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20160213 20:19 trailing wife Here's hoping Hillary Clinton doesn't win, then follow up that win by nominating Barack Hussein Obama.
20160213 18:18 Deacon Blues I hope the Republicans have enough balls left to block any Obama SC nomination until after the election.
20160213 18:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oh well, I guess us original Americans are fucked, the commiemerica's get themselves another fucking justice.

I hate that fucking country.
20160213 16:29 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ah, that's it. Update doesn't work like it used to. Sorry about that.
20160213 16:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain The headline I'm expecting...

WTI Down 1.50/bbl...
20160213 16:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain The headline I'm expecting...

WTI Down 1.50/bbl...
20160213 13:55 badanov Turkish troops may already be in northern Syria. Russian journalists are saying Turkish artillery pounded the Aleppo airfield.

20160212 10:40 Skidmark I remember Happy Feet
20160212 06:04 Shipman Surf the Gravitational Waves into the future.

BRB off to find my Hang Ten shirts.

Anyone remember those?
20160211 20:22 badanov Some Thursday evening Flyleaf:

20160211 15:16 Thing From Snowy Mountain "Here comes the gravitational wave!" "Choot it! Choot it!"
20160210 06:27 3dc not bad Skid
20160210 06:25 3dc
20160210 02:55 Skidmark The grocery over charges but gives me discount membership 'points' I can use for fuel. Today was a good day. 1400 points from the grocery applied to gas @$1.48 a gallon runs the price down to $.01/gal, their minimum cap.
I brought the diesel with the field tank in the bed and filled up for a penny!
20160209 22:05 Pappy Apparently the alligator has friends in high places:

the incident occurred in October, but James had only been arrested recently by U.S. Marshals

And the moron gets his face plastered across the intertubes. Waytago.
20160209 19:00 3dc $1.29 gas in chi burbs tonight.. May Opec loose their whole treasure and die belly up... heh.
20160209 11:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain Seen @aos

269 So which one of you morons went to Wendy's in (of course) Florida?

A Jupiter, Florida, man was arrested for throwing a live alligator into a Wendy's restaurant drive-through east of Loxahatchee
20160209 08:23 Deacon Blues I'll try to get something planned for late Spring. Everyone is welcome.
20160209 08:21 Deacon Blues The banana provides the sweetness. I use just a little vinegar.
20160208 17:33 Shipman DeaconMan, I have a basic fear of ghost peppers. Will leave them out, vinegar or sugar? There is a delightful background sweetness in the DTJ.
20160208 15:09 badanov I am open to attending, iffin that's alright.
20160208 07:53 Deacon Blues I am open to hosting another event.
20160208 00:40 Skidmark I have a batch of eggs pickled with jalapenos, fresh goat chese and some 40lb catfish startin to come up. We can bring pork ribs. Still a little cold for the snakes.