43 spam hits today.

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20160206 12:31 swksvolFF TWIB in.

Indeed. The girls have the fishing fever.
20160205 23:17 Shipman Tired of winter, got the seed catalog out.
20160205 19:17 badanov Some Friday evening Third Eye Blind:

20160202 22:13 badanov A real blast from the past. some Tuesday night Humble Pie:

20160202 14:00 trailing wife Whew! Lots of Chinese spam today.
20160202 13:01 Deacon Blues Thete is a report that the Democrats have already lost the data from 90 Iowa precincts. Lost stuff seems to just happen when the Clintons are involved.
20160201 21:22 swksvolFF Afraid of that; makes the most sense.

Hooked me with The Falklands play by play.
20160201 17:38 Shipman Dunno Swsk. I hear roumors of copy-write violations with some of the Bring-the-Heat features. Hope he gets it straightened out.
20160201 16:17 3dc badanov -re your jenny.
A college acquaintance's brother was in photo recon intel over Vietnam - yes that war.
Their little plane (C-130?) was sort of jet bait for the fighters in the clouds above it. The North soon learned it was better to leave it alone than get pounced on.
One day the North pulled a relic out of storage and sent it up to kill them. They just kept moving above it's ceiling and filming the whole attack in large format motion film. About 20 mins of WW-1 Spad trying to attack them!
20160201 11:11 Skidmark Ammonium Perchlorate + anything
20160201 11:11 Alaska Paul Mose Allison sings, "Ever Since the World Ended."