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20231201 23:17 trailing wife My sympathies, badanov. And for him, too, that he had no one to tell you so you could grieve his death together.

20231201 13:22 badanov Through electronic intercepts and reports from local agents on the ground, the military intelligence section of the strategic formation Chernarus Coastal Operations Group detected a small separatist affiliated force in an area west of the salt flats near Limini in eastern Altus.

A reinforced naval infantry platoon from 2nd Battalion, Chernarus 2nd Separate Naval Infantry Brigade was ordered to launch an amphibious operation in the area with instructions to clear it of all enemy forces.

The enemy deployment was very close to the coast so the task force commander made the decision to land one kilometer south, then proceed inland. At the landing, there were scattered small arms fire, but the task force landed safely then proceeded in land.

As the task force marched inland, task force commander used a two shot artillery mission to eliminate an AGS grenade launching vehicle. The commander instead destroyed the technical himself.

The task force continued to converge on the location of a bunker where most of the enemy had retreated to. Command squad quickly cleared the area, as commander located the civilian criminal command operative and stripped them of potential intelligence material.

As the task force was pulling back to the boats, commander realized his medic was still stuck across the river with Russian mercenaries closing in from the east. Commander moved his squad closer to engage and stop the enemy.

Eventually the medic made it back across the river, as commander launched two artillery strikes in the area to prevent enemy forces from closing on the task force.

Casualties were high. 3rd Squad was wiped out by an enemy light machine gun technical. None of the other elements in the task force suffered casualties.

Field counts of enemy losses included one AGS technical.

20231130 21:50 badanov Happy Thanksgiving, Dale.
20231130 14:42 Dale Happy Thanksgiving. Just an update. Dealing with the public as I do I see trends. MRSA, Sepsis infections now seem to be as common as a cold. Even a hospital visit can result in acquiring new friends such as these. Any age also.The new China phenomena is now spreading being bacterial but no cough, curious.

Hellfire rockets being pushed to manufacture. Double your production, costs not a concern. Whatever you need. 100 million for new building. War is good for business. Hell fires shipped now as fast as possible to the Arab world.
20231130 01:00 badanov After Action Report

Operation: Defense of Pogorevka

Date: 29th November

Unit: 2nd Battalion, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade

Location: Pogorevka, Chernarus

Executive Summary

On 29th November, a light infantry task force formed from elements of 2nd Battalion, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade, was tasked with defending the village of Pogorevka from separatist and separatist-affiliated ground forces. The task force successfully defended the village, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. However, the task force suffered significant losses of its own.


To defend the village of Pogorevka from separatist and separatist-affiliated ground forces.

Concept of Operation

The tactical plan for the defense of Pogorevka was as follows:

2nd Squad and 3rd Squad would take positions just north of the village in the east.
4th Squad, supported by both BRDM scout cars, would take the westernmost position north of the village.
Command Squad would occupy the middle position.
When reinforcements arrived for the operation, both rifle squads would take up positions just south of 4th Squad to backstop 4th Squad.

The task force conducted a dismounted reconnaissance of the area around Pogorevka and identified potential enemy avenues of approach. The task force then established defensive positions around the village.

At approximately 0530 hours, the enemy launched a vehicle and infantry attack from the northwest. The attack was met with heavy counterfire from the task force's scout cars and 4th Squad. All enemy vehicles were destroyed, and the enemy infantry was driven back.

At approximately 0600 hours, the battalion operation staff issued new orders for the task force to advance one kilometer north of Pogorevka. Leaving behind a damaged 2nd Squad and one of the reinforcing rifle squads, Command Squad, 3rd Squad, and one of the BRDM scout cars marched on the new objective.

The enemy launched a series of attacks on the advancing task force. The task force successfully repelled these attacks, but suffered significant losses.

At approximately 0645 hours, the task force received orders to withdraw back to base. The task force commander, attempting to cover the withdrawal, destroyed two enemy technicals, but was killed in action. The task force second-in-command took over and continued the retreat.


The task force successfully defended the village of Pogorevka and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. However, the task force suffered significant losses of its own.

Lessons Learned

The task force should have conducted a more thorough reconnaissance of the area around Pogorevka.
The task force should have been more prepared for enemy vehicle attacks.
The task force should have had a better plan for withdrawal.

Conduct a more thorough reconnaissance of the area around Pogorevka.
Be more prepared for enemy vehicle attacks.
Develop a better plan for withdrawal.

20231128 21:55 badanov After Action Report
Operation: Secure the Village of Yamalta
Task Force: Second Battalion, Chernarus 3rd Separate Tank Brigade
Date: November26th

1. Situation
At approximately 0700 hours, a separatist force attacked the Village of Yamalta in northwestern Chernarus. The second battalion, Chernarus 3rd Separate Tank Brigade was dispatched to the village to secure it.

2. Execution
The task force infantry section arrived in Yamalta to find the battle already fully joined. Two separatist technicals and three light wheel armor vehicles were destroyed by the task force's tanks.

The task force commander attempted to mine the northbound road into Yamalta but was caught by an enemy BRDM scout car and killed.

26 minutes into the operation, brigade command ordered the commander to deploy forces to a location one kilometer northwest of Yamalta, to prevent a new breakthrough attempt by the enemy.

Infantry attacks by separatist forces came hard, as well as armor attacks including heavy track vehicles into the village and the new position.

Enemy armor attacks continued, supported by enemy infantry. Within two minutes of one another, both of the BMPs were destroyed, including the commander's BMP. A little while later, two of the three tanks of the task force were disabled, forcing the commander to try a risky repair of the tanks.

As the pressure on the commander's position mounted, he decided to retreat back into town and await repair trucks and reinforcements. With the help of the reinforcements and the repair truck, the two disabled tanks were repaired and brought back into service.

3. Assessment
The task force successfully secured the Village of Yamalta. However, the operation was costly. Command squad and 2nd squad each lost five personnel. Two BMPs and one repair truck were destroyed.

Field counts of enemy losses included five BTR-80As, four BMPs, two T-34 tanks, two BRDM scout cars, and two technicals.

4. Recommendations
Develop better communications procedures to avoid friendly fire incidents.
Improve training on how to deal with enemy armor attacks.
Develop a more effective plan for resupply and reinforcement.

5. Conclusion
The task force successfully secured the Village of Yamalta. However, the operation was costly in terms of personnel and equipment losses. The task force will need to learn from its mistakes and improve its planning and execution procedures in order to be more successful in future operations.

20231128 13:17 badanov Thanks, DB
20231128 12:02 Deacon Blues Sorry for your loss Badman.
20231128 11:39 Skidmark Belated sympathy, Bad.
20231127 23:07 badanov Just discovered my eldest brother died.

14 months ago.
20231120 23:18 3dc Trump went to war:
20231118 13:21 badanov Chernarus 2nd Army Corps Pre-Deployment Report

Deployment Overview

The 2nd Tank Battalion and 3rd Tank Battalion of the Chernarus 3rd Tank Brigade are preparing for deployment to the standard forward zone deployment in northwestern Chernarus. This deployment will serve as a temporary marshaling point for combat operations in the region. The 3rd Battalion of the Chernarus 20th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment has been moved to a reserve role for emergency use.

Intelligence Summary

Chernarus 2nd Army Corps intelligence indicates that enemy forces are planning to deploy between two and four mixed brigades to the region. These forces are expected to include heavy tracked and light wheeled armor, Russian militia, Russian naval infantry special forces, and Spanish-speaking regulars. Enemy operatives have been training armed civilians for use as combat auxiliaries and engaging in electronic media warfare, criminal activities, and violence to intimidate the local populace.

Terrain Assessment

The region is characterized by large expanses of flat terrain, which will pose significant challenges for friendly forces. Infantry casualties are expected to be high due to the long standoff distances that will be encountered. Additionally, winter weather has already arrived in the region, and up to half of combat operations could be conducted in blizzard conditions.

Force Considerations

The available forces are insufficient to cover the entire frontage of the region, so mobility will be crucial in preventing enemy advances. Friendly forces will need to be agile and adaptable to effectively counter enemy threats in this challenging environment.


Emphasize mobility training and tactics to maximize maneuverability in the open terrain.
Develop contingency plans for operations in blizzard conditions.
Employ reconnaissance and surveillance assets to identify and track enemy movements.
Utilize close air support and indirect fire to suppress enemy positions.
Coordinate closely with Chernarus Coastal Operations Group to ensure a unified response to enemy threats.
20231117 23:03 Skidmark
20231116 09:22 Skidmark
20231116 08:18 badanov
20231116 08:05 badanov OP2311-11-1

After-Action Report

Operation: Rassvet Clearance

Date: 11 November 2023

Unit: 2nd Battalion, Chernarus 3rd Separate Tank Brigade

1. Mission

Destroy the separatist force occupying the village of Rassvet and eliminate their mortar battery.

2. Enemy

The enemy consisted of separatist infantry, a T-72 tank, a BMP, and a BRDM scout car. Their mortar battery was positioned in a heavily fortified position outside the village. The enemy was well-trained and fought fiercely.

3. Friendly Forces

The task force consisted of 2nd squad, command squad, Tank 1, Tank 2, and Tank 3.

4. Execution

The task force advanced into the village from the south in a broad front. 2nd squad advanced on the west side while command squad advanced on the east. Despite their careful advance, 2nd squad was wiped out by intense mortar fire in less than 90 seconds. Command squad was the only infantry element of the task force left to clear the village.

Task force commander ordered Tank 1 and Tank 3 to attack the mortar battery. Tank 3 was disabled by enemy mortar and RPG fire and was ordered abandoned. Tank 1 and Tank 2 continued to attack the mortar battery and eventually eliminated it.

Once in the village, task force commander discovered that the separatists had placed a T-72 in an ambush position. Task force commander ordered Tank 1 and Tank 2 to attack the enemy T-72, destroying it.

Enemy infantry reinforcements began to pour into town. Task force commander ordered the task force to withdraw back to base. Command squad conducted a fighting retreat back to base.

5. Results

The task force achieved its objective of destroying the separatist force and eliminating their mortar battery. However, the task force suffered heavy losses. 2nd squad was wiped out, Tank 3 was abandoned, and command squad suffered severe casualties.

6. Lessons Learned

The enemy is well-trained and capable of inflicting significant casualties.
Careful advance is essential in clearing villages.
Tank support is vital in clearing villages.
Infantry must be prepared to conduct fighting retreats.
7. Recommendations

Conduct more thorough reconnaissance of villages before entering them.

Provide more infantry support for tank units.

Train infantry units in conducting fighting retreats.

8. Conclusion

Operation Rassvet was a difficult but successful mission. The task force achieved its objective of destroying the separatist force and eliminating their mortar battery. However, the task force suffered heavy losses. The lessons learned from this operation will be used to improve the training and readiness of Chernarus 3rd Separate Tank Brigade.

20231114 14:32 Skidmark Deacon
Unlikely, unless you have a contract for 400 roofs and tell them to use illegal workers to reduce the pass-thru costs so you can charge the buyers more to increase your margin. It's the 'acting as a subsidiary' thing that's brought into question by the court.

Now, if you hire hypothetical firm 'Queen Construction' who might use illegals and fresh released felons as day workers, and one possibly falls or is pushed from the roof, cracks his melon and dies some days later, or worse...'Queen' can demonstrate they were at another worksite that day and there were no payroll records for the melon.

In such a case it could be that you are visited by a carfull of angry non-english speakers and pencil tattoos looking for recompense for their lost amigo.

If you can convince 'Huge-o' that you are an innocent party, share with him all information you have for Queen to include a residential address and map to his home, share a 12 pack and demonstrate there are more rounds in your 870 than he has putas in his car, then a peaceful settlement might be reached, with a friendly parting.
20231114 12:54 Deacon Blues Skidmark does that mean if I hire a company to fix my roof and they get in trouble in some way I can also get in trouble?
20231113 14:19 Skidmark Now they're doing God's work.
20231113 10:34 49 Pan Over the weekend we lost an aircraft and crew from the 160th. Its reported they were doing refuel operations in an MH-60 off the coast of Cypris. In total 5 Night Stalkers from Ft. Campbel. Rest in peace brothers, NSDQ...
20231113 08:04 Skidmark I understand why Deacon.

I worked for a firm that established a relationship with a 'minority-owned' supplier. A lot of provisioning work was pushed to them on 'cost+' contracts. To the point that they were pretty much a 'sole source' subsidiary. Prices were dictated, just short of price fixing.

The buyers from another firm provisioned from relatives and/or church patrons for price controls.

Influence flows downhill in supply chains.
20231112 13:57 Deacon Blues hat if you could get in legal trouble simply because you knew somebody else who got in trouble? You didn’t do anything wrong with them. Or tell them to do anything wrong. Or even know that they were going to do something wrong and fail to tell others. But, theoretically, you could have stopped them if you had known.

It seems ludicrous, and yet that is what federal labor regulators want to do to American businesses nationwide with a new policy called “reserve control.”

The National Labor Relations Board has a new regulation that potentially holds one business responsible for the workplace violations at another business if the former has “reserved control” over the latter. “Reserved control” is the potential power to influence another. You don’t have to have actually exercised it; you just might, someday.
This was part of the agency’s updated “Joint Employer” rule issued late last month. “Joint employer” is the term for when one business can be said to control another business, such as a contractor hiring a subcontractor, triggering responsibility for any labor violations by the other business. Traditionally, this type of liability required the first business to have “direct control” over the second business’s decisions.
20231111 15:24 trailing wife badanov, I am absolutely certain Facebook has not reached peak stupidity for military matters or any other.

Skidmark, I get the following from your blocking redirections link:

How to Block Redirects in Safari

Safari users suffer from redirects just as much as Chrome or Firefox users. Browser hijackers modify settings, change search engine, new tab URL, track and record browsing-related data. So, if you use Safari and notice any unsolicited activity in it, then you could have caught a so-called “Safari redirect virus”. To block redirects on Safari and disable pop-ups, follow these steps:

Run Safari;
Click “Safari” on the tab bar (between “Apple” logo and “File” tab);
Click “Preferences”;
Proceed to the “Security” tab;
Check the “Warn when visiting a fraudulent website” box;
Check the “Block pop-up windows” box.

Okay, now your Safari is stopping redirects and blocking pop-ups. But there’s more to it. Malware could’ve installed questionable extensions to your browser. To get rid of them, you should:

Run Safari;
Click “Safari” on the tab bar (between “Apple” logo and “File” tab);
Click “Preferences”;
Proceed to the “Extensions” tab;
Look for recently installed extensions if any;
Uninstall suspicious extensions.
Now, that’s it — your Safari is safe and secure. Well, until you unintentionally download another malware.

Which is fine, except I can’t see the following anywhere, which means I’m stymied:

Click “Safari” on the tab bar (between “Apple” logo and “File” tab);
20231110 15:41 Deacon Blues The last post was me.
20231110 15:40 Visitor Skidmark on the last census I said I am a Martian. My doctor's office now asks me to fill out a form telling them my pronouns. I had the same problem with adds showing up on Rantburg making it hard to use. I turned on my add blocker and no more problems.
20231110 13:45 Skidmark The lessons learned from this operation...

I can only imagine simulations from the world of multiplayer war games are used to train the AIs.
20231110 12:29 badanov Be advised that Facebook wanted me to check other fact checks on the Israeli Gaza military operations, before I shared my after action report.

I think it is safe to say Facebook has reached peak stupidity with regard to military matters.
20231110 12:19 badanov After Action Report (written by Google Bard)

Mission: Multi-vector combat operation to secure the objectives of Obit'naya Pshenitsa, Krasnoye Pole, and Nizhniy Snenizhniy.

Task Force: Elements of 3rd Battalion, Chernarus 20th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment, reinforced by one light rifle squad.

Execution: The task force launched a coordinated attack on all three objectives from multiple directions. The ground assault on Krasnoye Pole, conducted by the command squad, was met with heavy enemy resistance and resulted in significant losses, including the commander. However, the task force was able to secure the objective and eliminate two key enemy operatives, a female minder and a civilian criminal commander.

The task force also successfully defended Krasnoye Pole against several enemy counterattacks, destroying a significant number of enemy vehicles and personnel. However, friendly losses remained heavy, with the task force losing a total of 13 soldiers, one T-34 tank, one T-72 tank, two BRDM scout cars, and one light rifle squad.

Assessment: The overall mission was a success, with the task force securing all three objectives and inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. However, friendly losses were also very heavy, and the task force will require significant time and resources to rebuild.


Improve coordination between the ground assault and supporting elements, such as artillery and air support.

Develop more effective countermeasures against enemy counterattacks.

Conduct more thorough reconnaissance of enemy positions and strengths prior to launching an attack.

Provide adequate reinforcements to replace losses in a timely manner.

Conclusion: The task force performed well in the face of difficult odds, and their sacrifice will not be forgotten. The lessons learned from this operation will be used to improve the performance of 2nd Army Corps in future combat operations.

20231110 08:56 Skidmark For discerning readers.
Not assholes.
20231110 08:44 Skidmark How to Block Redirects in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari Browsers
20231110 06:06 Frank G No ad issues here (on Firefox)
20231110 01:02 Skidmark Not here.
20231110 00:27 Dron Are you guys getting these page stretching ads on Rantburg too?
20231109 16:09 Skidmark Started working my taxes today.
IRS wanted to know what my preferred pronouns are so I wouldn't be disturbed by their correspondence.

20231103 15:08 badanov
20231102 22:47 trailing wife how he plans to rally the Muslim world behind him just based on his rhetoric, especially considering that Turkey actually officially recognises Israel, unlike Saudi or Iran.

For all his swanning around as the neo-Ottoman sultan, Erdogan’s Turkey survives on gifts from the oil nations and NATO, just as Egypt survives on funding from the oil nations and the US — and Egypt is similarly addicted to swanning about. If Turkey goes too far, the donations will stop. Ditto Egypt, which at least isn’t trying to recreate the sultanate.

Egypt, as far as I can tell, just wants to be seen as important and influential — President el-Sisi doesn’t actually want to rule the Arab world, he just wants everyone to come for guidance, and to chair all the:meetings.
20231102 07:13 3dc
20231102 06:54 3dc Seen on Twitter:

People are not really noticing it right now (I am) but there's something quite interesting happening in the Muslim world (mostly the anti-Israel Sunni and Shi'a space) these days.

The Sunni space seems to be divided between: 1. those who are cheering on Khamenei & his regime, and 2. those who hate Shi'a about as much as they hate Jews and they're telling other Sunnis to focus on the fact that Hamas are Sunnis.

It would be interesting to see how this whole thing evolves. But it's quite clear that plenty of Sunnis seem to have newfound admiration for Khamenei and his regime.

Remember, one of the strategic objectives of Khamenei's regime is to create a situation where a large part of the Sunni world would willingly rally behind Khamenei instead of rallying behind the Saudis (the custodians of Mecca and Medina).

And in all this, there's Erdogan with his wet Ottoman dreams. He's neither got oil like the Saudis nor he's anywhere close to developing nukes like Iran. Plus, it doesn't help his rhetoric that his country is a NATO member. Even according to his own rhetoric of Cross vs Crescent, the NATO alliance is the very epitome of the modern-day version of an alliance of Cross countries - and Turkey is the odd one out in it. So I'm not sure how he plans to rally the Muslim world behind him just based on his rhetoric, especially considering that Turkey actually officially recognises Israel, unlike Saudi or Iran. There are only so many buyers of Ertugrul fantasies in the Muslim world. Fantasies evaporate pretty quickly when they collide with reality.

So let's continue to watch this space.
3:05 AM · Nov 2, 2023
20231102 02:33 3dc
20231102 00:05 3dc Fred - I don't know how you are doing it. My Blood Pressure just gets too high with all this BS!