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20160830 10:11 Skidmark Trey Gowdy on prosecution of LEOs
20160830 09:11 3dc Margrethe Vestager, is the European Commissioner who led the Apple case. She is quoted as saying "We still have some work ahead of us to ensure that companies compete on equal terms and not at the expense of EU citizens." So... I think we should reword our responses to the EU nations not paying their mandated share of NATO with similar logic.
- "We still have some work ahead of us to ensure that countries support their common defense on equal terms and not at the expense of USA citizens."
It's only a logical response... and if not responded to the US should begin to leave NATO.
20160829 16:47 Pappy
20160829 15:34 Shipman Gene Wilder dead :(
20160829 14:52 Shipman Saw that Bad, wonder who said the magic muz phrase first?
20160829 14:22 badanov Huma is back on the market.
20160829 00:36 3dc Re Nkor - why I expect Japan is assembling a few pits.
20160828 22:55 Pappy wretchard:

The Spectator notes that the campaign for Mosul is turning a new Race for Berlin. Everyone -- Kurds, Shia and Sunni Arabs, not to mention various minority groups -- wants to be in at the end so they can be in at the beginning of a new post-Syrian, post-Iraqi, and perhaps even post-Turkish world.

The tempo and drama of war headlines have obscured another significant victory dance: the race to be in at the death of Obamacare. Dead it is. Even Vox is tolling the funeral bell. The president's legacy did not even outlive his term. After $1.2 trillion dollars it has folded in on itself like a burned-out dwarf star whose core is Medicaid. Like the anticipated collapse of Mosul the fall of Obamacare has set off a race to claim victory.

Lamar Alexander rushed to podium to say, 'I told you so'. But like the combatants in the Syrian civil war, the Republicans are also rushing into the ruins to mark out post collapse boundaries. In so doing they are only doing what opportunists do. The reality is that Republicans -- despite majorities in both Houses -- couldn't kill Obamacare, but arithmetic did. Anything that keeps losing money must inevitably run out of it, and the president's flagship health program was no exception.

It may be that the greatest contribution of the 2016 presidential campaign will be not who it puts in the White House but how it has changed the attitudes of the electorate and what ideas it has implanted in their heads. As the Obama administration closes out it's final days it is interesting to reflect on how things have amazingly changed places. When history is written, it is more than likely that Obamacare -- which was his idea -- will be recorded as the administration's greatest failure, while cheap oil -- which he hated -- proved not only to be it's greatest success but ultimately the sword which destroyed ISIS in the end. On to Mosul. On to energy independence. On to the next victory speech.

In God We Trust, because in politicians, We can't.
20160828 11:35 Skidmark Sometimes the medium IS the message, Richard.
20160828 10:58 Mullah Richard Understand some Postal workers in the Border Security branch (the folks who screen incoming letters and the like) have gotten ill from some of the chemicals infused into paper or packaging materials coming in.

Don't always side with the USPS, but in that case it is indeed a sh*tty but necessary job.
20160827 17:20 Shipman you are correct Dale, was/is called blotter acid, very common way of delivery. The solid version "Window Pane", is much less common.
20160827 08:31 Dale New to myself is passing a drug or drugs on paper. Looks like a plain piece of paper. Same look and feel but costs several hundred dollars because it is clear coated with some drug. They say LSD was passed this way. I had suggested that the Baltimore officers should transfer to Western Maryland corrections. Officer said that was not a good idea because officers are bringing in drugs themselves at our prisons.
20160827 08:25 Dale People traveling this weekend. Five Saudi's one night and then Four Kuwaitis Saturday night. Each group traveling to DC. One Saudi said to say Hi to others and gave his name but I didn't catch his pitch. All young men. Hope they aren't recent graduates of commercial flight school.
20160826 15:50 Pappy Irony of the Week is at the bottom of an article by the last editor of Gawker.com, lamenting its demise and how an "experiment in journalism free of commercial pressures and the need for respectability, constrained only by law" was undone by someone smarter and angrier than them, using law.

At the very bottom is:

"This discussion is closed"
20160826 13:28 Deacon Blues Do Androids dream of electric sheep?
20160826 06:57 Skidmark The 160th pilot said, "Tent?"
20160825 22:04 Thing From Snowy Mountain Now I lay me down to sleep
Try to count electric sheep
Sweet Dream Wishes You Can Keep
How I Hate the Night...
20160825 16:36 badanov A General was conducting an All Service member pilot briefing in Afghanistan one day, and he posed the question: "What would you do if you found a scorpion in your tent?"

A Navy pilot said, "I'd step on it."

An Army pilot said, "I'd hit it with my boot."

A Marine pilot said, "I'd catch it, break the stinger off, and eat it."

An Air Force Pilot said, ā€œIā€™d call room service and ask why there was a tent in my room.ā€
20160825 16:11 Pappy wretchard:

All the contradictions between pacifist politics and military reality are being highlighted by the feckless North Koreans. Imagine a scenario where the Japanese are told one of North Korea's Sinpo submarines has put to sea with a 1 MT warheaded missile and intelligence indicates it is on a suicide mission to attack Honshu.

What do they do to make sure the missile is never fired? Take the chance that North Korea won't? Authorize a conventional attack on the sub? Or hit it with an atomic depth charge? This is the problem which North Korea is slowly posing and which the Obama doctrine has constrained itself from answering.

Perhaps in his heart of hearts president Obama believes there is no answer; that we are trapped between our godlike technology and our infernal human impulses. So he just spends the time reassuring everyone, both hawk and dove, that there is nothing to worry about. In the meantime he prays to the God that liberals don't believe in and hopes for the best.
20160825 12:52 Marvin the paranoid android ***SPAM?*** Don't talk to me about life.