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20150420 21:55 badanov I found a 1964 Thelonious Monk concert in Paris I plan to download and rip the sountrack.
20150420 15:17 Skidmark WhiteHouse gyrocopter guy is on house arrest.
20150419 13:05 Pappy One from wretchard:

George Friedman’s book, "Flashpoints: the emerging crisis in Europe" is tour d’horizon of European civilization. The main question it tries to answer is whether European history, with its tragedy and glory, has fundamentally changed. He begins his inquiry by describing the incredible arc of European achievement and disaster. It was on Europe that the Enlightenment was born. And it all came crashing down in the most destructive”thirty one years” (1914-1945) in human history.

The modern European peace, Friedman argues, was constructed by exiting from the game of power. The lesson they had “learned from the thirty-one years off destruction [were] that the benefits of power were not worth the price.” Yet as Friedman shows, all the fracture lines — the “borderlands” — from which European conflicts have flowed are still there. Now the question is whether the European model can survive the emerging social stresses and the renewed challenge of Russia. The falling birthrate prompted European industry to import immigrant — Muslim - labor to man their factories. But it did not change the relative economic efficiency between nations. A growing gap has emerged between Germany and Spain, Italy, Greece, and France so that once again, Berlin is the master of Europe. For the first time in hundreds of years, no single European country is in the first rank of world nations. It was America that welded modern Europe together to face the USSR in the years after 1945. It was the defeat of the Soviet Union that made the EU seem to work for a while after 1989 — until economic reality and the resurgence of Russia returned them to history. The American withdrawal from the world since 2008 has deprived the European project of hard power.

Reading the book is a reminder of how complicated European history is. Although the work is about Europe, always standing offstage, just out of sight is the United States of America. In fact, the implied answer to the question of whether Europe can remain at peace is “if America maintains it.”
20150419 12:38 Thing From Snowy Mountain * Kyiv Lists Russian Military Units Allegedly In Ukraine.

Sorry about the mess, I was seeing what sorts of formatting this page now allows.
20150419 12:32 Thing From Snowy Mountain Natan Sharansky: When did America forget that it’s America?.
20150419 12:31 Thing From Snowy Mountain Volcano in North Korea maybe about to explode.
20150419 12:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain One link at a time... here we go...

Southeast Asian allies of Vietnam war honored at Fort Snelling .
20150419 12:27 Thing From Snowy Mountain OK, that's strange.

I can't copy and paste very well here.
20150419 12:26 Thing From Snowy Mountain
20150419 12:25 Thing From Snowy Mountain Let me try that as a link, it's not letting me post...

Putin warns Israel against selling arms to Ukraine.
20150419 12:20 Thing From Snowy Mountain Also @ FR:

* http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3280616/posts "Putin warns Israel against selling arms to Ukraine"
20150419 12:10 Thing From Snowy Mountain Here's some interesting links I found this morning:


On the end of US Hwy 93.

@ FR: "Big Idea: California is So Over." In which Joel Kotkin is shocked, shocked to find that feudalism is happening in that establishment, after importing so many millions of feudalists.

20150419 11:06 badanov It appears (and I have not been following evennts in Mexico in a year or so) that whenever clamp on the media there was by the Mexican government has been lifted, so we are getting all of this information now, whereas before, it was just not reported.

So, I s'pect it has been going on constantly, just not widely reported.
20150419 10:07 Pappy Back from a computer rebuild.

Grats, 49P.

Re Mexico: Is it a control-of-territory issue, fallout from changes in the US drug market, or just the usual internecine warfare?
20150419 09:44 badanov Reynosa, several narceauxs were killed on intergang figthing. Also some were killed in Juraez, shootings in Zacatecas, all in the past three days or so.
20150419 08:54 trailing wife Who is involved in these shootouts? I keep seeing reports of head honchos being killed.

Heartiest congratulations, 49 Pan. You were not meant for a life of luxurious idleness. I always assume Mr. Wife will belong to a new job for the first six months while climbing the learning curve. But firehose is a good metaphor for the first month, yes.
20150418 23:42 49 Pan Badanov, Its gonna end up in a an occupied area, like the DMZ or Bosnia was.
20150418 14:51 badanov Mexico has been exploding of late. Lotta shootouts.
20150418 13:38 badanov Congrats, 49 Pan.
20150418 12:31 49 Pan Good morning clubbers! Finished my first month at a new job. I at Boeing back working with SOF little birds! I think the new job fire hose is starting to slow. Just glad to be back helping the guys in the fight.
20150418 00:35 OldSpook Ah, yeah that you truly need the endo for. That's a pretty important and difficult to treat part of the hormonal system. Type 2 is pretty well defined and well researched, and a big market so the drug companies have thrown a lot of time and money at it.
20150418 00:33 OldSpook FYI, each of those steps is additive of the ones before.
20150418 00:02 trailing wife My primary health issue is pituitary rather than diabetic, so I need an endocrinologist in the mix.
20150417 23:58 OldSpook For the Alzheimer cure for liraglutie (Victoza), you can look here for US publication of initial findings - they are doing clinical trials in England.

20150417 23:51 OldSpook Thîng îs, for type 2 dîabetes, a competent GP or Famîly MD can handle 99% of the dîagnosîs and treatment. Weîght loss, low carb dîet, weîght bearîng exercîse (for muscle mass) are pretty much the înîtîal thîngs needed.

Next level îs metf0rmîn (gets însulîn însîde the cells, thereby reducîng resîstance and încreasîng cellular uptake and metabolîsm of glucose) along wîth lîsîn0prîl (great ACE înhîbîtor that works to preserve kîdney functîon în Type 2s) and îf needed carvedîl0l (a non-specîfîc beta blocker that helps A1C în type 2's wîth BP or heart îssues). And at0rvastatîn îf cholesterol (especîally trîglycerîdes) îs hîgh.

îf the exercîse/dîet/wîght-loss and înîtîal drugs are not enough, the next step after that îs to add în lîraglutîd3 or sîmîlar încretîn mîmetîc (îmîtate GLP1 a hormone that regulates însulîn output and decreases glucagon release). The plus for lîraglutîd3 îs that ît also înhîbîts weîght gaîn (as well as promotes fat loss), reduces appetîte, and suppresses carbohydrate cravîngs în the braîn (îts approved as a weîght loss drug), and în many studîes has been shown to înhîbît the destructîon of the beta cells în the pancreas and also has a regeneratîve effect on the beta cells as well - în short ît may help preserve and rebuîld the îslets of langerhans în the pancreas.

There are also studîes ongoîng în England about a sîgnîfîcant but unexpected fîndîng that ît may reduce the plaques that form în the braîn of Alzheîmer patîents.

îf all those do not work, then possîbly start pî0glîtaz0ne (încreases însulîn effectîveness însîde the cell), and possîbly canaglîfl0zîn or another SLGT2 înhîbîtor (reduces reabsorptîon of glucose în the kîdneys) - meanîng you urînate out some of the excess sugar.

And as a last resort go wîth glîmep3rîd3 (însulîn secretagogues whîch force the pancreas to output more însulîn, rîskîng burnout of the beta cells) - ît comes wîth the rîsk of hypoglycemîa, unlîke all of the above medîcatîons.

And fînally, the last lîne, îs însulîn treatment.

There, thats all your Doc needs to know about managîng Type 2 în a vast majorîty of cases, and îts easîly found în medîcal journals and other reputable peer revîewed research accessîble from scholar.google.com.

Tell your Endo byebye îf you can fînd a Famîly Doc or GP that îs wîllîng to learn or already knows thîs stuff.
20150417 23:50 OldSpook Can you at least give us a fricken HINT of what the forbidden words are when we get a post rejected? Its impossible to discuss medicines and health
20150417 18:15 Dale TW she has over 6,000 patients. I believe she gets 2-3 hours of sleep tops. I get along with her very well. She is very good at patient education.
20150417 11:31 trailing wife Endocrinologists mostly deal with diabetics. Those treatments are standardized, and so relatively poorly paid. But she can make up for it in volume. :-( And no doubt has to. My endocrinologist has survived the sudden retirement of two thirds of his various partners over the past decade, and has taken on the care for their deserted patients as well as his own. I can't imagine it got better after he sold himself to a hspital group a few years ago, but at least he no longer has to concern himself with anything other than patients.

Happy imaging, Shipman.
20150417 06:23 Shipman Yummy Barium smoothies for breakfast starting in 12 minutes.
20150416 08:19 Dale Yesterday I spoke to my Endocrinologist1 and I asked her1 about O care. She1 has had to declare1 bankruptcy1 and will work well into her1 seventies1. Her1 work is not paid well in her1 chosen1 specialty1.
20150415 23:01 badanov Double standards: Twice the fun at half the cost!
20150415 22:32 Pappy Funny - everyone went wild-eyed bananas over outing the former. The latter, when he admitted it, elicited a 'meh.'

Seems that if t'weren't for double-standards, there'd be none.
20150415 16:53 Skidmark I guess if one can be a Pope, one can be an Author.
20150415 11:29 Shipman Come to think of it, he wasn't a Landser, he was tank gunner(?)