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20141129 03:37 Shipman Hillary for Defense!
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20141128 23:08 Pappy 1. McCain likes being Senator. Non-starter right there.

2. Anyone with half a brain (and McCain does have at least that) knows that SecDef in this administration is a no-win. Non-starter #2.

3. McCain's mildest foreign policy viewpoints are equivalent to Hagel's strongest (and not coincidentally, last) ones. Non starter #3.

4. Whatever Hagel's myriad of faults are, being outspoken wasn't one of them. With McCain, that's non-starter #4.

5. Hagel got SecDef, partly because he'd been a non-com (I'll reserve personal comment on this,) partly because it'd be a Republican managing the downgrade of Defense, but also because because he was truly a RINO. Hagel alienated his fellow Republican Senators during his stay at the Senate to the point that, even though he'd been out long enough for things to mellow, he only got four (yes, four) Republican votes for confirmation. The metaphorical White House middle-finger, as it were.

I could toss a few more out there, plus my own ideas were I President in 2016. But it's late and I'm to be up early to run errands.
20141128 22:00 OldSpook I wish Obama would nominate McCain for SecDef. Get him out of the Senate (clearing the way for a real conservative appointee), and he would be an improvement over anyone the Dems have in their party hack "defense experts" list, and it would give John McVain what he wants most: unlimited camera time with the cameras focused ONLY on him.

20141128 19:53 badanov From The Belmont Club:

My nephews and nieces refuse to attend Thanksgiving dinner because they are militant Vegans who abhor eating flesh.

And even if they were not, they claim that Thanksgiving is a celebration of the genocide of Native Americans and European Imperial Expansionism.

Nor would they watch football, since to them it is a metaphorical exercise of the Violent Military-Industrial Strategy of Territorial Expansion through the use of 'blitzes", "bombs", and "sacks".

I don't know where they go or what they do on the third Thursday in November, but it isn't what I'm doing and it isn't where I'm at, and we are NOT talking to each other across my dinner table.

And for this, I am truly thankful...

20141128 16:20 badanov Some Friday afternoon George Strait:

20141128 16:07 Shipman In hindsight? I had a hard hunch the stuff was horrible even as I bought the eight-track.
20141128 13:34 Pappy Salud to the now-mediocre-in hindsight songs of the 1970s...
20141128 13:24 Shipman Josef helped me find job on whaleship long ago,
When I am finally sober up I didn't wanna go,
Martin Mary came to me a gave some bad news
Seems them forgot the lyriks too,

All them burning bridges that Frank swore that were new all the burnin memories the roofies took them too, everyone I left behind when the bar tab finally came due, it was me that left the cake out in the rain.

In honor of BadMans heist
20141128 05:34 Dale TKY BP good stuff :)
20141127 20:23 badanov A Russian military blogger is saying that a Ukrainian military payroll robbery took place at the Donetsk airport, where someone made off with USD $333,823 in cash for Ukrainian soldiers stationed at the airport.
20141127 19:53 Bright Pebbles Happy Thanksgiving BTW.
20141127 19:44 Bright Pebbles made me lol

20141127 14:09 Thing From Snowy Mountain @ Free Republic: Russian insider says Putin openly planned invasion of Ukraine since 2003.
20141127 13:25 Pappy One from wretchard:

Matt Breunig at Gawker argues that riots save money and he puts a dollar figure on it. According to Becker, punishing bad behavior increases the costs of engaging in such behavior and thereby reduces the amount of it. The bad behavior rioting curbs is the tendency of white police officers to be needlessly aggressive toward blacks.

Its interesting to compare this calculation with Jonathan Grubers 1997 paper for the National Bureau of Statistics, which argues that legalization of abortion in five states around 1970, by followed by legalization nationwide due to the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision saved the government over $14 billion in welfare expenditures through 1994. Even better, John Donohue, of Yale Law School, and Steven Levitt, of the University of Chicago, found that abortion cuts crime. If abortion cuts crime and saves society money it is mostly African-Americans who get the treatment.

Let us return to the question: is it cost-beneficial to burn buildings and kill innocent bystanders to send a message to the White Police Establishment? Isnt it rational to promote abortion to save on welfare and cut crime? Is it cheaper to promote death panels in health care systems rather than pay for the treatment of the elderly? The answer to the previous questions may all be yes and yet the price of assent may be more than we can ever afford. The idea that human life is sacred is important because it functions as a foundation stone. It is the axiom on which rests the whole of our civilization. One can demonstrate, as Mssrs Gruber, Donohue or Levitt have done, that it is cost-beneficial to abort minority babies. But you accept that proposition at the price of prying out the foundation stone of Western civilization. And for many thats simply too much to pay.
20141127 09:44 Pappy Happy Thanksgiving from Hell With Saguaros.

20141127 09:18 Skidmark I'm watching for a LE run on bigger slugs and more mags.
20141127 08:01 BrerRabbit Happy Thanksgiving.

You know that just before that first Thanksgiving dinner there was one wise, old Native American woman saying, "Don't feed them. If you feed them, they'll never leave.
20141126 20:06 Pappy Where the hell was Chuckie six years ago on that?
20141126 19:59 badanov An average man can run 152 feet (50 yards) in about six seconds.
20141126 19:20 Grunter Sub text to middle class voters: next time we really WILL look after you, and this time we're not lying. Honest we are. Not. Not lying, I mean, not not honest. Honest.
Look, I'll go again, OK?
20141126 18:29 Shipman Not sure, but it looks like Schumer tried to push glow worm under the bus.
20141126 18:27 Shipman Wow, Chuck Schumer leaves the reservation and crosses state lines, sez ObamaCare was a mistake, should have used mandate to focus on middle class recovery!
20141126 17:45 49 Pan So my big question for officer Wilson is: At 152 feet away Brown turned and started running toward you. You had discharged your weapon numerous times to include clearing a jam. Tell me why, after hitting him at least twice, did you not drop your clip and reload? At 12 feet you shot your last few rounds hitting him in the head, if you would have missed the head shot, you would be dead. Remember kiddies, even if the clip is not empty - at every break- RELOAD!!!
20141126 17:09 trailing wife For me, too, junkiron -- whether of facts or of process. :-)
20141126 09:22 junkiron Thank you for your assistance TW. Every day is a learning experience at Rantburg
20141126 08:18 trailing wife junkiron, I fixed the title and replaced the home page URL with the one specific to that post (http://junkirony.com/blog/blog6.php/the-trouble-with-ferguson). Using the home page URL automatically triggers the DUPE (duplicate) heading, because you've used it before. If you click on Preview before you submit an article, you'll see what it looks like, and can make changes as needed at that point.

We've all climbed this particular learning curve, so no worries. ;-)
20141126 01:02 junkiron @ MODs, I posted an article today on the front page: THE TROUBLE WITH FERGUSON.
Not sure why the Dupe entry thingy came up in the title.

Also putting the title in all caps was unintentional on my part. If you decide to edit the title perhaps something like The Trouble With Ferguson would be more appropriate.

Thanks for all you do.
20141126 00:01 Alaska Paul From here on up, 49 Pan, it's downhill all the way.
20141125 23:57 Alaska Paul 3dc---What a fireball! Some serious combustion temperatures. One hell of a video. Stay safe and thirsty, my friends.
20141125 23:47 3dc Fugue as it repeats over and over
20141125 23:31 49 Pan condorman, you right. Things could be worse, so I waited and sure enough. Things got worse!!!
20141125 22:54 3dc the proper song for today:
20141125 20:23 3dc It could be worse. Our little Il Duce could have a hang nail or miss a putt or something.
20141125 20:19 badanov Maybe this will make you feel a little better, Pan:

20141125 19:30 49 Pan I'm just numb to the news anymore. Ferguson, IRS, Fast and furious, Obamacare, Amnesty, Iran, 17 trillion, on and on and on. I'm just numb and wondering how it can get any worse.
20141125 13:57 3dc DLP == http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Light_Processing
20141125 13:56 3dc Skidmark - technique was a 3D view using not lasers but normal gun IR illuminator into a DLP and telephoto - return telephoto into near IR cam.
Pretty robust.
20141125 12:58 49 Pan They should have hosed the protestors down. Not hammer them, just get them all soaking wet. The streets would get icy and they would get too cold to rage...
20141125 11:17 Skidmark Indexing on the 'red-eye', eh?
I would think the effects of smoke, CS and rage enlarging the capillaries would clutter the signal return.
20141125 11:11 3dc There's a proof of concept done a few years back for the military of retinal id of perps from a distance with telephoto lens and lasers. Seems like it might be more appropriate for ID of perps rioting. Tests at 100 feet worked fine.
20141125 08:37 Skidmark Guess I'll tuck away another couple of mags in the truck.
20141125 02:14 badanov It's late. Look like its out of control in Ferguson.
20141125 02:12 badanov Listening to the Missouri state police scanner, several buildings are on fire now in Dellwood, including buildings close to the Dellwood City hall

Looting is spreading east towards Moline Acres and the river.

Six l00ters detained so far since an hour ago.

Reports are of 15 50 cars with possible looters at a Home Depot. Gunfire was reported as l00ters were apparently trying to shoot up the st0re locks.

Now reporting no one is break1ng in now.
20141125 02:07 badanov Listening to the Missouri state police scanner, several buildings are on fire now in Dellwood, including buildings close to the Dellwood City hall

Looting is spreading east towards Moline Acres and the river.

Six l00ters detained so far since an hour ago.

Reports are of 50 cars with possible looters at a Home Depot. Gunfire was reported as l00ters were apparently trying to shoot up the st0re locks.
20141125 02:03 badanov Listening to the Missouri state police scanner, several buildings are on fire now in Dellwood, including buildings close to the Dellwood City hall

Looting is spreading east towards Moline Acres and the river.

Six l00ters detained so far since an hour ago.
20141125 01:57 badanov Listening to the Missouri state police scanner, several buildings are on fire now in Dellwood, including buildings close to the Dellwood City hall

Looting is spreading east towards Moline Acres and the river.
20141124 21:28 badanov No billed.
20141124 21:19 badanov Here it comes
20141124 20:44 Pappy Well. that's one reason to visit Germany, Condor...
20141124 17:34 Bright Pebbles http://thefederalist.com/2014/11/24/chuck-hagel-is-out-as-defense-secretary-so-you-know-what-that-means/

Thats right: America needs Dck Cheney. Now more than ever.
20141124 16:51 3dc A gopro hero camera captured the antares failure at about 5 min 25 secs in this new video
20141124 16:39 badanov Heh
20141124 16:36 3dc badanov and Pappy - check gmail.
20141124 16:29 3dc Modifications made to the NK-33 to put it in the Antares. These were prior to the explosion. http://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=35950.0;attach=621850
20141124 16:25 badanov The Red Army right on up 'til the 1950s used the term commissar, political officer or political instructor for its commissars.

The term zampolit was coined after the 1950s.

Just some useless background information...
20141124 16:16 Pappy From what I can see of the list of SecDef candidates, they didn't list any of the "policy people" the White House inserted into the Pentagon to play KGB-political-officer.
20141124 15:59 badanov Decision to be announced at 2000 hrs EDT.
20141124 15:21 badanov Ferguson announcement this afternoon.
20141124 12:31 Thing From Snowy Mountain The bad thing about Hagel resigning is, McCain and Boehner would vote to confirm The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight if Obama nominated him.
20141124 11:27 49 Pan Ya Skid, under the bus is a great place, all my friends are there.
20141124 10:11 badanov Posted.

20141124 09:55 Skidmark Chuck Hagel hit by the bus.
20141124 08:11 Deacon Blues Visitor is me.
20141124 08:10 Visitor ***SPAM?*** Can't post to the burg from my smartphone. Marion Barry is pining for the fjords.
20141124 07:10 Shipman Good to see SH back, if only for a day.
20141124 06:53 Shipman I will ask Pappy, if that doesn't work I am going to the juju an.