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20161024 15:59 Shipman Whistling past the graveyard. Time to tighten up and look two years up. If possible LOL maybe we can get by our labels just this once.?
20161024 12:48 Deacon Blues I have seen around here anger at Bernie from his supporters that he was bought off and is now shilling for Hillary. "We believed him".
20161024 10:56 trailing wife The polls will soon reflect more accurate results nearer the election.

It depends on the purpose of the polls, Dale. Related to the latest numbers, Drudge is linking to a very interesting ZeroHedge post. It seems a certain Mr. Podesta had very detailed instructions about exactly how to oversample media polls to get the desired results both nationally and in each state. I've seen talk that, like Brexit, the polls might not reflect actual voter behaviour on election day -- this increases the probability that they do not.

And my Bernista friends claim it was one of their own who donated the DNC files to WikiLeaks, not Russia.
20161024 09:42 Thing From Snowy Mountain I think Craig Binky, uh, Rupert Murdoch is in the tank with Her.
20161024 08:56 Thing From Snowy Mountain Actually I dislike what I hear on fox news these days.
20161024 08:27 Deacon Blues I, too, get the "stop watching Fox News" from liberals. I tell them I haven't watched any network news in 10 years and they need to stop drinking the Liberal Media Kool-Aid and do some actual research. It really pissed them off and they resort to insults like all good "Progressives" do.
20161023 20:40 Visitor ***SPAM?*** Bad, a rule change at the state level kept me from voting for Cruz in the primary, but I still wanna deck that poster.
20161023 19:22 badanov From a Facebook thread:

Sorry, not true. Stop trying to run from the truth and blame opther for your errors. Trump is a loser and campaigned horribly - even if every one of the NeverTrump people came over, its not enough to make a difference - the Independents is where Trump blew this race - that came from his shooting his fat mouth off at every opportunity about himself instead of staying on message, and all the dirt that we knew the media would save up to throw at him. Sorry, but you DO NOT get to blame this on anyone other than people like you who voted for this jackass in the primaries despite a lot of us warning you exactly what would happen. He was the ONLY candidate polled consistently to lose to Hillary. And he may cast the GOP the Senate because he is now poisoning the down ballot with his "rigged" remarks, and his going after some Republicans harder than he does Hillary. YOU are to blam. Suck it up, buttercup, because I am going to be on you about this every single one of these long years of evil in the Whitehouse. You go to your grave with this stain on you.
20161023 19:16 badanov The political officers are unhappy, it seems.
20161023 08:42 Dale TRUMP'S 'CONTRACT WITH THE AMERICAN VOTER' at Gettysburg.
Fantastic. Trump has outclassed the media. History in the making. He is pulling from all walks of life. Washington Post today finally is starting to get it. Trumpism as they call it is here to stay. Same old doom and gloom from OS. I get the same old comments from my liberal friends. They tell me I watch too much Fox news and then I say I don't watch TV media programs.This is history in the making. I've been 100% for him from the beginning. The polls will soon reflect more accurate results nearer the election. They don't want to look too bad. Trumps first hundred days will be breathtaking. America first!.
20161023 08:33 Pappy "The old restriction meant that only the orthodox were allowed to discuss religion. Modern liberty means that nobody is allowed to discuss it."

— G.K. Chesterton
20161022 21:45 trailing wife Also, have you noticed that despite the media silent treatment, enough people are seeing posts on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere about the O'Keefe videos, etc, that the MSM has had to address them, if only to say how wrong they are? So the boycott is leaking.

I've read that the Berniestas are seriously angry about what the WikiLeaks revelations say about how they and their candidate were logrolled, and what Hillary's private opinions on lefty shibboleths are, and that this has become a real concern.
20161022 20:01 trailing wife swksvolFF, I look forward to your next book review, whenever it happens. At least you are started. :-)
20161022 19:57 trailing wife I guess it may be best to point out to people who rely on the media than none of it is turning a profit.

They've been losing money, shedding employees, consolidating, and doing it again for a couple of decades now. Not just the mainstream media, either. Academia has started down that road -- many of the new hires are part time instructors rather than tenure track professors, and the tenured professors are having to swallow pay and benefit cuts coupled with increased course loads even as positions and programs are being cut altogether. At the school my sister just left, she was the entire computer science department that last year, where previously there had been three full professors. She does not think they found a replacement.

The film industry aims their products for the foreign market, because Americans just don't go to the movies like they used to -- it's an expensive experience, and most movies range from uninteresting to objectionable propaganda. But how many actors and support staff must have quietly wandered into other fields of endeavour, just like the reporters?

I am voting for Mr. Trump to punish all those who think they can turn the entire country into Tammany Hall, and I will continue to vote a straight Republican ticket for the same reason.

And enough people have been voting Republican at the state and local level that vast swathes of the country that were blue have turned purple, and those that were purple are turning red. It is an evolution, which is America's genius.
20161022 14:18 badanov Some Saturday morning Switchfoot:

20161022 11:04 swksvolFF Tried to do a Books thread - things happened.

OS, the problem there is decadence. Cultures have overcome, and succumbed, to decadence.

They want their 15 minutes.

Watch the weather (underground) channel to see the sensationalizing of normal events.

Two books. The first, the one I had hoped to promote, Mohammed and Charlemagne - Pirenne - is an anthropological read. The other is probably closer to topic - Blood and Thunder - Sides - has to do with sensationalizing even extraordinary people.

The first nexus is the narcissism today, the selfie generation, who are so craven for attention they share their Cobb Salad with eternity (internet cloud). That mentality has been around since before Egypt, except now ordinary Joe can minecraft their own pyramid.

(more, but kids)
20161022 01:30 newc I guess it may be best to point out to people who rely on the media than none of it is turning a profit. Ergo, it is used as a Agiprop chamber.
The one network that is making profit is fox news, yet it has it's own slant. The Trump super-pac if it were. So, read sites like Rantburg and watch College Sports instead!
20161022 01:13 newc "But the bigger issue going forward is the one I have been harping on for years here: How do we punish the press and dismantle the big media for obvious dereliction of duty?"

20161021 22:21 OldSpook Pretty much the problem with Trump is he is very undisciplined and a narcissist who cannot resist keeping himself in the headlines for better or worse. He's a terrible candidate, running an incompetent stumbling campaign. Yet he still has an outside chance simply because of how malevolent and evil Hillary is. By Zeuss, if we only had a competent conservative running instead of this would-be populist.

But the bigger issue going forward is the one I have been harping on for years here: How do we punish the press and dismantle the big media for obvious dereliction of duty?

Its not that Trump has failed in this, so much as the media is doing its best to bury, ignore or discredit the WikiLeaks info, the pay for play scandals, OKeefe's incredibly damning videos about gooning up GOP rallies and planning to systematically commit large scale voter fraud. And that's all in addition to Comey coming up dirty as hell covering for repeated criminal activity by Clinton, and likely Obama as well.

Were this to be a Bush administration and Karl Rove caught doing all this, alarm bells would be ringing far and wide. Yet there is a conspiracy of silence in the media.

How do we punish the media - and do so in a way that destroys the terrible institutions that promote and extend bias and mal-informing the people, but in a manner that doesn't take lives or destroy our freedom of the press?

I fear that some of Trumps more extreme followers may finally do the math and start killing editors and publishers; which would bring about swift retaliation from a Clinton administration - aimed at conservatives.

Short of revolution, what can we do? Or is that what we prepare for?

20161021 21:52 Visitor ***SPAM?*** sorry that's me, Jan
20161021 21:51 Visitor ***SPAM?*** so tired of all the media being in lock step against Trump, no one has an individual thought. H/T Rush Limbaugh. I wish someone would interview Rush.
20161021 08:27 Pappy Morning.


One the most frequently cited reasons for electing Hillary is that only she can fix Obama's failures. She has the requisite familiarity with Gordian knot to untie it, because she helped entangle it. As for Donald "The Outsider" Trump, everyone in the policy elite seems to have concluded that it's beyond him to return things to normal because he doesn't know what they looked like from the inside, like Hillary did. Therefore he can't fix U.S.-Russia ties or begin to comprehend the Byzantine condition of Syria, let alone Turkey, Iran, Yemen, the Sudan, Philippines, etc., because he has no memory of the Time Before the Fall. Hillary, whatever her practical defects was part of Eden, never mind as The Snake.

The 2016 election is peculiar as a psychological re-run of the 2008 primary between Barack Obama and Hillary. Then the Democratic party made the wrong choice; now is the final chance to get things back on track, to turn back the clock to before Obama went off the rails that magic moment when America bestrode the world before Syria or Libya or Yemen or Afghanistan or Ukraine to when Russia was still a friend, Wikileaks and Snowden had happened yet and Obamacare was still a promise that hadn't been broken. They want to rerun the last 8 years. To the objection that "you can't repeat the past" comes the resounding resolve that "course you can! We're going to fix everything just the way it was before". Like most forms of conjury it requires suggestion, such as Bill in the form of Hillary, a reminder of the good old days when everything was right.

In her now famous 'deplorables' remarks Hillary accused her opponent's supporters as "people who are drawn because they think somehow he's going to restore an America that no longer exists." Yet ironically Hillary herself comes from the same place just a smaller part of it. She's part of the Blue Model part that is also gone forever.
20161020 21:05 badanov Pro tip while watching college football this weekend:

If Alabama starts running between the tackles, it means the game is over.
20161020 16:17 swksvolFF SteveS, glad I wasn't eating anything when I read that; that's about right.
20161020 14:44 SteveS Tried to watch the debate, but couldn't. Every time I turned it on, Hillary was talking. And every time she opened her mouth, all I could hear was my nagging, bitchy ex-wife. Thing is, I don't even *have* an ex-wife.
20161020 01:09 trailing wife The Wikipedia article on the thing is here. It's Art Deco, built at the start of the Great Depression, one of the bigger city halls in the country, and on the national historic register. It even has a clever system of natural air conditioning for the rare truly hot summer days.
20161020 00:51 trailing wife Thanks for the link, Shipman. It's very good to see that Buffalo is enticing in some high tech manufacturing jobs. That building is indeed real -- city hall, built back when the city was prosperous and had money to burn on a building that now, no doubt, sits mostly empty but has to be heated anyway. See the rest of the masonry pile here.

Snowy Thing, Buffalo has some architecturally interesting buildings and neighbourhoods, but much of it is worker housing of various eras.

Zenobia F, I have no complaints about the product of your brain. Definitely adding that the, though.
20161019 19:10 ZF Add "the" to taste.

Your modernist bureau is brutal:
A fortress where hyphens canoodle
And press their behinds
To the glass. No one minds
Cuz we all know resistance is futile.

Mhhh. Brain still on vacation.
20161019 19:04 ZF Is federal deco uplifting?
Down corridors, paperwork drifting:
Grey schools teaching patience
To too-human agents
Who ponder mugshots they're sifting.
20161019 17:04 Thing From Snowy Mountain Oops... Forget it. Damn auto cucumber.
20161019 17:03 Thing From Snowy Mountain Forget to, Ship, it's Idaho. They got bad architectural taste.
20161019 14:56 3dc badanov.
No. My dad was a decorated combat vet when young. When our ship stopped at Aden in 1965 as the English were being run out by mobs with knives and torches it took me a 9 year old kid to point out to him. "Dad I don't think mobs will stop and ask to see your passport." We turned right around then and went back to the boat.
20161019 10:37 Shipman Yeah it was me, sorry. :(

How embarassin
20161019 10:36 Shipman Sorry DB, I've never ovrcme sight-reading.

TW look at this,


Is that building real? We all have hometown bias, but damn now that's some serious ugly.

Moscow State Main looking better..

I'll bet fire drills are fun in both locales.
20161019 00:26 trailing wife That makes sense, badanov -- breaking the action down to key steps, and only putting it together once the steps are mastered. That's how I used to teach kids basic gymnastics tricks.