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20150424 20:08 swksvolFF Weather reports of tennis ball hail, 60mph winds, and tornados over I-70. Had a massive amount of wind here at the KS/OK border which will feed into that storm.
20150424 08:06 Deacon Blues I'be seen stuff claiming the vet shot the cat. Don't believe it myself.
20150423 11:21 swksvolFF BP, that is to the point

from the department of unfortunate titles:
Wichita news reports about a cat which was shot with an arrow, taken to the vet, and tended to, lived. PETA gets on board and offers a reward for information leading to the naming of the archer. Screen shows the cat with arrow in it. Title underneath:
"$2000 reward for cat with arrow"
20150422 23:36 Thing From Snowy Mountain Hello guys. Darn I'm tired. Good night.
20150422 23:13 Jan Oldspook, if you look to have your knee replacements, check out Porter's Hospital, Colorado joint replacement. That's all they do, just shoulder, knee and hip replacements no other ortho surgeries. Good people.
20150422 19:15 Bright Pebbles
20150422 18:55 Bright Pebbles Labour and CAGE

20150422 08:02 Dale
20150422 04:12 Skidmark Solution to the spam filter.
20150422 00:00 Pappy Yeah... VA just 'suggested' that I enroll. Kinda funny since I work at an MTF and eligible for treatment there.

Oh, and the VA center I'd ultimately end up having to go to?

20150421 05:36 Shipman Good luck OS
20150420 23:56 OldSpook Will the public finally hold Pelosi and the left accountable for meeting and giving credence to Assad? No.

WTF does it matter. I'm just an angry old retired spook, not able to do anything other than watch anymore. Can't even go out on contracts. Just too old and brokedick - VA says I will need knee replacements but low priority due to age.

I think Ima take a break again for a bit. just go fishing and drinking (pretty close to the same thing)
20150420 23:50 OldSpook Note that they removed ONLY what the Syrian govt "declared" they had.
20150420 23:37 OldSpook 'scuse me while I vent.

Is the public finally getting a clue? We've known for years here in the real world just how evil the regimes in the middle east are - especially Syria.

MSM finally shows just how nasty Asssad and the mess in the Syria is.

Warning: actual footage of Sarin victims, including children twitching and dying as the camera rolls.

Those stocks from Iraq have showed up, or else the Baathists who made the ones in Iraq are now making them for the Baathists in Syria.

DAMNIT why dont the officials listen to us when we tell them the truth, and act whhen they could have?

This is what (emotionally) kills people in the spook business. We know how Cassandra felt. Its agony, like a knife twisting in the gut to have known and to not have been able to convince anyone to either believe, or treat it as important, or act when we still could. And its anger, because we told them, we warned them and they ignored us.

Its very hard to come to terms with this if you have a conscience. Fuck the Pols who can shrug this off, and the evil bastards who did the gassing to begin with. We should as a matter of course target them for death - even if we have to take out their entire palace.
20150420 21:55 badanov I found a 1964 Thelonious Monk concert in Paris I plan to download and rip the sountrack.
20150420 15:17 Skidmark WhiteHouse gyrocopter guy is on house arrest.