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20160428 13:58 3dc SMC's Lt. Gen. Sam Greaves says SpaceX's $82.7M launch contract is about 40 percent lower than previous government estimates.
20160427 23:07 swksvolFF Bill Whittle has a book titled Silent America, which he himself states that it is really just a collection of his earlier blog posts and transcripts. As such, it is interesting as both a time capsule and his straight forward philosophy, and a great way to spend ten or fifteen minutes or a weekend read.
20160427 21:40 trailing wife Gun Control

I discovered Bill Whittle a year or several before I discovered Rantburg -- back when he was writing for his Eject! Eject! Eject! site. At a time when The New York Times, et al were making less and less sense -- and becoming ever more hysterical about it all -- he was utterly refreshing.

I much prefer reading at my pace, though, to listening at someone else's.
20160427 16:10 Skidmark I saw it on the internet.
It must be true.
20160427 16:05 Skidmark Gun Control
20160427 10:18 3dc Thing... it could be worse. Not enough cash to print the cash (commie fun for the day) and last brewery closed - maybe they could have tar like chasers from the ground?

20160427 08:59 Pappy Wow.
20160426 22:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Mamie was always a good egg, always good for a 'loan' of a couple kg of antimatter to keep the bills paid and da gravity on, but when I call all I get is a message saying her karma and boon mailbox is full.
20160426 20:38 Pappy Retiration, Ship - eventually.
20160426 16:46 Shipman Prepping? Peak Oilz, Global Marming or Retiration? Also EMP and the coming years of low Gravity, this galaxy ain't fit to live in since Mamie took the saucer home. :(
20160426 12:43 Pappy Prepping.
20160426 10:21 Skidmark Congrats on downsizing, Pappy.
Was it an opportunity, or 'prepping'?
20160426 08:32 Mullah Richard Pappy, our family Marine sergeant spent lots of time at '29 Stumps'.

Not so much 'Hell with Saguaros', more like 'Hell with Blown Up Saguaros and Now with more Scorpions'.

Try to enjoy the new digs. Sounds like an easy drive, that's always good.
20160426 07:50 Dale Transgender bathroom solution. Port a Potties!!.
20160425 22:39 badanov I've been trying to figure out this song and artist for a month, some Monday night Big Data:

20160425 20:51 Pappy No, I moved from a (sold) 2600 sq ft house in Next to the Park, to a 800 sq foot 'duplex' about 10 minutes from work.

"Halls of Montezuma" sounded better than "the largest Marine base in the world".

"Coat Closet" is still apt.
20160425 16:39 Thing From Snowy Mountain You're in Mexico City? If you have actual money, why not go someplace relaxing?
20160424 21:50 swksvolFF Opening skirmish in The Elm Wars was not good; did get a lot planted.

Dinner - 6 hour smoked ribs or homemade Lasagna, pasta salad, cole slaw, bread & butter.

Iced tea, lemonade, cold root beer, German pilsner.

Graduated from Mercury to Gemini in our quest to put a from-scratch pastrami on the table.
20160424 17:23 Pappy Greetings from the Coat Closet In The Halls of Montezuma.
20160424 01:53 swksvolFF Thank you; odd night, Yuengling please.