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20150401 23:27 badanov Oh, and, an evening shot to f*cking hell, due to a "Constitutional Scholar"
20150401 23:24 badanov Debating a "Constiitutional Scholar" on Facebook. Some of my remarks are so stoopid the scholar chose to tell me (paraphrasing) "Stop embarassing yoursel;f and stop listening the Fox Spews"

When I ignore that, he delted one of my comments.

Whatever do I do?

Break his heart and tell him I don't even have cable, or continue to comment on his timeline?

Decisions, decisions.
20150401 21:48 3dc http://www.spacedaily.com/reports/Chinese_scientists_mull_power_station_in_space_999.html
20150401 14:16 Pappy I know, BP. It sounds laughable on its face.

But I don't discount the possibility.
20150401 13:05 Thing From Snowy Mountain Y'all decide where to post this, k? And try to stay out of whatever alternate universe it is where the US mandarins are actually fighting Putin, I understand some posters are from there...

20150401 12:32 Bright Pebbles >The Arabs get their act together,

20150331 23:19 Pappy Here's a scary thought for the long-term:

The Arabs get their act together, crush the Houthis and prove they can work with a unified command.

20150331 21:47 badanov I was only surprised by the sheer scale of the mayhem.
20150331 16:29 Pappy None of it should be surprising, if one considers it all to be a nursed-disengagement from the superpower role.
20150331 16:23 badanov Some Tuesday afternoon George Jones:

20150331 16:11 badanov Severe bloodletting.
20150331 15:47 Pappy And:

At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday, General Lloyd Austin, head of the U.S. Central Command, said he did not learn the Saudis were actually going attack Yemen until an hour before the operation was launched.

Austin, whose theater includes Yemen, would normally expect to be given more than an hour’s heads-up before such a military operation.
20150331 15:46 Pappy via wretchard:

Former Defense Intelligence Agency officer Derek Harvey tweeted last week that an Iraqi Shiite source told him the number of militia war dead from the Tikrit offensive so far may be as high as 6,000
20150331 00:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ah, wikipedia:

That whole artistic mystique is one of the great traps of this business, because down that road lies unintelligibility. Dylan has a lot to answer for there, because after a while he discovered that he could get away with anything—he was Bob Dylan and people would take whatever he wrote on faith. So he could do something like "All Along the Watchtower," which is simply a mistake from the title on down: a watchtower is not a road or a wall, and you can't go along it.[13]
20150331 00:15 Thing From Snowy Mountain Hmm, find new stuff every day.

20150331 00:06 Thing From Snowy Mountain just... because.

20150330 21:05 Pappy That's the second time they've "strayed." first one was for ratings. I'll be the second is because they've already thrown in with either Fauxcahontas or O'Malley.
20150330 19:54 Deacon Blues An MSNBC panel has decided that Hillary wiping clean her hard drive shows an effort to cover up wrong-doing.
20150330 13:50 Skidmark Two disguised hit the gate at the big snooper. Familiar entry method.
20150330 10:57 3dc http://spacenews.com/mda-kill-assessment-sensors-would-be-commercially-hosted/
20150330 10:39 trailing wife Good catch from Snopes, OldSpook. Thanks very much!
20150330 01:31 OldSpook Sorry for the goofy vowels, I dont have the patience to figure out what magic word the filters dont like. Here ya go - need an article deleted for the good of the Burg

MòDS - plêâsê dêlêtê ân ârtîclê - thê ònê òn Mòtòcyclês...FBî Gâng lîst.

Thê lînkêd sîtê îs â nòn-crêdîblê sîtê - nòtîcê îts wâshîngtònpòst.còm.Cò

îts thêrê tò dêlîbêrâtêly bâît rêpòstîng în òrdêr tò dîscrêdît òthêr sîtês.

Thâts nòt thê rêâl WâPò, thê stòry îs bògûs

òthêr hêâdlînês ât thât sîtê: òbâmâ’s êxêcûtîvê âmnêsty Wîll Grânt îllêgâls Mârîjûânâ Sêllêr Pêrmîts

âmâzòn Sâys Thêy Wîll Bê Rêmòvîng âll Bòb Mârlêy Mûsîc ând Mêrchândîsê Fròm Thêîr Wêbsîtê

Têd Crûz âdds Mândâtòry Chûrch Tò Plâtfòrm âftêr “înspîrîng Wòrds” Fròm Sylvîâ âllên

î sûggêst dêlêtîng thîs ârtîclê bêfòrê ît sprêâds thê dîsînfòrmâtîòn âny fûrthêr.

ând FYî - Hêrê's thê snòpês òn thîs ònê:

20150329 23:51 OldSpook Real Class (does a lot of fundraising for Airborne and Spec Ops community charities). Apparently is also a unofficial volunteer fireman in D1ckson Tn as of 2011. www(dot)popeater(dot)com/2011/02/15/craig-morgan-fire/
20150329 23:50 OldSpook Craig Morgan - EMT at 18, Deputy, enlisted US Army, 101st (air assault qualified), Panama with the 82nd, Desert Storm too - 9+ years active plus some reserves time too. Real deal.
20150329 23:37 OldSpook Here's an oldie

20150329 20:29 3dc http://www.newsweek.com/stories-inside-putin-propaganda-machine-317425
20150329 18:25 Dale http://conservativetribune.com/corps-commandant-exposes-obama/
20150329 14:14 Pappy Flower-class were a pretty simple and durable platform. I can see where it would lend itself to a low-level type of conflict. Since it's based on a commercial design, there's lots capability for mods.

Flowers were designated in the USN as PGs (patrol gunboats,) btw.
20150329 14:02 Shipman Bad, get ahold of Micharl Gannon's Black May, lots of good history concerning the Flowers at the peak of the War in the Atlantic.

20150329 13:07 badanov Some Sunday early afternoon Craig Morgan:

20150329 10:23 badanov I guess it was WWII ship, not WWI.
20150329 10:19 badanov It's a Flower class corvette
20150329 10:15 badanov Open gun turrets. I'm not that good at graphics, not enough to close the turrets. The ship is functional, though, and only an update to date aircraft has any chance of even getting a shot off. The trusty rusty SU-25 ain't gonna do it. I got shot down three times before the ship even got on my radar.

I managed to sink one of the corvettes with the Russian version of the AGM-65 Maverick, the Kh-29, before the AAA fire got too intense. It's a challenge.

It reminds me to the game Harpoon, except using Arma 2, it's in the minutiae. Not a bad thing, though, and very entertaining, if challeging.

The ship does the job, and it is the only reasonbly sized ship that does.
20150329 09:20 Pappy Given the modular configurations of many weapon systems, it's not all that far a stretch that an older warship might be reworked a bit for "local use." Though I wonder about the WWI vintage naval architecture...
20150328 23:37 badanov Arma 2 has a WWI vintage corvette I have "modernized" with a SAM launcher for both sides, As it is, the artillery is long range enough to take down modern Arma 2 aircraft.

It puts the game into as whole 'nother world dodging AAA and SAMS.

The aircraft used is an SU-34 loaded out w/ air launched ASMs.

Two corvettes w/ six light boats as escorts per side.
20150328 23:21 Pappy There used to be LSTs equipped with rocket launchers.

And there was speculation some years back about converting one of the older 'gators' like an LSD or LPD; adding a vertical launch system into what was originally the flight deck and amphib well.

Big problem is that, for reasons I won't go into, it wouldn't have been a rapid-response combat-support system.
20150328 17:46 Shipman CSG = Cullinary Sp8c1alist Gun.
20150328 17:40 Glenmore Just saw a flight of A-10's go over my house. Saw three, think I heard a fourth. Haven't seen them in a while. Not since the ANG at Belle Chasse adopted the Hornet a few years ago. Wonder who they belong to?
20150328 16:33 Pappy bad: USN corvette designation is FS.

Closest thing to an FS now is the LSC

Usually the 'G' designation is for ships with anti-air capability, like FFG, DDG. CG etc.

Subs have a 'G' if they have land-attack or anti-ship cruise missiles (Harpoons don't count.)

SSBN is a ballistic missile sub.

However, an amphib can have a 'G' meaning its equipped for fire-support
20150328 12:30 badanov Pappy: CS is US naval designation for a corvette. A corvette armed with antiship missiles would be designated CSG, correct?
20150328 00:38 OldSpook re: supersonic baltic flights... we used to run SR-71 up the baltic back when we had balls.
20150328 00:35 badanov Rebels just said that the murder of the formation commander in Donetsk Roman Vozkik last night may have been due to "infighting".

Or the Ukrainians.

Them guys play hardball!