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20140914 20:53 badanov My condolences, DB.
20140914 20:53 badanov Leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk are repudiating the ceasefire in southeastern Ukraina because they say they were not part of the final agreement.
20140914 20:50 tfsm phone Sorry to hear about Dillon, Deacon.
20140914 20:20 Dale Greatest fear among people is not being able to breathe. Constantly day after day always difficult. You just wear out. Losing weight also. Tough decision but I'm with you on that call.

Couldn't find the one where Hardy comes back as a mule and Laurel as himself, "another fine mess you've gotten me into". Now there is a word that has interesting results "mule" drugs and such.
20140914 17:33 Pappy Condolences, Deacon.
20140914 17:17 trailing wife My sympathies, dear Deacon Blues. He was a good horse.
20140914 16:40 Deacon Blues I lost my horse Dillon yesterday. He contracted COPD several years ago and started loosing weight this past Spring. He was down yesterday but I managed to get him up and get him to the Vet. There was nothing they could do for him so I decided to have him put down. He would not have lasted much longer as it was so it was best. I'm still bummed.
20140914 15:50 Mike N. If ISIS manages to pull significant numbers of US/UK into action, Russia gets a pretty good chance at successfully grabbing some eastern European turf.
20140914 14:14 3dc Maybe as kitchen workers and medics
20140914 14:13 3dc I think ISIS really needs some fresh volunteers from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.
20140914 13:57 Pappy Possible, Snowy. Al Nusra reportedly was guarding Syrian regime-controlled oil fields some months back.

Alliances in that part of the world tend to be liquid. Used to be that way in Europe with mercenary outfits in the 13-14th century as well.
20140914 10:29 tfsfone Can I add a contact to this done without having it sync to googl?
Apparently not

20140914 10:29 tfsfone Can I add a contact to this done without having it sync to googl?
Apparently not

20140914 09:52 tfsfone Ignore the showy stuff... In bulk, ISIS spends most of its efforts fighting Syrian rebel groups, Iraqi sunni army units and Kurds that Maliki denied supplies to for the last three years.
20140914 09:36 tfsm phone Pans scenario fits in with the idea that ISIS really works for Assad. It fits the traditional soviet pattern of backing multiple revolutionary fronts some of whom are ostensibly fighting them. I can't really go into details on the fine...
20140914 01:07 Pappy It's possible, bad. Though I thought the storage areas were rumored to be farther south. I also thought the Russians would have taken the worst of the stuff with them.

Al Nusra's actions are interesting. I half-wonder if it's more a plan to put pressure on Hesb'allah than Israel. But yes, Israel will likely have to do something. G(r)om's blatherings aside, having UN observers on the heights was a benefit.

20140914 00:48 49 Pan He has destroyed our economy. He has turned our government into turmoil and our legal system into a joke. The last step in the Manchurian candidates world would be a decisive defeat on the battlefield. Draw us in, hobble us with Chem, then attack Israel. Fighting Iraq was pretty conventional, AQ in Afghanistan and the Taliban are still within the our capabilities, even with the limited ROE. This will be different.

With all of my soul I hope I'm wrong and OS is correct.
20140914 00:26 trailing wife Pappy, this may be of interest. Al Nusra, et al seem to be concentrating on the area around the border crossing into Israel. At some point Israel will have to do something about that, surely.
20140913 23:46 badanov Maybe their area of operation (Syria/Iraq) denotes where the Iraqi CBR weapons are stowed.
20140913 23:03 Pappy IMNSHO, we're being lured.

I've a feeling that there's one heck of a brain trust and a few countries invested in IS. They got weapons from the Saudis. They get money from Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, and likely a lot from western sources. Their personnel get medical treatment in Turkey. There's senior (Russian trained) Baathists in the leadership - they had to have been residing somewhere.

The tactics range from a rehash of AlQaeda in Iraq's, to Soviet textbook, to some really good insurgency. The executions are along the lines of what we saw with Marxist 'liberation movements'. The reports that they're commandeering bulldozers from Lebanon and taking them into Syria means they're prepping against the WH's telegraphed air action.

What we're seeing in the field is what we saw with liberation movements as well: the psychos, the amateurs, the foreigners, the fanatics. In other words, the cannon fodder. Lots of cannon fodder. None of the hard core IS units have moved out of their Syrian enclaves. No sign of senior leadership, aside from the one killing. And there's plenty of allied groups, with no program to figure out who's ideologically aligned and who's doing it out of convenience.

What's interesting is where they're attacking. Iraq, for the most part. Eastern Syria. They make noise about Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Israel, but there's been no movement in those directions yet.

There's a dearth of intel, at least publicly acknowledged intel. We've heard about the Israelis (that tidbit no doubt released in order to shore up domestic support.)

This is gonna be a clusterf**k.
20140913 20:36 OldSpook Pan, they are true believers. They honestly believe their own bullshit. Remember the Japanese in WW2?
20140913 20:14 49 Pan So it is being reported ISIS just executed the British guy. The news is reporting on how acts like this will solidify the US and British in a response. I find it interesting in that the Leadership of ISIS are not stupid. They understand the combat power we will bring to the table over their continued acts. Setting the complexity added by our coward president, flags are going off with me. They know our response, so why are they doing this? Are we being suckered into the fight? If so, to what end? Does ISIS control any of the chem/bio weapons from Syria? I get the feeling we are being sucked into a strategic kill zone. Never underestimate ones enemy.
20140913 15:59 Deacon Blues East Carolina just scored with 16 seconds left to beat Virginia Tech.
20140913 13:54 badanov Rumors are at the moment that the Ukrainian military will end the ceasefire on Sunday or Monday. My personal theory is that the Ukrainians will wait until after the October 26th parliament elections. The pro Russian militias are too weak to provoke a break in the truce and the optics in the event of the upcoming Ukrainian counteroffensive, for Ukraina's Maidan movement could negatively affect their chances.

20140913 13:40 3dc home made tank in Aleppo with gun controlled from inside by gameboy.
20140913 13:39 3dc
20140913 11:04 OldSpook Looks like it works Snowy.

Ship, prob with Nunn is she's not even close to being what Sam was. Just flat wrong on so many things, percolating in the left cesspool too long, they ain't ever gonna be able to scrub that stench of her with clever campaign management twists. Dyed in the well liberal by nature. After all, she grew up in looney lefty Maryland, not Georgia. Only thing Georgia about her is her birth certificate.

Prob for the trunks is their DC cabal got another of those old boy power brokered candidates from the tribal bloodlines (Perdue), which is biting them in the ass.

Dynastic politicians ought to be banned, that's why we ditched the King all those centuries ago.
20140913 10:46 trailing wife Welcome, Snowy Thing's new phone!

Shipman, your dove season started Sept. 27th this year.
20140913 09:05 tfsm tests his new fone ***SPAM?*** Testing 1 2 3
20140913 08:13 Shipman TW, them Catuahs a different tribe. Hell with them all all and shoot the horse they rode in on.

To further illustrate, we enjoined the shit out of the Catuah seed company for bad damn seed and won recovery of cost, but only half of profit. Carter's are scum, every damn one of 'em parasites on the glory of middle Georgia. I'd go all OS and put a damn bounty on the lot of 'em, but that would be wrong and expensive since they tend to breed like weasels.

Is it dove season yet? I been sickish and the dawgs can't read good.

TW the Catuahs = Snopes. Scratch a Catuah find a barn burner.. Sunday Skool preaching, Ice Tea Drinking hypocritical lying bastards trying to do good me to death. I am tired of them, my family has been tired of them for ages. It 's why we live on the border and keep a sharp look out.

Don't get me started.
You got me started.


You know why I ain't a Baptist anymore?
Jimmy Fucin Carter

Do you know why I worry about heaven?
Jimmy Fuckin Carter

Carter trvia:
Hatfield my best dawg ever immediately started growling at the Plums city limit.

Billy Beer sucked, so did Billy

Keep your bladders healthy boys we got work to fo soon.

Don't get me started.
20140913 07:40 trailing wife Let me hop behind the bar to collect a club soda with lime.

TW, I don't have the interpersonal skills of you!

It's easy to think of such things from behind a keyboard when one isn't personally involved, 49 Pan. I'm sure I shouldn't have been as nearly effective as you in real life, all things being equal.

I don't have as much free will as I thought.

They depend on that, you know. But you could if you really wanted to. I imagine Jimmy Carter's grandson couldn't automatically count on your vote, dear Shipman.
20140913 03:30 Shipman :) and maybe think about moving the DOD to Arkansas.

It was a different time, the lawyers were cheaper,Royal, Crown was a a brand and CBS was legit.
20140913 02:52 Shipman This is my great great Uncle

This is the Carl Vinson

So removing tribalism from Georgia politics is impossible. Hell removing it from southern politics is impossible. We got white, black and how long yawl been here? Leading to what you want to drink?
So when I make a stupid comment about peanut allotments (which pisses me off) it because I have seen this discussed over fence-lines by my uncle and his congressional rep. Hell, that is what is important. Peanut allotment, good roads and a damn Navy that will make every nation shit in their pants. Thats where I come from in case you wondered.
20140913 02:36 Shipman We talk about about tribalism a lot around here. To be (LOL) frank here, I would find it just about impossible to vote against Michelle Nunn for reasons that are exactly tribal. Which is crazy, self-defeating and oh so damn Southern.

I don't have as much free will as I thought.
20140913 00:33 badanov Two jiggers of scotch.
20140913 00:13 Pappy S'why I always tell 'em to get their ducks in a row before they get out. Even if it's just to go back to school.

And I'll take a double of Bushmills, thanks. Gonna be a rough month.
20140913 00:01 49 Pan TW, I don't have the interpersonal skills of you! HAHA. I wished I did. There are a lot of companies that have great programs and I'm glad to hear P&G is one of them. Most don't boast it. And I know I get irrational when I feel someone is taking advantage of the guys. Shots for the house!!! I need a drink.
20140912 23:48 3dc 49, Pappy and Old Spook. Never forget even vets are competing with indentured servants (H1B visa) that can be kicked out of the country in 72 hours by the INS if the company gets pissed at them. This work around to the 13th Amendment supports age, vet and all other forms of discrimination by allowing a buyers market for the companies.
20140912 22:09 trailing wife My sympathies, 49 Pan. Perhaps you could help by translating military skills into civilian-speak for her so that she could more effectively help those who need it?

I know that Procter & Gamble, the consumer products company, has a history of hiring veterans -- Bob McDonald, now trying to fix the VA went that route, as did a number of Mr. Wife's colleagues in the Purchasing division. But they also only hire at the entry level as a matter of principle, and rapidly weed out those who don't fit the culture.
20140912 21:37 49 Pan Pappy, all of it is personal. You wont piss me off, we both care with our live for them. Its not about me and my struggles, I made my decisions knowing the risks, but about helping to get these young troops a bit better than a list from the unemployment office. Your correct that the aircraft mechanics have a leg up on the gunners in the market, but my point to her was these guys come out with real skills they are not paying attention to. The transitioning issues and the struggles they are facing is a real challenge.
And sitting in a Scottsdale bar listening so some self serving elitist pat themselves on the back just grills me.
20140912 21:31 OldSpook Pappy, it is better than 40 years ago. but not 25 years ago. Nor 15 or even 10 years ago.

I do find the superficial service irritating since it seems like a PR stunt and not a genuine commitment based on genuine respect; but that said, in this economy, I'd not look askance at any opportunity, because they are far fewer and thinner than any time since Jimmy Carter. I remember that economic hell of inflation, high interest rates, no growth and high unemployment -- and the RIFs that were dumping people into the pit.

That being said, I believe age discrimination is far worse than before, at least if you are trying to get hired into a tech-oriented environment and are over 50 years of age - or in some cases, even over 40.
20140912 21:27 badanov Pan: You have my sympathy.
20140912 20:49 Pappy At the risk of pissing you off, how much of that frustration is personal?

As for the "last six years fixing $40 million dollar aircraft", they're a lot better situated than the PFC whose primary job was heavy gunner for a platoon, or the third-class culinary specialist with two kids and no promotion prospects in an up-or-out environment. That's where the apprenticeships come in.

That isn't to say the limitations aren't frustrating. It's a buyer's market and money is tight, especially for the little places. There's some good companies out there, like UPS and USAA. But they're big and the culture is long established.

And yes - it is vets helping out each other. And a lot of it, for me, is from being an old-school line officer, where you damn well better take care of your sailors or else. You'd be surprised how many impromptu counseling sessions I do, in the PMO parking lot at 4am, in the ER, or outside on the loading dock. I give out names and phone numbers. But most of the time it's a matter of asking "What's your plan? How are you gonna get there?"

Yeah, Kipling was right - but it's still a lot better than it was in Kipling's day, and better than it was forty years ago.
20140912 15:22 OldSpook 49Pan, its long been the case that the only help veterans can depend on is from each other. Usually you can count on the Legion and VFW, but not always. VFW gets leftarded sometimes. Legion is the first to blow the whistle on the VA (they've been screaming about wait times, and the goat clusters at the VA for years), but they are cumbersome to actually get to work on things, and some areas they simply don't do well.

Kipling was right.

For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!"
But it's "Saviour of 'is country" when the guns begin to shoot;
An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' anything you please;
An' Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool -- you bet that Tommy sees!
20140912 14:57 49 Pan Thing,
I get that its tough out here, I am unemployed right now. And what your doing for a friend is noble. I am just offended to no end when these organizations self promote using the vets as fodder. Maybe I'm wrong and over defensive.
20140912 13:00 Thing From Snowy Mountain 49 Pan, FWIW the prevailing wage for trainee machinists in this area is something like 18.00/hr. I am currently working for a friend at 15.00 for a while trying to get a plant up, but I'm doing "management"/requisitions/paperwork for a crew of four people.
20140912 11:20 49 Pan Thanks, I try not to share frustrations like this, it does no good. But I had to get this one out...
20140912 08:08 Glenmore An excellent rant, 49Pan, one deserving of a much wider audience.
20140912 07:41 Deacon Blues I feel the same way, Pan.
20140912 00:40 49 Pan As a vet, I don't feel entitled. I never asked for a thank you, never asked for special treatment, kind of embarrassed by it all. But I am really tired of the we love our troops bumper sticker crap. At dinner I was sitting with someone who "Helps the troops get jobs". So I asked, What kind of jobs? Apprentice trade jobs was the reply. The response was full of pride, I was repulsed and could not let it go. So, your proud of getting a guy who spent the last six years fixing $40 million dollar aircraft and get them a job that pay ten buck an hour, just one step higher than a high schooler working at McDonalds. You should be so proud. The response was that our state love and supports our military. Ya sure, so much our state's VA is the poster child for veterans neglect. I had to leave, just pisses me off. Today I went to a tech shop, really cool place to get to use all the machining equipment you could ever want, man town! On their web page they said the membership dues is waived for vets. Big flag, love the troops, ra ra ra. So for the first time in my life I asked about the entrance waiver. He said Yes, we really support our soldiers, but, they have a 3,000 vet member limit nationally and well there is a six month to a year wait. I said now that's a troops support program. I should have never asked. The only real support I have seen is these little NGO's set up by other vets to help each other. The rest seem to be nothing more than a tool to make themselves feel good, like going to church and placing an empty envelope in the basket and smiling to the rest of the folk in the church like you really support it. ARG!
20140912 00:28 badanov From Wretchard (about Obama's Coalition of the Willing v 2.0):

Nothing is certain in this world. There’s always a chance that president Obama will succeed in defeating ISIS and bring peace and stability to a troubled region. But the probabilities are against it. He is playing Russian r0ulette with five out of six chambers loaded.

Russians call it "Dead Man's Bluff"
20140911 20:21 Pappy No!
20140911 12:09 Thing From Snowy Mountain 3dc: I was being sarcastic.
20140911 11:44 abu do you love I play War Thunder with my kids... moderate intensity and clean fun.
20140911 09:48 Bright Pebbles I like playing it.

You might to.

Less intensive than some of the other war games, but you get out what you put in.

20140911 00:10 Pappy I think you missed the implied sarcasm regarding criticizing the Egyptians' choice of architecture. Implies engaging in Orientalism, and all that.

Heaven forbid one should mention Nefertiti...
20140910 21:56 3dc Arty turned it into less that R. Forum rubble so ..
20140910 21:55 3dc Lots of white stone, alabaster, hidden courtyards, windy paths, grade changes, short-cuts, souks .. quite nice.
20140910 21:52 3dc The old French designs done by the anglo-french Suez Canal company were elegant in a sort of Odalisque style. The Egyptians living there were quite proud of them.
You don't get that sort of pride for a People's Housing Block.

20140910 21:48 3dc Thing - really?
More like dissing s_ism/ma_ism architecture.

20140910 20:33 Thing From Snowy Mountain From the New Republic, of all places, via Rand Simberg:
What about the rationalization that charitable extracurricular activities teach kids important lessons of moral engagement? There are reasons to be skeptical. A skilled professional I know had to turn down an important freelance assignment because of a recurring commitment to chauffeur her son to a resumé-building “social action” assignment required by his high school. This involved driving the boy for 45 minutes to a community center, cooling her heels while he sorted used clothing for charity, and driving him back—forgoing income which, judiciously donated, could have fed, clothed, and inoculated an African village. The dubious “lessons” of this forced labor as an overqualified ragpicker are that children are entitled to treat their mothers’ time as worth nothing, that you can make the world a better place by destroying economic value, and that the moral worth of an action should be measured by the conspicuousness of the sacrifice rather than the gain to the beneficiary.
20140910 18:09 Shipman Christ, Ima really getting olde, I suwannee on my grannies grave I though Cuber would be free. Nope.

Crop the shit out of that picture and it an award winner. Judy be take that one.
20140910 18:04 Shipman

Ima getting olde

I will say that being the only advance man for Joe! did have it moments. Who would know that Southern Cal cheer girls knew the name?

I never did go to Penn State after that episode
20140910 11:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain After Sadat treaty he had his buds (Russians) redesign in Neo-Stalinist apt block style. Turned two beautiful cities into turds.

Dat's Raciss
20140910 10:56 Pappy Happy birthday, Arnold Palmer.
20140910 10:09 Bright Pebbles http://www.tickld.com/x/6-management-lessons-that-everyone-should-know
20140910 07:52 Dale BP that was a great post.
20140910 06:15 3dc Shipman - I remember ports Suez and Said from before the 1967 War. They were designed by the French and were just beautiful. From 67 through 74 they were regular targets of heavy arty. After Sadat treaty he had his buds (Russians) redesign in Neo-Stalinist apt block style. Turned two beautiful cities into turds.
20140909 19:11 Bright Pebbles @Fred did you see the links to the "ajax"/JS on page HTML editors?
20140909 19:09 Bright Pebbles
20140909 17:40 Shipman To contact Fred
20140909 17:40 Shipman See the E- mail me link on the right sidebar
20140909 17:38 Shipman Still aligned with STA and FARK Mike. Drop by the forum and say hello at least. Heavy money suez a woman was involved. :)
20140909 17:27 Mike N. How does one go about getting the addy for snail mail donations? Everything is getting h4xor3d erryday.
20140909 17:24 Shipman If Mike N. Drops by remind him to call home. jBone is annoyed.
20140909 14:10 Skidmark From the pictures you need a jetski more than a scooter.
20140909 10:14 Pappy It was a tad... soggy. Moreso to the north and east.
20140909 00:04 Skidmark Get wet Pan?