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20150522 20:03 badanov I don't think their planners are long term thinkers. It's gonna be: "Hey, we won! What now?"

They still have to hold their gains, and they have to make good their losses. So, toppling the central government may save ISIS, maybe for all time, bit it looks to me like they have to exopand constantly, or their movement will die.
20150522 19:32 Pappy They don't need to hold it for long. Just long enough to topple the government in Baghdad, at least.
20150522 12:09 trailing wife It's not just Iraq though, badanov. It's Iraq and Syria -- and ISIS just took control of both sides of the last border crossing between the two.

Granted, the territory on both sides contains an awful lot of empty desert, but still.
20150522 01:34 badanov My opinion with regard to Iraq is that for all its claims, ISIS can't sustain the losses it has sustained for long.

They have to keep on the offensive, and they can't afford to hold ground. They need more bodies to replace the ones they are grinding into hamburger.

The optics are terrible, to be sure, but in the end, I doubt ISIS will be able to claim much more than a Pyrrhic victory.
20150520 19:40 OldSpook clever.

20150520 16:47 Bright Pebbles "News"!

20150520 11:11 Skidmark Here's a lead to the ISIS map for you Thing.
I don't know hoe current they keep it.
20150520 00:29 badanov Make your own.
20150519 23:50 Skidmark up-to-date map

Apparently Thing, it would be obsolete before it was published.
20150519 21:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain Hey, does anyone know of a site that has an up-to-date map of ISIS-held territory?
20150519 20:12 OldSpook Can we set up a FundMe site to collect money to pay Pudgy to keep her?
20150519 10:45 Deacon Blues Gloria Steinham iS going to lead a women'S March in North Korea. Too bad she won't do the same in Iran.
20150518 22:06 Frank G Sister works for SDPD Crime Lab as an Senior Analyst. Current Chief Zimmerman is a personal friend (via sister)
20150518 22:04 Frank G already liked, Gloria. Good link!