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20160506 08:15 Pappy Agreed.
20160506 00:55 Thing From Snowy Mountain Every year the choosing of the.lesser of.two evils.becomes.more.bitter.
20160505 15:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain The question, tw, is whether any of them will take him up on it.

"While in the primary phase of the campaign I did mention that TW's family did have a mean recipe for Gentile Baby Blood and Matzoh Ball Soup, I am willing to overlook her family history to have a person of that caliber in my administration..."
20160505 00:29 Pappy The question, tw, is whether any of them will take him up on it.
20160505 00:25 Pappy bad - the gunboat could carry SA-7s.

Would need to fabricate a 'launcher-stabilizer platform' for the shooter.

Think of a 3" high by 1" thick metal ring, 24" in diameter, mounted waist-high to a 4"-5" pipe. The pipe is welded to a metal plate, which is bolted to the deck. The SA-7 handler uses the mount to stabilize himself while firing.

We used that design in the Gulf - for another man-portable SAM, of course.
20160505 00:24 trailing wife I would not be surprised if Mr. Trump tried to tap his various Republican opponents for responsibilities in his administration-to-be, now that he's more or less won. "All those things I said? Didn't mean a word of it -- that's just how the game is played, donchaknow."
20160504 23:44 Skidmark Picking Ms. Fioriana was a final public service as well as a last gasp. She is now soiled for any further engagement.
20160504 20:36 Pappy Comment on a DiploMad article:

I *FINALLY* understand Cruz anointing Carly Fiorina as his running mate..

There's really *no* better pick for the eventuality of laying off his campaign's staff
20160504 17:47 3dc Thing - hope my answer is deep enough...
20160504 16:57 Dale This just in from Germany- Snowy; "In laboratory experiments, scientists at all levels could save neurons that would die in the conditions of oxidative stress or in the presence of beta-amyloid. "These cells have survived in the processing of even very low concentrations of substances", - commented on the results of the research team leader, professor of chemistry at the University of Bar-Ilan Fisher Bilha. The new drug is being developed in collaboration with Professor Daniel Offen, a neurologist at Tel Aviv University. "We have created a molecule - a kind of universal and reliable medical Swiss army knife - continues Professor Fisher -. The formula is designed to provide a huge number of therapeutic targets and simultaneously achieve several goals."
20160504 12:59 3dc go to a throw away email and I will send back a real one to chat.
Throw away: daliroot@yahoo.com
20160504 12:58 3dc Thing - can't seem to post the answers. Some magic words. No patience on my side.

20160504 01:22 badanov Skid: This is Chernarus: a former Soviet mobocracy which repudiated its Soviet past and strug\les as a fledgling republic. They have very little money for newfangled western weapons systems, and they are tied to the Russian designs.
20160503 23:56 Skidmark Use the laser (LaWS) for cruise missiles
20160503 23:45 Skidmark
20160503 21:24 badanov General purpose patrol. To provide naval interdiction against smug*lers, to provide naval fire support for friendly troops on shore and AA cover.
20160503 18:59 Pappy Depends on what you think the primary mission is. A general-purpose patrol boat would use the 76mm.

But - I can see where an air defense/missile defense craft might prove useful. Throw in a couple of MANPADS stations...
20160503 15:24 badanov Trying to decide between putting a 23mm twin AA gun aboard the new patrol boat or an AK-176 76.2mm autocannon.

Both are AA guns, but of the two the 23mm would better to defend against SSM cruise missiles.

The AK-176 has an advantage in that it can be used as a indirect fire artillery.

The disadvantage is that I would have to develop the AK-176 gun including the turret, the mount, ammunition, the forward observer and magazines for use in Arma 3.
20160503 15:16 Thing From Snowy Mountain Paging 3dc... got a couple questions re: gold and gems on the moon...
20160503 09:26 badanov Heh
20160503 08:49 Pappy Coming soon to a blue-state city near you...
20160503 07:59 badanov ISIS gunner firing a machine gun from a special cart.
20160503 01:41 Skidmark Sometimes, I don't care to ask my doctor if my heart is healthy enough for sex.
20160502 22:51 Pappy Probably. It was different back then. In retrospect, he was a bit...unhinged.

One of the guards was a retired cop who'd been a motorcycle courier, got commandeered, and survived the Bulge.

The plant manager was a retired brigadier in the National Guard. He was a second lieutenant at Normandy. Only six of his Company survived to make it to the base of the cliffs. It would've been a total wipe out, had the mine he stepped on gone off.

There were a bunch of others besides those three.
20160502 21:17 trailing wife mounted on the wall behind his desk were a K-bar and a photograph of his Raider platoon.

Probably couldn't do something like that nowadays, Pappy, as it would no doubt be viewed as creating an unsafe work environment or some such polysyllabic manager-speak.
20160502 16:55 Skidmark Much like learning the rules of civil discourse at the end of a nightstick.
20160502 09:13 Pappy Skid - It was, in retrospect, a good experience.
20160502 00:36 Skidmark I thought there was something of a 'mill rat' in your taciturn countenance.
20160501 18:08 Dale I sent Hogan a nasty gram for his unwillingness to support Trump when Maryland voters voted in historic numbers for Trump. Glenn Beck laments his losing $500,000 on his man. This is a historic moment in history. I couldn't be happier. Seems a few will require meds to function I guess. The future is one step at a time. I am ready for this change in course. I realize some will not embrace this event but I do not fear the events to follow. As I tell others this is the New Camelot being born.
20160501 11:32 Pappy Looking back at the Raiders post from yesterday, it reminded me of "Moose", one of the guys from the steel mill (my first job.) Moose was a supervisor and had his own office in the middle of the plant floor. The office was spartan, but mounted on the wall behind his desk were a K-bar and a photograph of his Raider platoon.
20160501 08:45 Dave D. "But WTF? Clinton, Trump, this is real? This is not some kinda flashback they warned us about?"

It's real. And yes, we're screwed. Royally screwed, no matter what happens on November 8th. For the first time in 40 years, I seriously doubt I'll bother voting.
20160501 02:14 Skidmark Looking at the most gorgeous thing ever.
20160501 02:06 Skidmark I was hoping there was some new psychedelic we could take and not see Clinton and Trump

Methanol will make you blind.
20160501 01:06 trailing wife Additional TWIB authors would be great.

Information forwarded to the interested party. We'll work it out when the time comes.
20160501 00:47 Pappy I'll run through my book-list