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20170329 05:50 Shipman An old piece of bidness.
Rantburg Affirmatiom & Direction

Upon delivery To he USSAF, the first B2B will be herein and forever known as The Spirit of Mendiola

So ordered.
20170328 21:53 badanov Some Tuesday night Oasis:

20170328 18:21 BrerRabbit Some dang good music...
20170328 04:56 Skidmark TfSM, Echos are fun and good for the soul.
Until you get the reported outcome of 'Normal' or worse 'unremarkable'.
WTF does that even mean?
Normal, for a sedentary white guy? So I should expect my heart to explode? Someday soon?
Unremarkable, because they expected to see 80% blockage?
Exceptional, because I really should be dead?

Just charge another office visit for the translator. Bastards.
20170327 13:39 Deacon Blues The difference between a dirty bus terminal and a lobster with breast implants? One is a crusty bus station and the other is a busty crustacean.
20170327 00:20 trailing wife I saw that, Snowy Thing. Utterly fascinating, even if in the end it happens to work only for some rather than all. I hope your echocardiogram reveals better news than anticipated.
20170326 23:22 Skidmark Ship, nurses go thru chocolate like peas thru a goose. You should readily find online order and delivery services.

I found a strawberry dip fountain made me a GOD!
20170326 21:43 Thing From Snowy Phone Anyway: instapundit linked to an article on what's being touted as a cure for sepsis this weekend.
20170326 21:40 Thing From Snowy Phone Hate having to break up stuff sentence by sentence just to post
20170326 21:38 Thing From Snowy Phone Good luck Ship. I am going in for an echocardiogram follow-up sometime this week myself.

20170326 20:31 trailing wife The other Dale is probably spam, then. I did wonder -- you'd never expressed interest in Twitter before.
20170326 18:57 Dale TW that was another Dale. I am an old fart that haunts the place now and then.

General Reinhard Gehlen, an interesting fellow. When asked when he thought the war was over he replied, When it started. Patric my Mr History visitor.
20170326 11:41 trailing wife Heartfelt prayers, Shipman. Nurses are as delightful as engineers, in my opinion.
20170326 09:26 Pappy G'luck, Ship.
20170326 08:52 Shipman Doing well enough TW. Finally found a form of IV feeding that keeps weight on, hopefully enough to gain enough strength for surgery ina few weeks. Hot and cold running nurses, drugs, wifi, man it's a crazy life
20170326 00:20 trailing wife ryuge is very active on Twitter as @0ryuge, Dale.
20170325 23:49 badanov Some Saturday night Dreamers:

20170325 16:24 Dale Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be okay. I'm absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.
20170325 05:50 Skidmark Thanks, KS.
20170324 21:50 newc How Very American!
20170324 18:54 swksvolFF If you are on facebook, and have a minute, look up

2017 Panhandle Fire Relief

Video is of a fire in Texas, burned 20k+ acres and a Volunteer Fire Fighter. You will need some imagination and the objects in the foreground to get a feel for it. Sustained 40mph winds, variable direction.

The 3/6/17 outbreak which hit Englewood, Ashland, Clark County, Kansas fire - named the Starbuck Fire - was 60-70mph sustained with very variable direction.

But that is not why you should check. Look at the sheer effort of all these volunteers, on their own dime and time, are accomplishing. It is awesome in the truest sense.
20170324 18:02 trailing wife Shipman! How are you feeling, my dear?
20170324 13:01 Shipman Ah yes the glorious Fliteline Sinktrap. I remember it well. Was laying new beer-proof when a multitude of disasters ensued, ending in a short hostile visit from Naval Reactors.