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20160501 11:32 Pappy Looking back at the Raiders post from yesterday, it reminded me of "Moose", one of the guys from the steel mill (my first job.) Moose was a supervisor and had his own office in the middle of the plant floor. The office was spartan, but mounted on the wall behind his desk were a K-bar and a photograph of his Raider platoon.
20160501 08:45 Dave D. "But WTF? Clinton, Trump, this is real? This is not some kinda flashback they warned us about?"

It's real. And yes, we're screwed. Royally screwed, no matter what happens on November 8th. For the first time in 40 years, I seriously doubt I'll bother voting.
20160501 02:14 Skidmark Looking at the most gorgeous thing ever.
20160501 02:06 Skidmark I was hoping there was some new psychedelic we could take and not see Clinton and Trump

Methanol will make you blind.
20160501 01:06 trailing wife Additional TWIB authors would be great.

Information forwarded to the interested party. We'll work it out when the time comes.
20160501 00:47 Pappy I'll run through my book-list
20160430 21:41 swksvolFF Thank you; just checked my e-mail and responded.

Additional TWIB authors would be great. Do we figure that out here in the O-Club?
20160430 21:18 trailing wife TWIB looks good, with unexpected additional goodness. ;-)
20160430 21:09 Shipman Hummm, Snow-person, humm. Auto-hypnosis maybe?
20160430 21:07 Shipman And yeah, some twit sez, "kinda takes yore mind off cars don't it?"
20160430 21:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain I was hoping there was some new psychedelic we could take and not see Clinton and Trump
20160430 20:59 Shipman So there I was, in the NART Paddock at Daytona, Looking at the most gorgeous thing ever. A Ferrari GT365 4/A. For the poor and weakly souls that make do with lesser machinery (me for instance) a real Ferrari, not your Dino's or crap alike, has 12 (twelve!) cylinders, those are the up and down thingeese. A real Ferraris name is derived from its cylinder displacement, thus 365 in ML in our Daytona Case, roughly 4.4 liters of crazy Milano goodness. So anyway, Ima just lookin at it and painting it in my head, When Elliot Forbes-Robinson drops by to take a look at next day ride. EFR is like too cool for school, but a decent fellow. Then just to be freakier, one P. Newman (yes that one) showed up to look at his next day's ride. Photo guys appear from under the damn dirt. Time for me to get the hell out, then I saw Woody Woodwards sister JoAnne and I swear to dawg she freaking beamed at me! It almost hurt! True story is true.
20160430 19:47 swksvolFF TWIB in.
20160430 19:26 Shipman But WTF? Clinton, Trump, this is real? This is not some kinda flashback they warned us about?
20160430 15:16 Pappy It's 2016.
20160430 06:46 Shipman So it's like 2016 and I wake up.

WTF? I mean WTF? Srsly, is this April Fools Year? I mean WTF?
20160430 04:25 Shipman Old story, will retell because I am cool.

A long, long time ago, I was young, difficult to believe but still true. I had massive hair and massive glasses, I was a seriously good pinball player. It was a long time ago, things were different then. I had a magnet, a massive one, for when the machine tried to cheat me. Heh, not funny, broke the table glass on one. Hell this was supposed to be a lead-in to to my annual JoAnn Woodward story.
20160428 13:58 3dc SMC's Lt. Gen. Sam Greaves says SpaceX's $82.7M launch contract is about 40 percent lower than previous government estimates.
20160427 23:07 swksvolFF Bill Whittle has a book titled Silent America, which he himself states that it is really just a collection of his earlier blog posts and transcripts. As such, it is interesting as both a time capsule and his straight forward philosophy, and a great way to spend ten or fifteen minutes or a weekend read.
20160427 21:40 trailing wife Gun Control

I discovered Bill Whittle a year or several before I discovered Rantburg -- back when he was writing for his Eject! Eject! Eject! site. At a time when The New York Times, et al were making less and less sense -- and becoming ever more hysterical about it all -- he was utterly refreshing.

I much prefer reading at my pace, though, to listening at someone else's.
20160427 16:10 Skidmark I saw it on the internet.
It must be true.
20160427 16:05 Skidmark Gun Control
20160427 10:18 3dc Thing... it could be worse. Not enough cash to print the cash (commie fun for the day) and last brewery closed - maybe they could have tar like chasers from the ground?

20160427 08:59 Pappy Wow.
20160426 22:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Mamie was always a good egg, always good for a 'loan' of a couple kg of antimatter to keep the bills paid and da gravity on, but when I call all I get is a message saying her karma and boon mailbox is full.
20160426 20:38 Pappy Retiration, Ship - eventually.
20160426 16:46 Shipman Prepping? Peak Oilz, Global Marming or Retiration? Also EMP and the coming years of low Gravity, this galaxy ain't fit to live in since Mamie took the saucer home. :(
20160426 12:43 Pappy Prepping.
20160426 10:21 Skidmark Congrats on downsizing, Pappy.
Was it an opportunity, or 'prepping'?
20160426 08:32 Mullah Richard Pappy, our family Marine sergeant spent lots of time at '29 Stumps'.

Not so much 'Hell with Saguaros', more like 'Hell with Blown Up Saguaros and Now with more Scorpions'.

Try to enjoy the new digs. Sounds like an easy drive, that's always good.
20160426 07:50 Dale Transgender bathroom solution. Port a Potties!!.