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20180424 00:20 badanov Some good old fashioned hippie music, some Monday night Mountain:

20180422 11:31 swksvolFF Estimated up to 3,000 not 30,000 cattle. Problem is it is still calving season and the fire isn't out to allow inspections.
20180422 08:56 Grunter I found the right side of the front page eventually- in the UN security council-Syria-Swedish farmhouse story.
Is there anything in this world the UN wont try to gobble up?
20180422 08:56 Frank G Something's broke on the main page. If you go an article's page it's OK
20180422 05:54 SCFI Seems the entire right side of the Rantberg front page is missing!

I don't know if this is a redesign or a glitch, but thought I would inquire if this is so or not.

20180421 13:40 trailing wife It sounds like your final year will be a doozy, Frank. Has your trusted minion reconciled him/herself to the necessity of giving up Hawaiian shirts upon ascension? ;-)

You already hhave spring, Alaska Paul? We do today, but given recent weather behaviour, I don’t trust it won’t snow again. Mother’s Day is the mark here, though usually it’s been hot for a few weeks by then.
20180421 01:38 Alaska Paul Speedy recovery,TW!!!
20180421 01:37 Alaska Paul Heading to Seattle on the bo jet. It is springtime (finally) in Alaska.