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20141222 14:50 Deacon Blues North Korea is experiencing massive internet outages. Wonder why?
20141222 10:54 3dc lenovo is strongly suspected of having hardware hacks back to China (out side the software)
20141222 08:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain I had a lenovo where the wifi didn't work, and I broke the internal stuff trying to change it. I eventually wound up getting a little USB dongle that works with windows and linux for wifi, and then sold it to a family member.
20141222 07:23 3dc Really time to just nuke the shit out NKor on general principles. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30573040
20141222 07:01 3dc a good auto resolv.conf looks like
search something.something.comcast.net.
20141222 06:57 3dc Also with the LiveDVD see if you can get on the net with both wired and wireless. Try booting with the internet wire plugged in.
If DNS doesn't work with the initial setup (common on live dvds) type in (googles) into /etc/resolv.conf for the dns

20141222 06:54 3dc The first shows the pci devices on the system (not that they work just shows them)

The second does the same for the USB devices.

Write or print out the results in the case you need to know that info with whatever distribution you finally install.

20141222 06:52 3dc All you want to do with the LiveDVDs is verify that everything you want kind of works.

you can find out specifics in a text screen with the commands
lspci -v
20141222 06:49 3dc http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_CD
20141222 06:49 3dc Try one of CD/DVD only distribution versions first to see if everything can work. Also, save all the important install keys for your windows in the case you ever want to install win8 back.
(or just spend $50-80 on a new harddrive and tuck the old one away)

Knoppix or Gentoo are good for live dvds - download the iso and burn
20141222 06:42 badanov First, you should find out by going to Ubuntu if your wireless interface will even be useful under Linux. I have two Linux laptops and neither of them can run wireless.
20141222 05:56 BrerRabbit Can anyone point me towards a good starting point to change over to a Linux based OS? I have a one year old HP laptop w/ Win 8. it's a POS with Win 8 on it. Every time it updates it refuses to connect with WIFI. It was Mrs Rabbits until I gave up and bought a new cheap one for her. I'd like to begin my conversion with the intent of converting all away from Win. All help is appreciated.
20141222 04:58 Shipman Nice picture AP. Already past solstice too.
20141221 20:44 Thing From Snowy Mountain wheel on the screen keep on turnin'
I don't know if it'll boot tomorroow...
20141221 19:06 Alaska Paul Finally. Winter coming back to Alaska.
20141221 17:50 Thing From Snowy Mountain I've always enjoyed this PSA about the gremlin menace.

20141221 15:14 Pappy Afternoon from Hell With Saguaros, by the way.
20141221 14:13 Shipman Nae, don't worry Pappy I am to lie low, life's too short, friends to rare, etc.

20141221 10:46 Pappy Ship, I'm not going to have to break out the dart gun again next year, am I?
20141221 09:40 Shipman Pappy, you're right, just to start the Republican primary is going to be a nut cutter like none since '76. There will be plenty of unhappy, I figure to be amongst that number.


20141221 08:46 badanov And, we're back
20141220 23:05 Dale Patrick Hurley was his name. Said his family started the Kennedy's in Ireland. Still researching him yet. Lives in Oakland Maryland. Family history is extensive military activity. In the 30's his grandfather helped manufacture the Main guns for the Arizona and maybe another of the grand ships. When the WV rolled over the main ship gun turrets just fell out ( could be moved to another ship if need be).
20141220 15:33 Dale AH, there he is, Joachim Peiper. Everything checks out so far. When the jet was dogged the Gallon gestured with a clenched fist having missed him. Then years later at the DC Technical museum Pat Met Peiper with medals and all and asked him about the miss and hand gesture. Surprised Peiper remembered and was told it was Pats dad(tall for a pilot (6'4").
20141220 09:30 Dale Met an interesting man last night. Said he had been a Brigadier general. Spoke at length on the Kim Tiger and Yag Tiger Tanks. Adolph Gallon and Hans Yojockman Pipper. Pipper had been in charge of 50 Tigers as full Col. at 28 years of age. The latter survived the war and worked at VW plant and retired near the French border. The French found out who he was and his home burned down with him in it. The Brig. Gen, fellows dad was passed by a Messerschmidt(Jewish name)jet by ducking down. Lost 200 m/h in a turn. Their weak spot. V2 had a 60 mile range and attained speeds from 3500-4300 mph(liquid fueled). You never hear it till you were hit. Nothing could catch it. Even firing at it. Nosedive attempts were tried but failed. He met I believe Curtis Lemaye. He was feared. Short cigar smoking tough guy. Bad he was a very interesting man. I have to review information. He did an information dump on me lots of data. He was about 84 I'd guess.
20141220 08:01 badanov Peace talks in Ukraine stalled again.
20141219 23:42 3dc http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2014/12/nasa-approves-crewed-dragon-path/
20141219 23:41 3dc from a nice article - "the funding to achieve that goal has been placed on a low calorie diet when compared to some of NASA’s more obese flagship projects, such as SLS, Orion and even the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)."
20141219 22:57 Pappy True.

I figure the GOP will ram that meme down potential Repub-candidate voters' throats this time around. Plus ignore that part of the electorate that is unhappy with the GOP's choice.
20141219 22:26 Glenmore in east Texas ***SPAM?*** Pappy, I figured 2012 was your 'Vote for the squish, it's important' election but too many did not agree with me.
20141219 20:10 Pappy Glenmore, who's to say 2016 won't be Lousyanna politics writ large?
20141219 18:23 swksvolFF @iotw Australian Senator notes that perhaps Master Bateman might be wrong about firearms in restaurants.
20141219 16:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain They've been talking about how the Totalitarians are morally superior to the Rednecks for something like sixty years now. The Guardians of Peace is the karma they've earned.
20141219 16:09 Shipman Yep, 49 Pan, laughable, of course they can still tell us how to live. They are shameless and without honor.
20141219 13:40 49 Pan The Hollywood liberal elite love to go after the right. Now when some tin cup dictator threatened them they fold and surrender. They are cowards and indicative of Hollywood and the leaders they helped elect.
20141219 11:18 Shipman There's nothing like Louisiana politics. According to my y00t it's at the Parrish level things really get lively.
20141219 10:41 Glenmore Pappy, the election theme was 'Elect the CROOK, it's important,' Edwins Edwards instead of David Duke for Louisiana governor. I voted for the crook. It was important.
20141218 23:15 Pappy "Elect the squish - it's important"?
20141218 21:11 Dale I just don't see any spark. Major disconnect between leadership of both parties funded by the wealthy donor elites. The wealthy donor elites are as old as the leadership. We have had two wave elections and they cling to the same old ideas. Democrats have no new young bloods. Republicans however do. The old guard will soon be gone. My hope is they are elbowed out of power. Look at their pictures. Like Hillary they are ancient.
20141218 14:07 Deacon Blues We don't need another Bush and we don't need another Clinton.
20141218 13:13 3dc Bush family should exit stage left while still winners.
Too many self declared royalty in this republic.
20141218 09:02 Shipman Except Dale perhaps for Hispanic Youth. I have watched him at Cinco de Mayo 2 times, he works the crowd very well going from English to Castilian Spanish to Tex-Mex Spanglish without a trip. His wife hates campaigning tho, his son loves it.

Still I see him has Fred Thompson, best candidate who will never win. I wish he would spend his efforts against Spaceman Bill Nelson, but no.
20141218 08:04 Dale Jeb Bush is Jurassic part revisited. He has absolutely no appeal with the youth of voting age in this country. Doomed , Doomed I tell ya.
20141217 19:22 3dc Earlier in the day they turned off the transponders showing where their barge and tug were. Wonder if there is some threat?
20141217 19:21 3dc Something went wrong with SpaceX's static fire test today. They are not talking except to say they are not going to ISS until next year.

20141217 16:54 Thing From Snowy Mountain Thing, what did you expect from commie jihadist CINC?

Suddenly I'm thinking, if he were a mutant too we could actually be getting somewhere...
20141217 16:21 Shipman Will do CondorMan
20141217 15:45 3dc And Shipman - read the book I emailed you about. It's a good read for your territory.
20141217 15:43 3dc Thing, what did you expect from commie jihadist CINC?
20141217 15:35 3dc Shipman - since Murder Inc and the hop head aviator are gone that leaves the CIA as the owner of record for those banned C-word thingys. Now that is interesting.
20141217 15:13 Shipman This Cuban deal is really gonna stir the shit between Rubio and Jeb Bush aka this years
'S Fred Thompson :(
20141217 14:41 Shipman The breakfast smoke available again. You watch the gray market spring up on these babies
20141217 14:39 Thing From Snowy Mountain But a black police sergeant is gonna supervice the choking death of a fat black man for selling cigarettes without paying the tax and we're all gonna be called racists afterwards. But Cuban Cigars... OK?

Fuck the World, I wanna get off.
20141217 11:35 Shipman Now Walter that's a very interesting question. I gotta guess the older one, which I would guess is the Cuban distillery. This is an important as it calls into question which one to use to make the Cuba Libre aka the Mentirita - or fib, an important breakfast drink.
20141217 11:28 3dc Havana's (c-word) are worse. Legally they should be Resorts Int which at the time of separation was a third Meyer Lansky, a third Howard H and a third CIA.
20141217 11:19 3dc Shipman - then which Bacardi becomes the real rum? The current family's product or the cuban state industrial product?
20141217 11:01 Deacon Blues Old Russian joke. You should have all your money in rubles — because no one will expect to find money in a sack of rubles.
20141217 10:48 49 Pan Here we go! Another controlled media event. Obama is really going at it, now Cuba? I have mixed thoughts on Cuba. They are a tool for the soviets, and a proxy for the soviets across South America. Castro is about to die, there will be revolution after he does. If America has relations we have a chance to influence that. I would call it a good move if it was led by anyone other than comrade Obama.
20141217 10:38 Shipman Hot damn Cuban cigars to be allowed.

This is gonna cause a hell of a blog fight. I will be on the wrong side Iso I might be peckish. Absolutely nothing personal tho.
20141217 09:50 Deacon Blues From the CIA. Take the example of Ammar al-Baluchi. In the movie “Zero Dark Thirty,” the torture of al-Baluchi is depicted as revealing the key piece of intelligence identifying Osama bin Laden’s courier, Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti. In 2011, the CIA was able to find and kill bin Laden because it had tracked the movements of al-Kuwaiti.
The CIA’s rebuttal to the Senate report says al-Baluchi gave up much more specific information on al-Kuwaiti after he went through the agency’s harsh interrogations. The Senate report, however, says al-Baluchi gave up al-Kuwaiti first to the Pakistanis.