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20200218 11:19 trailing wife Samantha Fish Wikipedia page

She’s a Mike Zito protégé, Skidmark, and comes from a musical family — her sister is the harder rocking Amanda Fish.
20200218 00:28 Grunter Read this to ros, “wow... good job”
In lismore to have my wisdom teeth out tomorrow.
Carried the buggers around for 67 years, never used them once.
20200218 00:22 Skidmark Was she with Country Joe & the Fish?
20200218 00:01 3dc
20200217 16:54 Alaska Paul It was technically VFR, Skid. 10 miles visibility, 3000 ft ceiling, but the ground was all snow covered, so no visual cues on the ground, like bushes, rocks, or trees. So one kept at 2000 ft altitude, stayed on the instruments for altitude and attitude (straight and level). Look out from time to time for other traffic. The village came into view 10 miles away right on course. Landed no problems.

It reminded of my time flying on trips to Barrow across the north slope. Visual flight conditions, but ice crystals made it a whiteout in winter. So you flew on instruments at 700 ft altitude and landed when you got to a village airport.
20200217 14:59 Skidmark So, IFR then?
20200217 12:33 Alaska Paul In western Alaska on an inspection of a job this week. Flew in Yesterday, whiteout but good visibility, 10 miles. Snow on the tundra, so no horizon. Timed the trip to take advantage of a weather window Sunday. Well, 2 hours later, the blizzard came in. Have not lost my touch. Took a video of the blizzard coming in, from my view on the ground, heh.
20200216 10:49 Matt Tweet by one Sandy Schneider:

Democrats are requesting $50 million dollars for convention security. Why don't they just have it in a gun-free zone?
20200215 22:43 3dc
20200215 13:29 trailing wife For future ref, are such things usefully mentioned here or better ignored?

Mention, please. It helps us pinpoint when and where something happened, and goodness knows at least 90% of Rantburgers have more tech skills than I do. Thank you, ZF.
20200215 03:48 Skidmark Well Deacon, most don't share potato chips with their friends.
20200214 19:34 3dc For all you spammers who keep posting sh** for us to delete.... have some nice calm music for valentines day

20200214 18:34 Deacon Blues I wonder why socks and underware come in re-sealable bags but potato chips don't.
20200214 10:55 Frank G Noted ZF - I saw the glitch but couldn't figure out why/how to fix, so I thought better to not mess with it
20200214 03:49 ZF Mods, there's a glitch in the Matrix on yesterday's Page 1, possibly involving the "Jets Fly" article's #6 comment (Mach loop vid), which lacks a "Posted by" line; or an invisible/nonexistent #7 comment. For future ref, are such things usefully mentioned here or better ignored?
20200213 13:46 Glenmore T
Two teeth lighter. Lovely.
20200212 14:54 3dc from fiction being posted elsewhere on the net today.... note the viruses being referenced...

Tyler just shook his head, so Katie explained, "Jared Diamond was an American geographer, author and historian. He is best known for his book 'Guns, Germs and Steel' which won him the Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction in 1998. Hang on, I have a copy of it upstairs."

Without waiting for a response from Tyler, Katie jumped up from her seat and walked swiftly to her stairs and then disappeared up them. He heard her returning after only a few seconds. She placed a hard cover book in front of him and retook her seat.

"You can take that if you want. It really is interesting reading. Anyway, in that book, Diamond details how the domestication of animals played such a major role in the development of cultures and societies in Europe that allowed their development to surpass that of societies and cultures in other parts of the world, such as Africa, the Americas and much of Asia. He points specifically to how European societies, due to their close proximity to domesticated animals, contracted and eventually developed immunity to those diseases that crossed the species barrier, such as influenza, smallpox, and measles. These germs, along with guns and steel weapons is what he claims allowed Europeans the advantage over other geographic societies."

Tyler picked up the book but didn't open it. He waited for Katie to explain further. She did so, "We know that it isn't just domesticated animals living in close proximity to humans that pose a current and future threat. Things like Lyme disease, the Bird Flu, Anthrax, Coronavirus, Mad Cow disease and the Zika virus are all examples of diseases that have made the species barrier jump within the last few decades. I trust you not to mention this to anyone, but once I have my doctorate in hand, I will begin working in a classified facility that is affiliated with the CDC in Atlanta and the National Interagency Biodefense Campus at Fort Detrick. Our highly classified mission is to identify and prevent diseases from crossing the species barrier, either naturally or through human manipulation in a laboratory."
20200212 14:01 3dc
20200212 11:17 Deacon Blues Being kissed while you are asleep is one of the purest forms of love. Unless you are in Prison.
20200212 07:53 Deacon Blues I'm still researching that one, Skid.
20200211 21:38 Skidmark Where in KY did the Slow Children Playing signs come fron, Deacon?
20200211 11:46 Alaska Paul My son in law has 600 watts on his Airstream. I have 400 watts of solar cells. 12volts dc is so yesterday. Ambulances are still 12 volts. They draw 500+ amps when in full operation. They should be 48 volt dc with 120 volt ac inverters. 125 amp wiring is a lot smaller than 500 amp wiring.
20200211 02:19 3dc When Starlink rolls out later this year a Starlink base would go nice on a sailing yacht. Adding a cellular extender unit would be interesting too. That would allow one to use their cellphone with their provider at sea.
Sort of Facetime from the middle of the Pacific on a normal cell call.....
20200211 02:15 3dc esp since he lives in foggy england.
20200211 02:15 3dc News was too weird today so I posted a feel good piece a few mins ago.
AP said he liked the power scheme. Esp. the 48 volts. He isn't going to do it on his airstream but is going to suggest it to his son-in-law.

BTW he and son in law have more solar cells KW on their airstreams than that Englishman has on his yacht. He should have at least what they have on the airstreams on the yacht.
20200210 18:34 Deacon Blues Since I've been a taxi driver for the railroad I've been driving in the mountains of North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky I've seen a lot of signs reading, "Watch for Fallen Rocks". There is a native American story behind this. When the settlers first came through these mountains they saw pictographic signs on the trails. One settler asked his guide what they meant. "Watch for Fallen Rocks" he said. The settler thought that was pretty smart and helpful so didn't ask further. What wasn't told was that a boy was born in a village and from a young age he was very clumsy and fell down a lot. He also wasn't the smartest tomahawk in the wigwam so they said he had rocks in his head. They called him Fallen Rocks. He was constantly getting lost and they had to spend much time looking for him. Finally he got so lost they couldn't find him so they put up a lot of signs reading Watch for Fallen Rocks. That's why we have the signs to this day.
20200210 02:10 newc Democrats are in the hole
20200209 16:36 Glenmore (If any other Rantburgers have any idea what Matt and I are talking about, please join in.)(I bet you don't.)
20200209 16:35 Glenmore Bud was strange but actually made sense. The rest.....
20200209 16:22 Matt I remember Sparkle!
20200209 16:02 Glenmore Catherine and Ryan were in Sparkle together! Then both became expats in Portland.
20200209 15:58 Matt I'll have to ask.
20200209 15:52 Glenmore I understand he introduced Eric to my daughter... and now lives just up the street. Wonder if he was at the wedding.
20200209 15:39 Matt Pretty much the same. If you've got my name feel free to email or call as the spirti moves you.
20200209 15:25 Glenmore So you are saying your son is like my daughter? Politics is verboten when we visit. (How somebody as sane as Eric got tangled up with her I do not know.)
20200209 14:34 Matt Glenmore, as a favor please don't discuss politics with my son, either your politics or my politics. I'm working on it. I've met Eric a few times and he certainly seems like a good guy.
20200209 14:15 Matt Well, I prefer the term "shyster", but yes, that's me.
20200209 13:52 Glenmore Matt, now I know who you are. Lawyer here, right?
20200209 10:25 Matt Glenmore, my son is Ryan F.
20200208 22:34 Glenmore Who's your son?
20200208 22:28 Glenmore Yes he is, Matt. Small world.
20200208 18:46 Matt Glenmore, I saw your reference to BHUNA in Portland today. Is your son-in-law Eric? If so he and my son are pretty good friends.
20200208 16:49 Deacon Blues Heated seats in cars are called that because rear defroster was already taken
20200208 11:47 Alaska Paul Email and text messaging on cell, Glenmore.
20200207 18:15 Glenmore You don't FB Messenger anymore - do you e-mail or is this the best place?
20200207 18:14 Alaska Paul That will be great! I will keep in touch to see if it will work out.
20200207 18:13 Glenmore Alaska Paul, Mrs. Glenmore and I are heading your way to catch an Anchorage - Vancouver cruise May 22-29. (Hopefully we won't get corona quarantined out of it.) Plan to get in sometime on the 20th. The Mrs. wants to get together with her hunting buddies for a bit, but it would be great to meet up with y'all too.
20200207 17:20 Skidmark Ah, snow crunches when you walk on it and your nose slams shut when you try to breath.
Got'chr meat hangin'?
20200207 14:20 Alaska Paul Five people were killed yesterday when a Yute Air plane crashed southwest of Bethel, Alaska.

Weather has been really bad this last week. There is a 970 mb low in Western Alaska and an occluded front, so the low is just sitting there spinning counterclockwise. Today things are getting cold and clear, with temps between -10F and -20F.
20200207 12:01 49 Pan Thank you sir!
20200206 17:12 Frank G :-(
20200206 16:05 Deacon Blues Anything that floats. I have friends in Loyall, Kentucky who lost everything today. Many more than my friends, too. It's on the Cumberland River. The flood gates closed but everything outside them is pretty much gone.
20200206 15:50 Alaska Paul What about an inflatable, deacon?
20200206 12:12 Skidmark Is that a ark kanvas?
20200206 07:37 Deacon Blues Anyone have an ark I can borrow? 5: of rain in the past 36 hours and still raining.
20200205 10:41 Frank G Brrrrrrrrr
20200205 02:09 Alaska Paul Arctic flying in the Canadian North. Most of the planes shown belong to Kenn Borek Air. They are experts in Arctic and Antarctic flying. Most of the planes are DeHaviland DHC-6 Twin Otters. They use DC-3 tires for short and rough strips in the northern islands. There are also DC-3s with Basler BT-67 turbine engine conversions. Also a DeHaviland Dash-8, and a C-130. The music is by the late great Stan Rogers.
20200202 01:03 Skidmark Thought he said "Nuts".
20200201 09:20 Deacon Blues Mr. Peanut's last words to his wife: "Bye now. I'll be back in a Jiff".