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20141020 05:42 Carter ***SPAM?*** A few months http://weimar.edu/my-essay-writing/ buy essay research paper The Obamas sip Guinness at a pub as they visit Moneygall village in rural County Offaly, Ireland, where the President's great-great-great grandfather Falmouth Kearney hailed from, on May 23, 2011. Obama landed in Ireland on May 23, 2011 for a visit celebrating his ancestral roots, kicking off a four-nation European tour. AFP PHOTO/ JEWEL SAMAD
20141020 05:20 Ryan ***SPAM?*** I'm not sure Aygestin Price Monday’s announcement by Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly that a record haul of over 250 weapons were taken off the streets — many of them straw-purchased and coming from states along the so called “Iron Pipeline” — serves as a reminder that while Congress fails to act on a federal statute making gun trafficking a crime, criminal networks continue to brazenly act like it’s business as usual.
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20141020 04:36 Isabelle ***SPAM?*** Do you have any exams coming up? avapro price Republicans, who oppose the healthcare law on the groundsthat it is an unwarranted extension of the federal government,said the requirement should be delayed until the problems withthe rollout are resolved.
20141019 23:48 Skidmark I don't believe all the guys in this photo are docs.
20141019 22:14 OldSpook THe "western" attitude toward religion is prevalent in Kurdish culture, which is why the Christians and Yazidi and Bahai and Sufi and yes, even Jews, have found accommodation in Kurdish areas.

My personal impression is that the Kurds are the most 'Murican of all the cultures in the region.
20141019 20:41 Thing From Snowy Mountain I thought interplay between the Jews and the Kurds went _way_ back, possibly back to when the ancestors of the Kurds were known as Hittites.
20141019 19:09 trailing wife They're everywhere!! We knew there are Muslim Kurds, and Yazidi Kurds, but also

Kurdish Jews of Israel worry about their countrymen facing ISIS
20141019 18:49 Skidmark Anybody have updates on the Mars comet?
20141019 18:35 Pappy Either a heat exchanger or fittings to the generators.
20141019 17:53 Skidmark During the accident, hot water and steam began spewing out of the engines oven compartment, Sina.com reported.

Just can't put metal in the microwave!
20141019 16:56 trailing wife The spammers have been busy today.
20141019 16:36 Dale http://youtu.be/vJKTLuvGAU4?list=PLHSoxioQtwZcJiKVxaGLoL3cD2WBPby3z
20141019 14:11 badanov Wretchard has a nice article for treadheads.
20141019 11:50 badanov Some Sunday morning Jamey Johhson:

20141019 11:46 badanov Now, that's a party, Ship!
20141019 09:01 Skidmark

New Call-of-Duty
20141019 08:52 Skidmark
Brain Donor
20141019 06:28 Shipman Florida is a damn train wreck. I can't focus my hatin on 'em. They need to steal both coaches from Mississippi. I hear Jamesis is working for ISIL as an EbooooooLah carrier.

And BadMan is giving me a serious yen for mud puppies. Been a few years.

20141018 12:56 badanov Some Saturday midday Hank Sr:

20141018 12:28 3dc Nasa video of first stage reentry after last SpaceX Launch

20141017 18:21 Dale http://www.nytimes.com/1988/03/27/business/what-s-new-handling-infectious-materials-for-surgeons-gloves-brass-chain-mail.html

Sorry just copy paste it works.
20141017 17:28 badanov Some Friday evening LMFAO:

20141017 14:39 badanov One of my favorite Armaholics thinks the Mig-21 is ill suited for close air support, but as I pointed out even the Syrians, and now ISIS are using the MiG-21 for ground interdiction missions.

I use the MiG-21 in Arma 2 as a ground interdiction aircraft. Works well in that role.

20141017 12:12 3dc and another: http://www.iae.kyoto-u.ac.jp/beam/iec2013/presentation/4-2.pdf
20141017 11:55 3dc NBC on fusion
20141017 11:24 3dc http://www.talk-polywell.org/bb/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5643&sid=26a34c73fea0aeee2bbf6faacbfe66f6&start=18

more on lockmarts reactor
20141017 11:15 Frank G on the road to Sedona for some R&R, so if you see my nym from a strange IP, that's still likely me
20141017 07:57 Thing From Snowy Mountain WTF? A cruise ship?
20141017 07:25 Pappy Does kinda make ID'ing friend or foe a bit easier.
20141017 06:47 badanov M-60s fighting in Iraq. The Iranians are downright romantic.
20141016 23:07 Pappy wretchard:

Readers will recall my prediction that fake strategies like those used by the administration go through 3 phases: 1) denial of the problem; 2) over-confident half measures; 3) blind panic. President Obama is officially at phase 3 and has canceled fundraisers in New Jersey and Connecticut to convene his Cabinet at the White House instead, as U.S. officials grappled with the widening Ebola crisis. The panic phase comes very fast because it is actually the moment when a leader realizes hes running out of the most precious resource a manager can have, which is time. And the administration, for the past six years, has been all about wasting time.

Not only did he run out of time but he lengthened his OODA loop by centralizing decision. His incredible jealousy for power reduced the Federal Government to just himself and his immediate staff. It limited the speed at which the United States could respond to a given crisis to the agonizing rate at which he could attend to it which was what was left over after subtracting hours spent on the golf course, attending celebrity dinners and going to fundraisers. Nowhere was this more evident than in his control of drone strikes or the air campaign against ISIS, which meant that things waited on him, which meant they waited.

Every German commander learned the dictum: never fight a two front war. By contrast the administration never fought a single enemy when they could multiply them. They never fought them individually when they could set a date to meet them all at once, a circumstance seen as bizarrely advantageous, the Grand Bargain. The good-enough was always postponed in exchange for the promise of the perfect.
20141016 22:58 Pappy *golf clap*
20141016 22:28 Thing From Snowy Mountain Seen @ AoSHQ, no comment given:

Oh my little deadly one, deadly one

When you gonna give me some time Ebola

When you make my organs run, my organs run

Vomit up a chunk of my spleen Ebola*Never gonna stop, let er rip

Such a dirty trick, I'll take another trip

For the touch of the deadly kind

My my my i yi woo

My my my my EbolaCome a little closer huh, ah will ya huh,

Close enough to spray in my eyes Ebola

Keeping it a mystery, bloody cheese

Running down the length of my thighs Ebola*Never gonna stop, let er rip

Such a dirty trick, I'll take another trip

For the touch of the deadly kind

My my my i yi woo

My my my my Ebola
20141016 21:30 49 Pan So we have had 1 Ebola patient in the US so far. With that patient we have suffered 2 health care workers infected to date, HT to OS and his chart, A flight crew grounded from Frontier Airlines, The plane removed from service, bridal shop closed, two grade schools closed, Two apartment scrubbed by the CDC, and countless millions spent. But not to worry and there is no need to ban travel to and from West Africa. All of this for only one guy, I don't like the view of this.
20141016 19:17 Dale Oops here it is; http://youtu.be/26wvpfDiGHU
20141016 19:14 Dale

20141016 18:33 badanov Some Thursday evening Sara Evans:

20141016 17:38 SteveS Can the Prez send state National Guard troops to a foreign county with an executive order?
20141016 10:23 Skidmark Ebola news page
20141016 09:16 Dale In the last six years what has this administration done correctly. His like minded cohorts do their own thing with little or no supervision or accountability. So with Ebola expect more of the same. Information provided by our mainstream media is managed. How many have been exposed. How many are infected?. In my opinion the cat is out of its bag already. Soon this will be back page ten news. Day by day. No forward thinking.
20141016 00:59 Thing From Snowy Mountain We've heard nothing of Patient Zero's family, while two of the nurses who treated him have come down with it. They were much more exposed to him than the nurses. What's up?
20141016 00:21 OldSpook Good of the Aussies to post that. And they are taking apart the CDC and Lancet responses to the Ebola crisis in Africa. This researcher NAILED IT - and nailed the CDC, Lancet, WHO and others in authority as a "coalition of inaction"

FYI that video was posted Sept 5 - a scientific analysis saying standard PPE was inadequate, and that there may indeed be an aerosol/airborne component for the spread. The evidence is not clear as to airborne transmission, however, the evidence is quite clear that when respirators are used there is a ZERO rate.

CDC cannot claim they did not know. This is the smoking gun. They dropped the damned ball.
20141016 00:08 OldSpook THIS is the video the CDC needs to see. And you need to see it too. Doc Steve, you may find this interesting - plus good scholarly references at the end.

Please discount her few lefty remarks on political things, because on the healthcare and disease and the unreliability of the WHO, CDC and medical establishment's handling of Ebola, she is 5x5 on target, and this was a month ahead of the US outbreak.
20141015 23:38 Pappy More like the optics for the White House are really, really, really bad.
20141015 23:15 badanov Relax
20141015 21:23 SteveS This Ebola stuff is getting serious if Obama canceled a fund raiser.
20141015 20:10 3dc Patient 0's family?
20141015 18:05 49 Pan So now two nurses that treated patient zero have Ebola. Today the second nurse' boyfriend just checked into a hospital with symptoms. She had to have been feeling sick when she got on the plane, now the folks on the plane are at risk. crazy. Question, What happened to patent zero's family?? Are they ok?
20141015 17:25 49 Pan Were they using this in the Isolation wards or the ER? Me thinks the masks for the mouth should be issued to everyone in the ER before they enter the ER.
20141015 17:20 OldSpook Looks like Larry Curly and Moe are running the show in that Dallas hospital. Administrators are spinning like mad after this second nurse was diagnosed, and the truth is coming out about them not issuing proper protective gear. They were using earloop masks with attached face shield, the cheapest ones. And disposable paper gowns, not the full waterproof stuff.

Basically this:

20141015 11:52 Thing From Snowy Mountain Ship: Book suggestion, that talks about that sort of thing...

_Quartered Safe Out Here_, by George Macdonald Fraser.
20141015 08:50 Bright Pebbles lol
20141015 07:46 Shipman I might try out that British maldishie stew on the y00fs next time I'm drafted for a scout camp.

20141015 05:04 Skidmark Inflatable pants could help you escape quicksand.