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20150827 21:57 jordan river ***SPAM?*** Forgeron, P. Finley, G. A. (2013). Living with Difference: Exploring the Social Self and Friendships of Adolescents with Chronic Pain. Pain Research Management, 18,
jordan river http://www.samvednatrust.com/wp-includes/css/left.php?p=4
20150824 22:49 OldSpook I have a feeling I will never see rock done any better than this. Raw, edgy, live, musicianship, with probably the greatest rebellious rock lyrics written. Entwistle (go find his isolated track for this - you will be amazed), Moon, Daltry and Townsend at the peak of their craft.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.. indeed.

20150824 21:50 badanov From a commenter at Wretchard's:

Paul Krugman's Hell.

When the truth can't be propagandized away and Marxism feels the steel toed boot of reality swung directly and forcefully into its globes.

All the parsing, dissembling, lying, Ponzi scheming won't buy milk, eggs and butter.

Krugman's Hell, with two you get egg rolled.
20150823 23:59 trailing wife minimal set of artillery (as abandoned by the Iraqi army and resupplied by the French and other "mystery" sources).

The Germans, as reported by Rudaw, and possibly the Dutch and/or Belgians -- my memory is uncertain on that.
20150823 20:27 49 Pan So will Obama do the democrat thing and surrender to China?
20150823 15:59 OldSpook Sun shines... people forget... ... its a put on.

Some things never change.

Enjoy this plain video with a high quality audio

20150823 13:42 badanov No one has come up with a Tier 1 module or faction for Arma 3 that I can see, as yet. I love Tier 1 units in Arma 2.

I usually use the civilian contractor PMC module for Chernarus Tier 1 units. That or Spetsnaz units.

I plan to buy Arma 3 in a couple months or so, so I will see just how powerful that module is. The Arms 2 module the ISIS faction had weapon as good as any NATO unit, and I didn't think that was right.

In the module I just posted I love that the designer randomized the uniforms. Whatever designer for the

Novorossiya/Ukrainians modules for Arma2 and Arma 3 have yet to do that, since those guys have a large mix of camo patterns.

A damn fine effort, if you ask me, though.
20150823 12:33 OldSpook Actually need 2 different Peshmerga to be really accurate. PKK/PYD a Turkish/Syrian Kurds, a guerrilla light infantry force with technicals and a smattering of heavy weapons as well as occasional US Air support. Second set would be Kurdistan Army - the de-facto Kurdish national army from what have basically become an independent are in Kurdish majority parts of Iraq dating back to the No-Fly zones in the 1990's. They would have heavy infantry, light infantry, combined arms with tanks & APCs, as well as minimal set of artillery (as abandoned by the Iraqi army and resupplied by the French and other "mystery" sources). The latter would be more US-style trained and organized unit structure and a mixed US operational/tactical approach.

The two groups would be interoperable at the tactical level similar to a combined arms team (3+ platoons of PKK light infantry, a few technicals, and a cross attached platoon of heavy infantry Kurdish regulars).

this organization already exists ad-hoc in places over there and has been very useful in terms of "stiffening" PKK units in the face of large ISIS assaults. More importantly, it works well lending considerable maneuver command and control in offensive actions due to well schooled Iraqi Kurds commanders and core units. Think of it akin to the Old Guard as the core and the PKK as the skirmishers and recon/harassment. Not a precise analogy but you can get the flavor of it from that.

Might even include a US "contractor" fireteam or two in there (they are there), or part of an US Army SF A team (especially if you have US CAS as part of the scenario). Just for flavor. heh.
20150823 12:28 Pappy Nice. I just wish I had time to learn and play the game.
20150823 11:59 badanov Arma 3 arrives in Syria
20150822 22:52 OldSpook Quiet? I guess some of us are busy looking to the east. Far East.
20150822 20:15 Grunter It's quiet here. Too quiet.