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20150428 01:46 Alaska Paul Here is a full rendition of Richland Woman Blues, played by Mississippi John Hurt.

Come along young man
Everything sittin right
My husband's gone away till
Next Saturday night
Hurry down sweet daddy
Come blowin your horn
If you come too late
Your mama will be gone

20150427 21:26 badanov After the Hurricane in 2007, the New Orleans team set up temporary shop in OKC, until repairs were made. The tremendous support from fan for the team led local businessmen in buy and move the OKC Thunder.

The Orioles could do that for some minor league city until things die down, or Charm City is burned to the ground, whichever comes first.
20150427 20:58 Pappy If I owned the Orioles, I'd be thinking Salt Lake City, Charlotte, Jacksonville, mebbe even the Big Easy...
20150427 09:08 Dale IS this a good thingy or a bad thingy.
OH my is again.
20150427 09:06 Dale Mozilla had this pop up today:

Looks up a CSS selector string, returning the first element that matches. Equivalent to document.querySelector() or calls the $ function in the page, if it exists.
Looks up a CSS selector string, returning a list of DOM nodes that match. This is a shortcut for document.querySelectorAll().
The currently-inspected element in the page.
New in Firefox 39. Stores the result of the last expression executed in the console's command line. For example, if you type "2+2 ", then "$_ ", the console will print 4.
Evaluates an XPath expression and returns an array of matching nodes.
Given an object, returns a list of the keys (or property names) on that object. This is a shortcut for Object.keys.
Given an object, returns a list of the values on that object; serves as a companion to keys().
Clears the console output area.
Given an object, opens the object inspector for that object.
Formats the specified value in a readable way; this is useful for dumping the contents of objects and arrays.
Displays help text. Actually, in a delightful example of recursion, it will bring you to this page.
Switch JavaScript evaluation context to a different iframe in the page. See working with iframes.
New in Firefox 38. Copy the argument to the clipboard. If the argument is a string, it's copied as-is. If the argument is a DOM node, its outerHTML is copied. Otherwise, JSON.stringify will be called on the argument, and the result will be copied to the clipboard.
New in Firefox 39. Just like a normal command line, the console command line remembers the commands you've typed. Use this function to clear the console's command history.
Please refer to the Console API for more information about logging from content.
20150427 08:01 Skidmark My autonomous mid-finger extension is intermittent. Comes from grasping the steering wheel, I think.
20150427 00:13 Grunter Very happy for you, Paul, that is a great result.
20150426 23:09 Pappy Benny Goodman'll work too...
20150426 21:41 3dc youtube was MM's Richland Woman's Blues.
20150426 21:40 3dc https://youtu.be/SCrrwnlITGc
20150426 18:39 badanov O-club doesn't allow editing of posts. A change from about six months ago
20150426 18:04 Alaska Paul It is ignoring my copy and pasting commands when I update the posting.

Here is the video of Benny Goodman:

20150426 18:02 Alaska Paul Dang----I cannot change the video part of it no matter what I do. :<(
20150426 17:53 Alaska Paul Hey folks, thanks for the fun interchange! During the last years of me mum's life, she had Alzheimer's disease, and did not recognize me. However, I found a way to connect with her, and that was with my clarinet. She always loved my clarinet, and playing it brought back connections. So in the clinical spirit, I played Benny Goodman's version of "Memories of You." Worked every time. Music can be a powerful thing.

20150426 17:38 badanov Very nice, AP
20150426 17:18 Alaska Paul HAHAHAHA! badanov---I am speechless...I yam without speech.
I was writing some more description of the procedure and got plagued with the filter, and could not get rid of the 16:17 version of the video.

Actually I will again play Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A. Except I do not have a basset clarinet, like the one in the video below.
20150426 17:08 Pappy "Doc, will the operation allow me to play Beethoven's Nocturne on the clarinet?"


"Darn - I was hoping for Moonlight Serenade."
20150426 17:00 Skidmark Doctor: The treatment will give you neuropathy. You will lose feeling in your hands and feet. After time and treatment some feeling will come back.
Patient: Will I be able to play the piano?
Doctor: Yes, of course.
Patient: GREAT. I've never been able to play the piano.

Use it once, funny for years!
20150426 16:28 badanov AP: Doc, will the operation allow me to play Beethoven's Noctune on the clainet?

Doc: No, the best you will be able to do will be the Mississippi John Hurt song, "Richland Woman Blues"
20150426 16:20 Alaska Paul And here is a video of me playing a solo for the Mississippi John Hurt song, "Richland Woman Blues. The left hand is the top hand. I do not have to stretch and compensate for the misshapen finger any more. The music flows again.

I will play the music for the doc on my followup exam.

20150426 16:17 Alaska Paul And here is a video of me playing a solo for the Mississippi John Hurt song, "Richland Woman Blues. The left hand is the top hand. I do not have to stretch and compensate for the misshapen finger any more. The music flows again.

20150426 16:00 Alaska Paul Here is my hand after a week of PT exercises and the procedure.

20150426 15:47 Alaska Paul I have had Duputryn's Contracture in my left middle finger for over 5 years. You get scar tissue buildups over the facia covering tendons and they limit your movement, and you develop the "Claw." I looked into surgery years ago, but it may last 7 to 10 years, requiring really painful physical therapy. And then when it comes back, you cannot have surgery.

Now there is a new office procedure to correct Duputryn's contracture, called Xiaflex injection. In this procedure, the doctor injects Xiaflex solution into the tube of scar tissue covering the tendon and allows it to dissolve the scar tissue for 24 hours. Then after lidocaine injection to numb the hand, the fingers are extended and the sheath breaks with a number of pops. Then after a few days of bandages, physical therapy starts, which are a series of simple exercises you do every one to two hours during your waking time. One hour therapy visits each week round out the treatment for a few weeks. I wear a splint at night. The next entry will show the after treatment pic.

20150426 15:10 Alaska Paul swksvolFF

We will have to educate PETA about the thought problem of Schrodinger's Cat. Is it alive or dead, or both? Quantum cats.
20150426 14:35 swksvolFF Been Elm mining. We got two and a half inches over about six hours the other week, everything has gone bongo.
20150426 11:52 badanov Some Sunday morning Stone Temple Pilots:

20150426 09:11 trailing wife It's done well for the newspaper and news networks, hasn't it?

Precisely, Pappy. In my final email to Mr. Penzey, I pointed out one of the key learnings from my time at Harvard Business School's favourite consumer products companies: When people are happy with their purchase, they'll tell 5-10 people. When they are unhappy, they will tell 50-100, or ten-fold, and they are more emphatic. And I promised him to make a point of telling my full 100.

The Spice House
20150425 22:52 badanov Damn, I wished I'd bought that chest rig now.
20150425 21:28 Pappy Apparently he's adopted the Starbucks method of doing business, where it's "if you don't like it - leave."

It's done well for the newspaper and news networks, hasn't it?
20150425 18:45 trailing wife [Part two of #3/100 shares of my negative customer experience, because the full thing was not acceptable to Fred's secret O Club algorithm.]

However, it turns out that Mr. Penzey is the spin-off of the original family business, The Spice House, now run by his sisters. Apparently quite a few people share my thinking on the subject, as their customer base has recently grown considerably.

I am about to put in my first order, the one that Bill Penzey did not get, but I've seen some good reviews and am hopeful about the outcome.

[ #3/100 shares of my negative customer experience]
20150425 18:40 trailing wife I have had to discontinue my business relationship with Penzeys Spices, due to Bill Penzey's insistence on flooding my in-box with political screeds on various topics in recent weeks, despite my repeated requests that he allow me to keep my kitchen apolitical.

It seems I am not the only one to have this issue, as The Conservative Treehouse blogged the issue a few days ago here.

[Part one of #3/100 shares of my negative customer experience]
20150425 09:08 Skidmark Had a good rain yesterday.
40 mins filled the ponds over the drain culverts, then over the berms.

Need deeper ponds.
20150424 20:08 swksvolFF Weather reports of tennis ball hail, 60mph winds, and tornados over I-70. Had a massive amount of wind here at the KS/OK border which will feed into that storm.
20150424 08:06 Deacon Blues I'be seen stuff claiming the vet shot the cat. Don't believe it myself.
20150423 11:21 swksvolFF BP, that is to the point

from the department of unfortunate titles:
Wichita news reports about a cat which was shot with an arrow, taken to the vet, and tended to, lived. PETA gets on board and offers a reward for information leading to the naming of the archer. Screen shows the cat with arrow in it. Title underneath:
"$2000 reward for cat with arrow"