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20150530 09:56 Deacon Blues I didn't think it was as bad as the Screeching Leftists said.
20150529 18:59 badanov They voted to allow clergy in Oklahoma to opt out of conducting marriage ceremonies that go against their religious convictions.
20150529 17:21 Deacon Blues No problem, badman. There was a lot of spam to get rid of. I was just asking if it's true the Oklahoma House voted to limit marriage to people of faith.
20150529 16:07 badanov Deacon: I nuked one of your comments. Sorry about that.
20150529 02:08 Abu do you love ohhhh nice spam from the far east.

20150529 02:07 Abu do you love ohhhh nice spam from the land of the rising sun
20150528 21:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain Anyways, I was wondering, are any of y'all listening to the Dark Secret Place podcast?
20150528 21:11 Dale Deacon I wish Jade Helm was tried in a city like Chicago or New York.
20150528 21:10 Dale Safe trip of course.
20150528 21:09 Dale I've been following the eruption activity but it seems somewhat calm but lots of pollution. My Icelandic contacts are ho hum about it. http://www.livefromiceland.is/webcams/reykjavik/
20150528 19:22 Alaska Paul Heading across The Pond via Reykjavik to Edinburgh.
20150528 11:49 Skidmark Young and Rubicam Inc., New York, New York, is being awarded an $84,425,403 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for advertising and marketing services in support of the Navy Recruiting Advertising Program. This contract contains one base year and four one-year optional periods, which if exercised, would bring the contract cumulative value to $457,461,287.

$100M/year for advertising that doesn't work. Imagine a scholarship program instead.
20150527 23:33 3dc All mergers and consolidation into single entity URSC (ОРКК) is to be"fully" complete by 2016.
20150527 23:33 3dc http://www.rosorkk.ru/
This is regarding the Russian Rocket scandal. United Rocket and Space Corp (URSC -- or is there a Russian acronym?) is apparently in control as noted above. Consolidation of this industry under a former KGB official will potentially secure the change needed internally. Hope for the best in external relations.
20150527 22:12 Skidmark Na, we're just takin the water so CA doesn't get it.
20150527 19:17 Deacon Blues Saw a new conspiracy theory about the rain in Texas. The flooding is caused by the Military seeding the clouds to destroy Texas and make it easier to occupy.
20150527 11:10 Deacon Blues Marie Harf is now the chief negotiator with Iran. Someone is trying to make Kerry look good. Guess a scapegoat is needed.
20150527 00:20 OldSpook Pappy you and TFSM are both right...

Pappy the start is about pot but at the 4 minute mark, there's the "What if...
20150526 23:05 Shipman I dunno, most my friends won't let me snort 'em.

20150526 22:38 Thing From Snowy Mountain I always thought it was about coke too.

You don't need any of that if you have friends.

20150526 20:37 badanov Some Tuesday evening Brooks & Dunn:

20150526 20:29 badanov Of course, my memory isn't want it used to be.
20150526 20:29 badanov Pappy, I always heard it was about cocaine, and if I recall correctly, Cosby said it on the Tonight Show during the Jay Leno reign in the 1990s.
20150526 20:17 Pappy Actually, it was Bill Cosby who said that, and it was about marijuana.
20150526 14:44 OldSpook I jsut crafted this - has anyone heard anthing similar? If not, then I got me an original "Rule"

Promoting commanders for complaisance & compliance instead of competence and courage leads to credulity, corruption, and collapse. -- Oldspook's rule of Military C's.
20150526 14:26 OldSpook for those of you who havent heard it:

I said to a guy, "Tell me, what is it about cocaine that makes it so wonderful," and he said, "Because it intensifies your personality." I said, "Yes, but what if you're an asshole?"

e.g. Krugman
20150526 14:21 OldSpook Appears to be a lot of high pedigrees of the folks writing for them.

Just goes to show you what a high pedigree is worth. I've seen corporals and Spec4's who are about as sharp as a bag of wet mice (They dont call the SP4 insignia "The Sham Shield" for nothing), but I've also seen E-4's smarter than a lot of these folks, and a damned sight more loyal to our country.

It amazes me the way higher education seems to rot some people's minds.

Maybe its like Bill Cosby's old joke about cocaine.
20150525 23:51 badanov I just found out that Russian Motorized Rifle Brigades have a drone company attached. The Rooshun Army is going big on drones.
20150525 23:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Gee, Shipman, your delivery stinks on ice.
20150525 19:33 Pappy VT is suffering from a number of departures of writing staff

Yes, to put it blandly: A falling out among the patriots over editorial decisions. FWIW, there's multiple sources saying VT is tied to IranPress TV, which has 'friendly' links to the Iranian gov't. Haven't heard about Russian ties, but some of the conspiracy crowd thinks it's a Klingon operation. If it is, it's a successful one; supposedly worth around $800K

BTW, Hamid Gul is supposedly on the editorial board. How's that for fun, frivolity, and ganja?
20150525 18:14 Pappy An Anglican, a Catholic, a Pentecostalist and a Baptist Jew walk into a burger joint...

No, seriously - that's what happened.
20150525 17:57 Shipman Stop me if you've heard this before. 42!
20150525 17:49 Skidmark Might get some rain today.
20150525 15:15 badanov Robert Stacy McCain has made it pretty much a career of wriritng about the insanity of university supported feminism, even coming out with a book about it.

Likewise, I bet I could write an article a day on all the crap these guys accuse each other of, or have been accused of for a year, and still not uncover more than a percent or two of the stuff they have said, written or done.

I was thinking of dedicating a whole site to it, naming it toomuchganja. org
20150525 15:01 badanov VT is suffering from a number of departures of writing staff.
20150525 15:00 badanov One individual says VT is affiliated with Iranian intelligence.
20150525 14:49 badanov Appears to be a lot of high pedigrees of the folks writing for them.
20150525 14:45 badanov Presstv.ir is one of their partner publications.
20150525 13:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oldspook: you ever hear the one about the prisoners who are shouting numbers at each other because they've heard each others' jokes so many times?

I understand that Veterans Today is one of Putin's fronts, all patriotic-wallpapered-up.

20150525 10:16 swksvolFF Getting a cup of coffee, popping by, busy day, wanted to say hey.

Little levity
There was a natural disaster last night.
The tornado missed Dodge City.

Probably not funny; too much talkaround and TV weather duuude last night.

In easy memory, first Memorial Day when it wasn't raining or 105 at 7:00. Have a good one y'all.
20150525 09:08 trailing wife Thank you for making the effort, OldSpook. Fred was working on cleaning that up. But he's been in and out of the hospital lately, which has got in the way of a number of projects.
20150525 05:10 OldSpook Done. Sorry for the accent filled junk, but unless and until the filter makes some sort of sense, I'll do what I have to to bypass it if somethign is importnat. And I think this was important in terms of making the case for immediate dump of articles sourced at that site. Not something to do lightly.
20150525 05:09 OldSpook I still have more exceprts to post.
411 màjór róàdwàyṡ ìn ànd óúṫ óḟ Nèw Yórk wèrè ṫó bè dèṡṫróyèd ón 9/11. Iṫ wàṡ ṫhèṡè ṫèàmṡ, bróúghṫ ìn ḟróm Iṡràè1 ṫhàṫ ìnç1údèd ṫhè Móhàmmèd 4ṫṫà gróúṗ, çónḟìrmèd àṡ dìrèçṫ1y ṫìèd ṫó bóṫh ṫhè CI4 ànd Egyṗṫìàn ìnṫè11ìgènçè ... ṫhè nóṫórìóúṡ órgànìzàṫìón, JINS4, ṫhè Jèwìṡh Inṡṫìṫúṫè ḟór Nàṫìónà1 Sèçúrìṫy 4ḟḟàìrṡ ... Fórṫ Lèè ìṡ ṫhè rèà1 ṡṫàgìng gróúnd ḟór 9/11. Iṫ wàṡ çhóṡèn ḟór à góód rèàṡón. Nèwṡ rèṗórṫṡ ḟróm 9/11 hàvè bèèn è1ìmìnàṫèd ḟróm àrçhìvèṡ, 1ìṡṫṡ óḟ ṫèrrórìṡṫṡ çàúghṫ ṫhèn rè1èàṡèd àṫ ṫhè órdèrṡ óḟ Nèw Yórk Cìṫy ànd Whìṫè Hóúṡè óḟḟìçìà1ṡ....

Chàrṫ1ìè Hèbdó? Thèy góṫ ṫhàṫ çóvèrèd ṫóó "Móṡṫ ṡúṡṗèçṫ ṫhè whó1è àḟḟàìr wàṡ à ḟà1ṡè ḟ1àg óṗèràṫìón ór ṗṡy-óṗ (by ṫhè Móṡṡàd)"
20150525 05:09 OldSpook 4bóúṫ ṫhè ón1y ṫhìng I dìdn'ṫ ḟìnd ìn à 15 mìnúṫè ṗókè àróúnd ṫhàṫ ṡìṫè wàṡ ṫhè ó1d Próṫóçó1 E1dèr óḟ 2ìón b1óód 1ìbè1, ṫhóúgh Im ṗrèṫṫy ṡúrè ìḟ I 1óókèd hàrd ènóúgh, I'd 1ìkè1y ḟìnd ṫhàṫ ṫóó.

Thèṡè ṗèóṗ1è àrè ḟúçkìng núṫṡ. Gènúìnè1y ìnṡànè ór è1ṡè dè1ìbèràṫè1y ṫryìng ṫó ṡṫìr úṗ hàṫrèd àmìdṡṫ ḟà1ṡè à11ègàṫìónṡ ṡúrróúndèd wìṫh ṗṡèúd ṡçìènṫìḟìç dìṡçúṡṡìón - whìçh à11 èvàṗóràṫè ṫhè mìnúṫè ṫhèy àrè èxàmìnèd ç1óṡè1y.

Thàṫ ṡìṫè ìṡ à çó11èçṫìón óḟ mènṫà11y ì11 ṗèóṗ1è rèìnḟórçìng èàçh óṫhèrṡ dè1úṡìónṡ. I'd ṡúggèṡṫ àny àrṫìç1è ṡóúrçèd ḟróm ṫhèm gèṫ ṡúmmàrì1y dúmṗèd ḟór ṫhè ṡṫèàmìng ṗì1è óḟ èxçrèmènṫ ṫhàṫ ìṫ ìṡ. 4nd yèṡ IM ṗìṡṡèd, bèçàúṡè ṫhèy ṗrèṡènṫ ṫhèmṡè1vèṡ àṡ à 1ègìṫ Vèṫèràn'ṡ ṡìṫè. Thèy'rè ṫràdìng ṫhèìr brànd óḟ 1únàçy ànd úṡìng óúr rèṗ àṡ çóvèr ànd çúrrènçy, ṫhè àṡṡhó1èṡ.

Pardon the accents, didnt have the patience to figure out what was making the magic word filter shit itself.
20150525 05:08 OldSpook well those arent the banned words.
20150525 05:08 OldSpook organization
20150525 05:07 OldSpook Mohammed
20150525 05:07 OldSpook Jewish
20150525 05:06 OldSpook Mossad
20150525 05:02 OldSpook An èxçèrṗṫ ḟróm ṫhàṫ ṡìṫè ṫhàṫ ṗóṡṫèd ṫhè "Iṡràèlì Nèúṫrón Bómb" çónṡṗìràçy ṡṫóry ("Vèṫèrànṡ Tódày" - ṫàlk àbóúṫ à ḟàlṡè làbèl) - hèrè ṫhèy àrè règàrdìng 9/11:

<èm>Dèàr Iṡràèlì àrṫ ṡṫúdènṫṡ ànd Dànçìng Iṡràèlìṡ, Iḟ yóú hàvè nóṫ ḟìgúrèd ìṫ óúṫ by nów, yèṡ wè knów whó yóú àrè, whàṫ yóú dìd, whó yóúr hàndlèrṡ wèrè, ànd ṫhè kèy ṗèóṗlè whó dìd ṫhìṡ. Màṡṡ múrdèr ìṡ à ṗrèṫṫy ṡèrìóúṡ çrìmè. Thè çórk ón 9-11 hàṡ hèld wèll, búṫ ṡṫàrṫìng ṫó wìgglè nów. Yóú ṡhóúld, ṫóó. Thèrè ìṡ qúìṫè à ṡúrvèìllànçè rèçórd ón yóú ḟólkṡ, ìnçlúdìng Móhàmmèd Aṫṫà çómìng ṫó vìṡìṫ yóú ón à númbèr óḟ óççàṡìónṡ. Thè dèàd hàvè lóṫṡ óḟ ḟrìèndṡ, nóṫ ónly ṫhóṡè ón 9-11, búṫ ṫhóṡè ṫhàṫ ḟóllówèd ìn çóúnṫry àḟṫèr çóúnṫry, ìnçlúdìng ṫhè Irànìàn núçlèàr ṡçìènṫìṡṫṡ yóú múrdèrèd ànd nèvèr ṗúṫ à ṡhrèd óḟ núçlèàr wèàṗónṡ ṗrógràm èvìdènçè ón ṫhè ṫàblè dúrìng ṫhè núkè ṫàlkṡ. Wè àrè çómbìng ṫhróúgh àll ṫhè rèṡìdènṫṡ àṫ ṫhè ṫìmè óḟ ṫhè ṫhrèè jàmmèr búìldìngṡ bèlów, ànd hàvè àlrèàdy nàmèd ṫhè çómṗlèx “Iṡràèl ón ṫhè Húdṡón”.

20150525 04:03 OldSpook It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. -- G. S. Patton Jr.
20150525 01:18 Shipman 6 weeks ago TW, I am sick of this damn thing and summer coming on