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20160624 11:55 Dale I spoke to a very British fellow this morning. He never was for the EU from the start. Immigration biggest threat he indicated. Trump was on the right side of this all along. Said Putin - that if you come to Russia you must become Russian. Just saying what his wife said to me. Same applies to England.
20160623 22:21 3dc With > 11 million votes counted, so far, leave is ahead by about 100,000 votes

20160623 22:19 3dc What will a Leave vote do to Merkel?
Will Germany get blamed for the UK's BREXIT?
20160623 20:28 49 Pan Thanks
20160623 15:58 3dc That's july 2015 on youtube video skid
20160623 12:11 Deacon Blues Mass shooting at a cinema in Germany. Shooter dead.
20160623 10:56 Skidmark Morsi got life...
20160623 10:47 Skidmark The Saudi island selloff fell thru...
20160623 10:38 Skidmark Pan, clashes in Tahir square
20160622 23:47 trailing wife Nothing unusual happened in Egypt that I'm aware of, 49 Pan, except that they're working on the flight recorders. Is that what you mean?
20160622 23:38 Pappy I'll go with that.
20160622 16:36 Shipman Looks like it SkidM, but I think that's the lift jet cowl open for a very short takeoff.
20160622 16:06 49 Pan Heard there was something that happened in Egypt yesterday? Anyone heard anything??
20160622 12:19 Deacon Blues And they have no idea where the terrorist's wife is. Loretta Lynch said, "she may be traveling". It's like the Keystone Cops, only worse.
20160622 10:33 OldSpook What is going on with the FBI? Stalin style censorship. What the hell! Of course it was ISIS, the killer said so himself. Trust me on this, if someone says they are ISIS they mean it and the best thing you can do for self defense is shoot them dead when possible/proper.

I am beginning to wonder if there even going to be a country left to come back to.
20160621 22:54 Skidmark F35 ejection seat testing
20160621 21:42 3dc posted the links to guicffer2 on the story.

If you don't want them there feel free to delete.
20160620 05:00 Skidmark 'Gear and Garb' was cool too but the subject matter was perhaps not for a general audience.
20160620 04:58 Skidmark I thought it was a binary gender appreciative special interest story (weapons, ammo, armorer training, SP shooter) only lightly associated as WoT NEWS by loose affiliation with Orlando.
20160619 14:11 badanov Your should so post it, Skid.
20160619 14:11 badanov Impressive if it can cycle subsonic rounds.
20160619 13:39 Skidmark
20160619 09:59 badanov Classic:

On a spoof Facebook page of Vice President Joe Biden, there's this:

Well, I guess today is Father's Day. I know this can be a very difficult day for most Democratic voters.