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20201022 19:42 Frank G I don't know of a word limit, Cingold, but if it's more your words than news - should go Opinion. Hope that helps. You'll never go wrong in posting under Opinion
20201021 12:19 cingold


Tried to post too much in a comment; so, move it to an "article" under opinions. Sorry for adding to tech issues re the comments.

What is the word limit for comments?

20201018 19:01 3dc Glenmore, PIs have been hacking video Ring Doorbells to watch houses across the street for marriage cheating... kid you not.
20201018 15:50 Thing From Snowy Mountain I guess the Hood has moved out to Kenner.
20201017 21:10 Frank G Don, I don't think you and MK disagree. Glad to see you both discuss
20201017 17:48 Glenmore Grumpy too. Spent the whole day fighting with a malfunctioning clothes dryer. The most poorly designed appliance I have ever encountered in terms of cleaning vents or testing/replacing commonly failed parts. Thought I had it but after reassembly it still did not work.
20201017 17:33 49 Pan Grumpy today, sorry Mike! I'll be at the bar.
20201016 13:03 Glenmore We have one of those 'Ring' doorbells on our Louisiana house. Last night it alerted us that it detected four gunshots nearby (not near US - we are in Texas currently.) This morning the news reported two dead a few blocks away. Time to finish our move to where gunshots generally mean feral swine (as opposed to feral yoots) being killed.
20201015 22:27 Frank G Left Mammoth Lakes this am with very poor visibility and atrocious air quality due to wildfire. My clothes smell like a bonfire and I fear for Mammoth's livelihood if not safety. Hopefully rain/snow soon?
20201015 14:42 trailing wife You are very welcome, Jan. A Republican Jewish friend shared it on Facebook the other day — I’m from the far end of New York State, so until then knew nothing of it. I’d just assumed that given the circles he moved in, he’d had to have gotten on with the various ethnic groups. And that as Jared Kushner’s family are also in real estate, the acquaintance of the children must have developed naturally. I didn’t realize there was more to it.
20201015 14:30 Jan TW, I loved reading the history of the Orthodox Jews and the Trumps. Thank you.
20201015 02:35 3dc FB just blocked sharing a US Senate link- when they shared the Nypost story on Hunter biden.
20201014 19:35 Frank G For those of you who are FB friends - I posted pics from yesterday's jaunt into Yosemite, other Eastern Sierra pics from Monday, and the big ol bear that wandered by my rental condo patio in Mammoth. Going home tomorrow
20201014 13:11 Skidmark They are still looking for the driver.

Poss washing his balls.
20201013 14:41 Dale Couple things to pass along. NJ wants to put a tariff on tractor trailers incoming to increase tax revenue. California wants to tax those leaving for a year since they made their money in California. A man visiting from Colorado said they leased a stadium to hold 2000 hospital beds. Only 250 there at this time. Paid by state and homeland security. Cost $60,000 per day.Money, money, money.
20201013 12:00 Deacon Blues Ths just in! Police find stolen get-a-way car with incomplete set of golf clubs inside. They are still looking for the driver.
20201013 10:12 Mullah Richard Had a lawyer friend tell me once about his experience defending a hive owner from an angry neighbor who was stung.

First question, "Did you see my client's name or trademark on the bees? Are you sure they were hers?"

Second question, "Did you ever seen bees around your house before my client put in her hive?"

Third question, "Are you ABSOLUTELY certain that the bee that stung you came from my client's hive?"

He said it devolved from there. He and the client won their case.
20201013 07:54 Skidmark Great intro Fred.
Hope you keep it strong to the finish.
20201012 22:48 Fred I've been working on another book. I've got three more chapters to go, according to my outline. I put a link to what's done so far on the 'burg -- "Asmodeus and the Wicked Wizard of the East." I haven't got the comments piece done yet, probably tomorrow. When that's ready would appreciate any proof reading/commentary you guys have time for. Usually I dump it on tw, but I'm trying to go easy on her. She's busy too...
20201012 11:38 Glenmore As bees go, these are quite docile. Neighbor in Texas has a number of hives and his are more aggressive (though not 'killer' bees.)
20201012 11:37 Glenmore TW, had several say they were interested but they never managed to come through. Have a guy (professional) supposed to come today (second try with him.)
20201012 04:37 trailing wife Glenmore, are there any local beekeepers who would like to add your donated hive to their collection?
20201011 20:33 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, that almost sounds like what they did to Hill Energy.
20201011 17:58 Glenmore Need to accelerate the rest of my move from Louisiana to Texas (doctors are all still in LA and having a hard time finding replacements in TX.) Honeybees established a home under my shed in LA. Actually pretty docile bees - I have yet to be bothered by them and I get within 2-3 feet of their hive daily, weeding etc. Been trying for a few months to get somebody to remove them - three organizations, one of them two times. Still not at the top of a list. Last month I was weeding and next door 'neighbor' informed me I had bees and his wife got stung. I told him I knew about the bees and was working on it. Total of the conversation. I was in TX 7 weeks. While gone he called Code Enforcement. They came and I was not here. They came a second time last week. I am 'on the clock' to get rid of the bees, penalty up to $100 per day and 30 days in jail for each day of non-compliance. Still trying to get somebody to remove the bees. Illegal to just kill them.
20201010 23:32 trailing wife Glad to know you two are ok, even if the current isn’t, Snowy Thing. One worries quietly.
20201010 21:22 Thing From Snowy Mountain I and the kitty survived but there's a flaky power situation. Traffic lights are out, etc. Power's back on but both AC units are off... like there's something wrong with the 220 volt supply or something.
20201009 15:29 Glenmore Trump just guest-hosted on Rush Limbaugh for two hours. Seems like that could be a violation of campaign contribution or equal access laws. Rush needs to get Biden on for two hours of non-stop question and answer to make it fair.
20201007 00:15 Glenmore Gamma dissipated (or partly got absorbed by Delta.) Delta projection has shifted a bit west, coming after you, Snowy.
20201006 23:23 Thing From Snowy Mountain Delta and Gamma currently projected to roll right over us on or about Friday and Monday. Thinking it might be good to accelerate our departure (maybe one of the storms will flood out the bees or blow away the shed?)

So probably the wrong time to visit, eh?
20201006 18:37 Glenmore To some degree EVERYONE is exposed.
20201006 06:04 trailing wife but M'Lady is a clinical psychologist, and she says that one has to look at things like this clinically, in this way to take the emotion out of the situation so you can learn and understand.

A wise woman, your lady. Would that I could.
20201006 00:30 SCFI Alaska Paul, thanks very much, I expect that Dale would also appreciate this as well! :)
20201005 22:21 Alaska Paul Trailing Wife---Thank you for the link to the body language blog.

M'Lady and I watched the video with then VP Biden swearing in senators with their family members watching, with lots of inappropriate touching on the part of the VP.

I realize that this is a very upsetting experience for you. It is disturbing to me, but M'Lady is a clinical psychologist, and she says that one has to look at things like this clinically, in this way to take the emotion out of the situation so you can learn and understand.

The video is very instructional on what and what does not work in dealing with this creep.
20201005 16:55 Glenmore "Sick and in isolation, Mr. President, you have become a symbol of your own failures. Failures of recklessness, ignorance, arrogance. The same failures you have been inflicting on the rest of us." - how others see it.
20201005 10:25 cingold Nicotine via chaw is for me only, LOL. It’s only short term use, but (primarily) is to block androgen receptor pathways. Odd to chew again after decades not doing so . . .
20201005 10:17 cingold Here’s the short list. Sometime, I’ll put a longer version up on iCloud, with url links to journal articles, but it will take me a few days or so to get around to doing that. Then I can just provide a link.

Originally, the list was just Black Seed Oil and zinc, but necessity drove further discovery. The “best” course likely would have been Hydroxychloroquine and zinc, but it’s contraindicated in our case — hence the alternative phytoceutical gymnastics.

🔷Viral Envelope (Membrane) Disruption
(from Monarda Fistulosa
/Bergamot “Bee Balm”
& Nigella Sativa/Black Seed),
🔷Inhibitors of Viral Fusion
•Folic acid,
•Green tea,
•Hesperidin (orange peels & elderberry),
•Wild Yam,
🔷Viral Entry Inhibitors
•Vitamin B12,
🔷Inhibitors of RdRp
•Vitamin B12,
•Wild Yam,
🔷Replication Inhibition
•Wild Yam,
•Siberian eleuthero,
•Stilbenes (almonds, blueberries),
•Suma (Pfaffia paniculata, for IgG boosting),
•Vitamin D (cathelicidin promotion),
🔷Indistinct antivirals
•Eucalyptus Essential Oil,
•Lavender Essential Oil,
•Povidone iodine (nasal & mouthwash),
•Wild Yam,
🔷Supportive Substances
•Bilberry(anti-capillary fragility),
•Bromelain (anti-bradykinin),
•Lysine (anti-bradykinin),
•Vitamin A,
•Vitamin C,
•Vitamin D (anti-bradykinin),
•Vitamin E
20201005 09:57 Glenmore Currently sojourning in New Orleans area. Was planning on going back to NE TX in a week or so (waiting on a visit by a bee removal man to see what to do with the large hive that is established under our shed.) Just looked at hurricane forecasts (Sally canceled our beach trip already); Delta and Gamma currently projected to roll right over us on or about Friday and Monday. Thinking it might be good to accelerate our departure (maybe one of the storms will flood out the bees or blow away the shed?)
20201005 08:07 Skidmark Safe travels.
20201005 06:58 trailing wife Truly, cingold. I’ve saved your post from yesterday for my personal notes, and set the thing to Classic so others will be able to easily find it later. What herbs are you using, and why? I’ve got my household taking vitamin D-3, vitamin C, vitamin A, and thinking about zinc, (and Mr. Wife talked me into joining him on a calorie-controlling app — down 10 lb. so far, unexpected since exercise is contraindicated for me).
20201005 02:04 cingold TW, thanks for the well wishing. I think we’re going to be alright, but it‘s a bizarre moment when your doc tells you there is no treatment. I couldn’t accept that. Thank G_d for PubMed & herbs . . .
20201004 23:07 trailing wife An analysis from March, 2018, when it looked like Joe Biden would not be the candidate, and so it was safe to criticize him:

Body Language – Creepy Joe Biden – Dominance & Submission

The blogger has done a series of these videos, the most recent today on President Trump and Covid. I could only watch the first feew minutes of the posted video — I find such things extremely upsetting.
20201004 22:59 Skidmark Watched 'Netflix: The Outpost' tonite.
Different war, different time, same outcome.
20201004 17:58 Frank G You did fine, Cingold
20201004 16:09 cingold Tried again to post a LONG screed in the article appearing in Politix, "Trump says “I think I’ll be back soon” in a video filmed at WalterReedHospital UPDATE: Docs say maybe as soon as Monday," but it won't post.

I'll try to post it as an article under Opinions.

While long, IMO it's important stuff to consider. My apologies in advance if I give anyone heartburn.
20201004 14:24 Alaska Paul For SCFI
20201004 14:19 Alaska Paul SCFI I changed the formatting for you. When you want to share a YouTube video hit the share Icon. Select the embed icon and copy it. Embed the formatting from youtube into your RB comment or OC comment paste it into the dialog box BUT DO NOT ENTER it yet.

Change the width value to 500 from its present value. Then change the height value to 281.

Then push submit or add button and there you go. No screwup formatting too big for the site.
20201004 05:20 SCFI Arrghh! Forgot to add size reduction code, can a mod shrink the size please?

20201003 22:29 Dale
20201003 19:02 Deacon Blues I have a yard gnome named Anne. My yard is Gnome Anne's Land
20201002 03:05 cingold I posted (or tried to) under WOT,

because (if the article's premise is true, and everything since April only bears out the concerns raised) POTUS & FLOTUS getting COVID-19 is likely an act of war -- especially if the version contracted has the original beefed up ORF8 genetic sequence that allows the virus to evade and hijack the immune system.
20201001 20:20 Deacon Blues Sure enough, Dale
20201001 19:33 Frank G LOL: Game 1 of 2020 NBA Finals Loses Half of 2019's First-Game Viewership
20201001 10:06 Dale Deacon man don't you hate it when people accuse you of lollygagging. When you are quite clearly Dilly Dallying. This from a FB friend.
20201001 01:24 3dc Since mountain lions go to laser targets just like cats do...
fun could be had in city riots with men on the roofs with laser pointers and large cats let loose in the general area.
20201001 00:46 3dc heh
20200930 23:56 trailing wife Watching The Family Man on Amazon Prime. It’s about an interrogator for the Indian version of Homeland Security.... contrasting his life on the job and at home. In the first episode he has already captured some Syrian jihadis, gone to Balochistan to arrange with the local emir for their replacements to be sent in, and explaining to his wife why he was not able to keep their daughter being suspended from school.

Yes, it does remind me of Dron66046.
20200930 23:01 3dc
20200930 22:51 3dc For Jpal
20200930 18:57 Frank G Sorry, Dale:
0200930 13:39 Dale Oops!, 6500.
20200930 13:38 Dale FedX truck driver said normal haul to our area was 2500 pounds or packages. Now he delivers 65000. Winchester Virginia is getting full trailer loads of this item. Hello Fresh meals. Approximately 6 company's are doing this meal thing. Guess what?, no deliveries over the weekend. So they sit.
20200930 13:16 Skidmark Anyone besides me paranoid enough to catch Biden's use of his wireless micro-projector pen? Chuckling, nodding, or shaking his head while looking down at his lectern.
20200928 16:35 Deacon Blues When you think about it egg salad is really just another form of chicken salad.
20200928 16:34 Deacon Blues A group of archeologists were uncovering a skeleton but were missing one leg. They continued searching for the leg. It was quite a shindig.
20200928 14:02 SteveS Over at the People's Cube:
Now we’re going to have to explain “income” versus “net worth” to the people who think women have a penis #TrumpTaxReturns
20200927 17:07 trailing wife Fascinating video, BrerRabbit. Interesting that Antifa/BLM are following the Soviet plan so closely, given that Russia — while no doubt enjoying watching the American nose being bloodied — likely does not want the dubious pleasures of actually winning this war.
20200927 16:47 trailing wife Setting cookie.
20200927 15:48 BrerRabbit Sorry...trigger finger must be trained for double tap...
20200927 15:47 BrerRabbit I received this link in a text. Interesting 8 minutes from 1969 describing the techniques communists would use to overthrow the USA.

Victor Marx - A Message From The Past For Today | Facebook

Oddly enough when I tried to forward this link in a text it would not go thru to the recipient. I got censored by some entity. Strange days we live in.
20200927 15:47 BrerRabbit I received this link in a text. Interesting 8 minutes from 1969 describing the techniques communists would use to overthrow the USA.

Victor Marx - A Message From The Past For Today | Facebook

Oddly enough when I tried to forward this link in a text it would not go thru to the recipient. I got censored by some entity. Strange days we live in.
20200927 10:07 Skidmark Hope it's not coming back, AP.
20200926 22:49 Alaska Paul Visitor,
Got a few health issues to deal with first.
20200926 19:52 Visitor Hey AP, run for Senator.
20200926 18:59 Skidmark Yeah, ah'm still rootin for the Latino lady. Chose a practicing jurist over the academic evangelo.
20200926 18:54 Glenmore Well, it's official. A former neighbor of mine just got nominated to the US Supreme Court.
20200925 12:35 Thing From Snowy Mountain Well, Glenmore, I'm glad to hear that about the vacation house, but sad to hear that about the cruise.

BTW, how did the house repairs go?
20200925 10:37 Glenmore Snowy, it was rented by my sister for a family gathering, but I am pretty sure she will get her money back, or at least all but booking fee. Still waiting on a refund from the cruise line for my last vacation attempt, which got shut down in May.
20200924 22:27 Skidmark Watched 'The Social Dilemma' on Netflix.
Makes me think this election will be bogus.
20200924 15:50 Thing From Snowy Mountain Glenmore, I hope you got your money back at least.
20200923 11:47 Skidmark For anyone so inclined...
Joe Biden, Jr.'s Voting Records