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20141121 06:30 Geraldo ***SPAM?*** Photography finpecia cipla "The Purge," made for $3 million by the producer of thelow-budget "Paranormal Activity" series, finished fifth with$8.2 million, behind the speeding car franchise sixth film,"Fast & Furious 6," which took in $9.4 million in its fourthweek in release for a total of $220 million since Memorial Day.
20141121 06:02 Fabian ***SPAM?*** I've been cut off presumably bright methotrexate usp weather nervously "Lorde opens her album with a song about tennis, a sport played primarily by rich, white people, with the exception of Serena and Venus Williams, who Lorde likely believes aren't proper black people anyway."
20141121 06:02 Harlan ***SPAM?*** What do you want to do when you've finished? beehive benoquin cream 20 assembly But there are times when democracy runs amok to the point where it distorts its intended purpose. There are the lawmakers who will do something with dangerous fiscal implications – such as refusing to pay the bills that the U.S. government, rightly or wrongly, has already rung up – because their constituents think it's best. The problem is, constituents don't always know what is best, or aren't willing to or capable of seeing the fallout from the decision. If Congress operated only according to what constituents wanted on a case-by-case basis, we'd have no taxes and miraculously, universally safe bridges and roads and secure retirements. Being in office means making those tough choices, and it means, also, having to make compromises to reflect the broad ideological and demographic diversity of the country.
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    20141121 03:24 Guillermo ***SPAM?*** I'm not interested in football http://www.hungarianbiotech.org/index.php/flomax-online flomax purchase “Despite being born and raised in the United States, Zea allegedly betrayed his country and attempted to travel to Yemen in order to join a terrorist organization and commit murder,” Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, said in a statement. “When that plan was thwarted, Zea continued to support terrorism by assisting his co-conspirator’s efforts to travel to Yemen to fight violent jihad.”
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    20141121 01:09 trailing wife Dear Snowy Thing, you are one of our most restrained posters. If you actually flame someone, it's a certainty that they deserved it.
    20141121 00:48 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thanks for letting us know; I hope he gets better soon. In the meantime I'll try to refrain from flaming anyone (if you'll pardon the usenet-ism).
    20141120 23:57 OldSpook Best wishes and prayers going out for his recovery. I'll throw in a rosary toward his healing.
    20141120 23:19 Gloria Fred will be out for a while he had an accident with a table saw and had surgery tonight to repair damage. Please take care of the burg as he needs a few days to recover and he cannot type anyway.
    Thank you.
    20141120 23:04 3dc includes the following That five person company, RD Amross, is a joint venture of Russian engine maker NPO Energomash and a U.S. partner, aerospace giant United Technologies. According to internal company documents that lay out the contract, Amross stands to collect $93 million in cost markups under its current multiyear deal to supply the RD-180 rocket engine.
    20141120 23:01 3dc Regarding the Russian rocket engines in Atlas, interesting stuff in this article http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=34965.msg1290607#msg1290607
    20141120 20:58 OldSpook Time for what used to be called "longhair stuff" well before the time of hippies hijacking the term and inverting its meaning.

    The actual performance is allegedly 50 years old soon (1965 recording). Von Karajan at his early best (before he softened his style starting in the 70's), and the Berlin Philharmonic at its finest. This is perhaps the definitive performance of this piece. J. Strauss II: An der schönen blauen Donau, Op.314

    As selected by Kubrik for one of the greatest Sci Fi movies ever made. 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    This is one of my favorite orchestral pieces and favorite performances of all time. Its the only secular piece of music on my funeral list and it will be the last music heard while my face is still visible in this world.

    Enjoy - this is one of the things that reminds me that not all humans are mere animals.
    20141120 06:17 3dc ChiComs are launching spysats like candy lately: http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2014/11/long-march-2d-yaogan-weixing-24-china/
    20141120 00:24 Skidmark Thanks TW.
    20141120 00:15 trailing wife Deleted as requested, Skidmark. Thanks for the heads up.
    20141120 00:08 Skidmark MODS:
    I put a EBOLA duplicate in the posting hopper. Please delete it.
    20141119 23:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Come to think of it, bits look like Mardi Gras.

    20141119 20:17 3dc http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2014/11/crs-5-dragon-mission-iss-evaluating-december-target/
    20141119 10:31 Shipman Snowy as long as you can stagger to the rail on a a bad Sunday morning and hammer down Creole Magix Morningstars you are of the body. The sweat after 3 will wash the sins away as well as most lice. You fur will soften and turn a whiter shade of ecru. You will be a new Thing.mready to roar at fate or take a marginal contract.
    20141119 09:48 3dc From NASAspaceflight.com and after the Orbital explosion they are announcing NASA delaying the next SpaceX flight to ISS as NASA scrambles over the manifest to replace what they must.
    OK, so L2 has the NET target now looking at the second half of December.

    I'm not posting the NET date and back up dates in here (public) just yet as I did ask SpaceX and they said they don't have a firm NET just yet, so the new NETs may still change. SpaceX did say when they know for sure, they'll let us know.

    Also remember, December 9 was always a planning date, one that became very much subject to change via the noted impact of NASA working out priority stuff to go uphill, following the loss of Cygnus CRS-3.

    I'm posting the above at least, as I know a lot of people are planning on going to the launch and need to be aware if they are booking flights, etc.
    20141119 01:35 Skidmark Fred's given the Oclub some more storage space, Ship. No carpet or curtains yet, so you get echos.
    20141119 01:34 Skidmark Fred's given the Oclub some more storage space, Ship. No carpet or curtains yet, so you get echos.
    20141119 01:02 Thing From Snowy Mountain
    20141119 00:04 trailing wife Thank goodness for the British papers!
    20141118 23:54 Pappy oops.
    20141118 22:34 badanov Pappy: You misspelled palace.
    20141118 22:17 Pappy Waiting to see if the wacko enviros burn down Mary's place in DC...
    20141118 22:04 badanov Some Tuesday evening Puddle of Mudd:

    20141118 21:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain
    Is Ebola back in New York? FDNY arrives in Hazmat suits as woman who had 'recently traveled from West Africa drops dead in a hair salon with blood coming from her face, nose and mouth'

    Is Ebola back in New York? FDNY arrives in Hazmat suits as woman who had 'recently traveled from West Africa drops dead in a hair salon with blood coming from her face, nose and mouth'

    The FDNY activated their Special Operations and Hazmat units in response to a death in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon
    A woman who dropped dead at Amy Professional Hair Braidig had blood 'coming from her face, nose and mouth' said an eyewitness
    The woman had recently traveled from Guinea, and FDNY reported the event as a 'fever travel incident'
    A worker at the Amy Professional Hair Braidig contacted on Tuesday evening said they were still open however, and it was 'business as normal'

    There are new fears of a possible Ebola outbreak in New York City after a woman dropped dead on Tuesday afternoon.

    FDNY activated the Special Operations and Hazmat units after the the woman, who had recently traveled from Guinea according to a source on the scene, died at Amy Professional African Hair Braidig in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn.

    An eyewitness who saw the body said there was blood coming from her 'face, nose and mouth...'

    ...Meanwhile, members of FDNY could be seen carefully changing into Hazmat gear outside before heading into the establishment, for what they referred to as a 'fever travel illness.'

    It had been reported in October that an FDNY memo instructed all personnel to use more vague terms when discussing Ebola, such as 'fever travel incident.'

    20141118 21:54 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ship, I guess none of us in Loosiana are of the Body, but I guess they knew that already.
    20141118 17:29 Shipman Weirdness in the lounge, but then I am repeat myself.
    20141118 17:28 Shipman Vote on the keystone extension getting ready for a 5:30 est vote. Moons baby Mary is 'spinnin and 'splainin to the camera. That's CSPAN 2
    20141118 17:27 Shipman Vote on the keystone extension getting ready for a 5:30 est vote. Moons baby Mary is 'spinnin and 'splainin to the camera.
    20141116 21:26 Pappy Or as CBS' Bob Scheiffer more or less alluded, the outrage from the 'establishment' isn't about the sausage making that went into creating both the Obama and Romneycare healthcare bills. It was that Gruber mentioned it - in six videos' worth of remarks.
    20141116 21:17 Pappy wretchard:

    Through the modern miracle of the Internet it is now possible to buy hippie uniforms from China wholesale at “high quality and low prices”. The phrase “hippie uniform” may sound like a contradiction in terms, but as the Washington Post’s article on mathematician Jonathan Touboul explains, it’s entirely natural. Touboul concluded that is because “hipsters” define nonconformity in terms of the ‘perceived mainstream’ and because of delays in rebellion toward it, they entered into oscillating states which effectively doomed them to uniforms. Out of what appears to be random noise, a pattern emerges. All of the hipsters start to synchronize, and they start to oscillate in unison.”

    The continuing saga of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber illustrates the timing effect. Recall that the MIT economist recently caused a scandal by telling the public that the Obama administration lied about Obamacare. Now nobody is accusing Gruber of lying. On the contrary Gruber’s offense lies in the perception that he is telling the truth about the administration lying. The truth’s got nothing to do with it, the problem is the sync. Gruber is out of sync and that’s the trouble. Once he was “smart” — which is why Nancy Pelosi, who knew Gruber before she didn’t — quoted his work copiously. Now David Axelrod called Gruber “stupid” on Twitter.

    As others Tweeted in reply, Gruber wasn’t stupid when Axelrod’s bosses hired him. He was paid $5.9 million by different government agencies to advise them on health care. But that was then, this is now. What Gruber is really guilty of is being "out of uniform." In the Obama hipster world there’s a Uniform of the Day, just like there’s a War of the Week (War on Women, War on Families, etc.) The thing about being hip is that is has nothing to do with real rebellion. Still less does it have anything to do with the truth. It has everything to do with conformity.

    20141116 21:06 Pappy Much better - it no break mah browser.
    20141116 19:36 badanov The graphics on Combat Mission has really improved over the last few years:

    20141116 19:24 Pappy S'okay - the Rooshin sez they got nuklear surprise for next party.

    Little more classy than just bringink 9mm to next cafeteria-meet eh?
    20141116 18:42 Shipman wonder if Muschamp ends up coaching D here in TLH.

    20141116 17:57 badanov Florida' Muschamp shown the door
    20141116 17:21 OldSpook Harper was a bit more brusque with Vladdy. Apropos.
    20141116 14:24 Frank G test
    20141116 12:33 badanov Never would have guessed the G20 Summit would turn into a high school cafeteria.

    Next meeting: the G20 (now the G19) goes to Barky's house to listen to his newest Jay-Z records

    They hope Vol0dya goes home and cr1es into himself to sleep.

    Very satisfying. We may get into a shooting war with the Rooshuns, but by Gawd it will feel great when we do it.
    20141116 12:30 badanov Never would have guessed the G20 Summit would turn into a high school cafeteria.

    Next meeting: the G20 (now the G19) goes to Barky's house to listen to his newest Jay-Z records

    Very satisfying. We may get into a shooting war with the Rooshuns, but by Gawd it will feel great when we do it.
    20141116 11:18 3dc backgrounder on Orion mission: http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2014/10/eft-1-orion-assembly-conduts-frr/
    20141116 11:15 trailing wife Whew! The spam fairies are busy today -- the much pile is growing rapidly, and it won't be breaking down until spring.
    20141116 11:14 3dc Discussion of best viewing sites for Orion launch: http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=34310.0
    20141116 11:11 3dc Will do OS.
    20141116 11:10 3dc But Delta IV-H is not man rated.
    20141116 11:10 3dc Whoops Delta IV-H so all Boeing.
    20141116 11:09 3dc Skidmark - NASA is spending billions and billions on Orion and SLS. Orion unmanned test launch on a big Atlas.
    December 4 - Orion: Exploration Flight Test 1 - Delta IV-H - Canaveral SLC-37B - 12:05- 14:35
    20141116 11:06 OldSpook Check the orbits 3dc.
    20141116 11:04 3dc China has been launching a lot of spy sats lately. What the game?