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20160729 23:14 Dale The left is so preoccupied with death.So similar to the muslims. So now with the DNC conflagration I say they are trying their best to abort the birth of our nation.
20160728 23:58 Pappy And just in case the press and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) parade Tim Kaine's 'Catholic Credentials' again...
20160728 23:51 Pappy As it pretty much has been for a century, at least.
20160728 23:30 badanov Best description of American journalism from Iowa Hawk:

Journalism is about covering stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.
20160728 22:33 badanov Hillary begins her war on American liberty.
20160728 20:12 Pappy And in reflection on the Democratic Convention:

20160728 20:05 Pappy 60, no cause given.
20160728 19:18 Thing From Snowy Mountain Darn, Jerry Doyle has passed away.
20160728 18:48 Dale Erich Hartmann, The Blond Knight of Germany. What a story. Seems most proud not to have lost a wingman. He was assigned one but intuition told him not to use the man. So his replacement wingman was shot down but was able to parachute away. This was a great relief to him.
20160728 07:52 3dc
20160728 04:57 Skidmark Red Dragon $300M
20160728 04:55 Skidmark And they're gonna blow the mosques!
I don't suppose the demo guys could be called 'mosquetoes'?
20160728 01:58 3dc The latest released hack from wikileaks is all the DNC's voicemail. Has voicemail ever been the target of an attack before?
20160728 00:07 SteveS Angola becomes the first country to ban Islam.
Press TV clip 2min
20160727 23:23 swksvolFF I feel like I'm listening to the last part of Billy Madison.

Also, is His hair gradually turning grey?
20160727 21:24 Thing From Snowy Mountain Also: The guys who let the Chinese OPERATE the database for US security clearances are suddenly concerned about treason?
20160727 21:24 Thing From Snowy Mountain Also... the server is now airgapped. It couldn't be hacked by Houdini. The only way the Russians might have the emails is if they've already hacked it.
20160727 20:06 Pappy wretchard:

The trending meme of the last 48 hours as Cher charmingly put it is whether "Trump a ‘f---ing traitor’" The reasons for the accusation sound plausible enough. Serious stuff, yet the absurdity of the situation is patent. One contradiction was pithily summarized by Jim Geraghty on Twitter. "1) There was nothing secret in HRC's 30K deleted e-mails. 2) It's a "national security issue" if Russia gets them. Pick one, Hillary camp."

If everything the press is saying is true, how come Putin owns Trump, emails, voting systems, the whole shebang? How can a second-rate, economically declining power pull the strings of mighty America?

America has been under subversive attack for some time, from the Saudis, the Chinese, the Russians. If foreign powers can get away with 9/11 they can get away with anything. That's what the Hillary server symbolizes; the sellout of both sides to the highest bidder. When the subject came up a few months ago, what did the press do, but bury it.

The emergence of a globalized economy meant that the constituency of politicians broadened to include interests in China, the Middle East, Europe and the former USSR, plus Africa, the Carribean and LatAm. It was only a matter of time before Western politicians started working for whoever paid most. That problem has now reached a critical mass and so there is plenty of ammunition and mud to sling around on both sides.

The 2016 political campaign has highlighted the seriousness of the principal-agent problem. This occurs when the agent (a lawyer, or public official) begins to act in his own interests and not those of the principal he represents. The harder question is how the principal regains control of the agents. How do they realign the incentives of their agents to match those of their "nations"? The answer involves some kind of segmentation, in other words the return of the nations, the resurrection of the offense of treason, etc among other things. Trump, whatever his relations to Putin might be, symbolizes the revival of the nation, perhaps falsely, I don't know. One thing's for sure: Brexit and the revival of nationalism isn't accidental nor driven purely by bigotry. It is driven by the need to fix the sellout problem.
20160727 12:52 3dc SpaceX spending 300 Million of their own dollars for the RedDragon Mars mission. http://spacenews.com/spacex-spending-about-300-million-on-red-dragon-mission/
20160727 06:07 Shipman Nice OS heh.
20160727 00:34 Skidmark Dale's change.org AC petition

OSes friend's reasons
20160726 23:04 Dale https://www.change.org/p/remove-air-conditioning-from-all-us-state-department-property
20160726 20:28 OldSpook Friend of mine sent me this link, at first glance, I thought she had lost her mind.


And be sure to click on the link there at the bottom of the page - that's where the substance is.


20160726 14:57 swksvolFF Thank you TW;
Then, at the earliest, I would think.
20160726 14:50 Visitor ***SPAM?*** Vilifying the Russians for a possible DNC hack, AND the 'theft' of hilarity's emails induces a transference of guilt to 'the bogey man' of our childhood.

The actual matter of the email contents and its reflection on the character of those messaging is diluted or completely occluded, "because the Russians did it".

The import of the release has little bearing on the message and its senders.
20160726 12:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain Wretchard:

"On the eve of Hillary's coronation her courtiers are suddenly waking up to the fact that she cannot protect them. The shock may be intentional. If Putin was indeed behind the hacking he is only doing what underdogs through history have done to even the odds. Unable to match the foe in weight, he went for the king, or in this case the queen. Recall how in ancient Gaugamela, the outnumbered Alexander staked everything on a thrust at Darius.

"Darius fled in fear. When the mass of the Persian army saw this, they scattered in dismay. By demonstrating the impotence of Darius, Alexander broke the Persian monarch's aura and with it his majesty. Alexander knew that for a king to rule he must be regarded as more than mortal by the masses. Once the king is humiliated and put to flight he becomes psychologically no better than his subjects and the greater part of his power vanishes.

"By striking at Hillary's aura the Russian may be attempting the same thing. Democratic voters looked up to her to protect and defend the nation because that's what presidents do. By hacking Hillary and humiliating her Putin has sent the message that she cannot even defend herself -- and what's the use of a president who can't defend herself? This is why the Taliban target the chiefs of police and the district headmen to show the populace that their leaders are vulnerable and that no protection can be expected from them. The same threat logic is being applied by Putin.

"Amazingly the DNC has compounded the blow by turning it into a talking point, acting as if Hillary were a child needing sympathy because her lollipop has been stolen by a bully, rather than as a competent person in firmly command. In so doing they're actually admitting that Hillary cannot hold her own with the hard men of Putin's caliber.
20160726 08:48 Thing From Snowy Mountain Don't forget, there's a petition to ban air conditioning from state department properties.
20160726 00:29 Skidmark Great texture in the Mars video. Apparently there is no surface dust.

I am a fan of getting the expended stages to Mars as well. The big fuel has already been consumed to get the payload on it's way. I imagine smaller, slower engines could be used to set them in a Earth-Moon or Sun-Mars Lagrange points for later harvest.
20160726 00:03 trailing wife Future TWIBs noted. If you could wait until after August 14th I would be truly grateful, swksvolFF.

The Japanese knifer wanted to rid the world of handicapped people, OldSpook, so the story is on page 3. And yes, prayers for the Kurds.

As long as you don't start flaming those you disagree with, we'll be ok. But everyone is nerve ends, as happens every presidential election, and I'd rather people not be driven away over this, as has happened every presidential election. Most everybody is choosing the lesser of the evils on offer, so please keep that in mind.

Glad you had so much fun with the other guy's fish, Shipman. You do have a wonderful capacity for enjoyment that's a pleasure to see.
20160725 23:55 Thing From Snowy Mountain OS: I could say something about belief systems that believe that if you're getting fucked over by other people or even by nature itself you must have done something to deserve it... BUT...
20160725 21:45 badanov I play Arma 3 for the realism:

20160725 20:16 badanov In the queue for tomorrow, OS.
20160725 19:22 OldSpook London Calling... This just came over the Beeb

Japan Sagamihara knife attack: At least 19 dead, reports say


At least 19 people have been killed in a knife attack at a residential care centre for the disabled in the Japanese city of Sagamihara.
The attack happened in the early hours of Tuesday. Another 45 people were reportedly injured, 18 seriously.
Local police have arrested a male suspect after he turned himself in.
The man is said to be aged 26, and is a former employee at the the Tsukui Yamayuri Garden facility, 40km (25 miles) south-west of Tokyo.
He reportedly went into a police station and said "I did it". No motive has been established yet.

The world has gone mad.

Someone who has time and a better connect pleas post to front page if nobody has beat me to it.

20160725 16:09 Alaska Paul You are right, badanov. Wrechard is on fire. There is so much material out there. The dems and everyone else are going batsh*t crazy.
20160725 15:04 Alaska Paul So, in the spirit of the times, 3dc sent me this video. One hell of a fusion between video and the song, enjoy? Well, at least marvel.......
20160725 12:08 badanov Wretchard is on fire on Facebook!
20160725 10:35 Shipman all too soon it is time to relocate from Cedar Key to TLH. It was glorious, watched a guy almost land a Tarpon from the shore. In spite of all my helpful body English the alpha fish threw the hook. Fisher d00d didn't care much, he was cranked! You see that SOB jump? I allowed as I did and thought it remarkable, he replayed it in his mind about 5 times and each time it grew more epic. :) Odd how people meet. :)
20160725 10:34 swksvolFF Just passing through saying I have not forgot TWIB; creek is still knee deep but seems to be receding.
20160725 09:15 Thing From Snowy Mountain And we all know how important money is, just ask nominee Jeb