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20170219 20:18 Pappy Yes, impressive.
20170219 18:33 badanov Very nice.
20170219 17:50 3dc Smile:

20170219 08:21 3dc French reporter is claiming this map is the PRC's prime National Defense view of the world.

20170218 12:50 Pappy wretchard:

Meet Naseem Taleb, Curtis Yarvin (AKA Mencius Moldbug) and Michael Anton. Politico has a hard time categorizing them other than observing that Yarvin may have vague Nazi tendencies, despite being Jewish on his father's side. On the whole they are depicted as figures out of the mainstream and therefore unknown quantities. Indeed, to many on the liberal side of the aisle, used to reading Paul Krugman or Cass Sunstein, the existence of such people will come as a surprise. The punch of the article lies in the acknowledgement that an iconoclastic intellectual universe populated by the likes of Peter Thiel, Yarvin, Taleb and Anton exists.

It's like Professor Challenger stumbling on a Lost World filled with menacing and unknown species. What are these creatures? Where did these beasts come from? The truth is they've been there for years. Since September 11 from the Golden Age of blogging through the Tea Party days right on past the "populist upheaval" outsiders have written extensively in parallel with the mainstream media about all the issues of the day. They've written about God, politics, history, the philosophy of science, strategy and military affairs. If their very name is news that is because till now their very existence and legitimacy has been minimized by the "Mainstream Media" and the intellectual elites. Glenn Reynolds, Spengler, the writers at Breitbart, etc. -- the people never invited to talk shows or get book advances but with inexplicably large followings.

Somehow this Lost World has raised an intellectual edifice whose ideas the media is now warning against or at least trying to examine for signs of danger. But what are these ideas? Like any such they are of uneven quality, full of genius and error, insight and nonsense, hyperbole and sober wisdom. But ... and here is the essential point ... it is a body of ideas that exists in surprising detail. What's changed is the press is trying to put a name to it, attempting to characterize it in terms like 'Left' and 'Right' that they understand. It's not clear they will succeed. Perhaps the ideas now belatedly discovered are sufficiently different to resist complete restatement in terms of old 20th century press terms and deserve to be appreciated or criticized on their own merits.
20170218 07:24 Pappy Morning from Hell With Saguaros.

Good Luck, Ship (note the capital letters - I save 'em for needed occasions).
20170218 00:29 Shipman Lol, sage advice Skid.
20170217 22:38 Skidmark Ship...dude, 2 gowns. 1 front, 1 back.
Make'em work for it!

Don't let them give you the IV tree with the squeaky wheel. They'll know when you're on patrol.
20170217 22:33 Skidmark Even a blind squirrel can find his nuts 3DC.
20170217 18:58 3dc Privus Sapo - The NYT is now a blind squirrel with a stuffed nose hunting for nuts.
20170217 18:31 trailing wife Regular diet is good, Shipman. May it be less uncomfortable than feared, and even more effective than hoped.
20170217 14:39 Shipman Ip from TMH.

They've called down the clans on me.

Gown is on and I've given myself to the force that is an LPN.

Regular diet tho!
20170217 02:22 newc Visitor is not spam. That is lexxy. I sent her to you because she loves to learn.
20170216 22:55 badanov Today's burning question (Found on Facebook):

Were any home of sexuals killed in the hall of cost?
20170216 22:15 Visitor ***SPAM?*** Agree with Old Spook, CIA needs to be evaluated and some need to relieved from their positions.
20170216 14:42 SteveS Also, good to see ya, OS! We welcome your curmudgeonlyness (yes, I'm sure that's a word)
20170216 14:39 SteveS /me predicts: after listening to the Trump presser and radio commentary, Today's Media Memes are 1) Trump Lashes Out at the Media; 2) Russia, Russia, Russia
20170216 09:34 trailing wife Meanwhile, our interpreter allies in Iraq and Afghanistan are getting hosed by the immigration bans (first Obama, now Trump), they need to be excepted and accepted. Our allies who put their lives on the line .

All it would take is a letter from DoD to Homeland Security -- or to President Trump -- identifying and vouching for them. The key question has been the ability to positively identify for and vouch in the seven countries.
20170216 08:30 Shipman Hey OS!
Been awhile
20170216 06:36 Skidmark For you swimmers:
20170216 00:26 badanov Probably the best of the lot:

20170216 00:01 OldSpook This has been an odd time for me. Never been so happy to be wrong (Trump) nor so sad to be right (about the IC and especially the CIA needing to be disbanded and redone).

The latter has been needed for years, as I had posted on the burg years ago. But nobody had the guts and resources to fight a spook war. Until now, hopefully President Trump is all in for this.

The damned CIA is too buys screwing with Trump to do its job, leaking like a sieve. Meanwhile, our interpreter allies in Iraq and Afghanistan are getting hosed by the immigration bans (first Obama, now Trump), they need to be excepted and accepted. Our allies who put their lives on the line with us deserve better from us.
20170215 17:55 Shipman Nice catch Pappy. Going to remember that one.
20170214 20:49 Pappy Uncle Remus:

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, all non-citizens and citizens of Japanese heritage were driven from their homes and taken to internment camps east of the Rocky Mountains. Some were deported to Japan. Their businesses and and personal assets were sold to help pay the cost. All Japanese-language newspapers were shut down.

The plan also called for repatriation to Japan at the conclusion of the war regardless of any volunteer service in the armed forces. The end didn't come until 1949 when their voting rights were restored.

All of this was in Canada. The US was not nearly so harsh.
20170214 16:38 Skidmark The minks can get into almost anything.

Hence the origin of the 'minks stole'.
20170214 16:27 3dc Seen on twitter:

NOTAMs are Red.
Observers are Blue.
Where's my X-37B
And her twin sonic booms?

20170214 16:06 Deacon Blues Melvin is afraid of the minks. He's a weenie.
20170214 15:39 Glenmore in Mt Vernon Deacon, is Melvin required to leave the minks alone too?
20170214 15:25 Skidmark Maybe a septic tank bubbler on the pond side of the dam to discourage them?

Or propane...

Or the 'Hillbilly 5000'
20170214 15:07 Skidmark Well, I suppose a solar powered, ultrasonic disruptor would discourage them, Glenmore.
20170214 14:50 Skidmark The Russian spy ship is also armed with surface-to-air missiles.

If a S2A missile launches without a target does it become a short range, ballistic, surface-to-ground missile? With only a 12 mile standoff, a payload change and some minor reprogramming...
20170214 13:11 Deacon Blues I also have to leave the minks alone even though they like to eat my chickens. The minks can get into almost anything.
20170214 13:10 Deacon Blues Visitor was me.
20170214 13:04 Glenmore in Mt Vernon Their dam is directly underneath the highway bridge - I suspect using explosives would be frowned upon.
20170214 10:40 swksvolFF Activate drone Squadron 617, mason jars of tannerite. Probably a good thing I don't have too much time on my hands. But yeah, careful, sometimes they have more rights than the land owner.
20170214 10:19 3dc nice video skidmark
20170214 10:12 3dc So if they just mowed their lawn on the spillway the dam would be in much better shape! Wow!
20170214 07:36 Visitor ***SPAM?*** I have beavers, too. They are moving up the creek. They do keep the creekbanks clear but have started cutting down small trees and they fall on the fence. The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency says they put them in the creek and I have to leave them alone. They have a huge dam and a very large lodge.
20170214 00:43 Skidmark Just one more use for those grenades, Glenmore.