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20150127 00:38 Pappy Way I see it now, the potential Dems are:



The Lesser Cuomo (tho I think the prog wing is doing its damnedest to knock him off.)

Wacky Webb

Guv'nor Moonbeam

Slow Joe (though he may be tainted by the regime.)

Other possibles

Maggie Hassan (NH guv)

Terry McAuliffe (if Hillary doesn't run)

20150126 21:31 OldSpook Walker looks to have jumped out as lead dog on the GOP sled, based on his performance in Iowa. Good thing about him is that they have dragged every bit of mud and dirt they could on him, and the Progressives ended up wearing the mud. Also, as one wag put it Walker has an advantage: He sits on a (political) throne is made from the skulls of his opponents
20150126 21:28 Pappy It means there are still US operatives in the field

Judging by this, I'd say they're still productive.
20150126 18:41 trailing wife Belated thanks for the heads up, Skidmark. I passed an IP block request on to those who do something about it.
20150126 17:42 Skidmark It means there are still US operatives in the field.
20150126 16:02 SteveS US Embassy in Yemen: "Due to ongoing security concerns, the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa is unable to provide routine consular services but remains open and operational and is providing emergency services."

Does that mean the helipad on the roof is still open?
20150126 02:54 Skidmark Nasty cleanup needed on item #1 TW.
Wear your gloves.
20150125 21:59 trailing wife It works for me. Hurrah!
20150125 21:51 badanov And we're back, sorta, which means we're back.

20150125 18:50 Fred The o-club remains busted. This is the fill-in page until I find the bug.
20150125 12:25 Fred We may be up and down today. I'm doing a release upgrade.
20150125 11:35 badanov Back again.
20150125 06:36 BrerRabbit Age Related ADD


20150125 04:15 Shipman I hadn't thought about that possibility Pappy, that would be a show stopper.

Jindal I would vote for, but something happened to him back home. Thing? What was it? Might not run.
20150125 00:33 badanov T'wasn't me. T'was Fred.
20150125 00:31 Skidmark Thanks for bringing it back Bad.
I thought I was having one of Ships quantum flashbacks when I couldn't rant.
20150125 00:15 Abu do you love Just watched The Lost Battalion. Pretty darn good WWI movie.

20150125 00:01 badanov Aannd we're back
20150124 19:42 Pappy As I said before Ship - if it weren't for the fact that Webb's about as stable as a rowboat full of Black Labs, he'd make a great President.

I can see him resigning in the first two years. Then you gets Princess Harvard Yard. 'Cause you know that'll happen.
20150124 18:02 Thing From Snowy Mountain If snipers are generally murderers, then the Mocha Messiah's dronezaps and A-10 strafing runs are war crimes too. And they're bound to be murdering someone's uncle.
20150124 18:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Sure, Ship, I understand Webb's reaaaal good at putting a populist "fuck you elitists!" face on the mandarin-ocracy. How's his crusade against Bush's war in Iraq going? Is he protesting the White House's current deployments there? Doesn't he know those kids' have parents too? For that matter, while I'm at it, has the Mocha Messiah discharged all the snipers from the military?
20150124 17:10 Skidmark The more, the merrier.
Makes a bigger aggregate campaign fund for stupid sound bite airtime.

No Carson, Hucklebee or Jindal?
20150124 16:33 Shipman Good grief, Gov. Palin is going to run.

Here's my list, attack at will, it will make us stronger.

Jeb Bush
Scot Walker
Young Rubio
Senator Paul

Now to enrage my friends, Republicans Zi'd won't vote for.

Senator Cruz
Gov. Romney
Gov. Plain
Huckleberry dollar Hound.

Democrats Will vote for
James Webb


20150124 16:31 Shipman Good grief, Gov. Palin is going to run.

Here's my list, attack at will, it will make us stronger.

Jeb Bush
Scot Walker
Young Rubio
Senator Paul

Now to enrage my friends, Republicans Zi'd won't vote for.

Senator Cruz
Gov. Romney
Gov. Plain
Huckleberry dollar Hound.
20150124 14:28 Shipman My blood, she is Modenna red.

Next yeAr Ford!
20150124 14:26 Shipman Whoops


20150124 14:25 Shipman My friends, the 24 Hours of Daytona has commenced. In Gawds good time NASCAR will start to do there peculiar thing. Pitchers and Catchers report in 30. Days. SOL continues on it's warming path, male Fiddler Crabs are very aggressive , keep the faith I can see Spring just over the horizon.
20150124 14:09 Shipman ZF wasa born RB.
20150124 02:09 3dc interesting: https://www.temehu.com/Libyan-People.htm
20150124 00:43 trailing wife #4 If ISIS is what ISIS is, what ISIS is is ISIS,
But one thing ISIS never is, no matter what the price is,
Because Hussein sez ISIS is an un-Islamic crisis
Posted by: Zenobia Floger6220

Just saw this, and it's too late to comment. Brilliant!
20150124 00:30 OldSpook Some USAF General should have lost a star off his retirement rank.
20150124 00:06 trailing wife I cleaned up the "trailing wife" mess. I suspect Justice has learnt a new trick.
20150123 23:16 3dc That's USAF and SpaceX announce settlement.
20150123 23:15 3dc http://www.spacex.com/news/2015/01/23/united-states-and-spacex-agree-settlement
20150123 12:26 Pappy Done, apparently.
20150123 10:51 3dc clean up needed: http://rantburg.com/poparticle.php?D=01/23/2015&SO=&HC=6&ID=409015
20150123 09:39 Deacon Blues The Democrats attacks on Joni Ernst are really vile.
20150122 23:23 badanov That's what the Rooshuns say about the current Ukrainian government
20150122 23:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Bad: basically, the whole 'Soetero-backed-galatian-invastion-of-the-ukraine thing... '
20150122 19:03 badanov The king is ded.

So, here it comes.
20150122 18:56 Pappy Not sure...

But there's this goodie:

Ethics probe targets NYC City Council Speaker

In the midst of the competition to succeed Christine Quinn as speaker, the Daily News reported that Ms. Mark-Viverito's acceptance of pro bono help from the Advance Group—a prominent Manhattan lobbying and campaign consulting shop—could run afoul of a city ethics regulation. Good-government group Citizens Union called for the Conflicts of Interest Board to investigate.

The Advance Group had helped Ms. Mark-Viverito prepare for debates and to network with council members and county leaders, who behind closed doors helped decide the internal leadership race. Though Ms. Mark-Viverito's speaker bid had advantages, including the support of Mayor Bill de Blasio, she was not especially popular at the time among many of her council colleagues, from whom she needed 26 votes, or county bosses, who controlled many members' votes. The ethics question arose because as a public servant, Ms. Mark-Viverito is prohibited by the City Charter from taking a "valuable gift" from a firm that intends to do business with the city. Lobbyists are also prohibited from providing such gifts. The Advance Group has extensive lobbying business before city government, including the powerful speaker.

The Advance Group is also facing scrutiny for campaign activities in 2013, including from the Campaign Finance Board, which recently fined former Advance Group client and animal-rights group NYCLASS $26,000 for illicitly coordinating campaign activities with Advance Group. The FBI has reportedly been looking into Advance Group's efforts to bring down Ms. Quinn during the mayoral election through a well-funded super PAC. The Advance Group maintains that it followed the rules and denies that the FBI ever investigated it.

20150122 16:47 badanov What are you talking about, Snowy?
20150122 16:41 3dc Oldspook - a heads up: Elon Musk tweeted 1 hour ago:
"No near term plans to IPO @SpaceX. Only possible in very long term when Mars Colonial Transporter is flying regularly."

20150122 15:09 Bright Pebbles phys.org/news/2015-01-peer-reviewed-pocket-calculator-climate-exposes-errors.html

Well that just about wraps it up for AGW faithful.
20150122 15:08 Bright Pebbles http://news.nationalpost.com/2015/01/22/france-admits-soldiers-have-deserted-to-isis-including-ex-elite-special-forces-and-french-foreign-legionnaires/
20150122 08:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Damn, I haven't seen this much neo-soviet semen spewn about since I had that summer job with Starfleet Holodeck Janitorial Services.
20150122 01:18 Pappy Pajamas Media has editors???
20150122 00:07 Thing From Snowy Mountain IMHO the 'Pajamas Media" label means the editor's already probably done more harm than good.