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20150417 18:15 Dale TW she has over 6,000 patients. I believe she gets 2-3 hours of sleep tops. I get along with her very well. She is very good at patient education.
20150417 11:31 trailing wife Endocrinologists mostly deal with diabetics. Those treatments are standardized, and so relatively poorly paid. But she can make up for it in volume. :-( And no doubt has to. My endocrinologist has survived the sudden retirement of two thirds of his various partners over the past decade, and has taken on the care for their deserted patients as well as his own. I can't imagine it got better after he sold himself to a hspital group a few years ago, but at least he no longer has to concern himself with anything other than patients.

Happy imaging, Shipman.
20150417 06:23 Shipman Yummy Barium smoothies for breakfast starting in 12 minutes.
20150416 08:19 Dale Yesterday I spoke to my Endocrinologist1 and I asked her1 about O care. She1 has had to declare1 bankruptcy1 and will work well into her1 seventies1. Her1 work is not paid well in her1 chosen1 specialty1.
20150415 23:01 badanov Double standards: Twice the fun at half the cost!
20150415 22:32 Pappy Funny - everyone went wild-eyed bananas over outing the former. The latter, when he admitted it, elicited a 'meh.'

Seems that if t'weren't for double-standards, there'd be none.
20150415 16:53 Skidmark I guess if one can be a Pope, one can be an Author.
20150415 11:29 Shipman Come to think of it, he wasn't a Landser, he was tank gunner(?)
20150414 17:13 Shipman Always fun to see a late blooming Hitler Yut transformed into every mans New German. Seriously on reading his books wasn't it damn obvious he was a Ein landeser? I have always been annoyed at faux finger pointing and Mann did he get it.

Hell just read Dawg Years, it's a bitch (uc?) but carries history from the 30 years war to the free city of Danzig circa 1939. If you can speak Faulkner your gonna love Gradd.
20150414 08:14 Shipman Gunter Grass has died at 87.


Speaking of "The past is never dead. It's not even past." Grass really had that Faulknerian style. This was a window of about 6 months 40 years ago when I could read him auf Deutsch.
(slowly, very slowly)
20150413 12:51 Skidmark Wonder if a long-handled catfish net would work?
20150412 19:25 Skidmark Just mutts are the best, Abu Dude.

The coyote chasin' critter used around here to guard sheep and goats is a burro. Pedro won't just stand his ground, he'll go after them.
20150412 16:50 Abu do you love Skid: They're just mutts. Our old hound and the neighbor's bitch. They want to keep playing and I think they are hoping for a game of chase that I am not up to. We are far enough out in the woods that the problem is coyotes at night much more than cars or neighbors.

I'm not nearly bothered so much by the staying outside as the blatant disrespect of bolting when called. We got the girls spayed the first of this month and the boy has his appt with the fixer in 3 weeks.