that's pretty damned hard, and I am wasting RCS propellant like mad. I need at least a bit of reserve to change attitude to do my retro burns and come back down. I kinda forgot and had to restart after I left my Kerbal astronaut in a perfectly circular 90km orbit. Permanently.

Once I can do this, next target is the moon. (Or "Mun" as its called in Kerbal Space).
20150506 19:54 badanov Guess they were a warning. the All Clears just went off.
20150506 19:29 badanov I just woke up to sirens going off. Dunno if they warn, or if its an All Clear.

Getting dinner.
20150506 17:15 swksvolFF Oklahoma City does not look like much fun right now.
20150506 10:34 Pappy [O]ne of the rifles used in the Garland, Texas attack was a Kel-Tec SUB-2000, a 9mm carbine. The other appears to be either a .22LR AR-15, or an airsoft AR-15

Interesting choice of weaponry.
20150506 10:20 3dc
20150506 00:29 badanov Bob Owens at Bearing Arms said that one of the rifles used in the Garland, Texas attack was a Kel-Tec SUB-2000, a 9mm carbine. The other appears to be either a .22LR AR-15, or an airsoft AR-15.

Curious choice of weapons.
20150505 20:45 badanov Some Tuesday evening Jo Stafford:

20150505 09:31 Pappy Texas, or elsewhere.
20150505 06:49 badanov Skid: New York Times commie writer Rukmini Callimachi tweeted the bad guys were in touch with ISIS top dawgs.

But I s'pect that at least some of the top dawgs were located in texas. Getting shooters to go into another area to do their bidding is a hallmark of a local bad guy wanting to deflect attention from theirselves while carrying out a one way mission.
20150505 03:25 OldSpook FYI, Kerbal Space Program is eating my life. Calculating orbital mechanics, then trying to set up a gemini-agena (although with the equivalent of Mercury caps) style docking in orbit is not a simple task. Heck, just docking iwth the practice adapter that launched with me is no picnic - neither was designing it.
20150505 01:52 Skidmark Now I do remember (some of) driving about that far, through a tornado, to pick up Pan's 49, then getting 'confused' on the way back in south central St. Louis. I don't think we would have been much use at a showdown by then.
20150505 01:45 Skidmark I really can't believe that a busted junkie and his buddy could even drive 1000 miles, let alone outfit themselves to crash the party. I expect there was some remote steerage and local coordination we will never hear about.
20150504 19:59 Pappy True. Still, I wonder how accurate they'd have been had there been panicked civilians running around, explosions, smoke, etc. Thing is, it wouldn't have required professionals. Just a higher level of competency than a gang-banger. I hope we don't see another one. But I'm not optimistic about that we won't. Especially given the US media.
20150504 17:58 OldSpook Pappy, agreed. If the attackers were pros, this could have been far far worse. Still, headshots under combat duress against guys who outrange you with rifles and body armor is nothing to sneeze at. Shows just how valuable training and range time is.
20150504 17:57 OldSpook Seen elsewhere, re: shootings in Texas...

My favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines on the pavement out front — Evan Sayet (@EvanSayet)
20150504 17:34 Dale This is new. Much better than my last post of this piece here.

20150504 17:23 Pappy Texas reinforced the "Texas Ranger" lawman mythos even though this was the local PD in Garland

I'm gonna be a wet blanket here. Garland got lucky. The ISD officer got lucky.

The attackers were amateurs. Imagine if they'd had someone on the inside, notifying them via cell when the crowd was letting out. The attendees' vehicles were in a secure area. That means a sort-of egress route.

Imagine an individual or three creating a distraction minutes into the crowd's egress. "Protestors" yelling and screaming. Or worse. Then in the midst of the panic and confusion, the armed attack.

Like I said, luck.
20150504 13:41 ex-lib Hi everyone. Calling all experienced cyberspace defenders of liberty. Y'all might want to head over to Pamela Geller .com. She is getting swarmed by Islamic supremacists. Most commenters are good people, but very green. They're trying the best they can, but she needs major backup. One thread has more than 2000 posts. This is a unique opportunity to make the case for freedom and call out the Moslem push against reason and truth. Lots of new readers because of the shootings. Moslems are working overtime to control the public square and the conversation on this.
20150504 12:37 Skidmark Still got your gumption, Dale.
20150504 12:35 Skidmark the men -- wearing body armor --

Well, that is new.
Two headshots, by a security guard, while under fire.
20150504 11:45 Dale Well I was bad today. I had off. I'm sitting at a light and a young fellow is behind me racing his motor. I can hear him now, Come on grandpa!. Light changes and he whips around and guns his motor and he is next to me. Well, I put it to the floor. I dust him. I ease up and he pulls along side yells yeah! and gives me a thumbs up.I never speed. I didn't even look at my speed. I drive an old historic wagon with regular tags. So I had my moment in the sun:).
20150504 00:27 Skidmark News made it across the pond.
20150504 00:24 trailing wife Of course the Ahmadiyas protested against the Texas shootings. They actually preach non-violence. On the other hand, it's only here that they can call themselves Moslem -- back home that is literally against the law, and they're dradfully persecuted. Let's see if any of the mainstream branches of Islam likewise object without qualification.
20150504 00:11 Skidmark I just gotta wonder where virtual mass comes from, 3DC. I'm a little concerned about cross-dimensional mining. I wonder if they weren't seeing a mass shift from some velocity abraidment debris.
20150503 23:39 OldSpook Pappy sounds like bullshit to me. My bet is they dont like a) the whole draw muhammed thing, b) that the cops killed them quickly, and c) Texas reinforced the "Texas Ranger" lawman mythos even though this was the local PD in Garland.

Cops being a hero, standing in the line of fire between would-be mass killers and innocent people, well, that kinda screws with their "cops kill people of color" thing they had going.
20150503 23:18 badanov In honor of Texas:

20150503 23:07 Pappy CNN didn't report on it as it broke, and still trying to work out the narrative. NYT is parroting the "limited free speech" line...
20150503 23:04 Pappy Re Bodies: report is "checking for booby-traps."
20150503 22:58 badanov OS: A mod caught it and set it for tomorrow
20150503 22:51 OldSpook Dont Mess With Texas

Says so right there on the label.
20150503 22:50 OldSpook I posted an article, Burg ate it.

7:45pm CT: Officers tell Gabriel Roxas that two suspects were shot dead. Pamela Geller, an organizer of the event, spoke to to CBS 11 from lockdown via phone at 7:45p CT. In addition to echoing our ground team, she told a news producer, “I heard officers talking of possible explosions in backpacks and the car.”
8:11pm CT: Joe Harn of the Garland Police Department tells CBS 11 two men pulled up in vehicle on the roadway in front of the center and began firing at a Garland ISD security guard. Garland Police returned fire and killed both suspects.
8:11pm CT: Suspects’ vehicle being checked for explosives. It is scheduled to be detonated.
8:20pm CT: Authorities tell CBS 11 that SWAT will escort 48 people at a time out of arena soon, but many are parked in a now secured area and cannot access cars.
8:30pm CT: Garland ISD spokesman Chris Moore says one of their security guards was shot. His name is Bruce Joiner. He has been with the district for 8 years. He has non-life threatening injuries after being shot once in the leg. He’s in stable condition at a local hospital.
9:00pm CT: Security guard Bruce Joiner released from hospital.
9:12pm CT: No press conference until authorities have cleared the suspects’ vehicle.
9:29pm CT: Muslim Response to Dallas Shooting. Harris Zafar, Vice President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association told CBS 11 via email: “People need to hear a strong Muslim voice condemning this insanity.”
9:29pm CT: Suspects’ bodies still at the scene.
20150503 22:45 OldSpook Shit

20150503 16:43 trailing wife Seen on Drudge as the main headline:


20150503 12:13 Pappy Related: L.A. crime rate is edging up. Reportedly LAPD rank and file are only doing "obvious reason" stops. And summer hasn't kicked in yet.
20150503 12:09 Dale This would not post to the other side; Currently we have a stand down in Maryland. Security and all law enforcement are requested to not ware their uniforms in public, off the clock. Target exposure reduction I understand. Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virgina state prisons on lock down also I am told. As long as your brothers are acting up in Baltimore I'm told. Beefing up in all ways to insure safety of law enforcement as needed. So response times obviously will be slower outside troubled areas. This situation stinks because if you try to do your job you could end up arrested not the perpetrators. So what would you do?. Call off sick. Report to work and don't do anything. Big deal sending in the National guard because the same problems apply to them. The community organizer has tied the hands of law enforcement and has given the perpetrators a free hand to act at will as they wish with no consequence. Similar areas with issues are seeing this and they are wanting to do the same things across this country now. Any challenge to them is labeled "your racist". Something as simple as requesting an ID to purchase cigarettes or alcohol is a racist act to them. Any person of another race but especially white of just about any age will be labeled a racist. The more they get away with the more they will be emboldened all over the country. One comment now, Gray running away was enough to cause his arrest.
20150503 12:08 Pappy Morning from Hell With Sauguaros.
20150503 08:45 badanov Some Sunday morning Los Lobos:

20150503 02:10 3dc Skidmark - I asked. A $10k small sat could prove or disprove if it works. Instead lots of money being spent on argument and expensive test environments.
20150502 18:38 Deacon Blues Apache is still very healthy, Ship. He's now 21. I was a Confederate today at the Netherland Inn in Kingsport. No fighting, just talking. Needs a purdy girl in hot pants riding on the barrel, Badman.
20150502 16:56 badanov I get the fins part, but the purdy girl?
20150502 16:46 Shipman Fin de sickle tank


Cato, fetch my Triumph, that I might ride in it.
20150502 16:34 Shipman Needs fins and purdy girl
20150502 13:49 badanov T-14. To be unveiled May 9th, AKA Victory Day, or as we call it in the USA, next Saturday.
20150502 13:06 Skidmark Pretty new Russian tank.
20150502 06:05 Shipman I'll get a Yeller tabby for that event snowy