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20150326 21:21 Bright Pebbles One for the gamers

XFO Long War
20150326 20:23 Pappy Richard III laid to rest at Leicester Cathedral.
20150326 11:45 Skidmark For you big engine, R/C folks.
20150326 07:03 Shipman From Cdr. Salamander:

20150326 02:47 Skidmark Any MOD, todays Texas City Battle newslink is broken.
20150325 23:51 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: I might have to use a different example then, like maybe the pastafarians.
20150325 22:40 Grunter Has any info at all been released about the Airbus pilots? Beginning to wonder about that.
20150325 21:48 SteveS Just saw one of our fav spokes-chewtoys on Faux News. It appears Jen has a new jowl-minimizing hairdo. Is someone reading the 'burg?
20150325 21:37 3dc view sub gen as performance art.
20150325 21:34 3dc Thing - one of my college friends turned out to be one of the folks who created the Church of the Subgenius. He explained it to me like this: A bunch of us got laid off from Texas Instruments. Mainly folks who worked on the mil stuff. We would meet to discuss jobs and stuff in this Unitarian Church. We noticed we had all sorts of tech audio and video skills and the Unitarians had a bunch of very skilled amateur actors and artists. The church agreed to vet what we came up with on an outrageous scale. The end result was the whole Church of the SubGenius theme. So Unitarians in Dallas-FortWorth plus laid off hi-tech workers.
20150325 20:57 Bright Pebbles Think the Aribus crash needs to roll over again...

Pilot leaves cockpit, can't get back in...

That sort of lessens likelyhood of accident..
20150325 20:44 Thing From Snowy Mountain I haven't seen the youtube video.
20150325 20:43 Thing From Snowy Mountain I disagree with all of them to some extent: Ace, Robinson, and Boulder Terlit Hobo, who wrote the comment.

My main problem with a lot of atheists is the same as with the Church of the Subgenius: they're basically philosophical creationists. Yah, traditional American culture was the result of a thousand years of evolution and a historical process going back to at least 1066 and going forward through a civil war every two or three generations, all the way up to the American Revolution... but they're going to make something better in a marathon college sophmore bull session, and on the seventh day, they'll rest.
20150325 20:29 Pappy The problem with atheists is that they haven't lost their moral compass. So they'll seek out other frameworks of piety - in too many cases, frameworks that promise to make them better than Christians and Jews

You mean like vegans outing the "false vegans in the Movement"? (true youtube vid...)
20150325 20:02 Thing From Snowy Mountain From the AOSHQ Comments Section:

Robertson doesn't just get atheism wrong, he gets its moral weakness wrong.

The problem with atheists isn't that they are going to say "if God is absent, everything is permitted" (paraphrasing some Russian book I haven't read). The problem with atheists is that they haven't lost their moral compass. So they'll seek out other frameworks of piety - in too many cases, frameworks that promise to make them better than Christians and Jews.

And if more than one person accepts this new framework, we end up with Cultural Revolutions: http://tinyurl.com/pmmwhyv

Robertson needs to lay off the Pascal and start reading more Voegelin and Burke.
20150325 20:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Well, Pappy, I didn't want to call people out since I do get pissy when I lock horns with someone that I believe is being deliberately abstruse in order to mask an agenda.

It's kind of like having our own personal version of the OJ Simpson Jury.
20150325 17:34 Bright Pebbles http://www.latimes.com/world/middleeast/la-fg-us-intelligence-yemen-20150325-story.html#page=1
20150325 16:27 Grunter Thanks, b.
20150325 16:23 Shipman heh, OS used to sell them when I worked in retail as a yoot. Didn't know they were Dutch, sold many to restaurants for getting the last out of ketchup bottles.
20150325 16:01 badanov Install Ad Block Plus. In most cases it will kill the redirect.
20150325 15:14 Deacon Blues Nope. Just that if we weren't Mormons we weren't baptised.
20150325 14:22 Skidmark Did he also talk of the baptism ceremonies Deacon? Much like monks scribbling the 9 billion names of God, the MOs have dipping parties for names pulled from geneologies, census, B/D records, voter records, etc. Those that drink the koolaid get extra points on their afterlife entrance exam.
20150325 13:06 Deacon Blues Found out something I didn't know from one of my Mormon friends. If you were't baptised by a Mormon man of God in a Mormon church then you have not been baptized, you just got wet. He couldn't explain why.
20150325 11:37 OldSpook Do you know how copper wire was invented? Two Dutch fought for a penny.

Evidence of "frugal" Dutchmen?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you The Flessenlikker

It is a common tool in kitchens in the Netherlands and available in many kitchen stores and supermarkets — although this may vary by region. It is almost entirely unused and unknown outside of that country.
20150325 11:32 Grunter What was the trick with dealing with vindicosuite (which is back)? Was it malwarebytes?
20150324 22:55 Pappy Some doggerel:

"I'm running for Prez," Cruz has said

Doubtful he'll get the nomination

But it's fun watching him spin the heads

on the Left side of the nation

20150324 22:29 Pappy Understood, OS.
20150324 21:42 OldSpook Well, Pappy, I didn't want to call people out since I do get pissy when I lock horns with someone that I believe is being deliberately abstruse in order to mask an agenda.
20150324 21:36 3dc Deleted my last post?
20150324 21:36 3dc Putin is getting real mouthy - http://news.yahoo.com/russia-warns-us-against-sending-missile-defence-system-095320485.html
20150323 22:09 Pappy We had a -- or a couple of -- those internet trolls comment in the Burg in the early days of the Ukraine situation

20150323 21:34 badanov Sh*t Status in Ukraine: Real
20150323 16:58 OldSpook OK troll army article is in the hopper for tomorrow
20150323 16:11 Bright Pebbles http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/reborn--the-giant-tree-felled-as-a-result-of-a-barroom-wager-10126496.html

It would have been the biggest tree alive today had it not been so ignominiously felled in 1890 – reputedly to satisfy a drunken bet about making a table big enough to seat 40 guests from a single slice of tree-trunk.

But after a century of being left for dead, a giant redwood that grew as tall as a 30-storey building over the course of nearly 4,000 years in northern California is about to be reborn as a clone planted on the coast of Cornwall, possibly as early as this spring.

Scientists have managed to cultivate cuttings from the Fieldbrook Redwood Stump, which is 35ft (10.7m) in diameter, and 10 of its clones are now growing as knee-high saplings in the plant nursery at the Eden Project, near St Austell, as part of an ambitious plan to propagate and replant some of the oldest trees in America and Britain.

Sir Tim Smit, executive vice-chairman of the Eden Project, will reveal details of the tree-regeneration programme this week, including the planting of another 99 clones from 10 ancient American redwoods that were imported at the end of last year.
20150323 10:43 Bright Pebbles http://www.raqqa-sl.com/en/?p=829

ISIS commander mocked… for looking like a doner kebab: Ruthless Islamist ridiculed by locals in Syria because his camouflage makes him look like greasy snack
20150323 04:46 trailing wife Go ahead and post for Tuesday, OldSpook. We had a -- or a couple of -- those internet trolls comment in the Burg in the early days of the Ukraine situation.
20150323 03:28 OldSPook Ukraine conflict: Inside Russia's 'Kremlin troll army'

[During one 12-hour shift] I had to write 126 comments under the posts written by people inside the building. And about 25 comments on pages of real people - in order to attract somebody's attention. And I had to write 10 blog posts," a former employee, Anton
20150323 03:28 OldSPook Hey, if this looks worthy, please someone post it up early?

I have a couple of articles already up that are "anti russian", so this might be too much.

Otherwise I will post this for Tuesday


20150322 18:10 Sherry 12345566 7 7667 67
20150322 17:34 Thing From Snowy Mountain All's OK as far as I can tell here in Don't Laff Yet.
20150322 09:46 Matt Glenmore -- I was bidness traveling when that thing happened at the airport. My wife weren't real happy about it. (I flew in on Saturday and everything was fine, although I didn't go through the B concourse.)
20150321 23:02 trailing wife Kindle sample downloaded for later, Glenmore. For some reason when I saw your article this morning, it was tagged for tomorrow. Perhaps you did that by accident?
20150321 22:32 3dc Skidmark, and for Afghanistan a mold or mildew that takes out poppies.
20150321 18:52 Skidmark I wonder if something less resource/tech complex to drive the population out of their cities wouldn't have a higher ROI. Maybe zombie chiggers, that nest in cotton fabric...
20150321 18:12 Skidmark Cool robodogs-are they 'Labs'?
20150321 17:21 badanov Glenmore: The story is slated for Sunday.
20150321 17:10 Glenmore I tried to post a story on the New Orleans airport shooting this morning but it never showed up. Did I have a bad word in it?
20150321 17:03 Glenmore http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Steel-Crucifix-S-Perricone-ebook/dp/B00R8KKV0E/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8

This book is the first offering by a friend of mine; good crime tale set in New Orleans. Sometimes hard to sort out truth from fiction for us locals.

Sequel, set in the aftermath of Katrina is in progress, and a fascinating concept set around 100 years ago around the factual assassination of New Orleans police chief Hennessey and the subsequent lynch mob is something I can hardly wait for.
20150321 16:31 OldSpook Ever wonder why Blade Runner from the 80's is so much more visually stunning that all the CGI stuff that's around now?

Miniatures. Incredible workmanship and lots and lots of miniatures. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing.

140+ pictures of the miniatures and their makers. If you like Bladerunner, you MUST go visit this link.
20150321 15:54 badanov So it begins: Cyberdyne Systems
20150321 14:12 glenmore Thank you, Old Spook, for your always enlightening analysis.
20150321 11:48 OldSpook 3dc: Well, considering the cost-per-unit delivery on target of each round...

The launch cost is the primary expense for such a weapons system. The other costs are the main bus for the groups of "rods" due to the comms and command and launch-from-orbit system. The rods themselves would be relatively cheap to make and assemble - guidance tech is old hat from MIRV technology. Once these are in orbit in sufficient numbers, its pretty cheap to simply command and control them.

So getting them to orbit in a cost effective manner is the primary non-political barrier, and this would be something that could bring RFG into the realm of possibility.

Put it this way - instead of inserting an entire team, a'la Bin Ladne's killing, just a positive identification of target and location - then here comes the tungsten hypervelocity kinetic energy killer round.

Of course this would be best realized with a several of these in LEO for availability on short notice for high value targets.

And this also brings the paranoid Russians into the question, since they would say its a decapitation strike weapon, and try to claim it as illegal under the SALT II treaty that makes FOBS forbidden. And that is probably the primary obstacle. Think of Vlad Putin with an RFG system at his disposal... Or for that matter Obama in dictatorial mode.
20150321 11:33 OldSpook See the two running together? Now imagine a pack of them, with various weapons mounted. Truly scary shit.
20150321 11:27 OldSpook Robot Dogs. Big robot dogs.

Islamic Nightmare: we develop these into weapon systems and release 10,000 of them into their area of operations.

20150321 10:59 3dc Reason I asked is reusable might be $38mil/launch initially with less later.
(I know that is not a mil launch with the the look over the shoulder insane costs but to be honest does the mil do anything near equal to the cost of gathering it, with that look over the shoulder data?)
20150321 10:11 3dc A question for OS. Would a reusable F9H ver 1.2 (likely the first one) with 53 mt to LEO and 8+mt to GEO bring back Rods From God as a viable launch-able payload concept?