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20141218 23:15 Pappy "Elect the squish - it's important"?
20141218 21:11 Dale I just don't see any spark. Major disconnect between leadership of both parties funded by the wealthy donor elites. The wealthy donor elites are as old as the leadership. We have had two wave elections and they cling to the same old ideas. Democrats have no new young bloods. Republicans however do. The old guard will soon be gone. My hope is they are elbowed out of power. Look at their pictures. Like Hillary they are ancient.
20141218 14:07 Deacon Blues We don't need another Bush and we don't need another Clinton.
20141218 13:13 3dc Bush family should exit stage left while still winners.
Too many self declared royalty in this republic.
20141218 09:02 Shipman Except Dale perhaps for Hispanic Youth. I have watched him at Cinco de Mayo 2 times, he works the crowd very well going from English to Castilian Spanish to Tex-Mex Spanglish without a trip. His wife hates campaigning tho, his son loves it.

Still I see him has Fred Thompson, best candidate who will never win. I wish he would spend his efforts against Spaceman Bill Nelson, but no.
20141218 08:04 Dale Jeb Bush is Jurassic part revisited. He has absolutely no appeal with the youth of voting age in this country. Doomed , Doomed I tell ya.
20141217 19:22 3dc Earlier in the day they turned off the transponders showing where their barge and tug were. Wonder if there is some threat?
20141217 19:21 3dc Something went wrong with SpaceX's static fire test today. They are not talking except to say they are not going to ISS until next year.

20141217 16:54 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thing, what did you expect from commie jihadist CINC?

Suddenly I'm thinking, if he were a mutant too we could actually be getting somewhere...
20141217 16:21 Shipman Will do CondorMan
20141217 15:45 3dc And Shipman - read the book I emailed you about. It's a good read for your territory.
20141217 15:43 3dc Thing, what did you expect from commie jihadist CINC?
20141217 15:35 3dc Shipman - since Murder Inc and the hop head aviator are gone that leaves the CIA as the owner of record for those banned C-word thingys. Now that is interesting.
20141217 15:13 Shipman This Cuban deal is really gonna stir the shit between Rubio and Jeb Bush aka this years
'S Fred Thompson :(
20141217 14:41 Shipman The breakfast smoke available again. You watch the gray market spring up on these babies
20141217 14:39 Thing From Snowy Mountain But a black police sergeant is gonna supervice the choking death of a fat black man for selling cigarettes without paying the tax and we're all gonna be called racists afterwards. But Cuban Cigars... OK?

Fuck the World, I wanna get off.
20141217 11:35 Shipman Now Walter that's a very interesting question. I gotta guess the older one, which I would guess is the Cuban distillery. This is an important as it calls into question which one to use to make the Cuba Libre aka the Mentirita - or fib, an important breakfast drink.
20141217 11:28 3dc Havana's (c-word) are worse. Legally they should be Resorts Int which at the time of separation was a third Meyer Lansky, a third Howard H and a third CIA.
20141217 11:19 3dc Shipman - then which Bacardi becomes the real rum? The current family's product or the cuban state industrial product?
20141217 11:01 Deacon Blues Old Russian joke. You should have all your money in rubles — because no one will expect to find money in a sack of rubles.
20141217 10:48 49 Pan Here we go! Another controlled media event. Obama is really going at it, now Cuba? I have mixed thoughts on Cuba. They are a tool for the soviets, and a proxy for the soviets across South America. Castro is about to die, there will be revolution after he does. If America has relations we have a chance to influence that. I would call it a good move if it was led by anyone other than comrade Obama.
20141217 10:38 Shipman Hot damn Cuban cigars to be allowed.

This is gonna cause a hell of a blog fight. I will be on the wrong side Iso I might be peckish. Absolutely nothing personal tho.
20141217 09:50 Deacon Blues From the CIA. Take the example of Ammar al-Baluchi. In the movie “Zero Dark Thirty,” the torture of al-Baluchi is depicted as revealing the key piece of intelligence identifying Osama bin Laden’s courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti. In 2011, the CIA was able to find and kill bin Laden because it had tracked the movements of al-Kuwaiti.
The CIA’s rebuttal to the Senate report says al-Baluchi gave up much more specific information on al-Kuwaiti after he went through the agency’s harsh interrogations. The Senate report, however, says al-Baluchi gave up al-Kuwaiti first to the Pakistanis.
20141216 21:23 3dc Tug with SpaceX landing barge: http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-81.5832/centery:30.40972/zoom:8/mmsi:367564890/shipid:450521
20141216 21:21 3dc http://spaceflightnow.com/2014/12/16/photos-spacexs-autonomous-spaceport-drone-ship/
20141216 15:16 Thing From Snowy Mountain Imagine the opportunities $200M would offer if it were used for relocation expenses and home loan guarantees to get people above sea level.

There are six refineries in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area. 200 million probably wouldn't cover the permitting costs for _moving_ one of them to higher ground. And it's very very hard to build new ones.
20141216 12:15 Shipman Condor d00d your mentioning road plan in the context of New Orleans is hilarious. The plan is to get a piece of the action. :)
20141216 12:13 Shipman OS I haven't heard from in awhile Last I know he was still un or underemployed and living in Austin. He disappeared after Air America went under. Spent serious time there with him trolling. I still get an email from him at odd intervals, usually because some malware is rifling thru his contact list.
20141216 10:42 Grunter Port Atchafalaya- America's next boom town.
20141216 09:43 3dc Also won't armored levees hinder the regrowth of delta land?
20141216 09:42 3dc How about just redoing the zoning and road plan of the 9th ward and tearing down the moldy bad structures to make a massive park.
20141216 09:14 Skidmark Armoring Levees:
Bis Services LLC, * Kenner, Louisiana (W912P8-15-D-0001); Circle LLC,* Bell Chase Louisiana (W912P8-15-D-0002); and Shavers-Whittle Construction LLC,* Mandeville, Louisiana (W912P8-15-D-0003), were awarded a $200,000,000 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity multiple award task order contract for armoring levees in the greater New Orleans, Louisiana, area with an estimated completion date of Dec. 15, 2020. Bids were solicited via the Internet, with 10 received. Funding will be determined with each order. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans, Louisiana, is the contracting activity.
Imagine the opportunities $200M would offer if it were used for relocation expenses and home loan guarantees to get people above sea level.
20141216 09:00 3dc OS - you really must read the online serial novel "life as a new hire".

Esp. Chapt 34 page 4

Because the world didn't need any more ominous rumblings, catastrophe and madness collided in Pyongyang, North Korea. North Korea was an energy exporter, with most of its power coming from coal-fired plants and hydro-electric facilities. The problem was you can't run armored vehicles and combat aircraft on electric power. You needed oil.

North Korea's oil came from China - Liaoning province to be precise, and Liaoning was getting hammered around the clock by the Khanate. The oil pipeline had ruptured and it would be months before it was fixed. In that situation, a sane nation would have shopped around for other avenue of imported oil. But we were talking about North Korea here.

Kim Jung-un was looking down the barrels of another famine (trucks and tractors need petrol too) as well as the far more important reduction in the Korean People's Army's readiness. He saw himself possessing the World's 4th largest military and it was in danger of running out of fuel...and Liaoning province was sitting right across the Yalu River...all helpless-like.
20141216 08:46 Deacon Blues Today is Wassily Kandinsky's birthday.
20141215 17:32 Thing From Snowy Mountain I don't know if Ship's in contact with Mucky. I suspect he's still at a secure undisclosed location somewhere inaowe[ru80912u34-uy298342qoi4NO CARRIER
20141215 16:18 OldSpook 3dc - Strategy is the more reliable of the two.
20141215 16:17 OldSpook What ever happened to Mucky?
20141215 14:29 Deacon Blues I just found out that Iron Eyes Cody was in fact Italian.
20141215 12:43 Deacon Blues I see the Chemtrail idjits are out again. An elderly friend of mine (invalid in a wheelchair) refuses to believe anything I send him about chemtrails being a conspiracy theory and entirely false.
20141215 00:43 badanov As I recounted in Sunday's news report, the Ukrainians tried to move artillery back into their bridgehead at Schastye, only to have some of their artillery destroyed by rebel attacks, by SPG recoilless rifle fire.
20141215 00:40 badanov Things are relatively quiet throughout Lugansk and Donetsk. Most of the artillery firing has stopped, but a number of small arms skirmishes have taken place, SOP for both militaries as both sides send out patrols and deep recon.

The ceasefire appears it will hold for at least three days unless the Ukrainian decide not to withdraw their artillery in which case we start all over.
20141215 00:14 trailing wife I think you covered it, Snowy Thing.
20141214 23:58 3dc a question - strategy page says
the fight between the Ukrainian Army and Russian Irregulars is calmed down. Jamestown says it is red hot. Which is right?
20141214 23:21 Thing From Snowy Mountain Adapted from an email I sent to a friend of mine in response to some CIA Torture News Item:

Law and order on the International Scale isn't handled by courts of
law, although there are courts of law that pretend to. It's effectively
a state of anarchy, and we're in Prisoner's Dilemma territory.

By our conduct of the war we have allowed basically all these proxies,
_and_ the states that sponsor them, effectively, all the rights due a
traditional Westphalian nation-state and none of the responsibilities
thereof; they can effectively take the civilian populations of the
areas in which the conflict happens hostage, causing deaths on a
massive scale, and blaming them on the US when they use said civilian
population as a shield. And all we've done is force-feed some captives
and some waterboarding. Oh, and some drone attacks that amount to
throwing vast amounts of money away on strategically insignificant
plinking of some mooks in the NWFP, with intelligence provided by one
of the enemy states. Who we pay exorbiant transit fees to in order to
supply the troops fighting their proxies in Afghanistan. We pay them
more than enough to support their half of the war. And we're bankrupt.

I mean, can you imagine what the North (now the Only) Vietnamese Bộ
Công An would have done in this situation?

Within six months of his capture they'd have had Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
on national TV, having gone from fat to very Very thin, with at least
two casts covering compound fractures, to not only confess to the 9/11
attacks, but that he, OBL, Zawahiri, Mullah Omar, and President
Musharaff were all agents of a rogue joint Mossad/KGB conspiracy to
get the Arab/Moslem world embroiled in a war with the United States and
India and essentially commit suicide by nuclear-armed cop. Oh, and to
say that he hadn't been tortured, that all the burn marks are from an
accident he had with the coffee machine we let him have in his cell.
Oh, and finally that he was going to convert to Shinto. And maybe get Gender Reassignment Surgery.

(Thank Almighty God the Nazis never got the chance to use Television on us.)

20141214 21:34 Pappy Sorry, but this one is all Dianne Feinstein and her ilk. Timed before the Pubs take office in January.

At best it gives Mr. Obama more of a reason to close Gitmo. Otherwise, it's essentially screwed him vis a vis the CIA and a whole bunch of countries that assisted.

The sad part is that damn near every Democrat lawmaker knew about this and said nothing. This is Feinstein's and the Dems' parting shot.
20141214 20:22 49 Pan OK, so we all know the POS in chief releases events to the news to cover up his other actions. So this whole enhanced interrogations was released to create a media storm and it worked. So what was he covering for? Is it that he figures ISIS will get 3 months of free rides to grow? If not that, what?
20141214 17:21 3dc http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30471996
20141214 15:22 badanov Some Sunday afternoon Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet:

20141214 13:50 OldSpook TFSM, thats a great comment. You sure you didn't latch on to some relative of a person of similar comments and editorials?
20141214 11:40 Thing From Snowy Mountain From the comments @ FR:

You no like freedum and Putin great big hairy man chest? As patriotic american i know for sure Putin is on are side. As he rides astride on great white beasty bear he destroy corrupt western oligarchies and corporate puppets. Obama? He rides astride the faces of those same corporate masters. Shame on west for failing the world. Go putin go master of truth, justice and the ameriKan way!!
20141214 11:27 swksvolFF That tale is told from Anghor Wat. Six Star hotels ten yards from people living in lake sewer runoff, but the Land Rovers shuttle blue hats to little boys 24/7, visitors must stay on reservations though.

The Nazca desecration reads like the authorities were stunned; it is my understanding in that area of the world such an event would not have gone unnoticed by the government; Machu Pichu being a very staged event anymore.

And to top it, it was such a flimsy sham show, destroying a piece of human achievement for a cheap billboard plastic joke shuttled in by modern air travel and brown box delivery, gooodam fraggles. At least own it, using colored chalk dust and something other than comic sans font. A pillar of unachievement. Anyone braggadocio to this event needs cauliflower ear.
20141214 10:14 badanov The incident in Peru should be a cautionary tale for indigenous people about aligning your existential interests with those who would trade it for keeping the 1st class air travel, 5 star hotel and 5 star restaurant gig going.
20141214 10:14 swksvolFF What Greenpiss did is unforgivable. A stunt like that, with the timing, requires attention all the way at the top. Maybe d!s@ocry channel can launch a new series, Heritage Wars.
20141214 09:20 Pappy Found:

"I love Christmas lights. They remind me of the people who voted for Obama: They all hang together; half of the little bastards don't work; and the ones that do aren't that bright."
20141214 08:53 Dale This Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao fight in May sounds good. Past their prime a bit but good style fiters. I'm a gonna review some past fights. That Mickey Rourke business was some of the old stuff he did in Flordia. Show fights. Smart man. Keeps his name out there.
20141214 02:45 OldSpook re: the Greenpeace idiots who messed up the Nazca plains drawings in Peru.

Found a proper sentence to them, given they disturbed very fragile tracks simply by leaving footprints in the dust.

They work until the sites are restored, one grain of sand and one tiny piece of rock at a time, with microscope, tweezers and some glue. It may take them years. But at least those Greenpeace "protesters" (idiots) will finally be doing something productive in their hollow little lefty lives.