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20200124 23:20 Wilburnkal ***SPAM? 1*** join
20200124 12:48 trailing wife it’s not a very well run communism.

Are there many?

Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyite, Maoist, Castroite... and those are just the names I’m familiar with, Skidmark. Everyone is a splitter with his own theory at that end of the spectrum, as far as I can tell.
20200124 10:21 Frank G It's gonna be a loooong day in your room, Deacon
20200124 09:42 Deacon Blues My fear of moving stairs is escalating.
20200123 18:51 Thing From Snowy Mountain "Dark Humor is like food. Not everyone gets it!"
20200123 18:03 bombay Deacon the Bar one reminds me of old school one liner: Baby seal walks into a club
20200123 11:36 Deacon Blues I've perfected the art of silent criticism, but you wouldn't notice.
20200123 09:07 Deacon Blues There was a kidnapping at school…

Don´t worry, he woke up.

Two men walk into a bar you’d think the second one would’ve seen it
20200123 09:04 Skidmark it’s not a very well run communism.

Are there many?
20200122 22:14 trailing wife If you aren’t getting it, Seeking cure, it’s not a very well run communism.
20200122 20:33 SCFI I don't get it?

20200122 09:18 Deacon Blues Communist jokes aren’t funny unless everyone gets them.

20200120 21:39 SteveS Jeez. And I thought *I* was incorrigible.
20200120 09:54 Deacon Blues I can't he;p it Frank. I have aaht the people around here call a compelshun
20200119 10:06 Frank G *groan* to your room....
20200119 09:18 Deacon Blues Thanks for teaching me the meaning of the word plethora.

It means a lot to me.
20200119 08:57 Deacon Blues Love it, SCFI!!
20200119 04:13 SCFI What do you call a web making contest between two spiders?

A spin off...

20200117 13:20 bombay Happy Friday All
20200117 10:26 Deacon Blues Back several years ago there was a sink hole in central america in May. It wa known as the Sink Hole de Mayo.
20200116 23:50 Skidmark What's Mayo do on the fifth?
20200116 23:49 Skidmark Sooo much 'news', so little capacity.
20200116 17:49 Deacon Blues Hi Sherry!
20200116 14:38 Frank G *groan*
20200116 09:43 Deacon Blues I got a new pair of gloves today, but they’re both ‘lefts’ which, on one hand, is great, but on the other, it’s just not right.
20200115 09:07 Deacon Blues My friend has a horse named Mayo. When she's hungry Mayo neighs.
20200114 19:00 Skidmark Cant wait for 1/20/2020
20200114 11:25 Alaska Paul Saw this quote on American Partisan this morning. Especially in these days of modern times......

“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.”

-Marcus Aurelius
20200109 12:20 bombay Lolol Deacon
20200108 12:49 Deacon Blues Yoda from Star Wars has a last name unknown to most people. It's Layheehoo.
20200108 11:44 Frank G Reminder - Bombay is NOT spam
20200108 00:21 SteveS You picked a busy day to stop in, bombay. Regards!