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20140724 12:41 Deacon Blues So, Old Spook, ya wanna be a Hobbit.
20140724 08:35 Dale Honey look at our new home. Significant other replies, say what?. That's why we only hear about caveman days. The women refused and made the men build tree condos. Keep your man cave. The regressive liberal men yearn for the cave man days. They were happy on then.
20140724 06:49 john ***SPAM?*** n64L0N http://www.QS3PE5ZGdxC9IoVKTAPT2DBYpPkMKqfz.com
20140724 04:55 Skidmark going underground
20140724 02:18 Skidmark I'd find a hillside and dig back into it

Dude, that's a bunker.
20140723 20:57 OldSpook Windows north big wall south, at least in Texas, for cooling rather than heating. If I was rich, I'd find a hillside and dig back into it. Use a heat pump and ground water -ground water for cooling in the summer, ground/solar for heat in the winter. Basically put the heated/cooled water into the concrete floor slab and a similar ceiling. Use earth as heat sink. Probably still need forced air system to manage humidity and air exchange. If I were rich. As it stands we may sell our pricey bigger house in the richer burbs, and find an older smaller place in a favorable area, buy it cash with our equity, and use the extra to gut it and build it out with proper insulation, solar etc.
20140723 20:24 Thing From Snowy Mountain
The same MB the administration was cuddling up to.

You must be mistaken. I have it on very good authority that Obama is better than Bush for Israel. (Although not as good as Putin).
20140723 18:52 3dc Enjoy it Pappy. Old school with a twist.
20140723 15:07 Deacon Blues Firewood, too.
20140723 13:01 Skidmark I think you'll be clearing some trees for the cabin so plenty of roof room for solar if you align the cabin right.
20140723 11:59 OldSpook Solar is ok for daytime power, but without deep storage like a bank of marine batteries, you need something for night time to get completely off grid. Plus solar for water heating, and maybe wind if you're toward Oklahoma -use that to run the well pump. Nat gas for heat/cooking and standby generator.

Get pretty close to being off grid.

20140723 09:39 Glenmore Skid, Finally enticed (shrimp, crawfish & Scotch) the neighbor to the north to let us have an easement. Trees are cleared, and last I heard we were waiting on power company to place poles (though have to bury the line where it goes under the high tension stuff.) Expensive, but ... Hadn't thought of setting a coil out to collect induced current.... drat.
Solar might be tough for 24/7/365, especially without natural gas to supply backup generator. Plus, there's those trees....
20140723 08:16 Pappy “The [Hamas] organization has used the period in which the Muslim Brotherhood ruled Egypt to establish a real military industry in the Gaza Strip, with advanced tooling equipment, and to smuggle a large amount of anti-tank missiles, including Kornet anti-tank missiles that were transferred to Syria before the outbreak of the civil war.” Israeli analyst Amir Rapaport said.

The same MB the administration was cuddling up to.
20140723 05:16 Skidmark Glenmore, looks like there is plenty of power on the other side of the highway. Tough to tap into that though. Find a culvert under the road and bury a coil between the towers. Should be able to siphon that EMF pretty easy.

Pan has/d a engineered solar setup at his place. He could give you some pointers.
20140723 05:10 Skidmark Hope those were the good inlaws Spook.
20140722 20:24 BrerRabbit Also, Dale, I'm gonna borrow your joke for a former Marine friend of mine. Thks
20140722 20:18 BrerRabbit 3dc - Christoph Luxenberg?
20140722 20:10 Pappy Thanks, 3dc. Something to read on the ride this weekend.
20140722 20:07 Dale 600 years after Bible Koran or Quran came about. No Arab language at the time of the Bible. No Palestine. Yes, some information was copied. Recently this information was reviewed on a Christian radio station.
20140722 17:53 OldSpook Sherman-Dennison area for me or maybe a small town the other side of the lake. Relatives recently moved to Frisco and Van Alstyne.
20140722 17:12 3dc Oh and alluded to that which must not be spoken off in a post today... so drink up for an Operation Linebacker.
20140722 17:11 3dc btw... some of you might want to check your in boxes. Sent a little present.
20140722 15:09 3dc Thanks - my links are buried under 13 yrs of backups. Not worth the effort to search.
20140722 15:00 trailing wife I vaguely remember what you're talking about, 3dc. No doubt I read articles about that claim, that given there were Jews and Christains about, Mohammed would have been exposed to storoes from both the old and new testaments, but that, because of his illiteracy, he misremembered the details.

I have not read the book, nor do I have any idea who the author is. Sorry.
20140722 14:55 3dc A novelist was looking for info and I remembered the story about the book.
20140722 14:48 3dc TW, do you remember the authors name who wrote a book claiming Islam came from a mis-translated bible? I think he was German and there were a bunch of fatwas shortly after 911.
20140722 12:51 Deacon Blues Love it, Dale.
20140722 08:38 Dale http://www.norwaypost.no/index.php/business/general-business/29983

May become first cash free society.
20140722 08:35 Dale Here's one for you Deaconman; Yesterday a man asked what the difference was between a Marine battery and a regular one. I said the Marine battery can be old and fat and can still be a Marine.
20140722 07:33 Glenmore Skidmark, 33.280656,-95.242646 Still 'in progress' but electricity is now (finally) arranged, and surveys done.
20140722 07:26 trailing wife An additional item about the situation in France, from the Volokh Conspiracy:

Attempted pogrom thwarted by Jewish self-defense groups

This sounds like a headline from Tzarist Russia in 1910, but in fact it was last week in Paris. A group of anti-Israel demonstrators tried to storm a synagogue, but Jews had their own undercover agents at the protests so they could raise the alarm if any of the protestors started to engage in violence. They did so, and the rioters were beaten back by a combination of “right-wing” Jewish youth groups and communal security. Unlike is Tzarist Russia, the authorities aren’t on the side of the attackers, and they eventually arrived in sufficient numbers to disperse the attackers.

Making it safe for Jews in Europe isn’t really that complicated–the police need to be proactive, using intelligence gathering, decoys wearing kippot and other Jewish garb to draw attackers and arrest them, stings, and so on. Unfortunately, though, policing in Europe is by custom almost entirely reactive, the belief is that specifically doing anything proactively stopping anti-Semitic violence would be “provocative,” and the Jewish leadership, as a well-placed European friend told me, is too ineffectual to demand anything different.
20140722 02:13 Skidmark Welcome to the neighborhood Glenmore.
20140721 22:17 3dc Grandma of Malaysia's Prime Minister died in the air plane shoot down. She was a passenger.
20140721 19:16 Alaska Paul Airbus loses $16 billion worth of Emirates business

Emirates cancels its order for Airbus’ new A350 jets months before the new planes are due to hit the skies.

Airbus has lost a valuable order for its new line of A350 jets after Emirates Airlines cancelled its plans to purchase 70 planes — an order worth about $16 billion — the European aerospace company said Wednesday.

The change of heart by Emirates represents the biggest-ever order cancellation for Airbus. Dubai-based Emirates originally ordered 50 A350-900 and 20 A350-1000 aircraft in 2007, and the first deliveries were scheduled to hit runways in 2019.

“The contract which we signed in 2007 for 70 A350 aircraft has lapsed,” said an Emirates spokesperson. “We are reviewing our fleet requirements.”

The change comes in the wake of Emirates decision to add 50 A380 jets to its collection last year, becoming the largest operator of the superjumbo Airbus planes. The airline is also the lead buyer for Boeing’s new 777X, a similar twin-engined, wide-body plane that is due for delivery shortly after the A350s.

Airbus’ new jets have been under development for eight years to the cost of about $15 billion. The European aircraft maker said it was “very confident” in the A350 program, which is set to enter into service in six months. There are “a healthy 742 firm orders” still set, and Airbus expects the order book to continue growing this year, replacing the lost Emirates orders.

20140721 15:44 Pappy Greetings from Hell With Saguaros. Spent four days in critically-needed down time.

Observation: Amazing how civil the in-laws are when the political situation is not in their favor.

Using the Union of Communist Concerned Scientists' doomsday clock and applying it to the potential for civil unrest, I'd have to say we're around 10:30 pm. Ask me three years ago and I'd have said "around 9:10 pm."

IMNSHO, it's not the Tea Party or the 'right-wingers' or any other usual suspect that the in-charge are worried about rising up. It's the lower strata of those that put them in power in the first place.
20140721 11:26 Glenmore Agreed, OS. The Goddess of the Hunt and I are setting up a 'vacation home' on 90 acres down the road from Skidmark. Not quite the middle of nowhere, but next-door to it.
20140721 10:52 OldSpook I am of the opinion that things are far too close to the "its time to fight" to do much other than examine the likely things/organizations/people needed to produce a positive outcome from the ensuing chaos and bloodshed, and work now towards having them in place when the trigger event happens. This also includes personal and family safety - which is why my son, nephews and a lot of other family are moving either further into the appalachians (small towns in NC/Tenn far from the liberal urban population centers), or else to Texas & Oklahoma. I guess its instinct on our part, probably since we were reared as country folk. For me, Colorado may eventually turn itself around, but not nearly as quickly or effectively as those states/areas, and not without a far higher risk of acquiescence to the jackboots or else extended violence and civil rebellion (the increasingly authoritarian nature of those in state gov increase this risk as they are backed by inflexible top-down prog pols and money like Gill, Polis and other monied Boulder activists). If things happen, I know where my wife and I are headed. And its not in Colorado.
20140721 09:58 trailing wife 49 Pan, I took your questions as seeking information, so please don't worry that I feel insulted or defensive.

When to flee? I don't know. If i were a French Jew reading this and this in today's newspapers, (3dc, note the former confirms your chatter) I'd pack a few suitcases, send the family on a vacation to somewhere not Europe, and organize a quick liquidation of assets, with the funds deposited to an account the spouse opened in the bank nearest to her hotel, paying without quibble whatever taxes that move triggered. At that point you leave money on the table, and are just grateful for the chance to start over.

But many of France's Jews have been flirting with the idea of emigrating for the past several years. Quite a few have bought vacation properties in Israel -- and presumably elsewhere, like French Canada and England -- and/or sent their offspring to universities abroad, so they already have some of the infrastructure in place. That would be those with money, of course. A large number of France's Jewish population lost everything when they fled France's North African territories in the 1950s, and never recovered economically; so for them Israel is the only option, and straightforward emigration the only way, it seems to me. They, too, have been talking to Israel's Aliyah representatives* in France for the past year or two, and no doubt they will make the move in increasing numbers as time goes on. No doubt also at least some of both groups will find Israel uncongenial and move on, but it will have served its purpose as a refuge.

The question for you becomes: If you went, where would you go? Research that, make a decision, take a family vacation there. Look at job opportunities, and what you would need to be able to work and subsequently become a citizen. In the meantime, reduce your living expenses and build up your savings -- in cash and things easily converted to cash held in a bank with branches both here and there, wherever your 'there' might be. You don't want to lose most of your assets because you can't cash them out quickly and then move them out of the country without triggering a hold because it crosses the $10,000 IRS trigger. Somewhere along the way buy a vacation home there, and stock it with things from home, including clothes, so that you needn't carry a month's worth of clothes and amusements back and forth.

Nota bene: it may be that my thoughts, especially the last, are not actually good ideas, or even legal. Do due diligence with that in mind.

*Apparently something like a quarter of the Jewish families in France have sent a representative to talk to the Aliyah people or attended information sessions in the past few years. 500,000 x .25 = an awful lot of concerned people.
20140721 08:17 Visitor ***SPAM?*** The one sign that the plan may not be exactly working is the appearance - and popularity - of books & movies like 'Idiocracy' and 'The Hunger Games.'
20140721 08:00 Glenmore 49Pan, I think you and I both are seeing our government sliding away from what we think it is supposed to be, and we don't know how to tell when to change from trying to 'preserve' it as it was to overthrowing it.
That's not an accident; the change has come gradually, on many fronts, and will continue that way until it is too late to stop it. Educate/indoctrinate the young, then the rest of us; make many/most dependent on government and make it difficult for the rest to be independent; replace God with an elite human cadre as guiding force; eventually confiscate the means of resistance, one small bite at a time. Are we there yet?
20140721 03:19 3dc chatter from French Internet comment censors. “On an article about the Tour de France, after four comments it’s about Gaza,” says Mani.

“On one story about salmon fishing, I saw a comment saying: ‘Stop talking about this, the problem is there are too many Jews’.
20140721 02:38 3dc 49 Pan - those went to the Israel, joined the Haganah or Irgun.
20140721 01:49 49 Pan Thanks TW. I don't know, honestly. I know what I read in mainstream history, and I believe about half, I am also a victim of a CA public education. I ask you this, not to sharp shoot the German Jews. I am interested in at finding out just what time does one decide to pick up and leave? How do you read it to know before its too late to leave? When does the hype and rhetoric become real threat to family and life. I asked because I feel honorable Americans have a lot in common with the German Jew. We believe in the legal process, our rules of law, and that fairness will rule. But with Germany that same belief, or lack of willingness to believe our government has crossed the line is where I feel the Jews erred. They held out too long, got boxed in the ghettos and before they knew it, it was too late. I could be all wrong here, but I see a lot of parallels with present day America and the rise of a fascist political party(s). Are we close? Where is close at? I'm no sheep and vigilance is not vigilante. Our country is divided, each side spouts political one liners with no real thought behind it, no one wants to meet in the middle and that spells failed state. Neither side is willing to give even the time of day to the other. Unless something changes in the next few years I see the US slide into third world politics with police state actions. IE round up all the Tea Party terrorists, Vet terrorists, gun owners, etc...

To your question. For the Jews to arm up and fight, it was to late. I have pondered my meager brain on this specific fight for years. How as an officer could I have gone in and help them? The best answer would be to get as many as I could out. Second, would be to get as many fighting aged men out and start a partisan war, not unlike the French or the Dutch. I would use them to attack the lines going into and out of the ghettos and where the military was moving the Jews around. Make persecuting this group of people more work than its worth and a distraction from the war. Its a textbook answer, but one I have thought about a lot.
20140721 00:45 trailing wife 3dc, I can't explain Israel. I've never been there, and all the Israelis I know emigrated to America. My father, to be fair, originally intended to be here temporarily, adding an American polish to leverage a professorship in Israel, but when my mother was uninterested in moving continents yet again, he happily transferred his allegiance to America. So I know *about* Israel from a lifelong connection, but I probably have less insight than you.

49 Pan, this story illustrates what I was talking about below. Note that the French Jews armed themselves for the fight they ran toward, but I'm sure that you have a much better idea than I what would have happened, absent police intervention, whether this incident, or the next, or the one after that.
20140721 00:18 3dc In other words I gave the Israelis a C+ and the US intel F.
20140721 00:12 3dc TW, In that line explain Israel a bit. When we (co-workers & I) tried to warn them before the Intafada, they told us we were crazy. The Arabs were not about to revolt. The Israeli lady who was our groups contact in Israel freaked and immigrated to the USA.
An Israeli friend, who developed some of their early drones, kept pressing and a year later when the Israeli companies president came he was dragged by my friend to talk to us before the corporate prez. He didn't believe us so then we started going through people we might know in common. When we found an expert we all knew he holed up with the Israeli corp prez and then us. Belief was then accomplished so he had us explain how we did it. He got excited at that point canceled the meeting with our prez and then holed up with our expert for the rest of the day then raced back to Israel.
My guess it had something to do with some of their successes 6 months later. Its just that it was strange path to get somebody to listen. Also not until a year after the Intafada.

That said, we could never get the US intel to ever get over their superiority and actual talk to experts at a commercial company who still know stuff they will not acknowledge as having value.
20140720 23:34 trailing wife TW, Help me understand. The Jews refused to rise up when they needed to against the Germans

They wanted to be good citizens, 49 Pan, a state still fairly new to them. Up until Napoleon became emperor and enfranchised them, Jews in Christendom were the property of a bishop or prince or something, allowed to live where he said, on sufferance. Ghettos originally didn't have walls, you know, it was only later that the Jews were sometimes allowed to build walls around their quarter of the town, at their own expense, to protect them from rampaging hordes. When the hordes broke in anyway, often let in by the guards outside the gates, the Jews fought as much as they could, but outside the gates they were a very small minority, and fighting back led to problems for the entire community.

Much like the situation of Christians and Jews in the Ummah, in fact, where it is forbidden for one of the dhimmi to raise a hand against a member of the master religion.

My maternal grandfather was a great hunter, with a number of rifles and a fiercely loyal hunting dog who was trained to subdue poachers. He'd been awarded an Iron Cross for his service as a sergeant in the first world war. Nonetheless, when the SS came round to his office to arrest him, he didn't pick up one of the guns in the gun rack behind him, nor release the dog, who clearly considered SS men lower than even poachers.

The bad old days had clearly returned, where to stand up against attack was to call down even more trouble on oneself and as far as the more or less powerful felt like sharing it. Jews in America make up less than 2% of the population. While there likely were areas in Germany where the numbers were higher (certain neighbourhoods in NYC and Florida come to mind), nonetheless, even those areas were embedded within a hostile majority. And in the end, all of Europe, just about, was a hostile majority to the very small minorities of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, handicapped, independent thinkers... all the usual undesirables.

You are a retired Special Forces officer. How would you organize the defense of a small, scattered population in a No Exit situation, let alone anything that might look like a victory?

Historically the only defence the Jews had was a strong, law-abiding central government to protect them against the rampages of the locals. That doesn't mean Jews didn't work on self defence to the extent that they could. Krav Magra is the modern refinement of earlier styles developed for a single man fighting a mob. Then there were at least two groups of Partisans in the forests of Yugoslavia: the Yugoslav one everybody knows about, and the Jewish Partisans, who protected an entire community of Jews they'd helped escape into the forest. my grandfather, though in hiding himself, forged papers for the group hiding him, devised and built a hiding place within their hiding place for when officialdom checked out the fraternity house. At one of the major concentration camps, there was a massive breakout -- I son't know what happened to the escapees, but the Nazis were embarrassed that those Jews were not the sheep they'd been led to believe. There are lots of little stories like that, but in the end most of those people were unorganized, law-abiding civilians.

Nowadays there are Jews in the military, gun groups, redneck Jewish country boys, etc. Since FDR, a quarter of American Jews have voted Republican, so there are those out there who wouldn't look first to the government when the government went to the bad. For the rest, Israel remains.
20140720 17:50 Thing From Snowy Mountain Just checking in before I leave my Mom's.

These SOB's we're subjected to are both disgusting and tiring. And I'm not even talking about the enemy yet.
20140720 15:58 badanov Some Sunday afternoon Kenny Chesney:

20140720 15:04 swksvolFF Unfortunate, sure reads well. Do you know anyone who may be attending? Number of people out here who had nothing to do with guns are working for their CC, so this idea of self defense seems to be more than a fad.

TV happened to turn on with that sunday morning show meat press on. Obama got thumbs down all around the table, with very little good said.
20140720 14:15 Thing From Snowy Mountain Had an interesting talk with our French Friend. Was wondering why more vendettas were not started by acts like the shootdown. He pointed out Lockerbie might have been a vendetta hit.

Did you explain to him that his government and several French corporations would be on the Vendetta list, because they've turned themselves into life support systems for Vladimir Putin's Penis when they sold him ships and electronics for his tanks?
20140720 13:47 49 Pan TW, Help me understand. The Jews refused to rise up when they needed to against the Germans, my impression is of a very passive group. As a group, the Jews seem to remain a very passive group when it comes to hate crimes and self defense. With one very bright anomaly, and that's Israel. Israel is very aggressive across the globe. Defending Israel is a life and death event, but protecting oneself seems not so much. I don't understand why more Jews are not armed, as I see it the threat is real and justified.
20140720 00:17 trailing wife badanov, the brotherhood is for the menfolk, so I won't be going. There's a sisterhood for the ladies, which I never joined. When I was active, I volunteered in the classroom, working with the kids struggling to learn Hebrew. That way the rest of the class could move more quickly, to the relief of the trailing daughters, who'd learnt their first foreign language as toddlers, and so had a skill advantage over their monolingual classmates.
20140720 00:07 3dc
20140719 23:48 3dc or this pr:
20140719 23:46 3dc
20140719 19:47 badanov Wow. SARCO sells unfinished 1911 frames.
20140719 19:29 swksvolFF TW, sounds like an interesting person which usually makes for an interesting class. I made a post in badanov's weekly along this topic. I'm no Chuck Norris, but when people ask me if they should get their CC I say absolutely take the class, even if you never own a firearm in your life you increase your awareness, work on a skill set, and get to grapevine with people on a subject usually avoided by polite society.

And the name of the discussion rocks.
20140719 19:27 3dc Had an interesting talk with our French Friend. Was wondering why more vendettas were not started by acts like the shootdown. He pointed out Lockerbie might have been a vendetta hit.
20140719 15:19 Alaska Paul Great quote from Roald Amundsen

"Victory awaits him, who has everything in order - luck we call it.

Defeat is definitely due for him, who has neglected to take the necessary precautions - bad luck we call it"

---Roald Amundsen
20140719 14:45 Thing From Snowy Mountain hmm does this work?

20140719 14:39 Thing From Snowy Mountain And I have no idea why those lyrics set off the spam filter.
20140719 14:39 Thing From Snowy Mountain Round here we talk just like lions
but we sacrifice like lambs
Round here
She's slipping through my hands.
20140719 14:32 Alaska Paul Iceberg near Cape Spear Newfoundland - Drone Flying through the Cube!

I saw this video via a newsletter called the Excel Addict, with tips on many MS Excel features. The fellow lives in Newfoundland, Canada.
20140719 13:43 Pappy Morning from an unnamed resort near Hell With Saguaros.
20140719 09:58 badanov You're going, right?
20140719 09:04 trailing wife The times, they are a-changing.

Just got an invitation from my very Reform synagogue's brotherhood: "Burgers, Beer, and Ballistics". For their annual cookout activity, one of the members will give a lecture on the role of -- and I quote -- "firearms in the modern Jewish household. Attorney by day, recreational shooter as often as possible, Mike is a certified range safety instructor and avid shooter. Mike will talk about gun safety, the recreational and defensive use of firearms; as well as a Jewish perspective on the ownership and use of guns."

Among other things, our Mike blows the shofar during High Holiday services, and is an active member of the congregation, most of whom, no doubt, never expected him to partake in such proclivities. He will also discuss how the situation in Israel impacts the need and desire of American Jews to acquire guns, and what Jewish Law has to say about hunting, the right to self-defence, and gun ownership. I never thought to see the day.
20140719 00:58 Alaska Paul We had a thread going yesterday about "Egypt Amends Gaza Mediation in Face of Hamas Defiance."

Commodore Frank started a thread about Zamzam water. It was fun. But it got me thinking about Zamzam, a neutral ship carrying a motley group of missionaries, ambulance drivers for the Free French, and lots of children.

I learned about her sinking and story when I was a boy. It happened on April 17, 1941 when she was attacked and sunk by the infamous German raider Atlantis.
Well, It is quite a story. And there is now a website. Interesting stuff.