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20150828 21:01 Pappy one from wretchard:

Howard Fineman, writing in the Huffington Post described the Democratic Party he was hoping would be born:

If Biden is to have a chance, he’ll have to somehow reach out to minority voters, who so far seem cool to or even estranged from Sanders and Clinton. He’d also have to somehow reach out to a new version of the party that is out there waiting to be born, a yet-to-be-defined mashup of Black Lives Matter; pro-immigration activism; non-European cultural consciousness; tolerance of all religions, lifestyles and genders; genuine urgency about the fate of the planet; confidence in technology, social media and the sharing economy; and skepticism about America’s right, power and duty to lead the world.

Yet in the wake of worldwide trends it may be reasonable to ask whether Fineman's vision of the Democratic Party hoping to be born is actually the one waiting to die? The actual world of 2015 is is a world with altogether too much immigration, consisting of people fleeing in fear. It is a time of a tolerance of a religion which believes nearly all lifestyles and some genders should be persecuted. A religion that has produced almost no technology yet which cleverly uses that invented by others, like social media, for their evil purposes. In other words the empirical earth is full of people fleeing from all that Fineman’s vision holds dear towards everything it abjures.

The director of Human Rights Watch asks, ‘why does nobody care’ not just about the masses of refugees themselves the carnage they are fleeing from? After all, the West cared enough once, so what changed in the interim? What changed in the interval was Western confidence in the normativeness of its values and its ability to intervene in global events. The political delegitimization of Operation Iraqi Freedom added to the disappointment in the Arab Spring has pretty much soured the West on anything except watching the tragedy passively unfold. The “skepticism about America’s right, power and duty to lead the world”, the logical consequence of ‘no more Vietnams’, ‘no more Iraqs’ - no mas - period.

What’s left is to sit there and take it. Accept eight hundred thousand refugees in 2015 and a million will come the year after and a million and a half the year after that. A snowball, once it starts downhill, gathers up more material with it. In the end even the wolves, having driven out their human capital, will finally follow the refugees to the West, where they will presumably be welcomed for their “non-European cultural consciousness”.

The obvious problem with Fineman's plan isn’t the evil GOP; it's with arithmetic. Herbert Stein’s dictum that “if something cannot go on forever, it will stop” threatens to derail the simple scheme. The “social engineering” envisioned by the enlightened might collide with the endurance limit of physical systems. Instead of a Democratic party “waiting to be born” we may instead get an “accident waiting to happen”.
20150828 18:12 SteveS Just heard a piece on National People's Radio about the 10th anniversary of hurricane Katrina. They spent almost the entire time blaming the disaster on President Bush.

There was an interview with a (presumably fat) angry black woman blaming Bush for not showing up sooner and not doing more. There was an interview with an angry black man blaming Bush for being lazy and uncaring because he flow over the scene rather than personally laying sandbags.

No mention of the Ray Nagin Memorial Motor Pool. No mention of candy-ass state governor Blanco refusing to declare an emergency despite pleading from the Feds.

The buried lede was Bush visiting a school that had been destroyed in the flood, was rebuilt with private funds as a charter school, and now has a 100% graduation rate.
20150828 16:25 badanov Some Friday afternoon Alan Jackson:

20150824 22:49 OldSpook I have a feeling I will never see rock done any better than this. Raw, edgy, live, musicianship, with probably the greatest rebellious rock lyrics written. Entwistle (go find his isolated track for this - you will be amazed), Moon, Daltry and Townsend at the peak of their craft.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.. indeed.

20150824 21:50 badanov From a commenter at Wretchard's:

Paul Krugman's Hell.

When the truth can't be propagandized away and Marxism feels the steel toed boot of reality swung directly and forcefully into its globes.

All the parsing, dissembling, lying, Ponzi scheming won't buy milk, eggs and butter.

Krugman's Hell, with two you get egg rolled.