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20180624 14:25 badanov Some Sunday afternoon Muse, AKA today's ear bug:

20180624 01:36 newc You kicked ass Robin. Thank you for all that hard work.
The cat is out of the bag now I think. Maybe. GOD Bless You
20180621 16:50 3dc So Permian Basin pipeline capacity has reached it limit and wells will soon need to shutdown without bigger or new pipelines.
20180621 14:56 Skidmark Here's an single quote parsing exploit waiting to happen:

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20180621 11:41 49 Pan Seems an ex secret service agent is filing RICO charges against Hillary. Bring popcorn....
20180620 17:17 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: After all the mountain of shit I've gone through for the past thirty-five or so years, I find the "ZOMG We Found The Wrecker!1!!eleventy!" shit amusing.
20180619 11:54 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: I don't _like_ it. I'll look at the details later, I gotta go get some stuff in Lafayette right now. And I'm having a big problem right now:

The Sheeple have finally silenced me. I no longer sound like Alex Jones. I'm losing my voice.

I gotta get this done, I need to get this lubrication system redone. TTYL.
20180619 06:00 3dc Thing: Then you will love this:
20180618 21:28 3dc Nice Lecture
20180618 18:30 Thing From Snowy Mountain This cold/virus is dragging on. I've started to call up random people to tell them to "Wake Up, Sheeple!"
20180617 19:56 Thing From Snowy Mountain I think I still have that spreadsheet somewhere if you want to see it, the numbers are so far off I thought I was making a scaling error somewhere. If you want it, let me know and I'll send it to you when I get back. I'm gonna go get some chili.
20180617 19:50 Thing From Snowy Mountain I might write something else in a little bit but I have to go eat now.

I only have the mental energy to screw with this stuff right now because I got sick again this week with a virus but the work grind starts tomorrow.

What really p'ed me off about Tesla was when I crunched the numbers on the battery-for-the-power-grid thing when I was going through the Really Big Sick and the numbers didn't really add up.
20180617 19:45 Thing From Snowy Mountain Musk wants to be the Dashing Capitalist Fighting the Government Bureaucrats when it comes around to launching payloads, and then turns around and wants to run a tax farming scheme disquised as an auto company and endorses the nickel-and-diming of my entire industry by the nomenclatura mandarins because, hey, the same Mandarins who said what he did with SpaceX was impossible say we need to be destroyed, because of the same "laws of physics" he violates every time he launches a cheaper rocket.

I'm less impressed by SpaceX because I was reading the papers by guys like Max Hunter and Mitchell Burnside Clapp on reusable launch vehicles back in the 90's and there was low hanging fruit but NASA was pretending it was physical law that (for instance) liquid hydrogen was the best rocket fuel or that the only way to get high reliability was to have one large engine at the bottom of the rocket stage.
20180617 19:33 Thing From Snowy Mountain To which I would reply that Musk is a master of the "squirrel" response, only acknowledging 'realities' where he's the hero fighting the socialists and just wholesale ignoring everything else. When he's just another socialist.

As for "threatening to kill the capitalists..." the capitalists who provide him with the plastic to build his cars and rockets out of and the kerosene to fuel them have been putting up with that sort of shit for two generations. Here's an example from Coyote Blog in the middle of a discussion of the childish stunt he pulled during the conference call he had last month; you can see the original post for context for the quote:
One week ago, Elon Musk entered the history books for his unprecedented, petulant handling of "boring, boneheaded" questions from two sellside analysts, who merely wanted more details about the company chronic cash/rollout issues. And no phrase captures Musk's descent better than "These questions are so dry. They're killing me." That's what Musk told RBC analyst Joseph Spak in response to a question about Model 3 reservations.
My older readers will know that my dad was President of Exxon from the early 70's (a few weeks before the Arab oil embargo) until the late 1980's. In that job he never had to do analyst calls, but he did about 15 annual shareholders meetings. I don't know how they run today but in those days any shareholder with a question or a rant could line up and fire away. Every person with a legitimate beef, every vocal person who hated oil companies and were pissed off about oil prices, every conspiracy theorist convinced Exxon was secretly formulating chemtrail material or whatever, and every outright crazy would buy one share of stock and show up to have their moment on stage. My dad probably fantasized about how awesome it would be to just get asked dry financial questions about cash flow. And through all the nuts and crazy questions and outright accusations that he was the most evil person on the planet, dad kept his cool and never once lost it.

If you asked him about it, he likely would not have talked about it. Dad -- who grew up dirt poor with polio in rural Depression Iowa -- was from that generation that really did not talk about their personal adversity much and certainly did not compete for victim status. He probably would just have joked that the loonies at the shareholder meeting were nothing compared to Congress. My favorite story was that Scoop Jackson once called him to testify in the Senate twice in 6 months or so. The first time, just before the embargo, he was trying to save the Alaska pipeline project and Jackson accused Exxon of being greedy and trying to produce more oil than was needed. The second time was just after the embargo, and Jackson accused Exxon of being greedy and hiding oil offshore in tankers to make sure the world had less oil than it needed.

Through all of this, the only time I ever saw him really mad was when Johnny Carson made a joke about killing the president of Exxon (he asked his audience to raise their hands if they thought they would actually get convicted for killing the president of Exxon) and over the next several days our family received hundreds of death threats. These had to be treated fairly credibly at the time because terrorists were frequently attacking, kidnapping, and bombing oil company executives and their families. We had friends whose housekeeper's hand was blown off by a letter bomb, and I was not able to travel outside of the country for many years for fear of kidnapping. (For Firefly fans, if you remember the scene of Mal always cutting his apples because he feared bombs in them from a old war experience, you might recognize how, to this day, I still open packages slowly and carefully.

This is a long way of saying that Elon Musk needs to grow the hell up.

I have no idea if this comment formatting is going to work. Oh well, pushing the button, Frank.
20180617 09:50 3dc Thing, that tweet wasn't out of the blue. Some anti-fada guy had threatened to kill him. Said his mission in life was to kill capitalist like him. That tweet was Musk's response.
20180616 11:04 Thing From Snowy Mountain And as I said on the main page...

I am starting to loathe "Born Again Conservatives," not to mention "Born Again Libertarians."
20180616 10:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: I used to not loathe Elon Musk. Now I have an almost automatic reaction of "Let's see how he's lying now..."

A good example would be how he's always tweeting about what a threat generic "AI" research is while one of his major endeavors is selling a halfway-working AI self-driving program that's killing people.
20180616 01:16 3dc Musk tweet:
Those who proclaim themselves “socialists” are usually depressing, have no sense of humor & attended an expensive college. Fate loves irony.
20180614 15:18 3dc Name:
20180614 15:08 3dc Post from Domain Portal Net - at fault?
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20180612 12:46 49 Pan I find it brilliant that Trump tied the Korean war remains to this. Trump will send the agreement as a treaty to congress. Any congressman or senator who speaks or votes against it will be voting against repatriation.
20180612 02:02 3dc Something signed!
20180611 18:44 Skidmark The French comment:
"We see a kind of rat race around Donald Trump, which reminds us of Hitler's photo talking to his generals: something is being released in German memory."
20180609 22:17 3dc
20180608 20:51 Skidmark I found the best remedy for a confused visual cortex was a pirate patch over the new eye.
20180608 01:56 Fred ->3dc,

Way too talky. Island Mine is much better written, as are the Judy Bondi (Tangent) stories.
20180607 23:06 SCFI Wow! DarthVader is on a really funny roll today!

20180607 20:38 badanov Some Thursday evening Mountain:

20180607 18:18 3dc A scifi novel worth perusing:
20180604 10:42 Skidmark I checked with my carrier, they don't offer volcano insurance.
20180604 10:36 Deacon Blues Seems the O Club is broken.