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20170122 04:22 RichardGob ***SPAM?***

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20170122 01:07 badanov
20170121 19:44 Dale Small world. My grandson had friended the young man who got the $10,000 check. They both must be Trump supporters. Overwhelmed with ABC postings of the women's march. Massive amounts of pictures and such all the while limiting Trump's information. So delete, delete and block. Ah now that's better.
20170121 12:06 Pappy Locals in DC said the media actively looked for agitators

Considering the WaPo helpfully listed all the 'events' prior to the inauguration, I'm not surprised.
20170121 11:56 Shipman Watching it now Dale, muted of course.
20170121 08:51 Dale Met four fellows last night who had gone to the inauguration. The post mentioned a young man whose father had cancer. Trump asked to see the boy. Gives the boy $10,000 for his fathers treatment and four tickets to attend the Trump speech. They follow the motorcade in. They are front row seating. Excellent pictures. Locals in DC said the media actively looked for agitators.
Several women going for the women's event today. They said several buses were seen along the way. I was told event was postponed but they will be there anyway. A lawyer I know told me that. Perhaps he was wrong but he does have direct political connections.
20170121 01:51 newc Well, that went well.
20170120 22:04 badanov Nice arrangement, I agree.
20170120 21:48 Skidmark Fantastic singer and rendition
20170120 18:41 Skidmark VMI had a good showing in the parade.
20170120 16:26 badanov Some Friday afternoon Andrew McMahon:

20170120 12:38 Shipman Bills got that Holy Shit, did I just hear that look.
20170120 12:36 Shipman Good heavens Arclight oratory.
20170120 12:28 Shipman Red meat city!
20170120 12:27 Shipman "One heart, one home, one destiny"

20170120 11:20 Skidmark Looks like CNN video is time delayed from CSPAN, but BBC is leading both.
20170120 10:23 Shipman And the circus has arrived, Clintons on the move
20170120 10:20 Shipman Switching between Cspan feeds. ANSWER rally is wet cardboard weak.
20170120 10:18 Shipman Followed by The Marine Band Director. And damn what uniform!
20170120 10:16 Shipman So far George Bush seems to be having the best time.
20170120 10:14 Skidmark I'm watching FOX's NRT video feeds.
I've already given up counting the gaps.
20170120 10:12 Skidmark I would hate to be in the protective services today.
20170120 10:05 Skidmark Looks like the posting filter is back on, dialed to 'MAX'.
20170120 07:24 Shipman Heh Skid.
One poor year in my yut I lived off beer, bread, cabbage and American Processed "cheez ".
20170120 00:39 Skidmark Beer and bread will do that Shipman.
20170120 00:38 badanov One of the six possible towns/objectives is Orino, easily one of the most dangerous. Last several times I was assigned to clear out this village, after securing the town, out of nowhere came three infantry probes, one from the north and south and even the east. Two of those probes are supposed to be enemy light rifle patrols, with a third enemy light rifle tank counterattack coming from the west.

I designed the scenario and wrote the conditions, but I would like to know just how a rifle unit attacked from the east. Shown is from a secondary, and much larger town, Galati, after a tank platoon attempted to relieve enemy forces in another town well to the east. This scenario is becoming a melee with enemy force movement being almost impossible to predict. I generally know what is s'posed to happen, but it almost never does work out that way.

Great and intense immersion and fun.

20170119 20:01 Pappy Pick of the Day:

Libertarianism works fine as long as your society is composed of high IQ sociopaths, who can manage on their own. Once you have people like those working for the state, and getting services from the state, libertarianism collapses.

The people in the waiting area not only need rules, they need help following the rules. That’s not going to happen through voluntary association. Unless you have genocide in your heart, libertarianism cannot survive outside the lab.
20170119 19:46 Pappy grats, Ship.
20170119 19:21 trailing wife Gained weight? Fabulous!
20170119 16:05 Deacon Blues YIPPIE!!!
20170119 15:37 Shipman Gained 1.3 lbs! w00t!
20170119 12:40 Deacon Blues Very good article about Samantha Power.
20170118 21:32 Shipman Sweet!
20170118 20:36 Pappy Oh and Ship - picked this one up recently.
20170118 20:30 Pappy I'll rummage through my schtuff, Ship.

bad - Also thought of medical units, like aid stations. Staffed, supported, trained, etc. Get attached to combat units.

Should've thought of that earlier. Brain not at full function this month.
20170118 16:26 Shipman Pappy, do you still have that link to classic audio equipment? I feel a yen for Marantz pr0n.
20170118 15:12 Skidmark Annndd, speaking of 60's music.
20170118 10:29 badanov Aircraft carriers have a number of chiefs, captains/flag officers that oversee functions of the carrier, among them commander of the air wing, who doesn't send his air wing out to fight or even schedules patrols, but staffs, maintains and supplies it.
20170118 09:39 Pappy I envy you, MR...
20170118 09:39 Pappy The driver, commanders, mechanics and everyone else associated with the PTS are overseen by the engineering officer, (staffing, supplies, fuel personnel, etc) except for how they're used.

Took me a while to think on this; the closest comparison I have are the USN aviation and LCAC squadrons.
20170118 08:28 Mullah Richard Have that one on Vinyl, Pappy.

Old Dual 510 turntable w/ Shure M97. Works and sounds great (if I can keep a supply of belts on hand, that is).

I should probably start getting these old albums in digital before the industry decides that mechanical things are too old fashioned.
20170117 22:56 badanov It should be noted that bridging units are for army (corps) units and higher. Divisions/regiments do not have their own bridging units.
20170117 22:23 Pappy Makes sense. Also read that they had an amphibious trailer for the PTS to haul artillery.

Unique asset.
20170117 21:10 badanov I s'pect it's the same thing as the Soviet artillery commander. the Russian artillery commander at every level but the battalion level has everything to do with artillery within his unit, staffing, training, supplies, etc; everything except for deployment and use. He doesn't have a hand or say in day to day operations. He doesn't "shoot" his artillery units. Just making sure artillery units are prepared for use.

Similarly, PTS units, I have heard, are kept with bridging units (engineer units). The driver, commanders, mechanics and everyone else associated with the PTS are overseen by the engineering officer, (staffing, supplies, fuel personnel, etc) except for how they're used. Then they are likely crossattached in river crossing and light assault operations, as you say.
20170117 20:21 Pappy bad, I think the PTS is for amphibious assault force use, likely second-wave or low-intensity conflict situations. No armor, minimal weaponry. So, combat support?

They're relatively inexpensive now, too.
20170117 20:14 Pappy I still listen to Brubeck, Pappy. Jimmy Rowles, too.

One of my favorites:

20170117 18:49 swksvolFF Visitor is me.
20170117 18:48 Visitor ***SPAM?*** The show is Henry Danger

Can't stand it, but that episode ruled. Looks like others noticed as well.

Ice storm was interesting. Jeep caught a branch....then threw the runner out at home.

Played one of those versions of Monopoly with the kids, some epic stomp-aways. Home-made Finnish Mushroom Beef Stew (beef stroganoff basically). Never found the pup.
20170117 18:42 badanov In Arma 3 the Russian PTS has been introduced. It is a tracked amphibious cargo vehicle. See the link.

My question (and I think I already know the answer) is this vehicle part of an engineer unit, such as a bridging unit, or is it part of a combat support unit?

Anyone know?
20170117 01:00 3dc