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20150301 01:54 OldSpook Bit of a discussion - best Bond theme song or not?

I think so.

For me, Daniel Craig's Bond has slowly replaced Connery as the best Bond - he's more like the Bond in Fleming's books. Much more of a hardass.
20150228 18:19 badanov Fred: I see what you mean re: "Lone Survivor"
20150228 15:07 49 Pan Thanks TW
20150228 12:33 Bright Pebbles http://metro.co.uk/2015/02/26/amputee-army-veteran-beats-the-odds-to-become-competition-winning-body-builder-5080913/
20150228 09:55 trailing wife Besoeker posted an article on that here, 49 Pan.
20150227 20:23 49 Pan Reports are in they passed the DHS bill with the immigration funding in it.
20150227 17:11 Shipman For some reason The Atlantic seems to have turned things up a notch and drifted towards the center recently.
20150227 15:43 Skidmark He did live long & prosper.
20150227 14:08 trailing wife Cute, Jan! Always good to see you. :-)
20150227 14:05 trailing wife I read something else yesterday (sorry, no link). Apparently immigrants, both legal and formerly illegal, who vote do not vote more Democrat than the generality of voters, merely are considerably more likely to be independent than Republican. But the succeeding generations quickly come to vote like the rest of us. So the second permanent change in voting patterns the Democrats planned to obtain by opening the borders will be at best temporary.
20150227 14:00 trailing wife Interesting article in The Atlantic:

The Gray Party
Democrats are lining up top recruits for the 2016 Senate race—and they're almost all approaching retirement age.

Clinton isn't that old—she'll be 69 on Election Day 2016—but all this talk of age has some Democrats worried about the graying of the party's pool of candidates, and the shallow bench of youngsters behind them. Many in the party are worried about the age of party leaders in Congress. But one of the clearest demonstrations of the age gap is in races for the U.S. Senate, where Democrats hope to recover control in 2016.
It's not quite fair to call any of these candidates retreads—all four lost during Republican wave years, and all could be formidable candidates. In some ways, that's what's so scary: that Democrats simply don't have younger candidates waiting who are nearly as strong as the veterans. Adding to the worries are demographic shifts in American politics: Senior citizens, once a Democratic constituency, now consistently line up in the GOP column. Democrats, meanwhile, are pinning their hopes on an influx of younger voters and minorities to lift the party going forward. In the 2012 election, Obama handily won voters younger than 45, but lost older ones—including a 44-56 drubbing in the 65-and-up crowd.

Strickland, Feingold, Hagan, and Sestak don't quite jibe with that. Of course, young voters will vote for older candidates—it's always been that way. (The average age of a senator is 62.) But even if they win, those candidates won't serve forever, and someone's going to have to replace them eventually. Like these Democratic contenders, the problem isn't new, but there's no clear answer in sight.

I teresting additionally becaue The Atlantic is a strongly liberal publication.
20150227 13:27 Shipman He's dead Jim.
20150227 13:10 Jan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDNaSTlvUnc
20150226 16:38 OldSpook Took them that many missiles to know out an unmanned barge with some plywood on it?
20150226 10:34 49 Pan this Cloward Pivens study is frightening. It seems this is also the Obama tactic with welfare and immigrants. Amazing!
20150225 23:41 3dc 20150225 not spam
20150225 23:26 Pappy If there's ever an assault on Mosul, it'd be interesting if the Pentagon gets to route TLAMs over Busheur...

Qoms or tehran would be nice secondary options.
20150225 23:24 Pappy I won't mention the lack of escorts, antimissile defense systems, radar, CAP, etc.

Oh wait - I just did.
20150225 18:31 swksvolFF Looks like Iran has launched Operation Testors Resolve


I think the Revell got a couple hits in on the gunboats.
20150225 17:17 Bright Pebbles http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/whitby-councillor-claims-aliens-influencing-8693183
20150225 13:19 Shipman Self-sink trap?
20150225 10:45 trailing wife Besoeker Ok, I found the problem. All is better now. Sorry to disturb.

So nice to see problems solved! ;-)
20150225 09:45 3dc In that 1st article Lockheed and the Air Force are talking about using Falcon 9s to launch GPS-3s
20150225 09:44 3dc ***SPAM?*** some interesting angles regarding the new USSR.

First why this unless Russian engines might be short and the new ones not online: http://spacenews.com/launch-of-first-gps-3-satellite-now-not-expected-until-2017/

Then: Russia and it's modules to part ways with ISS in 2024 http://spacenews.com/russia-and-its-modules-to-part-ways-with-iss-in-2024/

20150225 06:26 Besoeker Ok, I found the problem. All is better now. Sorry to disturb.

20150225 06:25 Besoeker Duhhhh ok, too early for me.
20150225 06:24 Visitor ***SPAM?*** Last entry was from me, Besoeker.
20150225 06:23 Visitor ***SPAM?*** I've managed to sinktrap my moderator capability again. I have located the IP adds that Badanov sent, but still no love. Would someone check to see if it's something on the starship end?
Thanks, :-)
20150225 05:10 Skidmark Ah'm just happy when I see that it works TW.
20150225 00:13 trailing wife At the time the story broke I thought it would turn out to be terrorism and therefore important.

That is indeed the critical point, and if I'd known that I would have published immediately, Snowy Thing. If you would indulge me by adding such notes as a comment in your posts in future, I would be grateful. When I get tired I can be a bit slower than I like.

I hope work is going well, my dear. You are often in my thoughts.
20150224 22:10 Pappy I just heard about a book on logging railroads. It's called Fifty Grades of Shay.
20150224 21:51 Thing From Snowy Mountain Sorry about my lateness in replying.

At the time the story broke I thought it would turn out to be terrorism and therefore important. I guess it was some sort of Kimchi Containment Failure at the Korean Barbecue or something like that.

I have a lot of work during the day and not as much time to contribute as I once did. Maybe if I can get the laptop's battery fixed I could post during lunch.
20150224 19:43 Bright Pebbles

Interesting idea.
20150224 18:53 swksvolFF Snowy, there is a link at Ace's sidebar which talks about that fire. I thought, middle of night, high winds, big building was going to be a potential disaster. That link just basically states all fire control measures worked. Probably also helping was the reported frequent false alarms translating into training. I found it interesting that the fire fighters' gear was only 5-6kg. Seems rather light, must just be something like wildland PPE - or typo. Maybe pre-positioned smoke/attack PPE gear?

Saw Bill Wittle on cspan the other night, a speech I think he said just outside Berkely CA. Good stuff IMHO.
20150224 13:46 3dc Space event calendar with many events.
20150224 12:23 Bright Pebbles
20150224 12:09 49 Pan Happy Birthday Alaska Paul!!!!