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20140801 21:26 badanov Why can't the left fight climate change the way they fight Islam: By leaving the field of battle to the enemy,. and declaring victory?
20140801 20:38 Pappy Snowy, my condolences. How about "Old Man Yelling at Wind"?

And I read the Ace commentary. The double-standard was set a long time ago.

Deacon, I hope they do use anesthesia, if it's possible.
20140801 20:17 Deacon Blues Thanks, everyone. Hope to get out of here tomorrow. My animals need me.
20140801 18:08 Thing From Snowy Mountain Big disappointments: the 'net alias "Old Man Yelling At Clouds" is already taken.
20140801 17:09 badanov DB: Yu can haz cheezburger. Get well soon.
20140801 17:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain @ AoSHQ, re: Torturing "some folks:"

They're not engaging in moral relativistic thinking, not really.

All they're doing is establishing a very friendly, very loose code of behavior for America's enemies, and a vindictively inviolable one to America itself.
20140801 13:08 3dc There is a story circulating in the UK. It was written in satire (onion like) but it seems lots of folks believe it. Basic theme is that a pod of killer whales ate a bunch of Japanese whalers out hunting whales. Don't be surprised when you see it.
20140801 12:36 3dc Deacon - Get well ASAP!
20140801 11:58 Skidmark D., if you gag and bite the tech that tries to put in the scope conduit they'll put you under.
Otherwise it'll be like Pappy watching and feeling a procedure inside yourself. NOT GOOD.
20140801 10:56 Thing From Snowy Mountain ...and it's time to get Starfleet Janitorial in the 'burg already today. I'm heading off to my various pre-work-week crises.
20140801 10:34 Thing From Snowy Mountain Deacon, let us know when they find out what the diagnosis is, ok?
20140801 09:20 trailing wife How about cheeseburger-flavoured ice chips, Deacon Blues? My hopes that whatever is causing the problem is simple and easily fixed.
20140801 08:21 Deacon Blues Morning, All. Having another proceedure today to find out where the blood is comming from. The nice lady brought breakfast this morning, the first meal since Wednesday morning, and my nurse took it away. I'm not supposed to eat or drink before the bronchioscopy. I WANT A CHEESEBURGER!!!!
20140801 07:53 Bright Pebbles It's a landing!

20140801 00:09 badanov Come for the Brazil nuts, stay for the duration.
20140801 00:06 Pappy Hope everything turns out okay, Deacon.

Kinda glad(?) I'm not the only one who woke up during an operation.

As for Snowden: I suspect he'll either end up in Germany or somewhere in South America (think Glenn Greenwald's roommate.)

20140731 21:49 Thing From Snowy Mountain I'm going home to watch my MIT stoopid-student "how to program" videos. Good night, and have fun.
20140731 21:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain I cannot be the only one who sees great irony in a ship named 'Cemfjord' being run aground filled with concrete off the Scandinavian coast.

I'm sure it's just pining.
20140731 21:23 Thing From Snowy Mountain * Thank you for letting us use you. Now get lost. Snowden's temporary asylum status expires in Russia.

Someone mentioned in a thread about the UN terrorist health clinic that the UN mission in Israel is located at what tradition says was the meeting place between Judas and the Pharisees, the Hill of Evil Counsel.

20140731 21:10 Thing From Snowy Mountain * He's shocked, I tell you, to find out that yellow journalism happens in this day and age.
20140731 21:08 Thing From Snowy Mountain * For those who like both kinds of music, country and western...
20140731 21:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain * Doc Filmmaker: 'Illegals Told if They Don’t Vote Democrat They Would be Arrested & Deported'
20140731 21:05 abu do you love Positive cash flow can ease a lot of other worries.
20140731 21:02 abu do you love I cannot be the only one who sees great irony in a ship named 'Cemfjord' being run aground filled with concrete off the Scandinavian coast.

(referencing the link from Snowy about the Drunk sea captain below)
20140731 21:01 Thing From Snowy Mountain Well, I still have stressful things to deal with, but hopefully getting cash flow again will help me deal with it.
20140731 20:56 abu do you love OldSpook: I had a similar experience. Came to too early during a knee operation. Aware and paralyzed.

There are very few I would wish that upon.

Deacon and Shipman: Thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery.

Thing: We had to give up our business several years back; it was a tough pill at first, then one day you realize that the pile of stress that was there so long has left the building.
20140731 20:47 Thing From Snowy Mountain @ Free Republic:

* Leftist Canadian author explains her slow drift to the right:

Faced with increasing anti-Semitism on campus masquerading as anti-Zionism, Nora Gold found herself filled with ‘impotent fury’ — and the impetus for her novel ORONTO — After living in Israel for several years, a Canadian woman returns home to pursue a post-graduate degree. In Israeli political terms, she has been a confirmed Lefty, active in peace organizations, committed to an equitable two-state resolution of the ancient Arab-Israeli conflict. Back in North America, however, she finds herself immersed in a toxic academic milieu of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment. The safe, familiar ground of civilized debate is giving way to ugly polemic....

* Russians mobilized on Ukranian border. Again, I guess.

* Putin's Revenge? Drunk Russian Captain Runs Aground on Læsø

* For eastern Ukrainians, a growing doubt: Is Russia manipulating us?

* Orban wants to build ‘illiberal state’ (Hungary)

Kurdistan Declares “Safe Haven” for Christian Refugees

Not done, gotta hit post, so I can clean up my windows.
20140731 20:05 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oh, and Cuomo is under suspicion of witness tampering.

20140731 19:58 Thing From Snowy Mountain ION, the House killed a fake border security bill, and Walker kept on keeping on with his Honey Badger stuff.
20140731 19:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oh, also: Someone found a tape of Bill Clinton bragging about not killing Osama Bin Laden. On Sept. 10, 2001.

Bill Clinton, September 10, 2001: You Know, I Could Have Killed Bin Ladin Years Ago, But I Chose Not To, Fearing Civilian Casualties.
20140731 19:54 Thing From Snowy Mountain @ Ace's today: Belgian Doctor Refuses Treatment to Jewish Patient.

I wonder if he ever says he's smart and wants respect, like Fredo...

Without the Arabs having done this sort of thing to the Mizrahis in the aftermath of the '48 war, the Azkenazim Zionism project would probably have died from lack of manpower by the late 50's if not the '67 war. I don't know if they did it on purpose because they needed an enemy to demonize or if they really are that need-to-unzip-to-count-to-21 stupid.
20140731 19:40 badanov My late father used to tell me: You can always tell those who are going to screw you over, because they will tell you they are going to do it before they do it.
20140731 19:26 Thing From Snowy Mountain I know little about CNC machine _operation_. I know a bit more about programming and gcode. I can write it manually, I can draw stuff up in Mastercam and have it generated automatically. As far as computer languages go, gcode is pretty straightfoward.

I can run manual machines, but currently know a lot more about mills than lathes. In trying to do stuff for the company I was basically hobbled by my bad choices wrt workholding and machine mass.

(When you don't really have any help with the bookkeeping, you tend to want to buy local, where you can pay with a company check, but also where you get screwed over wrt price and getting what you really should when you're starting out. A lot of the local tool distributors might as well, when you walk in, say "I'm going to fuck you over to the point where you'll want to go buy at Amazon and see me driven out of business and living under a bridge."
20140731 19:09 badanov All manual, and the pay differential depends on the shop. At the time I was hired back at Wright's I was offered a lot more money than the CNC shop. CNC operators, simple button pushers, make less than manual machinists with just two years experience, but if you can setup and program, you can potentially make more than if you run manuals.
20140731 19:06 Dale Sounds serious Deacon. I hope things go well for you. I always say getting older is a series of compromises.
20140731 19:00 Thing From Snowy Mountain My next question... are you doing manual or cnc work these days? Is one paying you more than another?
20140731 16:02 badanov Snowy: yes. It is easy.
20140731 10:59 Thing From Snowy Mountain I also meant to ask you earlier, Bad, do you know gcode?
20140731 10:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet. That's part of why I'm nervous. I suspect I'll probably wind up doing QA stuff for a while.
20140731 09:17 Deacon Blues Now I'm in the Horsepistal. Sitting at my desk at work yesterday and started coughing up blood. lots.feel like I've been eaten by a gorilla and pooped off a cliff. Short of breath. Oh joy.
20140731 08:19 OldSpook Foley caths are the worst - except for breathing tubes. Those are the worst. I broke thru post op sedation "too soon" once and it was like being the guest of honor in a horror movie.
20140731 00:38 Shipman What I weighed in 1976, 205.
20140731 00:24 badanov I made a similar transition some years ago. It's hard letting go. Just know you are in my thoughts, Phil.

All the best...
20140731 00:11 trailing wife You deserve some time just getting ahead, instead of fighting to get out from under a logarithmically increasing load, dear Snowy Thing. Enjoy earning a living like normal folk.
20140730 22:04 Pappy Thanks for the photos, 3dc. Lots of study material there.
20140730 21:59 Pappy Doing what, Snowy?
20140730 18:59 Thing From Snowy Mountain Hope you're OK, Ship.

I'm @ the library, using their internet, but I'm going home, because my eyes hurt. Hope y'all have fun.

I've done all the paperwork, passed the drug tests, and start Monday at the new job.

I feel defeated, but I can't manage things by myself any longer.

Have fun kids!
20140730 17:39 trailing wife Hopefully you're done with hospitals for a while, Shipman. "Bicentennial weight" = 200lb. or what you weighed in 1976?
20140730 14:25 Shipman Foley removed for good. Home again after a surreal midnight ambulance ride to Shands last week. Gut is doing its thing. School comes thru with first tranche of sick bank. Good til September 12, more if needed. I am at my bicentennial weight.
20140730 07:37 Glenmore TW - end times; on our way back from dinner Sunday we drove through thousands of huge black locusts on US-51, just walking across the road (and getting squashed) for miles. I've never seen them like that before.
20140730 06:29 trailing wife Wait ------- the Cubs won?!?!!! Is the world about to end?
20140730 02:36 3dc bottom of the 16th they run out of pitchers and the cubs win. heh
20140730 02:31 3dc I have more including some buildings not rehabbed when I photoed.
20140730 02:30 3dc Pappy - sent a few to your gmail including view of the ocean
20140730 02:26 Alaska Paul Pappy---Thanks for posting that John Hiatt song. Very enjoyable.
20140730 02:02 3dc 15th inning ... bed or watch?
20140729 22:21 Pappy Some John Hiatt:

20140729 22:19 Pappy If you can find them, that'd be great.
20140729 13:09 3dc Pappy, a few years back, the wife's wealthy college buddy wanted a penthouse in San Fran. The husband didn't so she challenged him to find better. He found an architecture commune for sale on 40 acres looking over Half-Moon Bay. It had 5 or 7 (I forget) homes on it. Each home started out as a Quonset hut. Free form concrete was used in and out. Lots of interesting decks and spaces. It was a cheap, interesting space for a home. If you want I can look in my photo archive and see if I can find some photos to show you. Any one of them could have been in Architecture Today and none would have approached the $1,000,000 price range to build. His purchase was great as he got the land very very cheap.
20140729 09:56 Skidmark The convenience of using water as solar mass is you can move it around from the collectors in the day to the floor at night.
20140729 02:55 OldSpook Deac & Grunter - The dig back into the hill helps reduce the temperature swings, and heating the floor while putting the cooling in the ceiling helps use natural convection to reduce the amount of forced air needed for circulation and heating/cooling dispersion.

As for the time it takes to warm the floor taking too long, thats a matter of a traditional on/off thermostat versus something a bit more "anticipatory" smart that would be used for such a system. If it takes too long to "warm up" then you're waiting too long to turn it on, or letting it get too cool between cycles. With a large thermal mass, like the concrete floor with hardwood over it and insulation under it, you'd probably be better off with a lot of small short cycles to maintain time, rather than the typical long run to attain it and then a shut off until it dips low again. Unlike forced air, there is a thermal reserve to be leveraged.

Same goes for the cooling, I would think - and again, I'd put that in the ceiling. If you're hot, you tend to cool the head first, if its cold, you tend to warm the feet. Basic circulation.

Also Grunter, when I was at Pine Gap, I had the pleasure of discovering just how cool and quiet it is sleeping in an underground bedroom thats actually designed as one (as opposed to a bunker I slept in once upon a time, damned generators and vent system). Outside in the daylight it was like being in an oven (February), in the room? Sleep was good. Almost too quiet, had to turn on music down low.

It was a TDY, wish I had been there during the winter - I've been told its a great place to go to get absolutely alone if you want to - just drive 30 minutes out of town, turn left into the bush for 15 minutes, and boom, nobody within miles.
20140728 16:43 badanov Some Monday afternoon Glenn Miller w/ Marion Hutton as vocalist...

20140728 14:46 OldSpook O club doesn't like edits from an iPad apparently
20140728 14:15 OldSpook
20140728 08:34 Pappy Wright did a lot of schtuff that the technology wasn't ready for yet. Like sealing the pyrex tubing in the Johnson building...
20140728 08:08 Deacon Blues OS the biggest drawback to water tubes in the floor is the high heat and cool time. I researched a Wright house in Florence, Alabama back in my architecture school days. The owner, Stanley Rosenbaum, told me it took too long for the floor to get warm. Once it did he said it worked fairly well but was difficult to regulate. In a climate where there are large temperature swings you spend some of the time either too hot or too cold. In summer the feet and legs up too the knees are cool but upper body is not unless there is some type of air moving system. Systems are probably better now.
20140728 05:32 trailing wife Only one spam to kill this morning, yay! And Fred's filter reports 641 caught since midnight.